Summer Auction Totals Over $2.1 Million

Auction: August 25th-27th, 2004

Preview: August 24, 2004

Please Note: All prices include the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium, which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become official until after the 46th day.

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Image Lot

JACQUES GASTON DUCHAMP VILLON (French, 1875-1963) FASHION LADY. Watercolor on paper of a black haired young lady wearing fashionable dress with reddish coat and red hat. Signed in pencil “Jacques Villon”. Housed in an Eastlake antique frame with orange and black matte. SIGHT SIZE: 6-1/2” x 4-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98181 (300-500)


P. ROBIN (French, 19th/20th Century) FRENCH FASHION. Fine watercolor on paper scene shows an elegantly dressed young woman in blue and white outfit having large yellow bows on her fancy hat and waist. She stands next to stone wall and looks at caged bird. Signed lower left “P. Robin”. Housed in its original fancy gilt pierced carved wood frame with name plaque. SIGHT SIZE: 10” x 7-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98501 (300-500)


MARIE DE GARAY (French, 19th Century) BACK FROM THE MARKET. Fine watercolor scene shows French lady in country dress with high heels shoes carrying a double basket filled with ducks under one arm and another basket under the other. Signed bottom right “M. DeGaray”. Housed in its original open work gesso decorated frame, which has damage. Label on back “Bought from the Skerrett-Rogers Collection 1950”. SIGHT SIZE: 11” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98502 (300-500)


PAUL JACOULET (French, 1903-1960) “THE KOREAN BRIDE”. Woodblock print on paper shows a Korean woman in fancy dress seated in interior setting. She has black hair with colorful headpiece. Pencil signed 3-1/3” up from bottom left with an owl stamp. Paper has Oriental watermark and bottom right has cutout area with piece that was cutout taped to right margin. PROVENANCE: From a local Maine home. IMAGE SIZE: 15-1/4” x 11-3/4”. Total size is 18-1/3” x 14”. CONDITION: Faded with reds turning to olive brown. Examined out of frame. 9-97461 (1,500-3,500)


CHARLES JOSHUA CHAPLIN (French, 1825-1891) PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN WITH KITTEN. Pleasing oil on wood panel shows half portrait of a young woman wearing beret, red print scarf, blue dress with white shirt. She holds gray and white cat in arms looking up as she is looking down. Signed lower left “Ch. Chaplin”. Housed in a textured gold small wood frame. SIZE: 10” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98982 (2,000-3,000)


LEON CHARLES HUBER (French, 1858-1928) KITTEN WITH RED FLOWERS. Oil on wood panel colorful scene shows black and white kitten in a basket of red flowers and green leaves. Set against gray barn board. Signed lower right “L Huber”. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. Nicely detailed with beautiful color. SIZE: 7” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98963 (600-800)


AUGUSTE JULES MARIE LEROUX (French, 1871-1954) “GIRL WITH KITTEN”. Oil on canvas scene shows young Parisian girl with white kitten. Colorful landscape behind. Signed bottom left “Leroux”. Housed in its original carved wood gilt frame with linen liner and gold inner liner. SIZE: 9-1/2” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98909 (300-500)


EMILE QUENTIN BRIN (French, 19th/20th Century) NYMPH DANCING WITH AN ORANGE. Large oil on canvas scene shows a nude girl with flowers in her hair, an orange in her hand frolicking in a grassy and flowered area with woods behind. Signed lower left “Emile Quentin Brin”. Housed in a multi-layer wood frame with decorative treatment. SIZE: 33” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainted. Very good. 9-98912 (2,000-4,000)


ANTOINE BLANCHARD (French, 1910-1988 )PARIS STREET SCENE. Oil on canvas scene shows wide city boulevard with colorful kiosk, horse drawn carriages and bus and many colorfully dressed pedestrians. Tall buildings line street with large building at end. Signed lower right. Housed in its original carved wood and painted frame. SIZE: 20” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99255 (2,750-3,250)


CONSTANTINE KLUGE (French, 1912-2003) “BOULEVARD ST. GERMAINE”. Fine oil on canvas Paris, France street scene shows vehicles on street with pedestrians and shops. Large statue is seen on left side with park bench. Signed lower right “C. Kluge”. Housed in its original fancy gilt and paint decorated frame with linen and white inner liner. Back of canvas in black grease pencil “No. 10”. Several labels from Maria Antoville Galleries, Corp. 721 Madison Avenue, New York City indicating title, artist and also mentions exhibited in London. PROVENANCE: From a fine Baltimore, Maryland area home. SIZE: 24” x 36”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98483 (5,000-10,000)


EDOUARD CORTES (French,1882-1969) PAIR OF FRENCH BEACH SCENES. Outstanding oil on board paintings show many fancy dressed ladies and men on sandy beach. They sit in chairs and at tables with water and bathers beyond. One has wonderful sun setting sky. Other has dark clouds, windy and three cabanas. Identically housed in gilt gesso decorated frames with linen liners. One is signed lower left with conjoined back to back EC. The other is unsigned. Both are on identical boards signed “Muller Paris”. Each has B. Altman & Co. plastic document pouches and one has art gallery tag which may be an import tag. Both also have stickers. PROVENANCE: Arthur Jeffress Gallery, B. Altman & Co. Marblehead, Mass. Estate. SIZE: 12” x 21”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99693 (4,000-6,000)


MARIE LUCY CORNELIUS (French, 19th Century) DOUBLE SIDED GIRL WITH DAISY/MAN IN RED CLOAK. Unframed oil on wood panel scene shows young French girl in blue dress with white collar wearing white scarf on her blonde hair. She kneels in landscape setting next to patch of wild daisies. She looks down at recently picked daisy in her hands. A tree is in background with man’s partial head with mustache and arm exposed. The reverse of the painting shows the whole man that is hidden behind the tree with finger to mouth in quiet gesture. The man is dressed in a red serrated edge cloak and wears jester type stockings and black hood. Signed lower left “Marie Cornelius 1881”. SIZE: 18” x 14-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99298 (4,500-6,500)


RICARDO C. DIAQUE (French, 19th Century) “GARDEN OF THE VATICAN”. Outstanding oil on wood panel scene shows two fancy dressed ladies walking in garden park with flower urns and monument. A Cardinal is seen picking flowers. Signed lower right “Ricardo C. Diaque, Paris 80”. Housed in its original magnificent fancy gilt gesso decorated frame. Original label on back indicating title and artist. SIZE: 13” x 8-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99270 (6,000-8,000)


JEAN POUGNY (IVAN PUNI) (Russian/French, 1894-1956) ABSTRACT STILL LIFE. Colorful gouache on paper scene shows multiple items against a colorful background. Signed bottom center “J Puni (Pougni)”. Housed in a modern burl type molded wood frame with tan matte. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. SIGHT SIZE: 22” x 17”. CONDITION: Right hand corner has several water stains and three water spots on left side. Center vertical area from top to bottom shows several creases where paint has cracked. 9-98726 (4,000-6,000)


JEAN POUGNY (IVAN PUNI) (Russian/French, 1894-1956) NIGHTTIME STREET SCENE. Gouache and lithograph? Scene shows an abstract street scene with black buildings having white roofs, a street lamp casting shadow on white street. What appears to be gray gouache as the sky which has been hand brushed all outlined in a black box. Signed outside of the box in pen “Ivan? Puni”. Under bottom has ink titled in French which we can not decipher. Unframed. We are not sure if this is part lithograph or totally hand painted. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. IMAGE SIZE: 11” x 8-1/4”. PAPER SIZE: 19” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Slight toning to paper. Edges of outside paper have imperfections. Otherwise good. 9-98734 (500-1,500)


JEAN COCTEAU (French, 1889-1963) ARTIST’S PALM PRINT. Pen, watercolor, ink, colored crayon and graphite on paper. Image appears to have been developed around an actual palm print made from graphite dust. The palm print shows the life lines associated with the palm print. Many of the lines have pen inscriptions in French. The print is ink outlined with blue crayon outer highlight. It is surrounded by stars with dot centers. The whole piece has a double outline with some orange crayon highlights. Signed lower right with a script “J”. Housed in its original simple white painted wood frame with white backboard. Paper is mounted on slightly larger piece of paper which is affixed to larger piece. An interesting piece of art which combines an artist’s personal contact. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. IMAGE SIZE: 11” x 6”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98733 (4,000-6,000)


JEAN COCTEAU (French, 1889-1963) “L’OISELEUR”; “MAISON DE SANTE 1925”. Unsigned pen, ink and watercolor on paper. Titled with location and date on bottom right. Scene shows a portrait of a young man with hand held to top of head, screen over closed eyes and light blue shading to hair and edge of arm. This was presumably done while Cocteau was detoxifying from an opium addiction, a time in which some of his best works are known. Housed in its original simple white painted wood frame with discolored white matte. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. SIGHT SIZE: 10-1/2” x 8”. CONDITION: Light toning and wrinkling to paper. Not examined out of frame. 9-98732 (4,000-6,000)


JEAN COCTEAU (French, 1889-1963) “GOYA”. Ink on brown paper drawing shows a squatting Goya holding broom. The head is larger than the body and an owl is perched off right side of head. Titled “Goya” and signed with a script “J” on bottom right. Paper is affixed to slightly larger beige paper that is mounted on a large white background. Housed in a simple wood frame. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. IMAGE SIZE: 10” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good, some fading. 9-98731 (1,000-2,000)


PAUL CHARLES EMMANUEL GALLARD-LEPINAY (French, 1842-1885) FISHING OFF THE FRENCH COAST. Oil on canvas mounted on panel scene shows large fishing boat flying French flag with a smaller rowboat pulling in net. A net buoy is seen in foreground and other ship sails in distance. Low hill coastline with village nestled along shore. Fine replacement gilt gesso decorated frame. Black writing on reverse of panel “E. Gallard-Lepinay 1870 Bretonische Kuste”. SIZE: 28” x 40”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainting. Very good. 9-98471 (5,000-8,000)


SAUVEUR BERNAY-THERIC (French, 1874-1963) MEDITERRANEAN PORT SCENE. Oil on wood panel shows several men next to several boats docked with tall stucco buildings in background. Large bell tower is seen above other buildings. Signed lower left “S. Bernay-Theric”. Housed in a fine gilt carver wood frame. SIZE: 10” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97397 (1,250-1,750)


UNSIGNED (French/English, Last quarter of 19th Century) GARDENING ON THE NORMANDY COAST. Large oil on paper mounted on canvas mural shows man in blue coat with hood kneeling and cultivating garden with shoreline with rocks and ocean behind. Waves are seen hitting rocks away from shore. SIZE: Approximately 17-1/2 feet x 5 feet. CONDITION: Edges are frayed and show tack line, fold marks. Good. 9-98770 (800-1,200)


FRANCOIS-AUGUSTE RAVIER (French, 1814-1895) LANDSCAPE. Oil on board impressionistic landscape scene shows rock cliffs under blue and yellow sky with trees and grasses in the foreground. Signed lower right “Francois Ravier”. Housed in its original gilt fancy gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 9” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99305 (3,000-5,000)


FRANCOIS-AUGUSTE RAVIER (French, 1814-1895) IMPRESSIONISTIC LANDSCAPE. Oil on panel impressionistic landscape shows sun shining through wispy trees and what appears to be a canal with boat. Signed lower left “F. A. Ravier”. Housed in its original fancy gesso decorated gilt frame. SIZE: 10” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99306 (2,750-3,250)


FRANCOIS-AUGUSTE RAVIER (French, 1814-1895) LANDSCAPE UNDER BLUE SKY. Watercolor scene shows purple hills under blue sky with golden pastures and wispy trees. Signed lower right. Housed in its original gilt gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 8-1/4” x 13-1/4”. CONDITION: Good with some light foxing. 9-99307 (1,750-2,250)


JEAN PUY (French, 1876-1960) A STROLL THROUGH THE WOODS. Important oil on canvas scene shows woman in fancy white dress and hat strolling with her dog along a path through deep woods. Signed lower right “J Puy”. Stretcher has center support which has artist name, title in French, which is difficult to discern but appears to be something like hewis sans les arbres. Also dated “1911” with what maybe a French location “Lon_ _ _”? Also there is a laminated partial label from a Paris gallery _ _ cher-Myrbor. Housed in a magnificent period gilt gesso decorated frame. This early painting is from what is considered to be his finest time period. At this time, Vollard was his dealer and he was being represented in some of the finest exhibitions. He did an exhibition at the Galerie Blot in Paris, 1911. Also exhibited at the Galerie Druet and Galerie Bernheim-Jeune. SIZE: 32” x 25-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99297 (50,000-60,000)


MAXIMILIEN LUCE (French, 1858-1941) “LE DEPART” (LEAVING HOME). Oil on canvas scene shows city street with buildings having woman on stairs with other people and horse readying to leave. Dog stands by with young boy approaching. The scene shows the oldest son in the family readying to leave home for the war. Estate stamped lower right “Luce”. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt frame with linen liner. Back stretcher marked “L. N. 67” which corresponds to the Wildenstein Institute archives for this painting. A black and white large photo signed by the Institute with this number accompanies painting. PROVENANCE: Maximilien Luce; Frederic Luce (his son); acquired by consignor from the Luce Estate. SIZE: 21-1/2” x 29”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99582 (30,000-50,000)


CHARLES H. CAMOIN (French, 1879-1965) SEATED NUDE. Oil on canvas mounted on board scene shows young nude woman seated on brown cloth covered stand. Hands crossed at knee, colorful hair ribbon in hair. Greenish/blue background. Signed at side of stand “Ch. Camoin”. Housed in a gilt thin wood frame with linen and white matte. Label on back from Tajan, Paris. SIGHT SIZE: 23-1/4” x 17-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96552 (3,000-5,000)


LOUIS PICARD (Picart) (French, 1861-1940) A CALM MORNING MOMENT. Fine impressionistic oil on canvas scene of a partially nude woman combing her long brown hair next to an open window. Fine pastel colors in a very pleasing scene with nice use of light. Signed lower right “Louis Picard”. Housed in a fine silver gilt molded wood replacement frame. SIZE: 28-3/4” x 21-1/4”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainted, very good. New stretcher, relined. 9-97346 (4,500-6,500)


JEAN-JACQUES HENNER (French, 1829-1905) “YOUNG GIRL”. Oil on canvas shoulder length portrait shows a young girl with brown hair and red dress. Signed lower left. Housed in a fine gilt carved and gesso decorated frame with linen liner. Label affixed to back with title and artist name. SIZE: 10-1/2” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97389 (4,000-6,000)


JULES DUPRE (French, 1811-1889) SUNSET LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas scene shows sailboat on shore of tidal river with house nestled amongst tall trees. Sun sets in center foreground with beautiful sunset in yellows, golds and reds. Signed lower right “Jules Dupre”. Housed in a carved wood gold replacement frame with linen liner. New stretcher with turn buckle stretching devices. SIZE: 20” x 24”. CONDITION: Wax-resin lining. This is indicated on back of dust board and dated March 1981. Very good. 9-94399 (2,500-3,500)


SAMUEL FRERE (French, 1847-1931) BY THE RIVER. Impressionistic oil on canvas summer landscape scene shows cattle next to small pond lined with trees and pasture. Colorful wildflowers are in foreground. Signed lower left “S. Frere”. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt frame. SIZE: 18” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good, some inpainting. 9-98851 (2,000-4,000)


EUGENE CICERI (American/French, 1813-1890) CANAL LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES AND BRIDGE. Barbazon style oil on panel of a French style scene shows waterway with two women at edge washing clothes. Two small boats along edge and man strolling with cane toward small wooden bridge. Housed in an antique gesso decorated wide frame. Signed lower right “Eug. Ciceri 76”. SIZE: 10-1/2” x 16”. CONDITION: Slight warp to top section, otherwise very good. Minor inpainting. 9-97393 (4,000-5,000)


ANTOINE BOUVARD (French, 19th/20th Century) CANAL SCENE STUDY. Oil on canvas scene shows group of women at canal side washing clothes. A gondola is beached beside. Italian flag flies over corner structure. Signed lower left “A Bouvard”. Housed in a carved gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 18” x 30”. CONDITION: Relined, restored large tear and inpainting. 9-99725 (3,000-5,000)


JULES RENE HERVE (French, 1887-1981) “TEMPS GRIS A LANGRES” (“Cloudy Day in Langres, France”). Outstanding large oil on canvas scene shows a procession of nuns with black umbrellas proceeding through arched bridge. Large yellow sided building with red roof and windows is seen on right side with large courtyard. Landscape is seen in background with fields and trees. Signed lower right “Jules R. Herve”. Housed in a magnificent 5-1/2” wide gesso decorated partial gilt and green painted frame. We believe this to be the largest painting by this artist. PROVENANCE: Exhibited Paris Salon, Societe Des Artistes Francais 1924, Sotheby’s Arcade, New York, 6/30/93. SIZE: 64-1/4” x 51-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99583 (20,000-30,000)


EUGENE VAN MARCKE (French, 1827-1890) CATTLE IN LANDSCAPE. Oil on panel scene shows three cattle standing and one lying in foreground. Signed lower left “Eug. van Marcke”. Housed in an antique gesso decorated wide frame. SIZE: 9-1/2” x 12-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-97345 (2,250-2,750)


EMILE CHARLES JULIAN DE LAROCHENOIRE (French, 1825-1899) RESTING CATTLE. Oil on board scene shows three cattle, two are black and white with one brown and white. Lying in a pasture with trees and sky in distance. Housed in an antique gesso decorated deep multi-tier frame with velvet liner. Framing label of “Doreur Sur Bois”. SIZE: 4-1/4” x 11”. CONDITION: Minor inpainting, very good. 9-97395 (2,250-2,750)


CANDIDE BLAIZE (French, 1795-1885) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN. Watercolor portrait of a seated man in black coat with blue neckerchief. He wears glasses and holds a red bound book. He is seated in a French armchair with table beside having vase of flowers and books. William Allerton, Boston, Mass label on back. Housed in its original gilt frame with gold matte. SIGHT SIZE: 8” x 6-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97021 (1,000-1,500)


CHARLES MARCON (French, 1920-) “L’ HOMME QUI MARCHE”. Mixed media on board modern scene shows man walking along path. Very abstract and impressionistic. Signed bottom right. Housed in a fine walnut frame with ripple molding and inset liner. Gallery Felicie, New York label to back with artist and title. Also a label from Jean-Claude Bellier, Paris. SIZE: 39-1/2” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 12-312 (1,000-1,500)


ANDRE DERAIN (French, 1880-1954) PORTRAIT OF A MAN WITH HAT AND PIPE. Etching on tinted paper shows older man with black hat and long pipe with wrinkled eyes. Pencil signed “A. D.”. Housed in a decorative copper gilt frame with highlighted matte. IMAGE SIZE: 3-1/4” x 2-1/4”. SIGHT SIZE: 5-1/2” x 4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98778 (600-800)


AZEGLIO DIPALMA (French, Mid-20th C) “PLACE DU TERTRE, MONTMARTRE”. Oil on masonite scene shows colorful buildings and street having umbrellas and people. Signed lower left “Paris – Duterire”. Signed lower right “Kest”?. This painting was purchased by the consignor as the painter was painting it. Artist name and title are on the back of the frame and dated 1965. Housed in a white painted wood frame with silver and linen liner. SIZE: 22” x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97596 (600-1,000)


MAURICE BOMPARD (French, 1857-1936) A FRENCH COURTYARD. Oil on wood panel scene shows central courtyard having central fountain surrounded by three or four story high stucco buildings with colorful flowers and two figures climbing stairs. Signed lower right. Housed in a green and partial gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 16” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99414 (1,200-1,500)


GIRARD (20th Century) STREET SCENE. Oil on canvas scene shows a street with white houses and steep brown roofs with double chimneys. Stark trees are also lined along street. Signed lower left “Girard”. Also signed on back of canvas “Girard 1967”. A Buffet type scene and technique. Probably French and possibly Michel Girard. Housed in a stained deep molded wood frame with linen and gold liner. SIZE: 20” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99245 (400-600)


SCHOOL OF COROT (French, 19th Century) FRENCH TOWN CHURCH. Watercolor on paper scene shows church amongst other buildings. Signed lower right “Corot”. Watercolor has been mounted on paper. Housed in a gilt flat wood frame with white matte. SIZE: 6-3/4” x 8-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99273 (500-800)


UNSIGNED (American, Early 20th Century) MAN POLING THE BOAT. Oil on board Corot style painting shows man in long rowboat poling across water. Stucco sided houses are seen around small pond. Sunset sky and impressionistic Barbazon style trees line the water. Housed in a carved and painted frame. SIGHT SIZE: 13” x 16-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. Some spot loss to varnish layer. 9-96905 (1,000-1,500)


PAUL CESAR HELLEU (French, 1859-1927) “LADY CARMARVON”. Etching on paper shows young woman with hands clasped at chest with elegant hairdo. A side view. Pencil signed on right bottom corner. Titled and also inscribed. IMAGE SIZE: 15-1/2” x 11”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99304 (1,300-1,600)


CLAUDE WEISBUCH (French, 1927-) THE RINGMASTER. Color lithograph on paper scene shows fancy horse and rider in a ring being watched by the Ringmaster wearing red coat and black hat. Signed in pencil lower right “Weisbuch”. Housed in a silver gilt molded wood frame with mustard matte. SIGHT SIZE: 21” x 28-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98879 (1,000-2,000)


LUDWIG HANS FISCHER (Austrian, 1848-1915) TRAVELING UNDER THE SPHINX. Outstanding oil on wood panel Orientalist scene shows several Arabs traveling through a light sandstorm with a Sphinx and pyramid ruin as backdrop. The leading man has tethered sheep and two others. He wears a blue robe and stands in front of two camels that are laden with supplies and two men. Another man follows with donkey. Signed lower left “Ludwig Hans Fischer”. Housed in a carved and gilt wood frame having burgundy painted gold trim liner. REFERENCE: See Sotheby’s (Switzerland) November 2nd, 2001 Lot 44 painting of the same subject titled “The Simoom” 69-1/4” x 46”. Sale price $61,125. SIZE: 18” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98962 (2,500-3,500)


LUDWIG HANS FISCHER (German, 1848-1915) INTERIOR SCENE. Watercolor interior scene shows corner of room with open door and window. A large stepback hutch is filled with glass, china and figurines and set with photos. An armchair is next to stand with box. A colorful oriental rug is seen on the floor. Housed in a fine reproduction gesso decorated gilt frame with heavy ivory matte having gold highlights. PROVENANCE: Hotel Drouault, Paris 1975. SIGHT SIZE: 10-1/2” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99581 (1,500-2,500)


HEINRICH GOTTFRIED WILDA (Austrian, 1862-1911) SUNDAY CARRIAGE RIDE. Outstanding oil on board scene shows three aristocrats in a black carriage pulled by four brown horses. In the front seat of this open carriage, which is quite refined with its side carriage lamp and thin spoke wheels, is a gentleman driver with top hat and gloves. A well dressed woman in Sunday’s finery with flower covered hat and red parasol. The back seat occupied by a gentleman with top hat and blue coat. All set against a backdrop of blue sky and smooth dirt ground. The artist has captured the movement of the horses and carriage exceedingly well. Signed lower left “H G Wilda”. Housed in what is probably its original gilt gesso decorated fancy frame. SIZE: 17-1/2” x 28”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97657 (7,000-10,000)


FERDINAND SCHEBEK (Austrian, 1875-1949) BARN SCENE WITH HORSE AND CHICKENS. Oil on wood panel interior barn scene shows standing brown horse with chickens amongst hay covered floor. Signed upper left “Ferd Schebek Berlin 1912”. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 10-1/2” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98649 (400-600)


FRITZ CARL WERNER EBEL (German, 1835-1895) HAYING THE FIELD. Landscape scene shows man harvesting hay. Six haystacks are seen in front of partially hayed field. Large trees are seen in background. Signed lower right “F. Ebel”. Housed in a textured silver gilt molded wood frame having label of “Friedr. Schneider, Dusseldorf”. SIZE: 11-1/2” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Crease across top right section, has chips along surface. In need of restoration. Otherwise good. 9-98647 (1,000-1,500)


ARTHUR WANSLEBEN (German, 1861-1917) “HERBSTSTIMMUNG”. Oil on canvas scene shows scarecrow in cultivated field with several birds on ground with woods and hill in background. Signed lower left and right “A Wansleben” and dated “04”. Titled and signed on reverse, also “Dusseldorf”. Housed in a silvered molded wood frame. SIZE: 11-1/2” x 16-3/4”. CONDITION: Central area has long cracks, surface grime. Otherwise good. 9-98651 (500-700)


H SCHMUCKER (German, 20th Century) LAKESIDE DOCK. (Possibly Hannes, 1899-1965). Oil on board scene shows wooden dock next to lakeside beach and grass area. Painting appears to be from the 1920’s with a period gilt and black painted molded wood frame. Signed lower left “H Schmucker”. SIGHT SIZE: 17-1/2” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99420 (800-1,200)


FEY (German School, 20th Century) DUCKS IN THE RIVER. Oil on canvas scene shows winding river with three ducks. Five trees line the banks with grass covered fields. A town with church is seen in right center. Original deep gilt frame. Signed lower left “Fey.” and then two initials which we are unable to discern. Possibly a D and J. SIZE: 23-1/2” x 19-3/4”. CONDITION: Surface grime otherwise very good. 9-98650 (400-600)


HANS VON HAYEK (Austrian, 1869-1940) “HARBOR SCENE”. Oil on canvas harbor scene shows large and small boats moored to large piers. On back of top stretcher has artist’s title which indicates the harbor which is difficult to read. Signed lower left “Hayek”. Housed in its original gilt carved frame. Quester Gallery label on reverse. SIZE: 20” x 26”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98558 (2,000-3,000)


H. KERN (Possibly Hermann Kern) (Hungarian/Austrian, 1839-1912) MENDING THE CLOTHES. Watercolor outdoor scene shows woman seated outside of thatch roof house mending a piece of clothing. She wears wood clogs and gray and white outfit. Signed lower right “H. Kern”. Housed in a fine carved and gesso decorated replacement frame with gray matte. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/2” x 9”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98740 (800-1,200)


PAUL KAUZMANN (German, 1874-1951) POTTED PLANTS ON A WINDOWSILL. Colorful interior scene shows a window area having seven clay potted geranium type plants. The window alcove has decorative paintings, a book and lace curtain. A wag on the wall clock to the right side shows 10:38. A table has sewing articles and material. Signed lower right “Paul Kauzmann 1935”. Housed in a molded wood gold frame. Picture framing label of E. J. Pirson, Cleveland, Ohio. SIZE: 40” x 36”. CONDITION: 9-99412 (1,500-2,500)


L. SCHMIDT (Possibly Leonhard Schmidt) (German, 1892-1978) NOTRE DAME, PARIS. Oil on board scene shows large church looking across rooftops. Signed bottom left “L. Schmidt”. Housed in a silver gilt molded wood deep frame. Presentation plaque on frame “Presented to Col. C. A. Schwarzwaelder by Members 73rd OM Base Depot Officer’s Club 25 Sept. Metz, France”. Also a larger brass plaque mounted on pine panel accompanies painting and dated “July 15, 1945”. SIZE: 24” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98747 (800-1,200)


GEORGE ROMNEY (British, 1734-1802) PORTRAIT OF LADY ROBINSON. Unsigned oil on canvas half portrait of an elegant woman in blue dress with lace collar. She wears bonnet off to one side of head and gazes at an angle to the viewer. Housed in a magnificent period gesso decorated carved wood gilt frame with shell and vine motif. Crescent shaped artist plaque to center bottom with title and artist name. PROVENANCE: Woolworth Collection, Monmouth, Maine (F. W. Woolworth Dept. Store family) SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Frame is in generally good condition with some chipping. Very good, relined. 9-99210 (10,000-20,000)


DOROTHEA SHARP (British, 1874-1955) “STUDY FOR “VIVI AT PLAY” 1926”. Oil on canvas interior scene shows a young blonde haired girl in green dress holding doll in one arm and walking stick in other. A ball sits on rag runner, doorway is background. Titled at bottom center “Vivi”. Bottom right dated with artist cipher and signed “Dorothea Sharp”. Back of canvas has title, date and artist name. Housed in a modern gesso decorated frame with leaf design. SIZE: 22””x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99184 (2,500-3,500)


WILLIAM ADOLPHUS KNELL (British, 1805-1875) MOUNTAIN AND STREAM LANDSCAPE WITH CATTLE. Oil on board scene shows bright sun cascading light over tall snow covered mountain peaks. Shallow stream is seen with four long antlered cattle. Signed lower right “Adolphus Knell”. Housed in a regilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 9” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98148 (1,500-3,000)


JOHN V. EMMS (British, 1843-1912) PAIR OF WATERCOLORS. Identically housed in fine gilt molded wood replacement frames having white and blue mattes. One shows a large two-mast sailboat moored on dry low tide. Small hills and buildings are seen in background. Signed lower left “J. Emms 72”. Other shows farm with man and horse in stall, chickens feeding on dirt ground and dirt road. Unsigned. This house is seen in distance in other painting. SIGHT SIZE: 8” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99554 (2,000-4,000)


ROBERT KEMM (British, 1849-1890) “THE ITALIAN FRUIT SELLER”. Large oil on canvas city street scene shows seated woman behind table strewn with grapes with woman in fancy dress and child purchasing. Man is seen with book and other people in background. Signed lower right “R. Kemm”. Name plaque with artist name and title affixed to frame. Housed in a carved gilt and black painted frame. SIZE: 36” x 28”. CONDITION: Two small canvas patches to reverse with corresponding restoration and inpainting. Surface grime, would brighten up with cleaning. 9-98883 (4,000-8,000)


WILLIAM WARD GILL (English, 1823-1894) WOODLANDS WATERFALL. Fine oil on canvas scene of a small stream waterfall in a thick wooded ravine. Nice detail of a summer scene. Signed lower right “W. W. Gill”. Housed in what may be its original fancy gesso decorated wide frame. At top of folded over canvas on back is pencil inscription of location and artist name. Appears to be W. Kirkswald, Upper Fall? SIZE: 12” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97398 (2,500-3,200)


PERCY FORSTER (British, 19th Century) “YELLOW-FIN TROUT”. Oil on canvas scene shows a spotted trout recently caught still having hook with line attached which wraps around small branch. The fish lies on rocks and leaf with tail partially in water. Signed on reverse of canvas “Percy Forster Pinx 1842”. Also titled. Original label from Robert Robertson Berwick-On-Tweed England on stretcher and frame. Fine original frame which has been gold painted and has gesso decoration. PROVENANCE: The Barbara Piel Estate, Abbott, ME. SIZE: 15-1/2” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good, craquelure. 9-98922 (1,000-2,000)


JAMES CLARK (British, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A PRIZE BULL. Oil on board shows large brown steer facing right in pasture landscape. Signed lower right “J. Clark”. Housed in a reproduction birdseye maple and gilt lined frame. On back is a pencil sketch of the same scene. SIZE: 19-1/2” x 24-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96861 (4,000-6,000)


UNSIGNED HERRING SCHOOL (19th Century) HORSES IN FARMYARD. Oil on canvas farmyard scene shows large white horse with black horse beside next to trough with green grass. Barn with stall is seen in background and farmhouse is seen on right side. Housed in a modern antique style molded wood frame with gold liner. SIZE: 18” x 24”. CONDITION: Relined. Restored, inpainted. Very good. 9-99279 (1,000-2,000)


WINSLOE MITCHELL (British, 19th Century) “DRAKE’S ISLAND MOUNT EDGECOMBE”. Oil on canvas panoramic scene shows Drake’s Island in Plymouth Sound looking from tree lined shore with several deer. Tranquil water shows several sailboats, one a depiction of Sir Francis Drake’s ship “The Golden Hinde”. Signed lower left. Titled and signed on back of canvas. Also a Geo. Rowney & Co. London canvas stamp. Housed in a replacement gilt molded wood frame. Accompanying lot is a First Day Issue envelope from Drake’s Island. SIZE: 20” x 30”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97071 (500-1,000)


ORLANDO NORIE (British, 1832-1901) SOLDIER ON HORSEBACK. Watercolor scene shows soldier in full uniform with rifle on a brown horse. The horse stands in tall grass under a light blue and yellow sky. Signed lower left “O. Norie”. Housed in a gesso decorated gilt frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 6”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99277 (400-600)


BARENT GAAL (BAREND GAEL) (Dutch, 1635-1681) VILLAGE SCENE WITH PEOPLE, HORSES AND DOGS. Large oil on canvas scene shows three men with horses arriving in front of tavern with men outside drinking and smoking pipes. Several guns are seen on ground with three dogs. Church steeple is seen with brick fronted and wood buildings. Several carts are seen coming into village. A man and woman are seated on left conversing. Signed center bottom “B. Gael”. Housed in a carved decorated 19th Century frame which appears to have been with the painting for a long time. SIZE: 27” x 34-3/4”. CONDITION: Old relining, restored with some inpainting. 9-98645 (8,000-12,000)


GROENWALD (Dutch, 19th Century) MEETING THE BOATS. Oil on canvas scene shows a group of ladies on beach with two fishing boats with sails up in water. Appears to be a French or Dutch coastal scene. Signed lower right and what appears to be a title, which is illegible. Housed in a magnificent wide and deep gesso decorated antique frame. SIZE: 15-1/2” x 23-1/2”. CONDITION: Relined, inpainted. Very good. 9-97347 (2,750-3,250)


WILLEM DE FAMARS TESTAS (Dutch, 1834-1896) FIGURES AMONGST THE RUINS. Fine watercolor scene shows two women and child in alcove of a ruined building. Nice architectural details. Women are dressed in blue outfits. Signed middle right “W. Testas”. Housed in what appears to be its original frame and wide matte, which are as is. Label from Hastings & Davenport frame makers Boston on reverse. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, ME. SIGHT SIZE: 11-1/2” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99159 (500-1,000)


JEAN BEAUDOUIN (Beauduin) (Belgian, 1851-1916) BEFORE THE WEDDING. Oil on wood panel scene shows young woman in white wedding dress, long formal gloves with gold bracelets. She stands next to a marble wall with white flowering bush. Landscape with water, lilies and trees behind. Signed lower right “Jean Beauduin 1890”. Housed in a period molded wood gilt frame having a label “J. Bessem Encadrements, D’Art Brux.”. SIZE: 13” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good, possible inpaint to gloves. 9-98958 (2,000-3,000)


HENRIETTE RONNER-KNIP (Dutch, 1821-1909) BEST FRIENDS. Fine oil on wood panel scene shows a white cat and tiger striped cat close together on painted piece of furniture. Two-tone wall background. Signed upper left “Henriette Ronner”. Housed in what appears to be its original gesso decorated frame, which has a fruit and flower motif. Frame is stamped “F. W. Herrick Furniture and Picture Frames, NY”. SIZE: 13” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98968 (4,000-6,000)


ADRIENNE MOLS (Belgian, 19th/20th Century) STILL LIFE WITH PLUMS. Oil on oak panel still life shows seven yellow plums and six red plums arranged on a green tablecloth. Signed lower right “Adrienne Mols”. Housed in an antique gesso decorated wide frame which is slightly larger than the panel. Remnants of original label with title on back. SIZE: 14-1/4” x 18-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97353 (4,500-6,500)


DISPO GEORGE JAN (Dutch, 1922-1973) AMSTERDAM’S TOWER. Oil on canvas city scene shows central brick building with blue roof and weathervane. Side streets have tall buildings and several people walk along side. Canal is seen in foreground. Signed lower right “G J Dispo”. Original label on reverse from the “WJ Burger Company”. Housed in a fine stained carved wood frame with linen liner. SIZE: 10” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98915 (300-500)


DISPO GEORGE JAN (Dutch, 1922-1973) AMSTERDAM’S CHURCH. Oil on canvas city scene shows tall brick building with blue dome and weathervane. Blue bridge is seen on left side with several people walking. Canal is seen in foreground. Signed lower right “G J Dispo”. Original label on reverse from the “WJ Burger Company”. Housed in a fine stained carved wood frame with linen liner. SIZE: 10” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98914 (300-500)


FRANCESCO LONGO MANCINI (Italian, 1880-1954) PREPARING TO MEET THE CARDINAL. Unframed small oil on canvas interior scene shows white haired woman in elegant pink dress seated at a Rococo style vanity with flowers and candelabra, multi-paned window and sheer curtain. Has four-drawer Rococo chest with flowers atop. Signed “F. Longo Mancini”. SIZE: 3-3/4” x 11-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97379 (2,500-3,500)


FRANCESCO LONGO MANCINI (Italian, 1880-1954) MEETING THE CARDINAL. Outstanding unframed oil on canvas interior scene shows a red robed Cardinal with gold cross seated in large armchair. A white haired lady in pink dress bows to kiss hand of Cardinal. The backdrop has a window with flowers and large painting of Rome. Signed lower right “F. Longo Mancini”. SIZE: 19-1/2” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97380 (2,500-3,500)


ATTRIBUTED TO FRANCESCO LONGO MANCINI (1880-1954) AFTER THE MEETING WITH THE CARDINAL. Unsigned oil on canvas portrait of an elegant lady in pink and white dress. She holds a daisy like flower in her hands appearing to pluck the petals. Housed in a fabulous carved wood and gilt foliate decorated frame. SIZE: 18-1/2” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Canvas patch to back. Inpainting and restoration. 9-97381 (2,500-3,500)


COLLECTION OF EIGHT PAINTINGS FROM VARIOUS ARTISTS. 1) Romolo Garrone (Italian, 1891-1959). Three oil on panel landscape scenes with mountains and trees. Signed lower right “R. Garrone”. SIZE: 3” x 5-1/2”. 2) Giovanni B. Carpanetto (Italian, 1863-1928) oil on panel landscape with a wall. Dated “1912”. SIZE: 3” x 5-1/2”. 3) Two Decoroso Bonifanti (Italian, 1861-1941) oil on panel landscape with large two chimney house and fruit trees and one with sunset. SIZE: 3” x 5-1/2”. 4) Enrico Reycend (Italian, 1855-1928) oil on panel shows large buildings with large sculpture in square with road. SIZE: 3” x 5-1/2”. 5) Unsigned oil on panel mountain scene with snowy peaks and blue sky. SIZE: 6” x 9”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-97373 (2,000-3,000)


MANOR OF MICHELE MARIESCHI (Italian, 1696-1743) “A. CAPRICHIO WITH FIGURES BEFORE COASTAL RUINS”. Unsigned, 18th/19th Century. Large oil on canvas scene shows two boats docked next to large classical style building ruins. Several people are on boats and walking around ruins. Housed in a bronzed and ebonized molded wood frame. SIZE: 32-1/4” x 44”. CONDITION: Some inpainting, one small chip to right corner. Otherwise very good. 9-99186 (1,750-2,250)


CIRO COZZOLINO (Italian, Early 20th Century) OUTSIDE THE TAVERN. Oil on canvas scene shows a gentleman smoking from a pipe in chair seated outside a building with open window and shutter. A small round candlestand with brandy decanter, glass and coffee atop along with his black hat and gloves. Signed lower right “C. Cozzolino”. Housed in a fine gilt gesso decorated frame which is housed in a glass front black wood shadowbox. OUTSIDE SIZE: 22” x 19”. PAINTING: 14” x 11”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99419 (900-1,200)


ATTRIBUTED TO CARLO FACCHINETTI (Italian, 1870-1951) THREE WOMEN. Watercolor on paper shows a half portrait of a woman in a robe with two lighter images of women beside. Nicely rendered. Paper is mounted to a light cardboard which has the artist’s name and “Florence”. Housed in a glossy ogee type wood frame. SIZE: 8-1/2” x 6”. CONDITION: Bottom left 3” has different coloring to robe which we are not sure if it was intended by the artist or if this happened after. 9-97382 (650-850)


VINCENZO IROLLI (Italian, 1860-1942) YOUNG GIRL. Oil on canvas portrait of a young girls head. She has brown curly hair and is seen against a backdrop of white and green. Signed lower right “V. Irolli 1907 Nardi” (Italy). Housed in an antique gilt reeded style frame. SIZE: 16-1/2” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. One old taped small puncture to left edge. 9-97392 (5,000-8,000)


ACHILLE FUNI (Italian, 1890-1972) “NATURE MORTA COL MELONE”. Oil on board still life shows different types of cut melons resting in a shallow white bowl on a white tablecloth. Signed lower left “A Funi”. Housed in a period gilt carved molded wood frame. Label taped to back from “Galleria D’Arte Cairola Milano, Italy” with artist and title. SIZE: 15-1/4” x 18-1/4”. CONDITION: Good, minor inpainting. Crack in center melon which has lifted slightly. 9-97385 (5,000-8,000)


SERGEI DANILOWICH DUMENKO (Russian, 1909-) AUTUMN LIGHT. Oil on canvas laid on board fall landscape shows open fields with colorful trees with farms and low hills in distance. Signed lower right. Housed in a wide gilt carved replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 28” x 29”. CONDITION: Very good, some minor inpainting. 9-98828 (1,500-2,500)


SERGEI DANILOWICH DUMENKO (Russian, 1909-) A BEACH MOTIF. Oil on canvas beach scene shows people on sand and grass covered beach next to large expanse of water with land beyond. Bright blue sky and scattered clouds. Signed lower right and dated “52”. Also signed on reverse of canvas. Housed in a fine carved gilt replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 16” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98832 (1,000-2,000)


SERGEI DANILOWICH DUMENKO (Russian, 1909-) WINTER PASTIME. Colorful winter scene shows mother and child with sled seated on long bench in park setting. Snow covered ground with lavender colored trees. Signed lower right. Housed in a fine carved wood arts and crafts style replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 12” x 17”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainted. Very good. 9-98834 (600-900)


SERGEI DANILOWICH DUMENKO (Russian, 1909-) CRIMEAN LANDSCAPE. Oil on board summer landscape scene shows a small commune nestled below tree covered hills with dirt road leading to gated community. Signed lower left and dated “1956”. Housed in a fine carved wood wide replacement gilt frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 20” x 27”. CONDITION: Very good, minor inpainting. 9-98826 (500-900)


SERGEI DANILOWICH DUMENKO (Russian, 1909-) CRIMEAN WINTER. Oil on canvas winter scene shows fenced backyard with trees and houses behind a vertical slat fence. Signed lower left and dated “54”. Back of canvas has what may be its location. Housed in a fine carved wood gilt frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 15-1/2” x 19”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98833 (600-900)


FERDINAND HORACEK (Czechoslovakian, 1888-1956) TABLETOP STILL LIFE. Fine oil on panel still life shows teapot, sugar bowl, cup and saucer all decorated in a flower motif on white porcelain. Cut back blue and white glass vase and red and white glass. A watch sits flat with ribbon hanging off edge of table. Signed lower right, also “1922 Wien”. Housed in what appears to be its original deep gesso decorated gilt frame bearing label of Boots Picture Framing and Art Department. SIZE: 11-1/2” x 14-1/2”. CONDITION: Minor inpainting to edges, otherwise very good. 9-97401 (2,000-3,000)


UNSIGNED (Hungarian, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A RABBI. Unframed. Oil on canvas half portrait shows a man with fez type hat, black beard, black coat with white shirt. He holds book in one hand. Unsigned. Budapest canvas stamp to back. SIZE: 26-3/4” x 21-1/2”. CONDITION: Fair. Some holes and scrapes. In need of restoration. 9-99263 (200-300)


MAX KAHRER (Romanian, 1878-1937) THE ROCK OUTCROPPING. Oil on board scene shows large rock outcropping surrounded by green trees and bushes. Signed lower right and dated “1910”. SIZE: 15-3/4” x 11-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-79249 (500-1,000)


SALVADOR DALI (Spanish, 1904-1989) “LE ROI”. Gouache on paper abstract scene of a man with crown and red and gold costume. Signed and dated “Dali 1962” at bottom. Housed in a fine gilt molded wood frame with black liner. SIGHT SIZE: 18-1/4” x 12-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98913 (6,000-12,000)


PABLO PICASSO (Spanish, 1881-1973) “31.1.54.II”. Lithograph shows kneeling nude woman and kneeling man wearing purple cap. Executed in colors of purple, blue, red, olive and green. Titled upper right. Housed in a modern silvered molded wood frame with double white matte. Unknown age and state. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 12-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98624 (500-1,000)


PABLO PICASSO (Spanish/French, 1881-1973) “IGOR STAWINSKY, RAGTIME”. Lithograph on paper with title on top. Two Ragtime musicians. Signed lower right in print “Picasso” and bottom legend “Editions de la Sirene 12 R. la Boetie Paris”. Below this legend is a rubber stamp “Copyright for all Countries J & W Chester, LTD. London”. “Net 4/-”. At top of paper is a penciled name “George Anthal”. Housed in a simple molded wood frame. PROVENANCE: This was collected by a family member of the consignor in the 1920’s in Paris. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/4” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Piece has been tacked in all four corners and shows damage in all corners. Otherwise, fair to good. 9-98736 (400-600)


MIGUEL IBARZ ROCA (Spanish, 1920-1987) SPRING SONG. Oil on canvas scene shows colorful flowering tree branch having red finch type bird resting on open branch. Three other birds fly close by. Housed in its original bamboo style gilt frame with gold linen liner. Original labels to reverse. SIZE: 23” x 30”. CONDITION: Good. Surface dirt. Frame as is. 9-99546 (300-500)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) MORNING SUN. Fine oil on board scene shows several people in winter city landscape. Two children are seen playing in snow covered ground with sunlight hitting brick buildings and snow covered park. Signed in Cyrillic initials lower left. Housed in a fine carved gilt replacement frame. The back with inner plexiglass window which reveals a finished still life painting of fruit on table setting. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 22” x 27-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good, some inpainting. 9-98830 (1,500-2,500)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) AUTUMN STROLL. Oil on board park scene shows two people on wooded path with park bench on tree line. Nice impressionistic scene. Signed lower right in Cyrillic initials and dated “67”. Housed in a fine reeded edge wide gilt replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 23-1/2” x 27-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98829 (1,500-2,500)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) WINTER MOTIF. Oil on board scene shows tall tree, snow covered ground and forest beyond. Signed in Cyrillic initials lower left and dated “69”. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 19-1/4” x 13-1/4”. CONDITION: Minor inpainting, very good. 9-98841 (400-600)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) ARRANGEMENT WITH MIXED FRUIT. Oil on board still life scene shows a table setting having pewter plate with orange and yellow fruit, tole round flower decorated tray, pitcher on a blue table and background. Signed lower right with Cyrillic initials and dated indistinctly. Housed in a fine wide gilt replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 24-1/2” x 26-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98827 (500-900)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) BROWN JUG WITH WOODEN SPOON. Oil on board still life scene shows brown stoneware jug with pestle sitting atop wood cutting board with wood spoon and two decorated lacquerware spoons. Signed with Cyrillic initials lower left and dated “68”. Housed in a fine carved gilt replacement frame. SIZE: 23-1/2” x 27-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98831 (600-900)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) ARRANGEMENT WITH WOODEN SPOON. Oil on board still life scene shows a broken pottery jug with painted lacquer spoon on a white and blue background. Signed in Cyrillic bottom right. Housed in a fine gilt molded wood replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 13-1/2” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: Minor inpainting. Very good. 9-98848 (200-400)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) ROSES WITH PORCELAIN FIGURE. Oil on board tabletop still life shows decorated white vase with white and red roses. A red petal has fallen beside a figurine of an animal. Aqua table covering. Signed with Cyrillic initials on bottom right and dated “61”. Housed in a good gilt molded wood replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 11-1/2” X 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98835 (400-600)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) STILL LIFE WITH FLOWERS AND FRUIT. Oil on board still life scene shows plate of colorful fruit on white crumple linen cloth. Vase of flowers and other fruit. Signed with Cyrillic initials and dated “63” bottom right. Housed in a fine carved wood wide gilt replacement frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 20” x 23”. CONDITION: Very good, slight warp to board. 9-98846 (400-600)


STANISLAV VASILEVICH PETRASHEVSKI (Russian, 1935-) GLASS PITCHER AND SILVER TRAY. Oil on board still life shows glass carafe style pitcher, blue vase of roses and fruit on a silver tray with white tablecloth. Signed lower right with Cyrillic initials and dated “93”. Housed in a fine wide gilt replacement frame. On back is writing by artist. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 20” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98847 (400-600)


KAI JAPPE DREWS (Danish, 1884-1964) PASTORAL PANORAMIC LANDSCAPE. Fine oil on canvas landscape shows five cows grazing in grassy meadow with wild flowers. Beyond is seen a large lake with tree and field sided hill. A monument stands atop farthest hill. Sunlight cascades through opening in clouds and blue sky reflect on water surface. Nicely housed in a modern gesso decorated gilt frame. SIZE: 27-1/2” x 39-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98897 (1,500-2,500)


SEVERIN NILSSON (NILSON) (Swedish, 1846-1918) LAKEFRONT VIEW. Large oil on canvas laid on masonite scene shows wooded area with a house overlooking a large lake with an island under blue and cloudy sky. Signed lower left “S. Nilsson 07”. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 32-1/2” x 40-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98786 (1,000-2,000)


GULBRANDT SETHER (Norwegian/American, 1869-1910) CLEARING SKIES IN WINTER LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas winter landscape scene shows snowy path with trees, hillside and blue sky. Signed lower right “G. Sether”. Housed in a gilt replacement frame. SIZE: 21-3/4” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98570 (500-1,000)


ANDERS LEONARD ZORN (Swedish, 1860-1920) “EARLY”. Etching on paper shows nude woman stretching in front of tall clock with time of 7:15. Signed in plate “Zorn 1915”. Pencil signed below. J. J. Gillespie & Co., Pittsburgh, PA label affixed to reverse. Housed in an inlaid wood frame with white matte. IMAGE SIZE: 9-3/4” x 7”. Not examined out of its original frame. CONDITION: Very good, no glass. 9-99329 (200-400)


PAVEL TCHELITCHEW (Russian, 1898-1957) THE OPERA. Watercolor and ink on paper scene shows a opera balcony with three people observing the opera. A man stands behind two ladies, one of which holds opera glasses. The man holds opera glasses to eyes. A blue swag curtain frames the black background behind the man. Signed lower right “Pavel Tchelitchew 1923”. Housed in a simple molded wood frame with thin matte. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. SIGHT SIZE: 19” x 12-1/4”. CONDITION: Some wrinkling to paper. Good. 9-98735 (2,000-4,000)


PAVEL TCHELITCHEW (Russian, 1898-1957) LANDSCAPE WITH HOUSE. Watercolor and gouache on paper shows several buildings under a blue and cloudy sky with green grass and shrubbery. Signed lower right “Pavel Tchelitchew Paris 1924”. Housed in a simple wood molded frame with wide matte which has toned. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. SIGHT SIZE: 19-1/2” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. Bottom left corner has tack hole and what appears to be a small tear from tack and small piece of paper affixed to watercolor. 9-98725 (1,500-2,500)


CONSTANTIN TERECHKOVITCH (KOSTIA) (Russian, 1902-1978) TABLE TOP STILL LIFE. Gouache, crayon/pastel? Still life scene shows table with lace cover having pink bottle, brass compote and blue dish with a modern abstract type feel. Black highlights with some green background highlights. Signed lower right “K Terechkovitch 22”. The paper is mounted on board and faced with glass. No frame. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. IMAGE SIZE: 10-3/4” x 15-1/4”. CONDITION: All four corners appear to show large glue smudge and damage. Paper has wrinkling, fair to good. 9-98728 (800-1,200)


DAVID PETROVICH STERENBERG (Russian, 1881-1948) STILL LIFE WITH GREEN BOTTLE. Oil on canvas still life scene shows table setting with fruit, basket, tall green bottle and a cut glass wine. Back of canvas and stretcher has “N IIII”, also signature and location on bottom of stretcher “D. Sterenberg, Moscow”. Signed lower right. Housed in a simple molded wood frame. PROVENANCE: Obtained from the artist by the consignor’s family. SIZE: 27-1/2” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. One small chip bottom right. 9-98724 (2,000-4,000)


DIEGO MARIA RIVERA (Mexican, 1886-1957) MOTHER AND CHILD. Print? on paper shows a woman seated with pink robe holding baby in arms. Three color background in blue, brown and gold. Signed in the image upper right. It appears that this is a silkscreen type print which has a gouache type effect. Housed in a silver and gold gilt molded wood frame with white matte. IMAGE SIZE: 19-1/2” x 16”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98160 (500-1,000)


SIGNED (South American, 19th/20th Century) PAIR OF SOUTH AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Unframed oval paintings on copper of Indian men in colorful costumes with hats. Signature appears to be “F. Jaru Paliaw?”. Both inscribed on back “Quito Ecuador South America May 1923”. SIZE: 5-1/2” x 4-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97312 (1,500-2,000)


PAZ (Possibly Osvaldo Paz, Uruguay, 20th Century) ADOBE HOUSE IN DESERT LANDSCAPE. Oil on cardboard scene shows square adobe type house with ladder against side against a backdrop of large colorful mountains. Signed lower right “PAZ”. Housed in a silvered molded wood frame. SIZE: 9” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98711 (200-400)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th/20th Century) THE ITALIAN FLOWER GIRL. Large colorful pastel on canvas shows a young maiden holding large basket of colorful flowers with a backdrop of a panoramic landscape with trees and water. Housed in a period wide ripple decorated gilt frame. SIGHT SIZE: 43” x 35”. CONDITION: Fair to good. Some mold on surface. Needs restoration. 9-98749 (500-1,000)


MURILLO (European, 19th/20th Century) BOY WITH GRAPES. Oil on canvas portrait of a young boy holding a bunch of grapes in one hand with a basket of grapes in the other. The boy is dressed as a street peddler. Housed in a gesso decorated gold frame with name plaque, frame with some chips. Unsigned painting. SIZE: 25-3/4” x 20”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99741 (1,000-2,000)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) PAIR OF EUROPEAN GENRE SCENES. Identically housed in grape vine gesso decorated, partial gilt and brown painted frame. One shows woman holding dead hare and presenting to another lady seated with platter having dead bird. A gentleman with black hat looks on. The background is a house with landscape behind. Other has man with chicken and hare, seated at side of house with tree with bird cage hanging from limb. A woman stands beside with dog. Unsigned. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99571 (1,500-2,500)


EMILE CHARLES JULIAN DE LAROCHENOIRE (European, 1825-1899) ELEGANT WOMAN IN RED CHAIR. Oil on wood panel scene shows a woman in large green dress with white top. She is seated in a red Victorian style chair with fancy footstool. Beside her can be seen a small stand with teacup and saucer. Signed lower left “J. De La Rochenoire”. Housed in a period gesso decorated gilt wood frame. SIZE: 6-3/4” x 3-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97396 (900-1,200)


LEON RENI MEL (European, 20th Century) PAIR OF WATERCOLORS. “EN AFRIQUE” AND “CAVALIARDE LA JARDE”. Two black and white watercolors with graphite sketch show two soldiers on horseback. One with fancy helmet, other with gun in hand and wearing fez. Signed lower right, titled and dated “1951”. Identically housed in silvered gilt molded wood frames and double matted. SIGHT SIZE: 11-3/4” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99518 (500-1,000)


LEON RENI MEL (European, 20th Century) FIGURE IN THE WOODS. Oil on wood panel colorful woodland scene shows large trees with green foliage having brown and green forest floor. Figure is seen under large tree. Signed in pencil lower right “Reni Mel 1950”. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 13” x 18”. CONDITION Very good. 9-99517 (400-800)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) BASKET OF FLOWERS. Unframed early oil on canvas Dutch style still life of flowers in a basket. Unsigned front. Back of canvas in black paint appears to say “G.P. Clapp”. Mortis and tendon stretcher, coarse canvas. SIZE: 20-1/2” x 26”. CONDITION: Many chips, paint surface has fine cracks and lifting paint. In need of restoration. 9-99160 (400-600)


F. P. GESTERN? (European, 20th Century) CHRYSANTHEMUMS IN VASE. Three rust and yellow Chrysanthemums with green leaves held by a white vase. Signed lower right. Housed in a bronze colored wood frame with white painted liner. SIZE: 18” x 11”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98654 (100-200)


R.? DUZBRED (European, 19th Century) HORSE AND RIDER. Oil on canvas scene shows large brown horse with rider atop. Rider wears red jacket, black boots and black hat. Horse stands on dirt path with mountain and blue and cloudy sky as backdrop. Signed lower left on rock “R. Duzbred”. Housed in a good gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 24” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good, restored with inpainting. 9-95436 (800-1,200)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) FLIGHT INTO EGYPT. Fine oil on wood panel shows a depiction of the biblical flight from Egypt. Scene shows a bearded man leading donkey next to child and mother. Housed in a fine gilt carved wood frame with some gesso loss. SIZE: 19-3/4” x 15”. CONDITION: Tight cracks in upper and lower edges, otherwise very good. 9-97362 (4,500-6,500)


JOHAN SERICKE (20th Century) THE LION. Fine oil on masonite wildlife scene shows male lion in African landscape. Nicely housed in a gesso decorated gilt frame with linen matte and inner white and gold liner. SIZE: 20” x 40”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99272 (150-250)


DAVID VON SCHLEGELL (20th Century) “HEAD”. Modern oil on canvas shows a large hand holding side of head with colorful green and pink striped shirt. Blue background with painted brown edge. Signed lower right “Davd Schlegell 50”. Titled and signed on back. Housed in a deep Victorian walnut frame. SIZE: 12” x 9”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99274 (250-400)


R. RENTZ (European, 19th Century) THE CRYING BABY. Oil on canvas interior scene shows old man seated in ladderback side chair holding large baby which is crying and pulling his hair. Housed in a wonderful gesso decorated gilt frame. Signed lower right. SIZE: 14” x 11”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99743 (500-1,000)


FRIEDRICH KILIAN (European, 19th/20th Century) TENDING THE BOATS. Oil on wood panel scene shows several people next to beached boats on beach and shallow water. Signed lower right “F. Killian 09” with inscription. Reverse has artist’s name and possibly title with description dated June 1911. Wax seal affixed to back of panel. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 8” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good with surface dirt. 9-98648 (200-400)


FIVE ETCHINGS. 1) Eugene Bejot (1867-1931) “La Seine A. Bercy 1897”. Modern frame with matte. IMAGE SIZE: 3-3/4” x 6-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 2) Franz Edmund Weirotter (1730-1771) Men Bowling. Modern frame and matte. IMAGE SIZE: 5-1/4” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Light foxing. 3) & 4) A. Watteau (Identically framed and matted portraits. IMAGE SIZE: 6-1/2” x 4-1/2”. CONDITION: Foxed. Good. 5) Jacques Callot (1592-1635) “From the Capricci”. Certificate of authenticity on reverse from the Associated American Artist Reg. No. 6141. Unframed. SIGHT SIZE: 2” x 3”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98777 (600-800)


UNSIGNED (Far East, 19th Century) TWO FAR EAST WATERCOLORS. One shows Sultan on horseback. The other shows an elegant woman in interior setting with sitar. Housed in identical gilt wood frames, very decorative. SIZE: 15-1/2” x 12”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99147; 9-99161 (200-400)


UNSIGNED (Chinese, 19th Century) SIX FIGURAL PAINTINGS. Identically housed in small wood gilt edged frames. Each showing two colorful figures on a light background. SIGHT SIZE: 6” x 9”. CONDITION: Good, some light foxing. One frame slightly smaller. 9-99482 (300-500)


VLADIMIR MIKHAILOVICH SINITSKI (Russian, 1896-1980) LILACS IN GLASS JAR. Oil on board still life of purple lilacs and green leaves in glass jar. Gray and brown background. Signed lower left in Cyrillic. Housed in a gilt molded wood replacement frame with leaf decoration at corners. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 11-3/4” X 8-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98839 (300-500)


VLADIMIR MIKHAILOVICH SINITSKI (Russian, 1896-1980) MIXED BOUQUET. Oil on board still life shows clear glass vase filled with pink, red and white flowers. Signed lower left in Cyrillic and dated “48”. Housed in a fine gilt carved wood frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 9” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98840 (300-500)


VLADIMIR MIKHAILOVICH SINITSKI (Russian, 1896-1980) STILL LIFE WITH APPLES AND PAINTED SPOON. Oil on board still life shows two red apples next to green pitcher with painted lacquerware spoon. Yellowish/green background. Signed lower right in Cyrillic and dated “56”. Housed in a gilt molded wood replacement frame with leaf decoration at corners. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 9-1/2” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98838 (300-500)


VLADIMIR MIKHAILOVICH SINITSKI (Russian, 1896-1980) AT THE RIVER. Oil on board scene shows river with grass and dirt banks. Town in background under blue sky. Signed in Cyrillic lower right. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame with leaf decoration at corners. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 8” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good, very minor spot inpainting. 9-98836 (400-600)


VLADIMIR MIKHAILOVICH SINITSKI (Russian, 1896-1980) SUMMER REFLECTIONS. Oil on board shows landscape with river having reflections of its tree and shrub banks in the water. Signed lower right in Cyrillic. Housed in a fine gilt carved wood frame. PROVENANCE: Estate of the artist; Gallery Wilnitski, Vienna, Austria. Massachusetts Collection. SIZE: 8” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good, some inpainting. 9-98837 (400-600)


FREDERICK DANIEL HARDY (British, 1826-1911) “THE LAST OF THE…”. Oil on board interior scene shows two men at a table in front of a fireplace with a woman beside. One is pouring a glass while the other holds a glass up for a toast. Housed in an original gold gesso decorated frame with double liner and glass window. An old tag with partial title “No. 14” and signed “FD Hardy”. Signed lower left and dated “1887”. SIZE: 5-1/2” x 7-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97387 (2,000-3,000)


WILLIAM BLAIR BRUCE (Canadian, 1859-1906) THE SAWMILL. Oil on canvas scene shows a northern sawmill with connected buildings. Two men stand on dirt path with horse and cart inside opening of largest building. Tree covered hillsides with mountain in background. Signed lower left “W. Bruce”. Housed in its original fine fancy gilt gesso decorated frame with gold liner. SIZE: 15” x 22”. CONDITION: Surface dirt, inpainting. 9-99045 (2,000-3,000)


GEORGE HAWLEY HALLOWELL (American, 1871-1926) LOGGING TEAMS. Outstanding watercolor shows two two-horse driven sleds with standing man atop. These sleds are the front skids for larger logging sleds. They run through a high snow banked road in a wooded and mountain landscape. Signed lower left “George H. Hallowell”. Housed in a gray painted naturalistic wood frame with tan matte. SIGHT SIZE: 14-1/2” x 21-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98270 (1,000-3,000)


GEORGE PEARSE ENNIS (American, 1884-1936) THE LUMBER MILL. Oil on canvas Maine lumber mill scene shows large strings of logs above a lumber mill. Men stand on logs in river while others look on from mill. Signed lower left. Running logs down the river has become almost extinct in Maine today. Housed in a copper colored reeded wood period frame. SIZE: 30” x 36”. CONDITION: Relined, very good. 9-98788 (2,500-4,000)


GEORGE PEARSE ENNIS (American, 1884-1936) TWO ETCHINGS: “PREPARING NETS” AND “TARRING NETS”. Both pencil signed. 1) “#7 Preparing Nets” dated “1931”. Shows two men placing net in large tub over fire. IMAGE SIZE: 9-3/4” x 12”. Overall is 12-1/4” x 14-3/4”. 2) “Tarring Nets Proof #2”. Shows man placing nets into large tub over fire. Dated “1930”. IMAGE SIZE: 10” x 11-3/4”. Overall is 14” x 12-3/4”. CONDITION: Both are foxed and have toning and dirt. 9-98791 (100-200)


ALICE KENT STODDARD (American, 1885-1976) “LOBSTER BOATS AT NIGHT-MONHEGAN”. Oil on canvas scene shows three sailboats off docks with people mending nets. Wonderful deep blue colors and colorful figures. Estate stamped signature to front left. Housed in an outstanding arts and crafts style carved gilt wide frame. Back has label from David David Art Gallery, Philadelphia “Estate of A. K. Stoddard”. Also two Christies auction labels. SIZE: 25” x 30”. CONDITION: Relined, inpainted. Very good. 9-98890 (4,000-6,000)


SIDNEY MARSH CHASE (American, 1877-1957) BAY OFF MONHEGAN. Oil on board scene shows water inlet with boats and houses on shore. Green hills are seen close to shore under a blue and white sky. Signed bottom right “SM Chase”. Chase painted on Monhegan Island, Maine and works are represented in the William A. Farnsworth Museum. Housed in a fine gilt and painted gesso decorated frame. SIGHT SIZE: 19-1/2” x 23-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98889 (3,500-5,000)


EDWARD E. BURRILL (American, 1835-1913) BLACK HEAD, MONHEGAN ISLAND. Oil on canvas scene shows two sailboats off large cliff known as Black Head. Waves come on shore against rock ledges. Signed lower left “E. Burrill”. Housed in its fine original gesso decorated frame with gold liner. Old red outlined sticker on back “A. J. Burrill”. SIZE: 16” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98468 (2,500-3,500)


ABRAHAM JACOBI BOGDANOVE (American, 1887-1946) “MONHEGAN ISLAND, MAINE”. Unframed oil on board scene shows coastal rocks and small inlet with colorful water in blues and whites. Pencil artist name on back with location. Unsigned front. SIZE: 10-1/2” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99211 (1,000-2,000)


CARROLL THAYER BERRY (American, 1886-1978) KNIGHT’S BOATYARD. Large oil on canvas scene shows a Maine coastal small boatyard with low tide having a receeded waterline showing lobster buoys and rowboats. Several buildings are seen with one small building in disrepair. Signed lower left “Carroll Thayer Berry”. Original painted molded wood period frame. SIZE: 32” x 36”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98620 (2,000-4,000)


CHARLES FRANCIS BROWNE (American, 1859-1920) CUSHING’S ISLAND, MAINE. Oil on wood panel shows sandy beach with several groups of people, some under shade of large trees, others sitting on hillside or by rocks. One person is seen with parasol in red outfit. Signed lower left “C F Browne, 1896”. Housed in a modern fancy gilt gesso decorated frame. Inscription on back of panel “Cushing’s Island, Portland Harbor, Maine Charles Francis Browne 1896”. Also “Mrs. T. C. Parker Grand Hotel”. SIZE: 10” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good, minor inpainting. 9-98576 (2,000-3,000)


WILLIAM COLUMBUS EHRIG (American, 1892-1973 ) “ENDLESS SEA”. Oil on canvas coastal scene shows large coastal cliffs on left with open beach and crashing waves. Beautifully lit sky shows sunshine reflecting through cliffs onto water. SIZE: 24” x 36”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99171 (1,500-2,500)


FREDERICK JULIAN ILSLEY (American, 1855-1933) WINTER LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas scene shows winding dirt road with trees, buildings and rocks. Signed lower right “F. J. Ilsley Jan. 16. 1916”. Titled indistinctly in pencil and signed on reverse of canvas. Housed in a painted and carved wood frame. SIZE: 17” x 22”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99724 (1,200-1,800)


ALBERT BABB INSLEY (American, 1842-1937) PAIR OF MAINE COASTAL SCENES. Pair of oil on canvas mounted to masonite paintings similarly housed in gilt modern molded wood frames with bead decoration. One titled “Acadia Inlet”. The other “Coast of Maine”. Both from a sketching trip to Bar Harbor in the summer of 1904. SIGHT SIZE: 6-1/2” x 6”; 6-1/2” sq. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98980 (1,500-2,500)


THOMAS CROTTY (American, 20th Century) MAINE WINTER LANDSCAPE. Outstanding large watercolor scene shows snow covered fields with stream running through the center. Evergreens line the distant field with a barn at upper end. Signed lower right “Thomas Crotty”. Housed in a wood molded frame with linen liner and gold edge. SIGHT SIZE: 26-1/2” h x 40” w. CONDITION: 9-98787 (1,500-2,500)


SAMUEL PETER ROLT TRISCOTT (American, 1846-1925) “DEAD SPRUCES ABOVE DEAD MAN’S COVE”. Fine watercolor on brown paper shows a hillside coastal scene with tall pines looking across ocean with sailboats and white covered hills. A small flock of birds is seen on right side. Signed lower left “SP Rolt Triscott”. Housed in its original painted gold frame. SIGHT SIZE: 23” x 28-3/4”. CONDITION: Good, some toning. 9-97022 (3,000-4,000)


GEORGE MCCONNELL (American, 1852-1929) “THE GREAT FALLS OF THE SACO AT HIRAM, MAINE”. Fine oil on canvas fall river landscape shows a large falls lined with colorful trees and hillside. Signed lower right “Geo. McConnell, 1919” (partially under frame). Housed in a fine fancy gilt gesso decorated replacement frame. One of the best works by this artist that we have seen. SIZE: 18” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98714 (2,000-4,000)


GEORGE M. HATHAWAY (American, 1852-1903) “OWLS HEAD ROCK & LIGHT OWLS HEAD, ME”. Oil on wood slab in oval form without frame having outside bark remaining. Scene shows tree lined cliff area with white lighthouse and buildings at bottom of hill. Sailboats are seen in distance with rock and beach. Signed and titled on reverse. SIZE: 7-1/2” x 16”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99752 (1,500-2,500)


GEORGE M. HATHAWAY (American, 1852-1903) “WHITE HEAD CUSHING’S ISLAND PORTLAND HARBOR, ME”. Oil on wood slab in oval form without frame having outside bark remaining. Scene shows tall cliff with gazebo/lighthouse, breaking waves on rocks with sailboats on horizon. Signed and titled on reverse. SIZE: 7-1/2” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99753 (1,500-2,500)


LAURENCE PHILIP SISSON (American, 1928-) MAINE HARBOR. Fine watercolor shows harbor with many small boats including sailboats, lobster boats and skiffs. Fishing shack is seen on tall posts on left. Sandpipers are seen next to small beach on right. Lobster pots are seen in foreground with one having the artist’s name on lower right. Housed in a gilt wood frame with modern double matte in gray and ivory. SIGHT SIZE: 11-3/4” x 18-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98562 (2,000-3,000)


LAURENCE PHILIP SISSON (American, 1928-) SUNSET OVER MAINE COAST. Oil on board scene shows rocky coastline with inlet under a colorful sunset sky having peach, aqua and tangerine colors. Signed lower left “L. Sisson 51”. Housed in its original painted wood molded frame. Back bearing label of Haley & Steele Art Dealers, Boston, Mass. A nice early work by this Maine artist. SIGHT SIZE: 17-1/2” x 23-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98789 (1,000-1,500)


LAURENCE PHILIP SISSON (American, 1928-) “BREWER’S BOATYARD EAST BENECOOK HARBOR, SOUTHPORT, MAINE 1962”. Monochrome watercolor scene shows large boatyard on side of harbor with boats, buildings and water. Original painted wood frame having wide linen matte and two other mattes. Signed lower right “L Sisson”. Titled on reverse. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, ME. SIGHT SIZE: 7-1/2” x 20-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99124 (300-500)


JOHN CUTHBERT HARE (American, 1908-1978)”TENANTS HARBOR, MAINE”. Fine oil on canvas scene shows two fishing boats side by side next to building on dock. Men are seen working on boats and other boats are seen in harbor. Title on back of stretcher. Signed lower right “John Hare”. Housed in its original silvered wood frame with linen liner and white painted wood inner liner. SIZE: 20” x 36”. CONDITION: Very good. Linen liner stained. 9-98460 (1,500-2,500)


JAMES EVERETT STUART (American, 1852-1941) “PISCATAQUIS RIVER, ABOVE THE WOOLEN MILL DAM, DOVER, ME”. Fine oil on canvas fall scene shows a pond area with long rowboat having four people. The outer edges lined with colorful trees and several houses. The foreground bank has wildflowers. Signed lower left “J. E. Stuart Oct. 6 1906”. The back of canvas has original inscription with title, artist name, date and “No. 1336-18 x 30 $1,600”. Housed in a linen lined molded wood gilt frame. SIZE: 18” x 30”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99514 (2,500-3,500)


FLORENCE WHITE WILLIAMS (American, 1900-1953) VISITORS, MAINE COAST. Oil on canvas Boothbay Harbor type scene shows three people at front door of a white cape. Looking out over a small inlet with other houses, low hills and green evergreens. Signed lower right. Housed in its original carved gilt wood frame. Written on back of canvas “Troy”. SIZE: 18” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96645 (2,750-3,250)


MARGUERITE THOMPSON ZORACH (American, 1887-1968) FIGURES, UMBRELLAS AND HOUSES. Fauvism type watercolor/gouache/light oil painting showing a line of people in front of colorful umbrellas with houses as backdrops. Strong colors and impressionistic style figures. Housed in a simple molded gilt frame with linen liner and glass window. Signed lower right “M. Zorach”. SIGHT SIZE: 8-1/4” x 10-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99680 (4,000-6,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO ROCKWELL KENT (American, 1882-1971) “MOONGLOW”. Small oil on wood panel shows nude man and women atop a green grass dune. They are embracing under a full moon with ocean at sides of dune. Identified on back. Unsigned work. Housed in a modern silver gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 3-1/2” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99683 (1,500-2,500)


ANNA ELIZA HARDY (American, 1839-1934) STILL LIFE WITH EWER AND GERANIUM. Oil on canvas still life scene shows a redware potted geranium next to a brass ewer with an Oriental ginger jar behind. Light colored tabletop with gray to pinkish white background. Signed lower right “A E H 13”. Housed in a period gilt molded wood frame. A nice example by this Bangor, Maine artist known for her floral still life paintings. SIZE: 20” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99374 (4,000-8,000)


PERCY A. SANBORN (American, 1849-1929) “ROSES”. Oil on canvas still life of red and yellow roses in a blue and white Oriental canton bowl. Signed lower left “Sanborn”. Housed in its original fancy gesso decorated period frame. Back stretcher has original Sanborn’s Art Studio label with title. SIZE: 13” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98971 (1,500-1,800)


HARRISON BIRD BROWN (American, 1831-1915) PAIR OF MAINE SUMMER LANDSCAPES. Two oil on board paintings showing stream through heavy woods. One with small cascading waterfall with fisherman in stream above. Mountain peak is seen in distance under blue and cloudy skies. Other showing a bend in the stream with fence and trees. This is signed bottom right “HB Brown”. Other is unsigned. Both identically housed in fancy gilt frames. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98565 (1,200-1,800)


HARRISON BIRD BROWN (American, 1831-1915) NEW ENGLAND LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas scene shows small village in distance with tall white steeple. Framed by a group of trees on each side and a rock strewn clearing. Signed lower left “HB 76”. A nice early work possibly depicting a southwest Maine landscape. Original deep gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 6-1/2” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Craquelure. Appears to be untouched, in need of cleaning. 9-98566 (900-1,200)


DON STONE (American, 1929-) MORNING, MAINE COAST. Fine watercolor of a Maine coastal village with small harbor. Man with oars over shoulder walks down path to awaiting boat. Signed lower left. Housed in a fine carved gilt frame with wide linen liner having gold edge. SIZE: 14” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98845 (800-1,200)


DON STONE (American, 1929-) WINTER ON THE MAINE COAST. Fine watercolor shows a snow covered grass and rocky coast with dark blue ocean. Signed lower right “Don Stone”. Wonderfully housed in a gilt carved wood frame with bluish/gray matte and white inner matte. SIGHT SIZE: 14-1/4” x 20-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99694 (1,500-2,000)


DOZIER BELL (American, 1957- ) “HORIZONS AND BEYOND”. Large unsigned oil on canvas two-panel scene in black and white. Left panel shows three trees in foreground looking through to ice covered lake and woods beyond. The right panel appears to be the front dog section showing four dogs or wolves crossing the snow covered ground with woods beyond. Affixed to back is a loan exhibit label from the Museum of Art of Ogunquit. Housed in a large painted molded wood frame. REFERENCE: 1991 Exhibition at the Museum of Art at Ogunquit, catalog page 16. Full page color illustration. SIZE: 36” x 68”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98618 (2,000-4,000)


DAHLOR IPCAR (American, 1917-) “HORSE HEAD CIRCLE”. Round watercolor and gouache scene shows multiple interlaced horse heads in two circles. Colors of gray, red, gold and brown. Signed bottom right “Dahlor Ipcar 1995”. With original artist label on reverse. Dahlor is the daughter of Gaylord and Marguerite Zorach. Housed in a square gold metal frame with large white matte having round window. SIGHT SIZE: 12” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98563 (2,500-3,500)


CHARLES E WILLETTE (American, 1899-1979) SKETCH MADE AT STONINGTON, MAINE. Oil on board scene shows two mast sailboat in harbor next to dock. Small boathouse is seen on stilts, Other buildings, one being a half view of an antique shop with items in the window. Signed lower left “Chas. E. Willette”. Titled on back with date “1969” and signed. Housed in a gray wash wood frame with linen liner. SIGHT SIZE: 15-1/4” x 19-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99549 (300-500)


CHARLES E WILLETTE (American, 1899-1979) MATINICUS HARBOR, MAINE. Oil on board scene shows a Maine harbor with buildings on stilt supported docks and tethered boats. A man is seen in lower left, possibly an artist. Signed “Chalres E. Willette”. Housed in what appears to be its original carved and painted decorated frame which may have been executed by the artist. SIZE: 19-1/2” x 23-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99243 (500-1,000)


FRANCIS J. FLANAGAN (American, 1897-1927) GRAND LAKE PANORAMIC VIEW. Oil on canvas landscape scene shows large tree next to wood fence and cow overlooking a large lake purportedly to be Grand Lake, Maine looking across to Canada under a light blue and scattered cloud sky. Signed lower right “FJ Flanagan”. Housed in a flat gold painted wide frame. SIZE: 19-1/4” x 26-1/4”. CONDITION: Some restoration, inpainting. 9-98568 (600-1,000)


FRANCIS J. FLANAGAN (American, 1897-1927) COLORFUL LANDSCAPE WITH WATER AND BOAT. Oil on canvas scene shows lake scene with small boat. Wonderful sky colors with yellows, pinks and blues. Signed lower right “Flanagan”. Housed in its original fancy gilt frame. SIZE: 15-1/4” x 22-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98569 (600-1,000)


FREDERICK H. DANIELS (American, 1872-) THREE PAINTINGS “SAM’S WOODS”. Oil on board scenes show woods with rocks and trees in summertime. The largest one is signed “F. H. Daniels 1930”. The smaller ones are unsigned. Large one in inscribed on reverse “To Samuel M. Abbie With Best Wishes, Xmas, 1930 F. H. D. Sam’s Woods”. SIZES: 10” x 14”; 8-1/2” x 6-1/2” and 6” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99417 (600-800)


OTIS S WEBER (American, 19th/20th Century) HEAVY SURF WITH DISTANT SAILBOATS. Watercolor scene shows waves crashing into three large rocks with seagulls flying above. Two sailboats are seen on the horizon under a light sky. Signed lower right “Otis S. Weber”. Housed in what appears to be its original gesso decorated gilt frame with off-white matte and inner painted white liner. SIGHT SIZE: 15” x 23-1/4”. CONDITION: Vertical light toning where backboards met. Otherwise good. 9-99509 (400-600)


FRANK KNOX MORTON REHN (American, 1848-1914) SUNSET SHORELINE. Colorful watercolor shows a lone sailboat on the horizon under a setting sunset with red, pinks and yellows. Waves crash onto rocky beach with nice reflection in water. Signed lower left “F.K.M. Rehn 92”. Wonderfully housed in an antique style gilt frame with linen matte and inner gilt liner. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 19”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98476 (1,500-2,500)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th/20th Century) ICE SCHOONER ON THE KENNEBEC. Oil on board scene shows two-mast black hulled schooner on what appears to be the lower Kennebec River. It’s covered cargo is probably ice and is seen against a backdrop of tree lined banks with one house. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame with a Haley & Steele Boston frame maker label. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, Maine. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/4” x 13-1/4”. CONDITION: Some cracks, surface dirt. Good. 9-99150 (500-800)


ELEANOR B. STEVENS (American, Late 19th Century) WATERCOLOR SKETCH BOOK. Small sketch book has approximately 25 watercolor pages, some identified and appears to be a trip in 1882 to Europe. Including landscapes, marines, children, etc. BOOK SIZE: 3-3/4” x 5-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99137 (100-200)


JAMIE WYETH (James Browning) (American, 1946-) “BRONZE AGE”. Color lithograph on paper shows large bronze bell on shoreline with green grass and light blue ocean beyond. Titled in margin and “Copyright by the William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, Rockland, Maine, 1969”. Signed lower right. Housed in its original fancy gilt and carved wood frame with linen matte. PROVENANCE: Woolworth Collection, Monmouth, Maine (F.W. Woolworth Dept. Store Family). SIGHT SIZE: 19” x 26-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. Signature has faded 50%. 9-99208 (500-1,000)


NEIL GAVIN WELLIVER (American, 1929) “CEDAR WATER POOL”. Unframed black and white print is pencil signed “Welliver” and numbered 24/36. The landscape shows rocks and water with fir trees in the background. PAPER SIZE: 22-1/4” x 31”. CONDITION: Small puncture in top right margin, otherwise very good. 9-98623 (500-1,000)


CUMMING (American, 20th Century) “ODESSA”. Limited edition print on paper. Titled in print and also signed in white pencil “Odessa 15/18 Cumming 1988”. Black and white with green background abstract scene shows abstract bomb blast over ruler type architectural form. Centered in a black wood frame with white background. SIZE: 47” x 34-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98619 (1,000-1,500)


CUMMING (American, 20th Century) “ALEXANDRIA”. Colored print numbered “29/30”. Signed and dated “1989”. Shows a number of books with ruler below and large smoldering fire. Unframed. SIZE: 34-1/2” w x 46” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98626 (400-600)


PAIEMENT (American, 20th Century) “WHITE WITH BLUE WITH GREEN”. Colored drawing on paper shows a potted plant on a blue background. Signed lower right “Paiement 87”. Housed in a metal frame with white matte. Title on back. And O’Farrell Gallery, Brunswick, Maine label affixed. SIGHT SIZE: 25-1/2” x 22”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98621 (400-600)


PAIEMENT (American, 20th Century) NUDE MAN. Mixed media on paper scene shows a half portrait of a man with crossed arms holding what looks like a cigarette. Black sketch lines are filled in with pinkish flesh tones, gray hair all against a gold painted background. Signed lower left “Paiement 87”. Housed in a simple wood frame with wide matte. O’Farrell Gallery, Brunswick, Maine label to reverse. SIGHT SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98622 (400-600)


ALFRED CHANEY CHADBOURN (American, 1921-1998) “WEIGHT WATCHERS”. Oil on canvas beach scene shows 2 women in bathing suits on an orange sandy beach. One is seated on towel with white hat and one-piece suit, the other is seated in chair wearing blue two-piece suit and looking through binoculars. Signed lower right “A. Chadbourn”. Also titled and signed on back and dated “82”. Housed in a simple gilt edge wood frame. SIZE: 14” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99701 (1,000-2,000)


EDNA KAULA (American, 20th Century) “RISING MIST”. Oil on canvas scene shows a Maine harbor having boathouse on stilts with lobster boat beside. Housed in a naturalistic wood frame with liner that is as is. Ogunquit Art Association label to reverse with artist name, title, etc. Signed lower right “Edna Kaula 61”. SIZE: 16” x 20”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99548 (300-500)


AFTER AIDEN LASSELL RIPLEY (American, 1896-1969) HUNTING ON AN AUTUMN DAY. Enhanced print with oil highlighted scene shows hunter and bird dog at point in a bright landscape with lake, trees, fields and mountains. Signed in the print and over “A. Lassell Ripley”. Housed in a magnificent modern wide frame with leaf decoration. SIZE: 30” x 36”. CONDITION: 9-94352 (500-1,000)


DOROTHEA M. LITZINGER (American, 1889-1925) DEER IN NORTHERN LANDSCAPE. Watercolor scene shows three deer running through wooded section with large buck jumping a fallen tree. Large mountains are seen beyond large lake. Signed lower left “Litzinger”. Housed in its original gilt carved wood frame. SIGHT SIZE: 19-1/4” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99689 (200-300)


BERNARD LANGLAIS (American, 1923-1977) “YELLOW AND BROWN”. Oil and pencil on paper scene shows two nude women lying on red ground with deep red background. One with blonde hair, other with brown. Frick Gallery Belfast, Maine label to reverse. Pencil signed lower right. Housed in a simple stained oak frame with wide white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 13-3/4” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98998 (1,500-2,500)


WALDO PEIRCE (American, 1884-1970) “CAGNES TOWER”. Oil on canvas French street scene shows two people on steps of building beside dirt street. A bell tower is seen in background with large tree in front. A pink stucco sided building is seen on left. Signed lower left with conjoined “WP” and dated “25”. Back has a Bangor Maine gallery label. Housed in a silver gilt linen lined wood frame. PROVENANCE: Consigned directly from the artist’s family. SIZE: 22” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99558 (2,500-4,000)


WALDO PEIRCE (American, 1884-1970) SELF PORTRAIT. Oil on canvas portrait shows Waldo wearing a brown hat, white collar and dark shirt against a dark brown background. Housed in a simple wood frame. Signed on reverse “W Peirce 1912?”. PROVENANCE: Consigned directly from the artist’s family. SIZE: 13” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99557 (2,000-3,000)


WALDO PEIRCE (American, 1884-1970) “SHOWER OF GOLD, OCT 1947 SEARSPORT, ME”. Framed large oil on canvas scene shows young boy in diaper (John, Waldo’s son) outside on his front step with hands held high looking up as falling leaves surround him. The ocean is seen beyond the trees and a path goes through a green lawn with fence. Signed lower right “W Peirce 47”. Back of canvas has title and signature. This was one of the nursery room panels for John’s room. Housed in a simple wood frame. PROVENANCE: Consigned directly from the artist’s family. SIZE: 47” x 26”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99559 (3,000-5,000)


WALDO PEIRCE (American, 1884-1970) “JOHNNIE CUMMINGS”. Oil on canvas portrait of a young boy in blue and white outfit holding red striped blue ball. He sits amongst grasses and wildflowers next to blue water. A small white rabbit is seen next to him. Inscribed “Merry Xmas Little Johnnie, Waldo 26”. Inscribed on back “Johnnie Cummings, 1926, Skowhegan. Painted by hand of Waldo Peirce”. Housed in its original gray painted wood frame. SIZE: 26” x 21”. CONDITION: Generally good. Tack holes at edge and small chip upper right. 9-98388 (3,000-4,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO AARON BOHROD (American, 1907-1992) PORTRAIT OF BILL CUMMINGS. Watercolor and gouache portrait of a young Bill Cummings. Bottom right stamped “Joe Jones War Art Unit”. Housed in a modern molded wood frame with linen liner. Watercolor is pasted for full view. On back is written “Bill Cummings by Aaron Bohrod? WWII?”. SIZE: 14-3/4” x 10-3/4”. CONDITION: Edges of paper show tape marks and tack holes. Otherwise good. 9-98397 (1,000-2,000)


HENRY VARNUM POOR (American, 1888-1970) DRAWING OF BILL CUMMINGS. Brown coloring over a black sketch of a man with hand on head. Inscribed in pencil on the right side “To Bill From Henry”. Housed in a silver gilt molded wood frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 9” x 11”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98359 (250-450)


HENRY VARNUM POOR (American, 1888-1970) THREE PORTRAIT SKETCHES OF MRS. WILLIAM CUMMINGS. Lot includes: 1) Large 40” x 25-1/2” preliminary portrait oil painting showing Mrs. Cummings in a blue dress against a gray painted wood wall. Signed lower left “HV Poor”. Housed in a gilt wood frame with linen liner. CONDITION: Good. 2) 11-1/4” x 7” preliminary chalk and watercolor sketch of the same portrait. Signed “HVP”. CONDITION: Some foxing. 3) Head sketch of Mrs. Cummings inscribed “To Johnie, With Love Henry”. SIGHT SIZE: 11” x 8-1/2”. Housed in a painted wood frame with linen matte. CONDITION: Good. 9-98373 (1,000-1,500)


HENRY VARNUM POOR (American, 1888-1970) SKETCH OF MRS. WILLIAM CUMMINGS. Charcoal sketch showing a seated woman with long hair with arms clasped. Signed “HVP” in the right corner. Housed in a walnut frame with white linen matte. SIGHT SIZE: 11” x 8”. CONDITION: All over foxing, otherwise good. 9-98402 (150-250)


MILTON ELTING HEBALD (American, 1917) BUST OF MRS. CUMMINGS. Clay/plaster bust of a young Mrs. Cummings set into a square wood block. Back of signed “Hebald 51”. SIZE: 12” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98366 (500-1,000)


MARJORIE ANNE PORTNOW (American, 1943-) SKOWHEGAN ART SCHOOL FARM. Oil on canvas summer scene shows road leading down to red barns. Signed lower right and also signed on back of canvas. Housed in a partial gilt frame. SIZE: 13-1/2” x 11-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good, several small chips. 9-98413 (400-600)


SALVIN (American, 20th Century) THE RED FARMHOUSE. Possibly a painting by Arlene Slavin who is listed in the Skowhegan School Alumni. Oil on canvas scene shows a red Cape Cod style farmhouse having a barn with red silo. All set amongst a summer landscape with low hills and blue sky. Possibly an image of the Skowhegan Art School. Housed in a flat wood painted frame with stamp of Rolo Gallery Frames, New York. SIZE: 24” x 36”. CONDITION: Unknown white stain to central area, otherwise very good. 9-98393 (400-600)


BERNARD LANGLAIS (American, 1923-1977) LION FACE. Carved wood hanging sculpture in the form of a lions face. Open eye carving and separate carved mane. Signed on front top of face in a brand “Bernard Langlais” also on back with similar brand. SIZE: 9” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98367 (1,500-2,500)


RACKSTRAW DOWNES (American, 1839-) RIVER BEND WITH DAM AND BUILDINGS. Oil on board scene probably of Skowhegan, shows winding river with dam on left side and trestle bridge on right. Inscribed “To Johnie Love From Rackstraw”. Letter from Straw to Johnie attached to back. Housed in a modern silver gilt wood frame with line matte. SIGHT SIZE: 9-3/4” x 18-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98371 (3,000-4,000)


WILLIAM DICKEY KING (American, 1925-) PAIR “LEARNING” AND “THE TEST”. Drawing collages incorporating a silvered plastic cutout mounted on paper and housed in modern chrome frames. Each is pencil titled and signed “Wm. King 1970”. One shows a figure bending down to a smaller figure. The other show two dancers in different positions, toe to toe. There is also a pencil circular monogram on each. Both have “Terry Ditenfass, Inc. New York labels with artist name, title, price and owner “Mrs. W. H. Cummings”. SIZE: 28” x 22”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98355 (500-1,000)


IDA GORDY (European, 29th Century) “FROM MY WINDOW”. Label on back “Collection J. B. Neumann, New York” with typed name and title. Back also has “Ida Levant”. Back also inscribed “Who is Ida Chagall, Marc Chagall’s Daughter”. Some other French writing to reverse. Oil on board scene shows chateau nestled amongst tall mountains which are brown, black and green under a cloud and blue sky. Signed lower left “Ida Levant 1931”. Housed in a chrome modern frame. We have been unable to find any information other than to confirm that Ida was Marc Chagall’s daughter. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 10”. CONDITION: Fair to good. Nick off bottom edge and right quarter size area of damage which has been repaired. 9-98370 (800-1,200)


JAMES LAMANTIA (American, 1923-) “SANTA MARIA SPORA MINERVA”. Gouache on paper scene shows rooftop of large building and bell tower. Signed lower right and dated “68”. Housed in a chrome frame with white matte. Original label on reverse with title. SIZE: 12-1/2” x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98362 (500-1,000)


JOSEF ALBERS (American, 1888-1976) PAIR “EDGED II 8/12” AND “AUSSICHT”. Black and white print on paper abstract designs in square type shape. Pencil titled and signed “Josef Albers”. Dated “1933” and “1934”. Similarly housed in mahogany frames with white linen mattes. IMAGE SIZE: 8-1/4” x 12-1/2”; 8-1/4” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: One has stained matte and toned image. Other is good. 9-98365 (2,000-3,000)


JACOB ARMSTEAD LAWRENCE (Laurence) (American, 1917-2000) “MORNING STILL LIFE”. Artist proof print numbered “5/15” and pencil signed and titled “Jacob Laurence 1976”. Modern abstract still life with bananas, apples, grapes and oranges. Housed in a black wood frame with white matte. IMAGE SIZE: 24” x 17-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98417 (1,000-2,000)


ANNE POOR (American, 1918-2002) “SOLDIER RETURNING FROM OVER SEAS”. Mixed media, watercolor and sketch shows four soldiers in uniform standing outside a doorway marked “Debarkation”. Signed “A Poor 1945” and titled bottom right corner. Housed in its original white and silver painted wood frame. Anne was the daughter of Henry Varnum Poor and she was appointed one of the first two female artist war correspondents. She taught at Skowhegan from 1947-1961. SIGHT SIZE: 28-1/4” x 22-1/2”. CONDITION: Tape mark to upper left corner, otherwise very good. 9-98361 (500-1,000)


SIDNEY SIMON (American, 1917-1997) SOLDIER WITH RATIONS. Watercolor on paper shows a soldier brushing teeth out of helmet. Titled on bottom “Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day” and signed “Simon, Aug 1945”. Housed in a natural wood frame with tan matte. SIGHT SIZE: 14-1/4” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98374 (200-400)


GEORGE GROSZ (American, 1893-1959) SOLDIERS IN BUNKHOUSE. Drypoint etching shows six soldiers in close quarters in bunkhouse preparing for the day. Signed lower right in pencil “George Grosz”. Simple black frame with white matte. IMAGE SIZE: 10” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98364 (300-500)


GEORGE LOVETTE KINGSLAND MORRIS (American, 1905-1975) ABSTRACT COLLAGE. Watercolor on paper shows different colored shapes with two additional glued pieces of hand stenciled wall paper. Signed lower right “Morris 41”. Housed in its original simple wood frame with linen liner. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/2” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98356 (3,000-4,000)


BENJAMIN D. KOPMAN (American, 1887-1965) CIRCUS HORSE WITH TRAINER. Watercolor/gouache scene shows rearing blue horse and trainer with whip. Signed upper left “Kopman 34”. Housed in a gold frame with linen matte (broken glass loose in frame) SIZE: 9-3/4” x 7-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98372 (500-1,000)


JAMES WEEKS (Darrell Northrup) (American, 1922-1998) STUDY FOR BALCONY PAINTING (Two People with Dog). Acrylic on paper mounted on board scene shows a nude woman seated in chair next to man with blue and white shirt. Initial signed lower right “JW 68”. Felix Landau Gallery Los Angeles, CA label with artist and title affixed to back. SIZE: 25” x 35”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98392 (1,500-2,500)


CHARLES GORDON CUTLER (American, 1914-) HEAD SCULPTURE. Carved stone bust of woman’s head and shoulder with arm and hand at side of head. Signed “C. Cutler” on back. Mounted in a square 5” white stone base. Head appears to be in a black stone, possibly Basalt. SIZE: 17” h x 7” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98377 (400-600)


JEANETTE FINTZ (American, 20th Century) “SPRING ON COMM. AVE”. Oil on masonite abstract view from rooftop looking out over Comm. Ave., assumable Boston. Original label to back and dated “1977”. Housed in a painted green wood frame. SIZE: 12” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98386 (300-500)


WALTER D. CONDIT (American, 1918-) HOUSEHOLD RUINS. Chalk, sketch in white and black on light beige paper shows an outside scene with tall trees with a collection of discarded household items. Signed lower right in pencil “Walter Condit” and dated “8/58”. Housed in a simple silvered wood frame with gray matte. SIGHT SIZE: 24-1/2” x 32-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98368 (200-400)


UNSIGNED (American, 20th Century) PORTRAIT OF A MAN WITH YELLOW SCARF. Oil on canvas portrait of a blue eyed, brown haired man wearing yellow scarf at neck and green shirt. Housed in its original painted white molded wood frame. SIZE: 14” x 10”. CONDITION: Some small chips to surface, otherwise good. 9-98376 (200-300)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) CASTLE WITH FISHERMAN. Oil on canvas scene shows large castle on waters edge with what appears to be a dam having a man in blue coat fishing. Pile of logs is on pebble beach area. Man is seen looking around corner of castle. Housed in a simple gilt wood frame. Bottom stretcher has written “M G Bailey”. SIZE: 22-3/4” x 17-1/2”. CONDITION: Needs cleaning. Good. 9-98375 (300-400)


ASHLEY F. BRYAN (American, 20th Century) SKIPPING ROPE. Watercolor sketch shows four people skipping rope. Signed bottom right “A. Bryan”. Housed in a silver gilt wood frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 7” x 9”. CONDITION: Some toning around edge, otherwise good. 9-98399 (100-200)


PETER WISE (American, 20th Century) SCULPTURED LAWN. Crayon on paper scene shows sculptured hedges on a green lawn in back of colonial building. Probably the Skowhegan Art School. Inscribed on back “Skowhegan Peter Wise 30 August 1976”. Housed in a chrome modern frame. SIGHT SIZE: 7-3/4” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Bend to paper. 9-98385 (100-200)


J STACHOWICZ (American, 20th Century) SUMMER TREES. Oil on masonite summer scene shows willow type trees behind a white flower garden. Signed lower right “J Stachowicz 73”. Housed in a chrome metal frame. SIZE: 10” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98369 (100-200)


ANDERS LEONARD ZORN (American, 1860-1920) DJOS MATE. Original etching signed proof, limited edition. Arthur Hahlo label affixed to back with title and information. Pencil signed lower right “Zorn”. Housed in a simple black wood frame with white matte. IMAGE SIZE: 7” x 4-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98404 (200-300)


THREE FRAMED PICTURES. 1) Pencil sketch of nude signed “S. Fox”. SIGHT SIZE: 6-1/2” x 11”. 2) Round watercolor sketch of baby in womb. Possibly signed on reverse on piece of paper which is hard to decipher. SIGHT SIZE: 7” dia. 3) Highlighted lithograph signed indistinctly and dated “44”. Image of a man with a hat with belt type strap. SIGHT SIZE: 7-3/4” x 5-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98426-1121 (100-200)


EMILIO A SERIO (20th Century) “NUDE STUDIES”. Watercolor on oiled surface shows man and woman nude studies. Signed lower right “Emilio A. Serio”. Back with title, also “Collection of Mrs. Helen W. Cummings”. SIZE: 14” x 11”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98360 (150-250)


SIGNED (American, 20th Century) NUDE STUDY. Signed in pencil bottom right “T. Bowlis?”, Housed in a walnut frame with dark brown matte. SIGHT SIZE: 8-1/4” x 10-1/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98405 (50-100)


UNSIGNED (American, 20th Century) TWO PEN SKETCHES. Identically housed in silver frames with olive mattes. Pen drawings of people in a room. Both are done on the backs of Skowhegan School letterhead paper. SIGHT SIZE: 6-3/4” x 10”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98426-1120 (50-100)


AFTER ALEX KATZ (American, 1927-) “SKOWHEGAN COSTUME BALL, 1969”. Framed poster signed in plate “Alex Katz 69”. Housed in a Lucite frame with wood stretcher. SIZE: 31” x 22”. 9-98426-1124 (50-100)


WILLIAM AUERBACH-LEVY (American, 1889-1964) MAN WITH CAPE AND HAT. Original dry point limited edition of 50 impressions. Scene shows a 3/4 length portrait of a man with beard and mustache wearing hat and cape. Pencil signed and dated “1913”. Original Arthur Harlow label to reverse. IMAGE SIZE: 8-3/4” x 5-1/4”. CONDITION: 9-98358 (50-100)


ISABEL BISHOP (American, 1902-1988) STANDING MAN. Etching on paper limited edition 10/100. Scene shows standing man with back to viewer. Pencil signed lower right. Housed in a silvered wood frame with tan matte. IMAGE SIZE: 4” x 3”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98363 (150-250)


WILLIAM THOMAS WILLIAMS (American, 1942) “UNTITLED 1970”. Serigraph on paper, limited edition 1/144. Initialed in pencil. Colorful kite shapes with curves. Housed in a lucite frame. Lee Gallery with name, title etc. SIZE: 23-1/4” x 17-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98400 (150-250)


THREE ENGRAVINGS. 1) Robert Andrew Parker (American, 1927-) “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner”. Limited Edition 37/125. Pencil signed. Silver wood frame with linen matte. Colored print. SIGHT SIZE: 13” x 10”. 2) Jeffrey S. Peters (American, 20th Century) Colored dry point, 3/9, Untitled. Shows stylistic figures in play. Housed in a gold wood frame with double matte. Pencil signed and numbered. IMAGE SIZE: 7-1/2” x 9”. 3) Francis Hodsdon (American, 20th Century) “Ballet Dancer”. Pencil signed and titled, also “A. P. IX”. Housed in a metal frame with sand matte. IMAGE SIZE: 7” x 4-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98394; 98395; 98387 (150-250)


THREE ENGRAVINGS (American, 20th Century). All housed in gold wood frames with mattes. 1) Signed Hoke. “107/200 LXXIII”. Image shows minotaur with candle in front of man with staff and other figures. IMAGE SIZE: 6-3/4” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 2) & 3) Signed J. Swine? Dry point etchings of figures including man kissing woman’s hand. Pencil signed artist proof “J. Swine?” and 15/100. IMAGE SIZE: 5” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98403; 9-98396; 98406 (75-125)


THREE FRAMED ENGRAVINGS. 1) Signed Jansen. Edition of 150, pencil signed and dated “70”. Scene shows man in landscape with spirit. IMAGE SIZE: 4-3/4” x 5-3/4”. 2) Signed landscape, “2/20”. Print has slipped in frame. SIGHT SIZE: 7-1/2” x 7-1/2”. 3) Signed indistinctly, titled “Head 1/50”. IMAGE SIZE: 9” x 7”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98426-1126 (100-200)


FOUR LITHOGRAPHS. 1) Framed lithograph signed “Katja Protassowsky 2/10 #3 F.G.”. SIZE: 29-1/2” x 21-1/2”. 2) Signed “Al Blaustein” titled “The Music Room Artist Proof”. Engraving shows ghost next to grand piano in music room. IMAGE SIZE: 14-3/4” x 17-3/4”. 3) Abstract signed illegibly. SIGHT SIZE: 17-3/4” x 21-3/4”. 4) Unsigned modern lithograph of man and tiger. SIGHT SIZE: 29” x 14”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98426-1125 (150-250)


(American, 20th Century) THREE FRAMED WORKS OF ART. 1) Sketch of horse and carriage signed indistinctly and “NYC 1985”. SIGHT SIZE: 10” x 8”. 2) Unsigned graphite flower drawing. SIGHT SIZE: 17-1/2” x 11-1/2”. 3) Graphite and watercolor scene shows two nude women next to train in train station. SIGHT SIZE: 17-3/4” x 23-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98426-1122 (150-250)


S. MULLIN (American, 20th Century)WOMAN ON BED. Plaster relief plaque shows woman in underwear seated on a bed in interior room view. Signed on back and dated “December 18, 1970”. SIZE: 12” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98425 (50-100)


UNSIGNED (20th Century) TWO PLASTER RELIEF PLAQUES. 1) Square partial gilt plaster plaque of art nouveau woman’s bust. Round image is self framed which is decorated with flowers. SIZE: 18” x 18”. CONDITION: Some light chipping. 2) Relief dome top plaque of young girl. Back marked with metal tag inset into plaster “P. P. Caproni & Bro. Boston, Caproni Casts”. SIZE: 16” x 12”. CONDITION: Repaired horizontal break across center. Chip at one end, otherwise good. 9-98380 (50-100)


(American, 20th Century) THREE WORKS OF ART. 1) Framed watercolor abstract signed “Carl ? 55”. SIGHT SIZE: 12” x 9”. 2) Unframed oil on masonite scene shows landscape. SIZE: 24” x 18”. 3) Unsigned drawing of woman seated in chair. SIZE: 23” x 17-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98426-1123 (50-100)


F.A. WHITE (American, 20th Century) “EMILY”. Unframed limited edition 30/75 print shows colorful leaves. Pencil signed, titled and dated “1-3-73”. SIZE: 30” x 24”. CONDITION: Some light foxing, good. 9-98401 (50-100)


SIGMUND ABELES (American, 1934-) “SELF PORTRAIT AS DAY DREAMER”. Polyester resin sculpture dated “1966”. Shows a man’s head held up by hand and arm a black painted resin. Mounted on a square mahogany slab. SIZE: 18” h sculpture. Base is 14” x 12-1/2”. 9-98424 (300-500)


SWING HANDLED ROUND BASKET. Carved wood handle, splint basket has round wood disc on bottom. SIZE: 11” h (without handle) x 17” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99133 (150-250)


TWO SMALL SWING HANDLED SPLINT BASKETS. Wood disc bottoms, nice carved wood handles. SIZE: 8” h (without handle) x 11” dia and 9” h (without handle) x 12-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Generally good, one crack in handle. 9-99167 (100-200)


SPREAD WING BRASS EAGLE POLE TOP. Mounted on a wood base. SIZE: 11” h x 11” w. CONDITION: Great patina. Very good. 9-98248 (75-125)


H. R. W. (American, 19th Century) THREE HUDSON RIVER SANDPAPER PAINTINGS. All three signed with initials “H.R.W”. Showing scenes of the Hudson River with mountains and sailboats. Different period frames, one as is. PROVENANCE: From a coastal Maine home. SIGHT SIZE: 8-1/4” x 11”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98750 (700-1,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) HUDSON RIVER SANDPAPER PICTURE. Scene shows large body of water with many boats lined by tall mountains. Grass foreground with bridge and figures on left. Possibly a scene looking from West Point. Housed in its original lemon gold molded wood frame. SIGHT SIZE: 20-1/2” x 29-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98383 (500-700)


RARE SIGNED REDWARE OVOID CROCK BY BENJAMIN DODGE, PORTLAND. Interior brown glaze, exterior with incised line at shoulder above which is a stamped signature. SIZE: 8-1/4” h x 7-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. One small chip to rim. 9-99246 (400-600)


RARE AND LARGE REDWARE BUTTER CHURN. Ovoid form with two side handles. Partial brown glaze. Incised decoration of star punch, swag and waves in eight horizontal rows. Unusual form with interesting decoration. Possibly Maine. PROVENANCE: Ex-Chris Huntington Collection. SIZE: 14-1/2” h x 6-1/2” dia. top. CONDITION: Chips, cracks and missing pieces. 9-99240 (400-800)


NICE 19TH CENTURY PAINTED TWO DOOR DRY SINK. Open top with hooded shelf over two paneled doors having original latch. Interior fitted with one shelf. In old mustard green color over an original blue. SIZE: 40-1/2” h x 43” total w x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Structurally very good. Some scrapes, shows use. 9-99354 (1,200-1,500)


FINE BRACE BACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR. Old crusty white paint which is 50% loss, nine spindle back with additional two supports. Shaped saddle seat with nice turned legs and H-stretcher. SIZE: 34-1/2” h x 17” seat h. CONDITION: Very old repair to top of hoop, paint loss. Otherwise good. 9-99712 (1,000-2,000)


HENRY A DUESSEL (American, 19th/20th Century) DEEP WOODS POND WITH ROWBOAT. Fascinating monochrome oil on board scene shows heavy wooded area with water. Sunlight shows through opening in woods and shines across center of water. The painting continues on the bottom of the 3” frame and up the right hand side. 2/3 of the boat, part of the sunlit pool and a tree is continued onto the frame. A most unusual folk art technique. Signed lower left “H A Duessel”. Housed in a flat dark oak molded edge frame. TOTAL SIZE: 19” x 33”. CONDITION: Surface varnish stain across top section. Otherwise very good. 9-98276 (1,000-2,000)


HENRY A DUESSEL (American, 19th/20th Century) COASTAL SCENE WITH SAILBOAT. Fascinating monochrome oil on board shows waves hitting large rock with seagulls above. A two-mast sailboat is seen on horizon under gray and white clouds. The painting continues on the bottom 3” frame with waves, seagull and signature and also goes up left hand side. A most unusual folk art technique. Signed lower left “H A Duessel”. Housed in a flat dark oak molded edge frame. TOTAL SIZE: 19” x 33”. CONDITION: Light scratch to left side, otherwise good. 9-98275 (1,000-2,000)


ROSEWOOD BANJO CLOCK BY E. HOWARD & CO., BOSTON. Reverse painted glass in colors of red, black and gold. Dial signed “E. Howard & Co., Boston”. Weight, pendulum and key are present. SIZE: 28-1/2” h x 12” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98166 (2,000-4,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO RUTH HENSHAW MILES BASCOM (American, 1772-1848) PAIR OF FOLK ART PORTRAITS. Crayon collage on paper silhouette portraits of a young man and woman. Both identically housed in gilt molded wood frames. Both have blue paper backgrounds. The man with a cutout profile having brown hair, black coat with tan collar. The woman wears a lace bonnet, black dress with lace collar. Both have “L. A. Bigelow, Inc. Boston” labels to reverse. SIZE: Cutout is 16-3/4” h and 17-1/2” h. SIGHT SIZE: 18-1/2” x 14-1/2”. CONDITION: The man is in very good condition. Woman has some stains and folds to paper. 9-99224 (2,000-5,000)


IRON ARROW WEATHERVANE FROM THE UNITED BAPTIST CHURCH OF ELLSWORTH, MAINE. The central rod topped by a ball and spike. Incorporated with the rod is an arrow with rectangular flag having a cross and diamond cutout. SIZE: 41” l x 48-1/2” t. Arrow is 7” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99422 (500-1,000)


OVERSIZE STONEWARE BLUE DECORATED PITCHER. Zigzag blue decoration on shoulder and neck. SIZE: 13-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99644 (1,000-1,500)


NICE BLUE DECORATED STONEWARE PITCHER. Probably Pennsylvania. Having a pinched spout, applied handle and incised “I” in circle on front. Vines of three-petal flowers in blue decorate front. SIZE: 10” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98548 (800-1,200)


FINE SEMI-ANTIQUE ROOM SIZE PERSIAN ORIENTAL RUG. Center rectangular field has four rows of five large framed double medallions. Thirteen borders encompass 27” of the outside area. The widest being 6” with a medium blue field and all over designs. PROVENANCE: A fine Maine Estate. SIZE: 13’ x 10’11”. CONDITION: Color variations in the dye caused by fading? Blues go to green, bright reds to pink. Generally good. 9-98613 (3,000-5,000)


COUNTRY PINE STEPBACK CUPBOARD IN OLD RED. Top section having three molded edge shelves, bottom section with two doors and two shelves behind. A nice primitive cupboard with good color. SIZE: 76-1/2” h x 43-1/2” w x 21” d CONDITION: Shows use but generally in good condition. 9-99586 (1,000-1,500)


FABULOUS COUNTRY DISH TOP CANDLESTAND IN ORIGINAL CRUSTY RED PAINT. Round dish top supported by a hand carved bevel cleat with urn shaped post and three curving snake legs. Consistent alligatoring to the finish. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, Maine. SIZE: 25-1/4” h x 15” dia. top. CONDITION: One leg has been broken out of shaft and repaired. One foot missing. A piece for someone looking for original painted finish. 9-99134 (1,000-2,000)


PRIOR-HAMBLIN SCHOOL (American, 19th Century) WOMAN WITH BLUE BOW. Oil on canvas laid on masonite shows half portrait of young woman with brown hair wearing gold earrings and gold bead necklace. Her black dress has a lace collar with a central blue ribbon and gold and black memorial pin. Housed in a period birdseye maple frame. SIZE: 14” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. Some inpainting. 9-99062 (2,000-3,000)


PRIOR-HAMBLIN SCHOOL (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Oil on thick paper mounted to board half portrait shows man with curly black hair wearing formal black suit with black bow tie. Housed in a period veneered frame. SIZE: 14-3/4” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99061 (2,000-3,000)


GIRANDOLE ROUND MIRROR WITH AMERICAN EAGLE. The spread-winged eagle crest has shield below with leaves continuing down side. The round ball decorated frame has convex round mirror. SIZE: 30” h x 25” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98536 (400-600)


TWO PART ROUND CHAIR TABLE IN RED PAINT WITH SCRUB TOP. Four board top has nice weathered surface. Base has lift top compartment with turned legs and turned arms. SIZE: Top is 49-1/2” dia. x 29” h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-97998 (2,000-4,000)


FINE SET OF FOUR RUSH SEAT WINDSOR SIDE CHAIRS. Yellow/mustard paint has stencil decoration in green and gold paint with leaf and flower decoration. Thumb back with three graduated horizontal splats. Double box stretcher and rush seats. SIZE: 33-3/4” h x 16” seat h. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some light wear. 9-99719 (1,000-1,500)




PAIR OF EARLY BRASS WHALE OIL LAMPS. Cone shaped fonts mounted with double burners, turned shaft and round base. SIZE: 8-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good, polished. 9-99602 (800-1,200)


PAIR OF RARE BELLFLOWER FLUID LAMPS. Bellflower decorated, ribbed font and petal form base. No burner but brass collar present. SIZE: 70-1/4”h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97693 (400-800)


PAIR OF NEW ENGLAND BLOWN MOLDED DECANTERS. Three ring type with quilted and ribbed design having matching stoppers. SIZE: 10-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99435 (600-900)


NICE SEMI-ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUG. Kashan or Kermin having beautiful pastel colors. The ivory field completely covered with colorful flowers in red, blue and tan. Broken border has decorative flower arrangements in corners and the borders with medallions in sea mist blue with flowers. PROVENANCE: From a fine Orono, Maine home. SIZE: 14’ x 8’4” w. CONDITION: Very good. Good consistent pile. 9-99235 (2,000-4,000)


UNSIGNED (American, Late 19th Century) LANDSCAPE WITH WATERFALL. Large oil on canvas scene shows cascading waterfall through large rocks and trees with mountain background. Large tree overhangs falls with two birds. Two gray squirrels are seen on foreground rocks. Probably a New York or New Hampshire scene. Well executed by a well trained artist. 20th Century white sticker which has been on the frame for a while, has the artist name “R. Swain Gifford”. Housed in a magnificent period multi-layered frame with nut decoration at corners (7” wide). PROVENANCE: From a Maine coastal home. SIZE: 30” x 40”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98748 (5,000-8,000)


HENRY AUGUSTUS FERGUSON (American, 1845-1911) LITTLE FALLS ON THE MOHAWK RIVER, NEW YORK. Fine detailed oil on canvas scene shows a stepped falls on a river, which is meeting a smaller river and flowering under arched bridge titled “Mohawk”. A number of buildings are seen lining the river and fisherman with long pole is seen on nearest bank. Red bushes and small squirrel are seen around rocks in the foreground. The river winds through low mountains under a sun setting sky. Signed lower right “Ferguson”. Housed in a Victorian black walnut frame with gold liner. SIZE: 14” x 23”. CONDITION: Relined on new stretcher with turnbuckle mechanism. Very good with minor inpainting. 9-98988 (8,000-10,000)


IMPORTANT AND RARE MAPLE SINGLE DRAWER WILLIAM AND MARY GATELEG DINING TABLE. Figured maple top, long drawer with wood knob, ring and vase turnings. Pine secondary wood, old finish. Probably Massachusetts or Connecticut. SIZE: 26-1/2” h x 15” (closed); 49” (open) x 42” d. CONDITION: Repair to crack in one leaf, old replaced hinges, addition of wafer type foot, some old repair. Otherwise very good. 9-95098 (3,000-5,000)


QUEEN ANNE MAPLE VASE BACK SIDE CHAIR. Carved crest with molded back stiles, rush seat and block and turned frontal legs. Nicely turned front stretcher. SIZE: 41” h x 17” seat h x 19” across front. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99447 (400-600)


FINE PAIR OF FEDERAL BRASS DOUBLE LEMON TOP ANDIRONS. Having turned and faceted shaft, raised on arch spurred legs ending in ball feet. Circa 1800. SIZE: 20-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99440 (1,000-1,500)


FEDERAL BRASS AND WIRE FIRE SURROUND WITH SWAG DECORATION. SIZE: 10” h x 53” l x 18” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99485 (1,000-1,500)


CARVED WOOD AND PAINTED EAGLE PLAQUE. The gold and silver spread winged eagle holds a striped shield with two opposing flags. SIZE: 9” h x 25-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98456 (1,000-1,500)


PETRUS CORNELIUS WEYTS (Belgian, 1799-1855) SHIP PORTRAIT OF THE “ONTARIO”. Outstanding reverse oil on glass portrait of the three-mast clipper ship “Ontario”. The ship sails from right to left in full sail. A small sailboat “Antwerpe No. 2” is off the bow. Antwerpe Harbor with many buildings is seen off stern. The ship hull is black and white with gold “Ontario” lettering. Nine people aboard with one having spy glass, the other at wheel. Large American flag with star is off stern and back mast. Middle mast has large red ship pennant and front mast has star on blue field. Black reverse painted border with gold trim with legend “Ontario of Newcastle, Maine. John Holmes. Comd. Leaving Antwerpe 1846”. “P. Weyts”. Housed in a beaded edge flat mahogany veneer frame. An example of his work on glass can be found at the Altonaer Museum in Hamburg, Germany and the Peabody Museum of Salem has four signed oil paintings. PROVENANCE: Watkins Estate, Darien, CT. SIGHT SIZE: 22” x 29-1/2”. CONDITION: There are some streaked areas of missing paint, which needs restoration. This is primarily in the sky. 9-96592 (500-1,000)


UNSIGNED (Chinese, 19th Century) BARQUE PORTRAIT “HENRY A. LITCHFIELD”. Oil on canvas shows black hulled three-mast sailing vessel sailing left to right in full sail. The back mast, supporting a large American flag. The name is seen on the stern and six people are seen on deck. It runs through blue and green ocean. Behind the bow is a steep hill with white buildings and two other ships. Housed in a lemon gold frame. SIZE: 22” x 30”. CONDITION: Relined, minor inpainting. Good. 9-99653 (3,000-5,000)


FINE SEMI-ANTIQUE ISFAHAN CARPET. Cream colored field has large urn of flowers with birds. Cyprus trees and other vines with birds and flowers in a rectangular field. Five borders, central being a medium blue with birds and flowers. SIZE: 6’5” x 4’2”. CONDITION: Fringe loss, otherwise very good. 9-99053 (2,000-3,000)


COLORFUL TABRIZ ORIENTAL ROOM SIZE RUG. Center ivory and blue round medallion surrounded by a red field with ivory corners. Large flower sprays at ends and sides. The wide blue border has alternating flowers in red, blue and green. Inner and outer border in brown with small flowers. Mid-20th Century. SIZE: 10’7” x 14’. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98641 (2,000-3,000)


OUTSTANDING LAMINATED SHIPBUILDER’S HALF HULL MODEL. Unidentified ship hull has thirteen laminations mounted on its original cherry backboard. Unpainted with contrasting light and dark wood. SIZE: Overall 90” l; 82” hull size; total height 17”; 15” hull height. CONDITION: Generally good. Piece missing from top of bow. 9-95483 (6,000-8,000)


ANTIQUE EBONY, BRASS AND IVORY SEXTANT BY THOMAS JONES, LIVERPOOL. Appears to be all intact with three round lenses and four square lenses, brass swing arm with ivory scale and ivory name plaque. SIZE: 10” h x 9-1/2” w. CONDITION: Some minor cracks and chips. Missing two small screws on back, old finish not polished. 9-99074 (500-800)


CHELSEA SHIP’S BELL BRASS CLOCK. Serial No. “603967”. Round brass case holding an 8” dial having two keyholes. SIZE: 10” dia. Unknown working order. Missing key. 9-98553 (800-1,200)


CHELSEA BRASS SHIP’S CLOCK. Housed in a mahogany stand. Dial marked “Shreve, Crump & Low Boston”. Serial Number “639467”. SIZE: Outside of dial is 7-1/4”. Inside is 5-1/4”. 9-1/2” H x 14” w. CONDITION: No key. Unknown working order. Very good. 9-99497 (800-1,200)


CHELSEA BRASS SHIP’S CLOCK. Brass case mounted against a mahogany wood stand. Dial marked “Chelsea Ship’s Bell”. Silvered dial has two keyholes. Serial No “225903”. Also, “49”. SIZE: Inside dial is 4-1/4”. Outside is 5-1/4”. 8” h x 8-1/2” w. CONDITION: No key. Unknown working order. Very good. 9-99498 (800-1,200)


OUTSTANDING LARGE FRAMED SHIP DIORAMA. 19th Century diorama shows steam and sail ship having four masts fitted with white painted wood sails. American flag flies off back sail. Two other flags fly off top mast. One is red and blue with central thistle decoration. Green wavy sea with painted background with blue and white clouds. Black and gold hull. Housed in a lemon gold molded wood frame. SIZE: 28-1/2” h x 50” w x 6” d. A fine early example. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99658 (3,000-5,000)


FABULOUS STATE OF MAINE CARVED AND PAINTED TRADE SIGN. Outstanding one sided wood sign has large three-mast black hull schooner “S. D. Carleton” flying American flag and pennant. It is shown on a wavy carved sea. A relief banner above “Maine Coast Wood Carving”. Bottom banner “Capt. F. Jaeger, Carver Rockport Maine Ships & Eagles etc.”. Little is known about the carver but the ship was built by Carleton, Norwood & Company at Rockport in 1890. She was a Down Easter of 240 feet long. The banners are white with red edges and black lettering. Stars are seen at top of sign and good detail is seen in the carved ship. Sign has a self molded frame and hanging hooks. As fine a trade sign with a nautical theme as you will find. SIZE: 23” x 36”. CONDITION: Generally very good. Discolored varnish layer. Very good. 9-98894 (2,000-4,000)


COLLECTION OF FIVE YACHTING JOURNALS “ISABELLE 1914”. Outstanding lot of five journal records of the voyages of the Isabelle along the New England and Maine coast. Each with different leather bindings. Each with watercolor pictures and decorative detailed stories including poetry and prose. Chapters are titled. One book, chapter titles “Camden” and “Homeward Bound”. The first book titled “The Log-Book of the Isabelle”, includes a photograph of the boat with two passengers, photos of the skipper, the mate, the Cabin Boy, the Count with photographs also of Deer Island, the Navy Yard, Newburyport and also a group picture including possibly the owner. York Beach, Cape Elizabeth, Thatcher’s Island. This log is from July 1912. Other books have similar type contents. A wonderful record and well done presentation of summer trips. SIZE: 7-1/2” x 6-1/2”. CONDITION: One binding has damage, generally very good. 9-98899 (1,000-3,000)


RARE FIVE PIECE WASH SET IN THE BOSTON MAILS PATTERN. Black and white transfer scenes show gentleman’s cabin and ladies cabin. Set consists of 13-1/4” dia. wash bowl (two under rim chips and crack); 12” pitcher (base chip); 6” h chamber pot (base crack); 9-1/2” cover (two small chips) and a 7-1/4” l toothbrush holder. Nice Staffordshire set in a most desirable pattern. CONDITION: As noted above. 9-99141 (800-1,200)


ANTONIO NICOLO GASPARO JACOBSEN (American, 1850-1921) SHIP PORTRAIT OF THE LAOMENE. Oil on canvas laid on board scene shows black and gray hulled three-mast ship sailing right to left in full sail. Nice light and dark colored ocean. Ten people on board. Name on front bow. Signed lower right “A. Jacobsen 1883” with address. Central mast flies red and white pennant. Identified in the Sniffen Checklist page 180 as “Ship, British, Built in 1880 in Liverpool by W.H Potter, Owner was H. Fernie. Home Port was Liverpool.” Possibly housed in its original frame which is a wide 6” gesso decorated gilt frame with name plaque. SIZE: 22” x 35-3/4”. CONDITION: Relined and mounted on board. Some restoration, inpainting mostly in sky. Very good. 9-97648 (20,000-30,000)


ANTONIO NICOLO GASPARO JACOBSEN (American, 1850-1921) PORTRAIT OF THE STEAMSHIP “LENAPE”. Oil on board scene shows black hulled single stack steamer steaming right to left. Two decks are fitted with lifeboats and railings with several people on each deck. American flag at stern. Front mast having ship flag and back mast with white and blue flag. Central black stack trails light black smoke. Seen under a blue and white cloud sky. Signed lower right “A. Jacobsen 1913”. Housed in a black stained oak frame with gold liner. SIZE: 19” x 34-1/2”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainting mostly to sky. 9-99280 (12,000-15,000)


ANTONIO NICOLO GASPARO JACOBSEN (American, 1850-1921) PORTRAIT OF THE SCREW STEAMSHIP “BRAZOS”. Oil on board scene shows black hulled two stack steamer steaming right to left. Three decks are fitted with railings and lifeboats and several people are seen on all levels. Flying American flag at stern. Front mast having ship flag and back mast with red, white and blue flag. All seen against a white cloud and blue sky. Signed lower right “A. Jacobsen 1913”. Housed in a black stained oak frame with gold liner. SIZE: 19” x 34-1/2”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainting mostly to sky. Slight warping to board. Very good. 9-99281 (11,000-13,000)


ANTONIO NICOLO GASPARO JACOBSEN (American, 1850-1921) SHIP PORTRAIT OF THE “HAMILTON”. Oil on board scene shows a black hulled single stack ship sailing right to left with two white decks flying American flag. A company pennant “O. D.” for Old Dominion Line. Choppy blue and green ocean under a blue sky. Housed in a birdseye maple ogee frame with gold liner. Signed bottom right “A. Jacobsen 1910”. SIZE: 16” x 28”. CONDITION: Scratch to upper right, some inpainting mostly in sky. 9-99651 (6,000-8,000)


OUTSTANDING JAPANNED TWO PART GLASS FRONT CABINET. 18th/19th Century. Top section having two large six paned doors surmounted by a tall crest having winged lions and deep carved scrolls. The arched dome crest has a Japanned Oriental scene of buildings and figures in watery landscape and a deep shell carved top. Three side window panes complete with top section. The bottom section fitted with side by side single drawers have similar Japanned decoration over a deep carved and gilt shell and floral decorated skirt supported by four ball and claw foot cabriole legs. A fine early piece with great detail and decorative appeal. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate, Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 91-1/2” h x 55” at widest x 15” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some decoration has chips. 9-98315 (5,500-7,500)


FINE CAUCASIAN KILIM ORIENTAL CARPET. Circa 1890. Flat weave with center field having twelve blocks with geometric patterns. White border with alternating colored design. SIZE: 9’11” x 5’11”. CONDITION: A very colorful carpet, very good. 9-99597 (2,500-3,500)


ANTIQUE PERSIAN CARPET. Finely knotted with double center medallion surrounded by a deep blue field with all over flower pattern. Wide cobalt border surrounded by six other borders decorated with flowers. SIZE: 13’ x 10’. CONDITION: All over wear, stain on one end, loss to fringe. 9-98999 (2,000-3,000)


SUMAC BAG FACE ORIENTAL RUG. Circa 1900. Geometric tree like shapes with two center medallions on a dark field. Four colorful borders and decorative ends. SIZE: 24” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99596 (2,000-2,500)


FINE PAIR OF EARLY 18TH/19TH CENTURY SIGNED PRICKET CLOISONNÉ CANDLESTICKS. Bell shaped base has four character signature supporting a large drip pan with round tapered shaft to a small cup with pricket stick. Bright colorful flowers on a medium blue ground. SIZE: 13-1/4” h x 6” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98522 (2,000-4,000)


RARE AND EARLY CLOISONNÉ TWO PART INCENSE BURNER. The top section with four holes and ball type finial having one of the holes. The bottom section with open interior having a bell shaped base which is signed with four Chinese characters. Probably 18th century, definitely a fine early example. SIZE: 10” h x 5” w CONDITION: Very good. 9-98523 (1,000-2,000)


CLOISONNÉ SHAPED FOOTED BOWL WITH ANIMALS. Petal shaped rim and small footed bowl has inside and outside decoration of Foo Dogs and animals on a medium blue ground. Other colors include green, rust, white and yellow. Signature to base. SIZE: 5” h x 10” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98057 (400-600)


FINE REVERSE PAINTED ORIENTAL PAINTING. Scene shows Oriental buildings with three women playing board game and young child offering apple to woman. Very colorful and well executed. Housed in a fine carved and stained oriental style frame. SIGHT SIZE: 43” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99341 (500-1,000)


FINE ANTIQUE ROSE MEDALLION GARDEN SEAT. Panel decoration with birds, flowers, people and buildings. Gold knobs decorated outside. SIZE: 19” h x 13” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98700 (2,000-3,000)


LARGE ROSE MEDALLION PUNCH BOWL. Circa 1850. Paneled scenes of people, flower and pink roses both inside and out. SIZE: 6-1/4” h x 15-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Some wear to bottom of inside, otherwise very good. 9-99600 (1,750-2,250)


SET OF TWELVE ROSE MEDALLION SHALLOW BOWLS. Standard decoration with figures and flowers. SIZE: 9-3/4” dia. x 1-3/4” h. CONDITION: Four have rim chips, others are free of chips and cracks. 9-99098 (1,000-1,400)


FINE CHINESE EXPORT ROSE MEDALLION PANELED WELL AND TREE PLATTER. Mid 19th Century. Platter raised on feet in nice oval form. SIZE: 16-3/4” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. Some minor gold wear. 9-99480 (1,000-1,500)


LARGE ROSE MEDALLION VASE WITH APPLIED DECORATION. Foo Dog and ball handles at sides of neck. Four gecko’s at shoulders. Bulbous shape on a footed base having panels decorated with figures. SIZE: 18” h. Some gold rub and stains in interior of top. 9-99631 (800-1,200)


WILLIAM EDWARD WEBB (British, 1862-1903) ROUGH SEAS. Oil on canvas scene shows several fishing boats in rough seas. Signed lower left “W. E. Webb”. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt replacement frame. SIZE: 20” x 30”. CONDITION: Inpainting, one small patch. Otherwise good. 9-98470 (6,000-10,000)


UNSIGNED (19th/20th Century) TWO SHIPS IN GALE. Oil on canvas marine scene shows two single mast steamers with black hulls going through rough seas with lighthouse on hill beyond. Housed in a fine gilt molded wood replacement frame with gilt liner. SIZE: 20” x 30”. CONDITION: Relined, restored. Inpainted. 9-99283 (3,000-5,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO MICHELE FUNNO (Italian, 1830-1880) HERMAPHRODITE BRIG “ALFRATA”. Fine gouache on paper ship portrait of a black hulled two-mast ship sailing left to right in full sail. She flies an American flag and a ship pennant. Nine people are seen on deck. Calm blue water with spewing volcano in background. Housed in a textured gilt molded wood frame. Vose Galleries label on reverse. PROVENANCE: Vose Galleries, a Rhode Island Collection by descent to the present owner. SIZE: 16” x 23-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99594 (1,500-2,500)


GEORGE III MAHOGANY TWO PEDESTAL DINING TABLE. Last quarter of the 18th Century. Table consists of two 24” D-shaped ends supported by an urn pedestal with three outstretching legs ending in brass cup caster feet. Three leaves (22-1/2”; 18-1/2” and 18-1/2”). Two supporting long cleats stabilize underneath which are removable. PROVENANCE: Woolworth Collection, Monmouth, Maine (F. W. Woolworth Dept. Store family) SIZE: 28” h x 50” w x 107-1/2” l (open). CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99203 (5,000-10,000)


FINE SET OF EIGHT SHERATON MAHOGANY DINING CHAIRS. Set consists of two scroll arm armchairs and six side chairs. Each chair has carved crest, carved horizontal splat and tapered, reeded and turned legs. Straight seat rail and newly leather stud decorated seats in burgundy. SIZE: 35” h x 18-1/2” seat h x 19-1/2” across rail. CONDITION: French polish finish, very minor imperfections. Very good. 9-98811 (8,000-12,000)


GEORGE III MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD. Straight front with inset bowed sides fitted with one long drawer and two small drawers with bowed fronts. Large central drawer with arched, recess; flanked by bowed doors. Raised on four tapered square legs ending in spade feet. Decorative ring brass hardware and nice figured mahogany. PROVENANCE: Woolworth Collection, Monmouth, Maine. (FW Woolworth Dept. Store family). SIZE: 36-1/2” h x 66” w top size x 26-3/4” d. Case is 64”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99201 (5,000-10,000)


OUTSTANDING AND LARGE EUROPEAN NEEDLEWORK TAPESTRY. 19th C, probably French. Depicting a rich cluster of summer flowers in a vase surrounded by grapes, plums and apples on a yellow ground, also worked with butterflies and a bird within a primary floral border and a pale stylized foliate outer border. Housed in a gilt wood frame. PROVENANCE: Woolworth Collection, Monmouth, Maine (F. W. Woolworth Dept. Store family) SIZE: 7’6” x 6’7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99595 (8,000-12,000)


INLAID MAHOGANY AND OAK ENGLISH TALL CLOCK. Mahogany veneered front having two quartered oak panels, inset quarter half columns, quarter oak sawn sides, cutout bracket base. Hood has open scroll top with carved central leaf fan. Carved full columns with ring and trumpet type turnings. Nicely decorated dial. Dial missing parts of the clockmaker’s name, some is legible. Possibly “Baston”. Brass works with bell strike. Pendulum and key are present, weights are not. SIZE: 88” h x 22-3/4” at widest. CONDITION: Unknown working order. Works need cleaning. Generally very good, 2” band inlay missing on front and other veneer damage. Some splits in sides. 9-98151 (2,000-3,000)


FREDERICK DEBOURG RICHARDS (American, 1822-1903) THE TROUT FISHERMAN. Oil on canvas scene shows a well equipped fisherman with large trout at end of fly line. He is in knee deep water in a pool formed by a small waterfall. He wears waders, fishing vest, creel and hat with flies atop. A large tree is at angle on eroded bank with boulders. Woods are in background with light blue and white sky. Signed lower left “F. Deb. Richards”. Housed in its original gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 26” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Relined with restoration and inpainting. Some chipping around signature which has remained unrestored. 9-99690 (3,000-5,000)


_? _? WARD (British/American?, 19th Century) STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT AND BIRDS NEST. Outstanding oil on wood panel still life scene shows green and purple grapes, apple, peaches and birds nest with eggs on a wood slab table. Signed center bottom right “Ward 1845”? with two initials preceding name which are illegible. Housed in an outstanding gesso decorated frame with white matte and inner gold bead liner. SIZE: 11” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97354 (5,000-7,000)


L. HI__Y? (Late 19th Century) BASKET OF ROSES. Large oil on canvas still life scene shows basket of ten pink roses with green leaves. Signed lower right indistinctly. Housed in a magnificent gesso decorated multi-tier frame with inner gold liner and glass window. Frame has label from Max Williams 397 Fifth Ave, New York. SIZE: 18” x 28”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98488 (2,000-4,000)


OUTSTANDING AND COMPLETE ROSEWOOD SILVER AND GLASS FITTED LADIES TRAVELING BOX. Finely figured rosewood box has brass bound corners and top carved mother of pearl medallion of a girl which is encircled in a gold ring. The lift lid opens to reveal a fitted interior having eleven silver topped bottles, boxes and jars. A mother of pearl manicure set in lift out small tray. A larger tray lifts out with compartment below. Under lid is a spring loaded top which opens to reveal mirrored surface and letter folder. Signed “T. Forgie 95 Buchanan St. Glasglow, Jeweler, Case Maker and Cutler”. Fitted with a secret drawer, with lift lid fitted for jewelry. As fine a piece as we have come across. The silver pieces with English hallmarks dating London, 1860. Each piece with engraved design and unicorn engraving. SIZE: 8” h x 12-3/4” w x 9-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. Diagonal tight crack to top. 9-99068 (2,000-3,000)


IMPORTANT AND RARE AMERICAN FANCY THREE DOME WOOD AND WIRE BIRDCAGE. Architectural form having a rectangular structure with central raised square and large dome with urn carved finial flanked by two smaller domes with finials. The side corner supports are delicately turned round spindles ending in acorn type finials. Fine wire work, which shows evidence of gilding, has decoration including swag top, cross hatched and lunette type with spring mounted small doors. Interior has hanging perch drops. Circa 1800-1810, original finish. Found in the Virginia area. Three slide out trays. NOTE: Wood analysis indicates American walnut. CONDITION: In remarkable condition. SIZE: 43” h x 36” w x 16” d. CONDITION: Three trays and two fronts are replacements. Otherwise very good. 9-98578 (6,000-10,000)


PAIR OF BILSTON ENAMEL CANDLESTICKS. Pair of 18th Century Bilston enamel candlesticks. The separate flower petal shaped bobeches fits into cylinder candle cup. The turned shaft with inverted petal shaped dome decorated with sprays of flowers. SIZE: 11” h. CONDITION: Some repairs to shaft, cracking. Generally intact. 9-99550 (700-900)


FINE PAIR OF 18TH CENTURY LOUIS XV-STYLE GILT BRONZE CHENET. Foliate decorated scroll formed chenet in wonder design. SIZE: 23” h x 17-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99029 (3,000-4,000)


PAIR OF BRASS AND GLASS HURRICANE LAMPS. Lamps are made out of 17th/18th Century brass pricket candlesticks having ball turned shaft and domed type base. European in origin. A brass fitting has been set in the dish top to receive the cut glass 10-1/2” hurricane clear glass shade. SIZE: 18-1/2” total h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98743 (500-1,000)


INTERESTING LARGE DECORATED POTTERY PLATTER. Central scene shows church with connected buildings in landscape with trees and grass. The border with stenciled blue flowering branch repeated. Unmarked. Possibly French. SIZE: 26” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99069 (600-900)


FINE EUROPEAN FAIENCE CHARGER. The central scene of a woman with basket at hip next to cattle and sheep in landscape. The outside with swags of flowers. The back marked with a purple wreath with crown, “LILLE 1767”. SIZE: 18-1/2” diameter. CONDITION: Generally very good, thumbnail size chip off back and two other smalls off bottom side of rim. 9-98771 (600-800)


UNSIGNED (Dutch/Flemish, 17th/18th Century) OLD MASTER STILL LIFE. Oil on heavy wood panel still life scene shows multi-color flowers and green leaves. A vase barely can be seen, decorated with birds. Nice rich colors. Housed in a ripple molded antique frame. Note from purchaser indicating that it was bought in New York City many years ago. The wood panel has two splines and panel has been horizontally cracked in two places. PROVENANCE: Ex-Frank Dingley Collection. SIZE: 20-1/4” x 26-1/4”. CONDITION: Good. Cracks are apparent on front, restored. In need of modern cleaning and restoration. 9-99241 (2,000-4,000)


UNSIGNED (Dutch, 17th/18th Century) FLORAL STILL LIFE. Very early oil on canvas still life scene shows colorful flowers in a decorative bronze urn. The urn sits atop pedestal, which has butterfly and salamander beside. Housed in a fine carved gilt and ebonized frame. SIZE: 26” x 22”. CONDITION: Relined on new stretcher, restored inpainting. 9-99043 (2,000-3,000)


17TH CENTURY OAK CARVED GREAT TABLE. Refectory type with boldly carved block and turned legs supported by a box stretcher. The skirt carved with leaf carved lunettes with full scrolled returns at legs. Multi-board top is a 19th Century replacement. SIZE: 30-1/2” h x 78” w x 31-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. One return missing, some repair. 9-96521 (6,000-10,000)


MINIATURE MARQUETRY MAHOGANY DUTCH BOMBE CABINET. Made in one piece with top section having two glass doors with two shaped shelves behind. Light blue interior. Central carved floral crest. Side windows with rounded top. Bottom section in Bombe form with three drawers. All over marquetry inlay with multi-color designs of flower vines, swags and flowers. Old label on reverse from J Van Minden Importer, Chicago. SIZE: 45” h x 29” w x 11” d. CONDITION: Very good. One crack in side glass. 9-98094 (3,000-5,000)


FINE MARQUETRY INLAID MINIATURE BOMBE DUTCH SLANT FRONT DESK. Top lid, sides and front inlaid with flowers, urns of flowers and trailing vines. Three drawers with slant lid which opens to reveal a wonderful interior including five drawers and two pigeon holes. Lid and interior also inlaid with flowers. Canted corners having scroll legs and feet. SIZE: 17” h x 20” w x 13” d. CONDITION: Generally good. Some old repairs. 9-99066 (2,000-3,000)


FRENCH MARQUETRY INLAID TABLE CABINET. Circa 1700. Spice chest square form with hinged door having strap hinges and lock plate. Cross-banded top above a door inlaid with vine work which opens to an arrangement of small drawers fitted with brass pulls. Three over two over one drawer configuration. All on small bun feet. SIZE: 14-1/3” h x 16-1/3” w x 8-1/3” d. CONDITION: Some repair. Horizontal crack in inlaid panel, otherwise very good. 12-270 (1,500-3,500)


UNSIGNED (European, 15th/16th Century) BOOK ILLUMINATED PAGE. Watercolor and gold leaf rectangular page has four vignettes with words having gold decoration. Very well done with nice detail and color. Housed in a gold 19th Century frame with inner burgundy velvet and chip carved liner. SIZE: 7” x 5”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97364 (4,500-6,500)


LARGE MAHAL PERSIAN ROOM SIZE CARPET. Wonderful colors of blue, ivory and red in a desirable all over floral pattern. From a West Coast collection. SIZE: 16’10” x 10’7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99748 (1,000-3,000)


ANTIQUE SAROUK ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Circa 1910. Standard design with central red field and flower design. SIZE: 61” x 43”. CONDITION: Loss to end fringe, otherwise very good. 9-99598 (1,000-1,500)


FABULOUS LARGE JAPANESE BRONZE INCENSE BURNER. Three sections; bottom section is the stand with round base having pierced border. Top decorated with leaves. It supports a holder on three tree-formed legs with many leaves. The middle section with tree branch handles with many leaves, one side showing a mother with nursing child. The other side with deer in landscape with what appears to be a volcano. The top section fitted with a warrior standing over mythological kneeling creature on mountaintop. The warrior has sword at side and held something in one hand which is missing. An outstanding example of bronze work. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, Maine. SIZE: 28-1/2” h x 9-1/2” at widest. CONDITION: 9-99087 (2,000-3,000)


ORIENTAL BRONZE VASE ON STAND. Bronze vase in cylinder form has raised decoration of exotic birds and trees in landscape on one panel. The other panel has large peacock on branch with waterfall in landscape. Sits on an antique carved teak base. Probably Japanese. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, Maine. SIZE: 11-1/2” h x 7-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99153 (500-1,000)


GOOD ANTIQUE ORIENTAL BRONZE WITH DRAGONS. Wide flaring rim on a footed vase shape decorated with five applied dragons. Unsigned. SIZE: 11-1/2” h x 8” w. CONDITION: 9-99026 (300-500)


ORIENTAL EXPORT LACQUERWARE LIFT TOP SEWING STAND. Hinged lid opens to reveal compartmentalized interior having two side covered compartments, a central lift out tray with compartment below. The tray is fitted with a number of sections, some of which have covers and inner trays for spools, etc. Interior includes a number of carved ivory pieces. Outside and inside of lid has Oriental Japanned decoration. Slide out bag drawer has old, possibly original, silk bag which is as is. Two lyre form side supports on a trestle type base with carved gilt paw form feet. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate, Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 27-1/2” h x 25” w x 16-1/4” d. CONDITION: There are chips and cracks to lacquer veneer and decorations. In need of some restoration. Structurally sound. 9-98352 (800-1,200)


UNSIGNED (Japanese, 18th/19th? Century) SET OF FOUR INTERIOR SCENES. Identically housed in gilt wood frames. Each picture has a horizontal scene which shows people on a green floor inside a screened and open windowed room. One shows a carriage outside, two show three women outside and one shows four people inside around stove. The borders have a gold leaf design. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/2” x 19-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. Some creases where pieces may have been rolled. 9-99676 (1,250-1,750)


HIROSHIGE (Japanese, 19th Century) THREE JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINTS. Identically housed in black molded wood frames showing palaces and a precession of men. All are signed with Japanese writing and appear to be an early edition. SIGHT SIZE: 9-3/4” x 14-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. Some minor loss to margins. 998249 (400-800)


HIROSHIGE (Japanese, 19th Century) PAIR OF WOODBLOCK PRINTS. Identically framed colored woodblock prints. One shows winter scene at an oriental palace with water and people. Other shows Mt. Fuji with landscape and water in foreground. Both are signed in oriental characters. Housed in bamboo style frames with white mattes. SIGHT SIZES: Approximately 8” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98250 (200-400)


FINE CANTON SQUARE CUT CORNER BOWL. Deep blue color with inside and outside decoration. SIZE: 4-1/2” h x 9” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99489 (1,000-1,500)


LARGE BLUE AND WHITE CANTON PLATTER. Cut corner with rich, deep blue coloring. Standard scene. SIZE: 18-3/4” x 16”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99504 (1,000-1,500)


FINE CANTON RECTANGULAR FOOD WARMING SERVING DISH. Having matched cover with nut like finial. Cut corner design with both inside and outside decoration. SIZE: 15” l x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99428 (1,000-1,500)


DEEP BLUE AND WHITE CANTON WELL AND TREE PLATTER. Cut corner rectangular form. SIZE: 17” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. One foot has repair/replacement. 9-99427 (1,000-1,500)


GOOD SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN CARPET. The rectangular deep blue field covered with all over decoration surrounded with five borders. The central wide border having a rust field with alternating flower pattern. Fine colors in a desirable size. SIZE: 9’11” x 7’3”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98706 (1,000-1,500)


FINE FEDERAL MAHOGANY TWO PART BUTLER’S SECRETARY. Top section having two diamond pane glass doors, large molded cornice, adjustable wood shelves. Bottom section having large top butler’s drawer with three drawers and eight cubby holes. Red leather writing surface. Overhanging a configuration of two central doors with drawer above flanked by a bottle drawer and smaller drawer above. Half side columns supported by two large carved claw feet. SIZE: 86” h x 23” d x 48-1/2” at widest. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99018 (2,500-3,500)


FINE MAHOGANY CHIPPENDALE MIRROR WITH PHOENIX BIRD. Large round cutout at top with gilt spread wing bird. Rectangular mirror having a scroll cut intricate frame with inner gilt border. REFERENCE: For similar mirror see Fine Points of Furniture, Volume 1, page 206. SIZE: 39” h x 21-1/4” w. CONDITION: Some minor old repairs, very good. 9-99311 (2,500-3,500)


18TH C NEW ENGLAND CHERRY AND PINE SPOON RACK AND WALL BOX. The slant lid wall box has a backboard fitted with two spoon racks that holds a total of twelve spoons. The rack has eight pewter spoons and one other spoon. Shaped cut out top and hanging hole. SIZE: 25” h x 12” w x 6” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99313 (1,500-2,500)


OUTSTANDING GRAIN PAINTED TREENWARE COVERED SUGAR BOWL. Decorated in mustard and brown paint with large leaf type and dot decoration The turned bulging side bowl has foot and rim. The top with similar design having a small turned wide finial and rim which fits into base. SIZE: 7-1/2” h x 7-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99729 (1,000-2,000)


EARLY SCHOOLGIRL THEOREM DEPICTING CASTLES OF THE HUDSON. Watercolor on velvet scene shows castle atop cliff lined with trees overlooking water. A large arched bridge is seen in foreground with man, woman and dog, horse and riders along bridge. Three boats are seen under bridge. Theorems of this type are often attributed “to the Deerfield School in Mass”. Housed in an early lemon gold molded wood frame. SIGHT SIZE: 19-1/2” x 26”. CONDITION: Generally good. One break in sky and toning to stretcher edge. 9-99321 (3,000-4,000)


OUTSTANDING AND RARE SET OF SIX HITCHCOCK STYLE SHERATON SIDE CHAIRS WITH PAINTED SCENES ATTRIBUTED TO SAMUEL BARTOLL OF SALEM, MASS. Chairs have rush seats, black and red grain painting with gold stencil highlights. Ring turned legs and front stretcher. Each chair with a different painted 5” horizontal backsplat. 1) shows castle overlooking ocean with ships, people fishing from shore with New England Colonial house. 2) Ships with lighthouse, islands and shoreline with trees and house. 3) Scene with brick church, Colonial houses surrounded by picket fences, large tree and man walking down dirt road. 4) Coastline scene with castle, ship in distress and lighthouse. 5) Large tall ship in sail flying American flags with four other ships and land. 6) Colonial homestead, man in rowboat, ship, fort with land. REFERENCE: See page 169 in American Painted Furniture by Fales. SIZE: 35” h x 18” seat h x 17” w. CONDITION: Some scrapes to painted area, otherwise very good. 9-98283 (7,000-9,000)


18TH CENTURY SAWBUCK FORM DINING TABLE. Two board top has breadboard ends and bottom cleats. Separate base has cross ends with shaped under top supports. Very old, possibly original finish. A wonderful primitive antique table in a desirable form and size. SIZE: Approximately 29” h x 33” w x 83” l. CONDITION: There is a crack to one leg support and some rot to bottom of feet. Otherwise very good. 9-99716 (4,000-6,000)


OUTSTANDING AND RARE PAINTED HOODED STEPBACK CUPBOARD. 18th Century. One piece cupboard has an angled hood topped by a 7” complex cornice molding. Carved frontal board has cutout with stylized faces. Sides extend down with a carved front element. Two shaped doors with raised panels having angular wide reeding. Above the doors is a conforming molding, which protrudes up to the top of the angled hood. Behind the doors are two shelves. The top of which is curved and fitted with spoon slots. The stepback area has a curved cutout. Bottom section has a front raised panel door with vertical wide reeding having one shelf behind. Flanked at an angle are two raised vertical panels with similar reeding. A bottom contoured molding has been applied for the base. The right side has a grain painting of brown and mustard. The rest has an old overcoat of an orange/brown, which has been on for a very, very long time. Original hardware throughout with key. Pegged construction and also early rose head nails. The cupboard was found in the Portland, Maine area and has attributes of many potential origins including Canada, Pennsylvania, France and Europe. SIZE: 90-1/2” h x 58-1/2” across shelf 66” across top of cornice s 23” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99540 (500-1,000)


UNSIGNED (First half of the 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG BOY WITH FANCY HAT AND HOOP. Oil on canvas portrait shows a well dressed young boy in white pants, lace collared shirt and fancy shoes. His light brown hair is parted in the middle and his hand is holding a large wood hoop. He sits with one leg crossed under the other and holds a fancy hat. Naturalistic background in brown, greens and yellows. Housed in a gilt wood antique liner. This portrait is a Colgate Family member thought to be Robert Colgate. PROVENANCE: Colgate Family of Colgate/Palmolive Co. and Colgate University. SIZE: 36” x 29”. CONDITION: Relined. Very good. Needs re-varnishing. 9-99637 (2,500-4,000)


UNSIGNED (First half of the 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL. Oil on canvas portrait shows a young girl in blue fancy dress with white pantaloons. She is seated on a large red sofa with red curtain and landscape background. She holds in her lap a basket of flowers. Beautifully done in wonderful colors. Housed in a gilt frame liner. This portrait is an unidentified Colgate Family member. PROVENANCE: Colgate Family of Colgate/Palmolive Co. and Colgate University. SIZE: 36” x 29”. CONDITION: Wax relining, some spot inpainting. Generally very good. 9-99638 (2,500-4,000)


OUTSTANDING HOOKED AND SHURRED ROUND RUG. Circa 1840-1860. Found in DownEast Maine. Backed on hemp and linen. The rug with a center circle having four red oak leaves with dark and light blue background. This circle is surrounded by a shaped lobed circle with greenish background having flowers. The round edge with similar flowers. An outstanding folk art hooked rug of a very early date. SIZE: 42” dia. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some minor wear on edges. 9-99228 (4,000-6,000)


OUTSTANDING 19TH CENTURY HOOKED RUNNER. Very rare form in an antique hooked rug. Hooked with cotton, wool and hemp. Circa 1880’s. The central rectangular field in a mottled black/green/gray has three opposing lyre forms formed with S-scrolls in red, yellow and green. Separated by two thistle branches having three red thistles and green leaves. The border with opposing triangles alternating in different colors. Found in Downeast Maine. SIZE: 105” l x 18” w. CONDITION: Very good. This rug was found in two pieces, which had binding. The binding was removed and the original ends were sewn together. We believe there was no loss to the ends that met and actually, because it was hidden by the border, the original colors show brighter. A most interesting folk art rug. 9-99229 (9,000-12,000)


TWO MAINE SAMPLERS WITH SILHOUETTES AND DAGS OF THE PORTER FAMILY. Lot comprises of: 1) Framed needlework schoolgirl sampler signed “Mary Porter Caroline Brown”. Alpha numeric lines including the location “Blue Hill”. Flower vine border encompassing a circle with “Aged 12 years”. SIZE: 12-1/2” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 2) Hollow cut silhouette of Mary Porter. Housed in a black molded wood frame. SIGHT SIZE: 3-1/4” x 2-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 3) Schoolgirl sampler signed “Lucia Ann Porter of Sedgwick Bay, Maine Born May 16th AD 1827 Aged 17 Years 3 Months”. Alpha rows with house that has faded. SIZE: 10-1/4” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Faded. 4) Hollow cut silhouette of Lucia Ann Porter. Housed in a black molded wood frame. SIZE: 3-1/4” x 2-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 5) Double silhouette of man and woman with eglomise glass with oval windows. On back written “Rufus King Porter” and “Sarah Porter”. IMAGE SIZE: 3-1/4” x 6-1/4”. CONDITION: Good. 6) 1/6 plate daguerreotype of Lucia Ann Porter who is one of the girls that did one of the samplers. She holds in her lap the next described daguerreotype of presumably her mother. 7) 1/6 plate daguerreotype, an unidentified but probably Lucia’s mother. CONDITION: Very good. A wonderful opportunity for a documented family sampler, silhouette and photograph lot. 9-99754 (500-1,000)


FRAMED NEEDLEWORK FROM HALLOWELL, MAINE 1820. Square sampler has alpha-numeric lines and five-line verse. Last two lines state “Wrought by Hannah E. Lakeman Age 13 Hallowell 1820”. Housed in a black molded wood frame. Research indicates that there were Lakeman’s in the Hallowell and Portland area. SIGHT SIZE: 17” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Some fading, fair to good. 9-98186 (500-1,000)


FINE ROSEWOOD FITTED INLAID LAP DESK WITH HALLOWELL, MAINE PROVENANCE. The box has intricate and decorative inlay to top. Inlays include what appear to be tortoise shell and mother of pearl decorated with gold designs. Brass bound edges, front with inlays around keyhole. Side mounted with recessed brass handles. Hinged lid folds over with writing surface that is hinged and opens to reveal a fine fitted interior having two silver topped crystal inkwells, pen tray and stamp slots. The main section fitted with space for four crystal jars and two crystal bottles, each having silver tops. There are two jars and one bottle present. Also two silver lids. Silver appears to be silver plate. Center section has felt holder which has ivory pen, seal, nail file, corkscrew and other pieces. It lifts out and reveals an area that contains two boxed brushes, a box for a comb which is not present and three tin containers. An early document accompanies box attaching the goods of the Estate of David Cobb from Hallowell. Dated 1788. Inside top lock has been taken out due to missing key but lock is present. SIZE: 6-1/4” h x 17-1/4” w x 10-3/4” d. CONDITION: Inlay has cracked with some damage, cracks to lid. Some other minor imperfections but generally very good. 9-99076 (500-1,000)


NEEDLEPOINT BAKER FAMILY REGISTER BY CHARLOTTE BAKER, FRANKLIN, MASS 1822. Sampler has arched column border with top arch “Family Register”. Ten lines indicating name and birth. Bottom area has grass covered landscape with willow tree over memorial stone and vine encircling “Wrought by Charlotte Baker, Franklin 1822”. Research has indicated that this is the family of Captain David Baker of Franklin, Mass. Housed in a wonderful period carved wood frame with corner blocks having brass rosette. SIGHT SIZE: 19” x 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. One stain to upper left corner. 9-99812 (1,000-1,500)


RARE STEP BACK CUPBOARD IN ORIGINAL BLUE PAINT WITH BLACK SPONGING. Cupboard has been scraped down to its original paint. One-piece construction with four shelf top and two doors below. Top and bottom board missing. This cupboard was originally found with two doors and molding which has been added. They have been taken off. Found on the coast of Maine, probably where it originated. An outstanding example of paint decoration. SIZE: 73-1/2” h x 45-3/4” w. CONDITION: As stated above, very good. 9-99369 (6,000-8,000)


STATE OF MAINE TAPERED LEG ONE DRAWER STAND IN ORIGINAL RED PAINT. Dovetailed drawer never fitted with knob, tapered square legs in nice red paint. SIZE: 29” h x 16-1/2” w x 18” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99647 (1,200-1,500)


FABULOUS AND RARE DOUBLE SEAT WINDSOR CHAIR ROCKING SETTEE. Thirteen spindle back, scrolled arms and twin cutout chair seat supported by two full sets of splayed legs. Centers joined on a common rocker. The outside legs attach to rockers. The piece is in an old red but not original. An unusual and possibly unique form. SIZE: 36” h x 35” w x 17-1/2” chair h. CONDITION: Some old repairs but generally very good. 9-99761 (3,000-4,000)


18TH BOWBACK BRACEBACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR. Probably New York having seven spindles with two additional brace back spindles. Nice carved saddle seat and well spalyed turned legs. SIZE: 35” h x 16-1/2” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99319 (1,000-2,000)


18TH CENTURY NEW ENGLAND WEAVERS CHAIR. Possibly Connecticut having three horizontal slats, nice turned ball type finials. Nice turned front legs with double box stretcher. Old, if not original, splint seat. SIZE: 38-1/4” h x 19-1/2” seat h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99320 (2,000-3,000)


FINE WRITING ARM HITCHCOCK WINDSOR. Painted black with mustard stenciling, pillow back crest with half spindle back. Scrolled left arm and large writing surface for other arm. Wide plank seat. Splayed bamboo style legs with box stretcher. SIZE: 36” h x 15” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99715 (1,000-1,500)


OUTSTANDING COIN SILVER COVERED PITCHER BY A & G WELLES. Eagle touch mark in oval on base with name. The Revere style pitcher having a double hinged lid with grasshopper finial. Circa 1800-1810, Boston, Mass. SIZE: 8” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98274 (1,000-2,000)


FINE AMERICAN COIN SILVER LARGE FANCY EWER BY ROBERT RAIT, NY. Hallmarked base. Large footed ewer with tall handle is decorated with repousse flowers and scroll designs. Single letter monogram. WEIGHT: 37 tr. oz. SIZE: 16-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good, some minor dents around monogram. 9-94205 (1,500-2,000)


SHELL SHAPED COIN SILVER PUNCH LADLE BY DUHME & CO. Large shell shaped bowl with engraved handle and inscribed “Iva E. Robbins”. Duhme & Co. worked between 1839-1887 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Total weight: 7 tr. oz. SIZE: 13” CONDITION: Very good. 9-99525 (200-300)


TWELVE COIN SILVER FLATWARE ITEMS. Most 18th and early 19th Century. Lot includes 7-1/4” spoon marked “R. Lang” (Richard Lang 1733-1820 Salem, Mass) engraved “MT 1799” with other engraving; 5” coffin end spoon marked “T. P. Drown” (1790-1816 Boston, Mass); other spoons marked “A. Willard”; “N B”; “EB Horn”; sugar tongs marked “J Baldwin” and more. CONDITION: Generally good, one sugar tong broken. 9-98183-15 (150-250)


OUTSTANDING QUEEN ANNE TWO PART FAN CARVED HIGHBOY. Top section with fine molded cornice over five graduated drawers having original brass bale open hardware. North Shore, Massachusetts, 18th Century. The bottom section, having one long drawer over three drawers. The central drawer having a fine detailed fan carved drawer, which extends into a carved, lobed apron. All supported by four well carved formed cabriole legs. SIZE: 74-3/4” h. Top 35” w x 17-1/4” d. Bottom is 37-1/4” w x 18-1/2” d. CONDITION: Upper most escutcheon plate slightly different, otherwise very good condition. 9-99312 (20,000-30,000)


UNUSUAL AND RARE FIGURAL PORCELAIN INK STAND. This unusual piece depicts a man and woman in brown rowboat with eagle figurehead. The woman, possibly Lady Liberty, holding and displaying a large American flag. The man holds hat as he rudders the boat. Two boxes are in center, one a removable sander. The other a removable inkwell. We have been unable to find a maker, definitely 19th Century. SIZE: 9” h x 9” l. CONDITION: Repairs to eagles head and mans arm. Otherwise good. 9-98580 (2,000-3,000)


FRAMED JAMES BUCHANAN PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENT. Document appointing J. De Bruyn Kops for Vice Consul of the Netherlands for North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to reside in Charleston. Dated January 21st, 1861. Signed “James Buchanan”. Also signed “J.S. Black” Secretary of State. Housed in a gesso decorated frame with double modern matting. Embossed Presidential seal partially outlined in red which has faded. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/4” x 14-1/4”. CONDITION: Some foxing, generally very good. 9-98457 (1,000-2,000)


FOUR VOLUME SET “LIFE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON” BY JOHN MARSHALL PHILADELPHIA 1804. Leather bound volumes. SIZE: 9” x 5-1/2” CONDITION: Very good. 9-99462 (400-600)


DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ON SILK. Lithograph on silk after an engraving by William Woodruff with facsimile text of the Declaration of Independence surrounded by decorated medallions of three presidential portraits and medallions containing the arms of the thirteen original states. All surmounted by eagle, banners and cornucopias. Bottom legend “To the People of the United States This Engraving of Declaration of Independence in Most Respectfully Inscribed Woodruff”. The outside black border has white stars with black centers. Housed in a mahogany frame with gold liner. SIGHT SIZE: 27-1/2” x 20”. CONDITION: Fold marks, one small hole at fold in bottom center. Some light staining. Good. 9-98603 (600-800)


ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM MATHEW PRIOR (American, 1806-1873) PORTRAIT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Reverse painting on glass of Abraham Lincoln dressed in a formal black coat and white shirt. Grayish background. Prior was known to have done portraits of George and Martha Washington and also Lincoln in this style. REFERENCE: American Folk Portraits by Rumford, page 178-9. According to one account, Prior used to peddle his glass portraits in the Boston Shipyards on Saturday paydays. Housed in its original simple gilt wood frame with single wood backboard. SIGHT SIZE: 22” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98083 (800-1,200)


CHARLES FRACE (American, 1926-) PORTRAIT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Oil on board shows a chest high portrait of Lincoln after the Brady photograph of Tuesday, February 9th, 1864. Executed in monochrome color apparently for an illustration. Signed “C. Frace”. Housed in an oak molded wood stained frame. Pencil dated on reverse “2/17/42”. REFERENCE: Page 323, “Lincoln, A Picture Story of His Life by Stefan Lorant”; Photo 71. REFERENCE: In the book “The Art of Charles Frace” by Davis it is mentioned that at age 16 he painted a portrait of Abraham Lincoln to present to his High School principle. It was then loaned from the principle to the town library. The library building burned but the painting was out for cleaning and reframing and so it survives. SIZE: 24” x 17”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98751 (2,000-4,000)


SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HERIZ ORIENTAL RUG. Colors of rust, ivory and blue with nice pattern and natural borders. SIZE: 4’5” x 3’11”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99461 (500-700)


ANTIQUE PERSIAN SILK QUM ORIENTAL RUG. Circa 1890. The small mat has cream colored field with all over pattern. Four borders, one being wide with rose background. Very soft, possibly silk rug. SIZE: 52” x 35”. CONDITION: There is a low consistent worn pile, edge has some fraying. 9-99599 (2,500-3,500)


CHIPPENDALE CURLY MAPLE SLANT FRONT DESK. Four graduated drawers with molded edge. Nice curly maple fronts and lid. Resting on applied bracket base. Interior with cubby holes and drawers. SIZE: 41” h x 36” w x 18-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally very good, replaced brasses. 9-99436 (3,500-4,500)


JOSEPH WHITING STOCK (American, 1815-1855) PORTRAIT OF ANN JANETTE STOCK. Listed as number II.20 as “Unknown woman Late 1840’s”. Also explains “This portrait has, for many years, been accepted as that of Ann Janette Stock, Joseph Stock’s sister”. This is on page 73 of “The Paintings and the Journal of Joseph Whiting Stock” by Juliette Tomlinson. Also, a full page picture is the same book. Oil on canvas portrait shows a brown haired woman with gold wrap over shoulders and arm. She wears a silver satin dress with lace sleeves showing classical influence against a light brown background. Housed in its original oval gesso decorated gilt frame decorated with acorn and oak leaves. SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Relined with only minor spot inpainting, craquelure. Frame has been professionally restored. Very good. 9-99242 (4,000-8,000)


HEPPLEWHITE GRADUATED FOUR DRAWER MAHOGANY BOWFRONT CHEST. French style flaring feet, curved skirt. Each drawer fitted with original oval brasses. SIZE: 37-1/4” h x case 43” w x 21” d. CONDITION: Shows use with some repair. Veneer damage to top edge. 6” section of skirt missing. 9-99140 (800-1,200)


DISH TOP FEDERAL CANDLESTAND. Nicely formed one board cherry dish top supported by a tapered urn carved shaft supported by three snake legs. Massachusetts or Connecticut. SIZE: 27-3/4” h x 16” dia. CONDITION: Very good. Some old repair. 9-97267 (700-1,000)


S. HOADLEY TALL CLOCK IN GRAIN PAINTED CASE. Painted original dial has landscape scene with houses and flowers at corners in gilt background. Wooden works. Hood has cutout crest. Base has thin door with brass escutcheon plate and cutout base. SIZE: 87” h. CONDITION: Crack and small paint loss to dial. Pendulum and weights are not present. 9-99055 (2,000-3,000)


FINE HINGED DOCUMENT BOX WITH STENCIL OVER GREEN GROUND. Original painted green box with black trim has facing cornucopias of fruit on top and decorative elements to three sides. SIZE: 3-1/4” h x 11” w x 8” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98581 (800-1,200)


LARGE EARLY RED PAINTED STATE OF MAINE TRENCHER. Rectangular form hardwood bowl has wonderful outside red paint with minimal wear. SIZE: 5-3/4” h x 23-1/2” l x 15-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. Two old minor chips to edge. 9-99646 (800-1,200)


NICE FOLK ART CARVED WOOD WHALE WEATHERVANE. Full bodied whale has front fins and back wide tail. Open mouth with wood teeth. Nice outside weathered surface. SIZE: 25” l x 12” w. CONDITION: Superb crusty surface, horizontal age cracks. 9-97202 (2,000-4,000)


LARGE OVERSIZE ORIENTAL RUG. Possibly an Oushak or Mahal. Central medium blue field having large center eight sided medallion in pink, gold and red. This medallion has pointed shapes surrounding it and a smaller one at each end. Corners of the field have different pattern. All surrounded by five borders, the center of which is 13” with a red field having flower design. Outside border being the same as the field. SIZE: Approximately 15’ x 13’. Originating from a local institution. CONDITION: There is a large 2’ square area which has stain and 6” patch. There are sections of the field that have low or missing pile. Sections which are faded. This rug will be sold as is. 9-98721 (3,000-5,000)


PAIR OF ROSE MEDALLION COVERED SERVING DISHES. Standard scenes of figures and flowers. Outside decorated with red flowers. Rectangular form with shaped corners. Conforming lid with gilt finial. SIZE: 6” h x 9-1/2” w x 8” d. CONDITION: One cover with old repair, otherwise very good. 9-99112 (700-900)


LARGE ROSE MEDALLION PLATTER. Standard decoration with figures and flowers. SIZE: 18” x 14-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99110 (500-700)


ROSE MEDALLION PLATTER. Standard decoration with figures and flowers. SIZE: 16-1/2” x 13”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99109 (300-500)


SET OF SIX HANDLED ROSE MEDALLION CUPS. Cylinder shape with loop handle and standard decoration of figures and flowers. SIZE: 2-3/4” h. CONDITION: One cup has two small nicks with hairlines. Otherwise very good. 9-99104 (300-500)


LARGE ROSE MANDARIN TEMPLE VASE. Polychrome decorated in bright colors having two intricate panels. One an interior scene with many figures. Other is an exterior scene with warriors in mock battle. Applied Geckos at shoulder and facing small Foo Dog handles. SIZE: 24” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99409 (800-1,200)


POLYCHROME DECORATED CHINESE PUNCH BOWL. Qing Dynasty mark in blue to bottom. Corresponding to Kang XI (1662-1722). Inside decorated with a green dragon. Outside decorated with four vignettes including people, animals, harvesting and planting. Decorative borders in colors of yellow, green and red. Possibly 18th/19th Century. SIZE: 6” h x 14-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99601 (2,000-3,000)


LARGE BLUE AND WHITE PORCELAIN FIGURINE OF ORIENTAL GODDESS AND BIRD. Probably a model of Kannon. Her clothes painted with lotus flowers and leaves and she is holding a scroll. A removable bird rests on her shoulder and at one time there was something resting next to her elbow, which is not present. Back is signed with six Oriental characters which dated “1521” (Ming Dynasty). The figurine is Circa 1870-1885. SIZE: 31” h x 12-1/2” at widest. CONDITION: There is a colored chip on base and missing piece by elbow as stated above. Otherwise very good. 9-99172 (2,500-3,000)


TWO PART BRONZE ORIENTAL KEROSENE LAMP. Bottom stand with holder supported by four detailed standing dragons. Round bottom with decorative center motif. Top section in urn form which sets into the base has two Phoenix bird type handles, flying dragon and deity in clouds. Missing the top font reservoir and burner. SIZE: 26-1/2” h x 14” at widest. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98807 (1,500-2,000)


FINE BRONZE ORIENTAL KEROSENE LAMP. In the form of a footed two handled censor. Top removable font has no burner and remains undrilled. Round base supports three curving legs holding a large two handle bird and flower decorated base. SIZE: 16” h x 10-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98808 (800-1,000)


ORIENTAL EXPORT BURL AND BRASS BOUND TRAVELING DESK. Double hinged lid opens to reveal a slanted large writing surface with three inkwell compartments, pen tray and stamp box. The sections of the slanted surface open with compartments below for letters and documents. Recessed brass lifting handles on sides, one opening a large side drawer. SIZE: 8-1/2” h x 20” w x 11-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99060 (2,000-3,000)


FRENCH LOUIS XV/XVI MARQUETRY SECRETARIE A ABATTANT. Marble top, fall front desk has long drawer directly under top. Large fall front lid with painted Sevres type plaque with cherubs and two doors below with plaques decorated with exotic birds. Fine marquetry veneer in what resembles rosewood, ormolu decoration throughout including fancy mounts around plaques, doors, drawer and sides. Interior of desk fitted with drawers and cubbyholes. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate, Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 54” h x 39” w x 16” d. CONDITION: Lid has warp and some ormolu mounts have breaks. Generally in good condition. Some veneer lifting and damage. 9-98312 (4,000-6,000)


ENGLISH WOOLWORK SHIP AND FLAG PICTURE. Central oval has black hull tall ship in full sale surrounded by a number of red, white and blue flags. A large crown is on top with a vine of red leaf flowers. Housed in a fine birdseye maple ogee frame with gold liner. A fine colorful picture. SIZE: 23” x 25”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99046 (1,500-2,000)


SHIP DECORATED LIVERPOOL PITCHER. One side decorated with an American ship colorful flag on green ocean. The other side with circular medallion, “DEUS NOBIS HAEC OTIA FECIT”. Surrounded by circles with the 13 original state names. SIZE: 8-1/2”h. CONDITION: Generally very good, tight crow’s foot to bottom. 9-98271 (500-1,000)


FINE AND IMPORTANT MULTI-SHIP DIORAMA IN 19TH CENTURY INLAID MAHOGANY CASE CIRCA 1810-20. Central American gunship is seen sailing right to left. Three masts fully rigged with no sails. Fine figurehead, cannons, life boats, etc. Other vessels are encircling the warship in a celebratory manor. They include a one-mast sailboat with American flag, a two-mast sailboat, a small one-mast dingy, a large multi-sail one-mast sailboat and a sidewheel steamship with Navy personnel and women in polka dot dresses. They are all mounted on a painted sea having a three-part mirror back. The case, having a large front opening window/door, front turned curly maple columns with leaf block tops, pagoda type top with partial gilding. Two rectangular paneled sides having birdseye maple panels surrounded by string inlay. The base with inlaid mahogany panels all supported by four painted turned ball feet. As fine a model of this variety that you will find. PROVENANCE: Louis J. Dianni to current owner. For similar model refer to example in Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA. SIZE: 20” x 20” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Appears to be all original. 9-99655 (10,000-15,000)


CASED MARINE CHRONOMETER BY HAMILTON WATCH CO. Brass gimbel inner case set in a double hinged mahogany box with glass window. Model #22, dial marked “Hamilton Lancaster, PA USA”. Base of clock marked “MTD Watch Bureau of Ships US Navy 9999-1943”. SIZE: 6” x 6”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98225 (600-1,000)


DOUBLE-CASED MARINE CHRONOMETER BY ELGIN NATIONAL WATCH COMPANY. Fine mahogany case with leather strap. Twenty-one jewel, serial number 22888024. SIZE: Outside case 7-1/4” square. CONDITION: Unknown working order, broken strap. 9-99170 (500-1,000)


FINE CASED WATERLINE MODEL OF THE GREAT WHITE FLEET BATTLESHIP “FLORIDA”. The decorative antique glass case has three glass sides and board back. Model set into a wood painted water. The decks in natural and white finish. Details include deck guns, smoke, light and flag. SIZE: Case is 17-1/2” h x 28” w x 12” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99541 (300-500)


CHELSEA SHIP’S BELL BRASS CLOCK. Round brass case with dial signed and having two key holes. Outside 7” dial, inside 6”. Mounted on a polyurethane coated trunk section. SIZE: Overall 20”h x 22” w. CONDITION: No key, unknown working order, otherwise very good. 9-98556 (500-1,000)


LARGE CHELSEA SHIP’S BELL CLOCK. Brass round case with silvered dial. Key is present. SIZE: 10” outside dia. 8” inside dial dia. CONDITION: Unknown working order. Generally good. 9-99084 (700-900)


SALESMAN SAMPLE/PATENT MODEL YACHT BASIN. Wood enclosed brass sink has working functions including all plumbing. Of fine craftsmanship. No name or maker. SIZE: 7-1/4” h x 8-1/4” w x 5” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98198 (400-800)


CASED BRASS SEXTANT BY SCHMALCALDER, LONDON. All brass sextant has scale from 0 to 140. Signed below scale. Housed in a fitted case with label “S. Thaxter & Son, Boston”. SIZE: Case is 10-1/2” x 13”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98226 (450-750)


SMALL TUGBOAT MODEL. Wood carved model has a blue single stack deck top with mast. Ivory and tan hull. Set on a small stand. SIZE: 12” h x 15” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98900 (400-600)


BRIAN COOLE (British, 1939-) PADDLEBOAT “ECLIPSE”. Oil on wood panel shows the New Orleans Packet Eclipse traveling right to left up large river with another paddleboat following. A house in seen off the bow on a low landscape. The boat flies a large American flag and several people are seen on both decks. Signed bottom right “Brian Coole”. Housed in an antique style sponge decorated ogee frame with gold liner. SIZE: 12-1/4” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. Discolored varnish of surface enhances the antique look. 9-98908 (1,000-2,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO ALBERT NEMETHY (American, 1920-) PORTRAIT OF THE SIDEWHEELER “R. L. STEVENS”. Oil on canvas scene shows the two stack sidewheeler “Stevens” going right to left with four people on deck. American flag off stern, light blue and white wavy river with tree covered hillsides beyond. Housed in a flat flower decorated antique frame. SIZE: 13-1/4” x 27”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99673 (1,500-2,000)


ANTIQUE BLUE AND WHITE IMARI UMBRELLA STAND. Cylinder form decorated with blue flowering tree and birds. SIZE: 24” h x 8-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99551 (300-500)


FINE LARGE IMARI CHARGER. Blue/rust design including fan, bird, dragon and flowers. Fitted with a hanging cross strap. SIZE: 22” diameter. CONDITION: Old tight hairline where strap meets, otherwise, very good. 9-98769 (900-1,200)


EXCEPTIONAL PAIR OF JAPANESE IMARI POLYCHROME GOURD SHAPE WATER BOTTLES. Wonderful colors of deep cobalt blue and rust with scenes of birds and flowers. Meiji period. SIZE: 18” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99483 (2,000-3,000)


LARGE MAHOGANY HEPPLEWHITE SEVEN DRAWER CHEST. Three small drawers over large drawer and three other drawers. Large drawer has inset two oval mahogany veneered panel outlined with a stripped mahogany veneer. Wooden knobs and cutout base. SIZE: 48” h x 46” w x 21” deep. CONDITION: Very good, some minor imperfections. 8-86205 (1,000-1,400)


PALACE SIZE ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUG. This rare oversized carpet has several areas of wear, particularly one 3’ square area. It has consistent pile elsewhere. Center medallion with five other medallions in a rose colored field with many different shades of coloring. Large border has medallions with peacocks and others with flowers. Outside borders have doves and at one end has signature cartouche. SIZE: 21’8” l x 13’10” w. CONDITION: As described above rug shows wear and has problems. 9-99803 (3,500-6,500)


FINE 19TH CENTURY ORIENTAL IVORY CARVING. A section of an elephant ivory tusk carved all around the exterior with elaborate intricate scenes depicting oriental figures and landscape. Exceedingly well done and with a nice old patina. SIZE: 3-3/4” h; 2-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99777 (275-475)


RARE MARITIMES CANVAS RUG. Wonderful folky canvas rug painted with an old three-mast sailing ship. Probably from Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island. These canvas rugs were frequently done by sailors as decoration for the floors of their homes. Because of the manner by which they were used, they are rather scarce and hard to come by. This one is a wonderful folky representation and the ship itself and water. Housed in a dark green frame, probably late 19th Century, possibly early 20th Century. SIZE: 41” w x 29 1/2”h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 8-87180 (2,000-4,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) “AURORA OF SAN FRANCISCO”. West Coast ship portraits from this period are scarce. This charming watercolor depicts a white hulled two-mast sailing vessel flying an American flag and a banner “AURORA”, titled “AURORA OF SAN FRANCISCO”. The image depicts three figures on board and three sailing vessels in the background with cliffs in the far distance. Very nicely done and housed in an old gold frame. SIGHT SIZE: 21” x 27” . CONDITION: Small stain about the size of a plum near the top of the sky and border. Otherwise, generally good. 8-87173 (3,000-5,000)


ORNAMENTAL SILVER SHIP IN BOX. This presentation piece constructed of silver and depicting elaborate detail appears to be an oriental Man O’ War with a cannon and shields on the side, etc. The ship and the glass-fronted case are probably late 19th Century and show a great deal of detail. SIZE: (ship) 6” l; (box) 8-1/2” sq. CONDITION: Cardboard shadowbox delicate. Ship generally in good condition. Some pieces have come loose. 9-99788 (300-600)


LARGE ANTIQUE SHIP’S WHEEL. Painted brown, 19th Century. SIZE: 47” d (from end of the handle to end of the handle). CONDITION: Paint worn and flaked. Structurally fine. 9-99783 (375-575)


HUGE SHIP’S HALF MODEL MOUNTED ON A MAHOGANY BOARD. This huge ship builders laminated half model, the largest we have ever handled, consists of a painted hull which at some time later was mounted on a large mahogany board. SIZE: Half model itself is approx. 9’ long. The board it is mounted on is approx. 1’ longer. CONDITION: Generally good, paint worn in places but structurally sound. 8-87073 (3,000-5,000)


WILLIAM JOHN HUGGINS (English, 1781-1845) “SOUTH SEA WHALE FISHERY”. Fine colored antique engraving depicting a whaling boat with several smaller boats harpooning whales. Engraved by “T. Sutherland” after a painting by W.J. Huggins. Published January 1, 1825, plate No. 66. Housed in a fine ebonized and gilt molded wood frame with ivory matte. IMAGE SIZE: 13-3/4” x 19-3/4”. SIGHT SIZE: 18” x 23”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99859 (300-500)


SEMI ANTIQUE LARGE ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. Predominant colors or red; blue & ivory w/some green, blue fields w/floral design. SIZE: 13’4” x 9’9”. CONDITION: Somewhere generally good.. 9-99799 (1,000-3,000)


SCATTER SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. Sarouk type pattern, even wear, red field with flowers. Dark blue and gold border. SIZE: 6’2” x 5’. CONDITION: Good 9-99800 (350-650)


OUTSTANDING ORIENTAL BURL WOOD SLANT FRONT DESK. Mid 19th C or older. Four raised panels in burl wood makeup heavy desk lid. Interior fitted with eight drawers and four cubbies with central drawer. Bottom set of drawers is curved. Two pull out central slides for desk lid. Three drawers side by side over two raised paneled doors flanked by a small drawer and paneled door on each side. All sits atop six carved feet. Decorative pierced carved apron. SIZE: 48” h x 21” deep x 40” w. CONDITION: Probably original finish, pull on lid not attached but present, otherwise in very good condition. 8-86421 (2,000-3,000)


PAIR OF ANTIQUE FLINT GLASS CANARY CANDLESTICKS. Brilliant canary-colored tall sticks with ornamental stems. SIZE: 9-1/4” h. CONDITION: Generally excellent. 9-99776 (450-650)


ENGLISH PEWTER CHARGER. This large pewter charger with shallow well and wide border has a very, very faint touch marks on the reverse, which cannot be read, late 18th early 19th Century. SIZE: 15” in dia. CONDITION: A few small dents, generally good condition. 9-99780 (275-475)


EARLY DOUBLE-HANDLED PEWTER PORRINGER. This early pewter porringer with elaborate formed crest-shaped handles, hallmarked on the underside with a series of hallmarks including “LONDON”. SIZE: 5-1/4” dia, 9” from top of handle to tip of handle. CONDITION: Generally good. Handles possibly re-applied during period of use. 9-99778 (275-475)


ORNATE EARLY TIN CHAMBERSTICK. This neat piece of tinsmith art consists of a conical-shaped chamberstick with elaborate scrolled handle and mid-drip pan, 19th Century. SIZE: 5-1/2” h. CONDITION: A couple of minor dents with nice old patina and generally good patina. 9-99779 (175-275)


EARLY LONG HANDLED WROUGHT METAL BROILER. This wonderful early New England broiler consisting of a long delicate shaft twisted and terminating in a coiled end with a pigtail spike in the center, obviously for roasting a hunk of beef or meat. The early ornamental turned handle appears to be made of cherry. Probably New England 18th Century or early 19th Century. SIZE: 39-1/2” l. CONDITION: Generally excellent. 9-99782 (275-375)


ANTIQUE “IOOF” FRATERNAL POUCH. Probably 19th Century. This very attractive leather or fringed calf-skin pouch with wonderful imagery on the front which appears to be hand done (?). The bag marked “IOOF” at top with the all-seeing eye. Beneath, a vignette titled “Ivanhoe #432”. The vignette depicts a slain knight surrounded by other knights, a maid in the background on her knees praying. Image is in black and white, and extremely well executed. It’s all framed in a nice old walnut Victorian frame. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 17-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99771 (275-475)


GREAT FOLKY UNCLE SAM MAILBOX SALESMAN’S SAMPLE. This wonderful old piece of patriotic folk art Americana, obviously made and used as a salesman’s sample by some well-heeled craftsman in the early 20th Century. The patriotic red, white, and blue Uncle Sam figure is of wood, the mailbox, its support and the “advertisement” sign are of metal. Uncle Sam’s figure has painted on it “PATENT JULY 28, OTHER PATENTS PENDING”. A neat item. SIZE: 16-1/2” h. CONDITION: A few blisters of paint have come off, but generally the old paint is in good condition and is structurally very sound. 9-99784 (450-550)


ANTIQUE SAROUK ORIENTAL RUG. Nice colorful pallet with red background. SIZE: 6’2” x 4’3”. CONDITION: Good. Ends are frayed. 9-99797 (600-900) (600-900)


ROOM SIZE ORIENTAL RUG. Sarouk pattern, predominate colors of red, blue, and white. SIZE: 13’5” x 9’10”. CONDITION: Good, needs cleaning, and loss to fringe. 9-91448 (1,500-2,500)


A BEAUTIFUL LARGE BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. The platter marked “Stubbs #18” on reverse has a central panel of fruit, flowers, and leaves. Border with large bold flowers all in a most desirable deep blue coloration. SIZE: Approximately 18-1/4” x 15-1/4”. CONDITION: Excellent with brilliant colors, and almost no scratching whatsoever to the surface. 9-99792 (1,000-1,400)


TWO-PART QUEEN ANNE 18TH CENTURY HIGHBOY. Top section with five graduated drawers and large cornice molding. Bottom section with two graduated drawers over well-carved skirt and high cabriole legs terminating in pad feet. Restoration to drawer fronts, replaced hardware and some work done to the finish. Older red stain can be seen on several parts. SIZE: 75”h upper case 36” x 17 1/2”d, lower case 38”h x 19”w. CONDITION: Good, see above. 8-86648 (9,000-12,000)


ANTIQUE RUSSIAN ICON. This icon, depicting various saints in a series of panels with a gold or brass-colored overlay grill; having painted images on wood in the background. The image is titled on the bottom in a panel and the bottom of the metal frame with Russian writing along the edge, probably 19th Century. SIZE: 12” l x 10-1/2” w. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99789 (350-650)


A VERY NICE ORNAMENTAL CARVED CANVASBACK DECOY. By Puggy Frietas of San Francisco. This decoy won first place in the Pacific Flyway show in 1976. Extremely well done with combed feather design, appropriate paint patina, carved cross wing feathers, and tail feathers. The head and beak are wonderfully executed. Signed on the underside, Puggy Frientas. SIZE: Approximately 14” l. CONDITION: One of the crossed tail feathers at one time nicely repaired. Otherwise, generally very good to excellent. 9-99769 (275-475)


FOUR SECTION ANTIQUE EMPIRE BOOKCASE. Each section fitted with glass door, stacking variety. Top section with cornice molding. SIZE: CONDITION: Broken glass, good. 8-86426 (2,200-2,500)


GEORGE STANLEY (American, 20th Century) NATIVE AMERICAN. Oil on board depicts a southwest Indian, perhaps a Navajo with feather in hair and playing a drum. Mountains in the background with beautiful blue and white puffy skies. Signed, “GEO. STANLEY” in lower right. Housed in an attractive hand-made wooden frame carved and painted to simulate birch trees. Probably early to mid 20th century, a neat painting. SIZE: (including frame) 17” x 13”w. SIGHT SIZE: 12” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally excellent. 8-86032 (600-800)


MELBOURNE H. HARDWICK (American, 1857-1916) THE FLOWER BRIDGE. Oil on canvas laid on tin. Scene depicts what is possibly a Venetian scene with a canal and architectural buildings. Figures in the foreground with fallen trees. Signed lower left Melbourne H. Hardwick, 1911”. Housed in an elaborate gold gesso frame. Hardwick was primarily from Waverly, Mass and painted both here and abroad during the late 19th and early 20th Century. SIZE: 21-3/4” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Painting is generally in very nice condition. Very small corner piece missing in upper left hand corner. Frame with numerous losses. 9-98435 (1,500-1,800)


CALTHEA CAMPBELL VIVIAN (American, 1857-1943) THE GRAND CANAL. Oil on canvas scene depicts the Venetian canal with gondoliers and elaborate domed buildings. Signed lower right with initials and last name “Vivian”. Vivian was a California artist who worked in the 19th and late 20th Century whose works are mostly of California scenes, however she did do some of the Venetian canal such as this one. Pencil inscription on stretcher is hard to read. Housed in a simple gold gesso frame. CONDITION: 14” x 10”. CONDITION: Excellent. 9-98434 (1,000-2,000)


PABLITA VELARDE (American 1918- ) SANTA CLARA DANCER. Watercolor scene shows an Indian in full costume with rattle and hemlock branches. Signed and dated 1941. Housed in a simple black wood frame. SIZE: (sight) 8-1/2” x 6-1/2” CONDITION: Very good 9-99530 (1,000-1,500)


WOODLANDS INDIAN BEADED COAT. Chippewa circa turn of the century. The black velvet background lined with cotton having beadwork decoration including blue flowers, green outlined red flowers, yellow outlined cobalt blue flowers. The decoration incorporated along both sides of sleeves, both sides of the tie top front and the complete back. A wonderful example of this type of garment. SIZE: 24” h x 49” outstretched. CONDITION: Some minor velvet loss and bottom bead edging. Generally very good. 9-98587 (1,000-2,000)


OUTSTANDING AND RARE PAINT DECORATED ROUND QUILL BOX WITH BEAR. Mid-20th Century. Quill covered birch bark round box has top lid with cut and painted quills. Center figure of charging brown bear with open mouth, set in a green and yellow landscape with trees, water and sky. The outside lined with quills as well as the bottom having colored diamonds in quills of red, green and yellow. As fine a quill box as we have seen. SIZE: 12-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good, no breaks. 9-99755 (9,000-12,000)


OUTSTANDING SAN ILDEFONSO BLACK ON BLACK ROUND PLATE BY MARIA & SANTANA. The design of a snake with broken arrow coming from mouth. Central polished black area. Signed on bottom “Marie + Santana” which corresponds to pieces made between 1943-1956. PROVENANCE: From a fine Canaan, Maine home. SIZE: 13” dia. CONDITION: There are some light scratching to black top surface. Generally very good. 9-98701 (2,500-4,000)


BLACK ON BLACK INDIAN POTTERY VASE, SIGNED. The ”. Purchased from a local carver in Deer Isle, Maine by the Winship family. decorations of leaves and vine. The bottom signed, “NO’OLUDU__ID LAGES FAIELES”?? SIZE: 6-1/2” h, 7” at widest. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98699 (500-1,000)


FINE CARVED BLACK POTTERY BOWL BY MADELINE NARANJO, SANTA CLARA, PUEBLO. Bottom signed “Madeline Sta Clara”. Carved side with serpent head and arrow. Other geometric cutouts. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 8” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98698 (500-1,000)


SENSATIONAL MASSIVE SILVER DOLLAR TURQUOISE AND CLAW NECKLACE BY JOHN YELLOWHORSE. Necklace has central fancy drop which encompasses two 1921 Morgan dollars, two pieces of turquoise and three pieces of red coral. Facing claws frame the piece with an outside border of silver leaves and flowers. Signed “John Yellowhorse Sterling”. The three string necklace has large silver beads, six similar attached pendants separated by framed silver dollars. Sixteen silver dollars total with dates ranging from 1884 to 1926. SIZE: 54” l. CONDITION: Very good. Two loose claws. 9-99728 (2,000-4,000)


TURQUOISE AND SILVER SQUASH BLOSSOM NECKLACE. Double silver bead necklace has ten blossoms mounted with blue turquoise and central horseshoe pendant mounted with seven turquoise pieces. Unmarked. SIZE: 24” l. CONDITION: Good. 9-98516 (300-500)


COLLECTION OF INDIAN STONE ARROWHEADS. Lot consists of two framed arrowhead displays, one with 25 arrowheads the other with 55. Three cigar boxes with approximately 200 loose arrowheads from ½” to 5”. A nice collection of American Indian arrowheads. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-98218 (500-1,000)


FINE ANTIQUE NAVAJO EYE DAZZLER RUG. Center brown field having three columns of connected diamonds in black, red and white. Borders have same color. SIZE: 71” x 48”. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99005 (800-1,200)


NICE COLORFUL NAVAJO RUG. Two rows of diamonds with cross centers. Black and brown border. Colors of red, black, white and brown. SIZE: 64” h x 41” w. CONDITION: One corner and side having small missing section, some bleeding, otherwise good. 9-99004 (800-1,200)


SMALL NAVAJO EYE DAZZLER RUG. Colorful rug has red, white, gray & black serrated edge design. SIZE: 33” l x 32” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99003 (800-1,200)


OUTSTANDING EARLY BARREL BACK PINE ARCHITECTURAL CORNER CUPBOARD. Mid-Atlantic region. One-piece with top section having three shelves with plate groove. Domed opening flanked by flat reeded columns. Top cornice with decorative dental molding and carved frieze. Remnants of old blue and red paint. Bottom section with two paneled doors which open to reveal one shelf. Applied bracket base with good cutouts. SIZE: 84” h x 52” across front x 17-3/4” shelf depth. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95482 (7,000-9,000)


RARE WINDSOR SETTEE. Fifteen spindle back on a straight crest having spindle supported bamboo turned arms. Large plank seat supported by six bamboo style splayed legs with stretchers. Nice old worn brown surface. SIZE: 35-3/4” h x 44” across back x 17-1/4” seat h. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some old repair including patch in crest, otherwise very good. 9-99710 (3,000-5,000)


TEN DRAWER GRADUATED CHERRY & MAPLE TALL CHEST. Curly maple drawer fronts with period hardware. Cornice molded top with square and diamond dental type molding, ogee bracket base. Drawer configuration is three small drawers over two half drawers over five graduated drawers. Fluted quarter columns. SIZE: 65-1/2” h x 37-1/2” x 20-1/2” (case size) CONDITION: Left quarter column has scarring. There is repairs and some restoration. Generally very good. 9-99593 (2,500-3,500)


FINE SET OF SIX MATCHING STEPDOWN WINDSOR CHAIRS. Five side and one arm. Natural finish with nice patina. Bamboo style turnings. Standard form stepdown crest. Seven curving tapered spindles. Carved and shaped plank seats, four nicely shaped splayed legs supported by a box stretcher. SIZE: Armchair is 35” h x 16-3/4” seat h. Sides are 33” to 34” h x 16” seat h. CONDITION: Old refinish. Some minor repairs to two crests. Back leg tips of one have chipping. Otherwise very good. A nice serviceable set. 9-98185 (1,800-3,000)


QUEEN ANNE MAPLE OVAL TOP DROP LEAF TABLE. Shaped apron raised on cabriole legs ending in pad feet. New England, Mid-18th Century. SIZE: 28-1/2” h x 48” d x 16-1/2” (closed); 47” (open). CONDITION: Very good. 9-99429 (2,500-3,500)


DELBERT DANA COOMBS (American, 1850-1938) PORTRAIT OF JUDGE GEORGE C. WING. Judge Wing was born in Livermore, Maine and died in 1930. Practicing in Lisbon Falls until 1870 where he moved to Auburn, Maine. Oil on canvas 3/4 length portrait of a gentleman with a black mustache and receding hairline. He wears a formal black coat, shirt with white collar. A gold watch chain and fob hang from pocket. His hand with a black and gold ring rests atop a stand, which has two law books, inkwell and letter signed “George C. Wing”. Signed lower left “D. D. Coombs 1884”. Housed in its original fancy deep wide gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 50” x 34”. CONDITION: Two canvas patches to back, restored with inpainting. 9-99213 (2,500-4,000)


UNSIGNED (American, Mid-19th Century) PAIR OF PORTRAITS OF REVEREND STUDLEY BARTLETT AND WIFE. Unsigned and unidentified. Descended in the Danforth Estate of Cozy Harbor, Maine. The family identified sitters. Both identically housed in their period lemon gold wide wood frames. Oil on canvas portraits show a young couple, the man in minister attire with black cape and white collar. The young woman with black dress with lace cuffs and collar. Pencil inscription “William Bartlett Belongs to KSB Stevens” indicating family descendant. SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Very good. Man has 2” scratch in background. Otherwise very good. 9-99142 (2,000-4,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM JENNYS (American, 18th/19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Oil on canvas half portrait of an older gentleman with blonde/white hair wearing a black coat and white shirt. Greenish/gray background. Housed in a period re-gilt gesso decorated frame with corner chips. SIZE: 27” x 22”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99640 (2,000-3,000)


OUTSTANDING FIGURAL CARVED WOOD AND POLYCHROME TOBACCO BOX. Carved box has four panels with polychromed scenes. Including house and palm trees, stag in water, boy with dog and animals fighting. All in a nice carved wood cornered wood base. Figural lid with conforming top has proud standing polychrome lion with open stump behind. NOTE: Wood has been sampled and is Spanish Cedar. SIZE: 13” h x 8” w x 7” d. CONDITION: Tail of lion has been reattached. Otherwise very good. 9-98579 (4,000-6,000)


CARVED AND PAINTED CIGAR STORE INDIAN. Metal plaque affixed to back “Bought of H. H. Robertson National Stockyards, IL”. Half size standing Indian holds pipe close to chest. He wears moccasins and red robe. Central feathered headdress with long black hair and gold face. A 1” diameter hole is at front of chest, possibly held flag. Wood naturalistic base has bundle of cigars and rock. Paint appears to be original. Back has some nails and loop hardware indicating that it probably was affixed at one time. We are not sure whether Robertson was the carver or the store. SIZE: 42-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98609 (5,000-10,000)


PAINTED AND CARVED CIGAR STORE FIGURE OF A TURK. Standing figure has green coat with yellow lapels. Hands are in front holding stack of tobacco. He wears yellow stocking type cap and has a cut out in back where it was probably mounted to the side of a building. SIZE: 48” h CONDITION: Old repaint. Some wood losses around cuffs, generally good. 9-98710 (1,800-2,800)


THOMAS B. WORTH (American, 1834-1917) “A DARKTOWN CHRISTMAS PRESENT – THREE OF A KIND”. Watercolor interior scene shows a surprised husband being presented by the mammy with three recent births of his triplets. The mother lies looking on from a canopy bed where she has just delivered the threesome. A butler stands next to open door and cook stove with water kettle is on left side. A newspaper “Darktown Times” lays beside chair and seated dog. Worth is known for his work with Currier & Ives and this is similar in content to their “Darktown series”. Housed in a tiger oak frame with linen liner and gold inner liner. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/4” x 11-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98453 (6,000-8,000)


HOOKED RUG WITH LARGE HOUSE AND PLANE “THE SPIRIT OF ST, LOUIS”. Rectangular rug has large house with trees and large potted flowers. An old plane is seen at top center and writing to right “The Spirit of St. Louis”. Brown border. A very nice attractive hooked rug. SIZE: 39” x 63”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98164 (500-1,000)


HOOKED RUG WITH GEORGE WASHINGTON ON HORSE. Colorful George Washington on a white horse with banner underneath “Father of His Country”. Stage curtains on each side. SIZE: 35” x 48”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98590 (1,000-1,500)


FOLK ART TROTTING HORSE HOOKED RUG. Mounted on wood stretcher. Rug shows a large yellow and tan horse with black tail, mane and hoofs. Light tan background. Stretcher stamped “Barb. Johnson Collection”. SIZE: 26” x 41”. CONDITION: Good. 9-98877 (4,000-6,000)


ANTIQUE TROTTING HORSE WEATHERVANE. Unknown maker in a full body, thin form mounted on a blue painted bent steel frame with hole for rod. The horse has old patina. SIZE: 30” l. CONDITION: Good. 9-99543 (1,750-2,250)


SET OF SIX CARVED WOOD HORSES ON FLAT STANDS. Similar carvings; two brown and four white on green rectangular bases. One is signed, “JOANNA S. WINSHIP”. ”. Purchased from a local carver in Deer Isle, Maine by the Winship family. SIZE: 8-1/4” h x 8” l. CONDITION: One has broken tail, others are very good. 9-98281 (500-1,000)


FINE FEDERAL INLAID MAHOGANY LADIES DESK. Circa 1800. In two parts with cove molded top above a frieze outlined with string inlay, which is a secret drawer. Two doors, having column inlay at ends and middle divider, open to reveal four drawers and six cubby holes. Fold over writing surface with replaced green felt. Four graduated applied molded edge drawers having oval original brasses. Carved skirt with line inlay above supported by flaring French feet joined to shaped sides. PROVENANCE: Watkins Estate, Darien, CT. SIZE: 56-1/2” h x case 40-3/4” x 19” d. CONDITION: Minor imperfections, very good. 9-96593 (5,000-8,000)


FINE HEPPLEWHITE INLAID MAHOGANY DEMILUNE CARD TABLE. Square tapered legs have line inlay with bellflower type inlay at top of legs. Each leg has oval patera inlay at skirt. Line inlaid burl type panels. SIZE: 28-1/4” h x 37-3/4” w x 19-1/4” d. CONDITION: Refinished top, very good. Chips off bottom of right back leg. 9-96565 (3,000-5,000)


NICE GRAIN PAINTED BLANKET CHEST. Six board chest with till has applied bracket base. Pencil signed under lid “Minno Martin 1896”. Grain paint decoration in simulated mahogany has center panels on top and front in a golden mustard color. SIZE: 21-1/2” h x case 36” w x 18” d. CONDITION: Generally good. One old crack to top. Till lid missing. 9-99552 (600-800)


ATTRIBUTED TO SUSAN CATHERINE MOORE WATERS (American, 1823-1900) BARN INTERIOR WITH SHEEP AND FIGURES. Oil on canvas scene shows six sheep, four chickens and one rooster and a woman in Pennsylvania Dutch outfit with child. Window is seen with shutter lifting, interior barn door with top half partially open. A basket and wood barrel and tub are seen on hay strewn floor. Similar features such as the interior of the barn, wire handle repair to basket, hay rake, the type of sheep (South Downs) and Quaker style clothing, (Waters was a Quaker) and composition point to a strong attribution. Right corner has red writing “April 73?” or “93?”. Housed in a fine gilt wide molded wood and gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 23” x 30”. CONDITION: Restored, inpainted, very good. Replaced stretcher. 9-97463 (6,000-9,000)


THOMAS BIRCH (American, 1779-1851) NEW ENGLAND LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas mounted on cardboard scene shows two New England type houses near a body of water having lily pads. Several tall trees surround houses. Signed “T Birch” with a conjoined capitol T and capitol B. Housed in a replacement gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 12” x 22”. CONDITION: Very dirty, in need of cleaning. Otherwise very good. 9-98991 (5,000-7,000)


THOMAS HIRAMS HOTCHKISS (American, 1857-) THE RIVER BRIDGE. Oil on canvas summer scene shows a wooden bridge flanked by large rocks which has small river going into pond area. Opening through woods is framed by two large trees. Signed lower left “T. H.” Housed in a replacement gilt wood gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 22” x 14”. CONDITION: Two patches on reverse, restored with inpainting. 9-98974 (4,000-6,000)


THOMAS HIRAMS HOTCHKISS (American, 1857-) THE WATERFALL. Oil on canvas landscape scene shows large waterfall in landscape. Birch trees line falls with large rocks at base. Signed lower left “T. H.”. SIZE: 22” x 14”. CONDITION: Three canvas patches to reverse, inpainting. 9-98973 (4,000-6,000)


FINE AMISH PIECED QUILT. Diamond in the square with corner blocks. Mulberry border and inside triangles, darker green diamond and small blocks around diamond. Bright green borders around diamond and square, corner blocks in a dull green. Elaborate quilting. Lancaster County PA ca. 1940, wool/cotton. SIZE: 76” square. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97627 (800-1,200)


PIECED AMISH QUILT. Double nine patch with corner blacks. In colors of purple, red, gray and blue. Very fine quilting. Lancaster County, PA, ca. 1930-1940, rayon crepe/wool. SIZE: 83-1/2” square. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97629 (600-800)


FINE AMISH PIECED QUILT. “Burnham Square” variation in blue, black and red. Indiana origin, ca. 1920-30, cotton. SIZE: 79” l x 67”w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97631 (300-500)


FOUR DRAWER MAHOGANY SLANT LID CHIPPENDALE DESK. Fine figured lid opens to reveal stepped interior having eight drawers and nine cubbyholes. In addition, two document pillar front drawers at center. Four graduated dovetail drawers having replaced brass Chippendale hardware. Carved and shaped bracket base. SIZE: 42-1/2” h x 38-1/2” w x 20” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some minor old repairs. 9-99078 (4,000-8,000)


SHERATON MAHOGANY HUNTBOARD. Three drawers over four doors having inset central section. Raised on six tapered turned legs. Replaced oval hardware and nice mahogany veneers. Mid-Atlantic states, circa 1800. SIZE: 40” h x 61” w x 20-1/2” d. CONDITION: Some old repairs, generally good. 9-99454 (3,000-4,000)


FRANK L MORRISON (American, 19th Century) HARVEST OF FRUIT. Oil on canvas still life scene shows marble top table having a large clear glass compote filled with red and white grapes. A large ironstone shallow bowl of red raspberries, white plate of cherries with apples behind. A large green branch holds small nest of white eggs as background. Signed lower left “Frank L Morrison, 1866”. Housed in an antique lemon gold molded wood frame. A fine example of an early American tabletop still life. SIZE: 18” x 24”. CONDITION: Restored, relined, inpainted. Very good. 9-97355 (5,500-7,500)


ALFRED T ORDWAY (American, 1819-1897) THE PUMPKIN PATCH. Fine oil on canvas scene shows a pumpkin patch with maturing pumpkins next to green field having a wood fence. Beyond the fence is a river lined with large trees with house beyond. Signed lower left “A Ordway”. Housed in a fine wide gesso decorated period frame. SIZE: 12” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99515 (2,000-4,000)


COLORFUL THEOREM OF FRUIT BOWL WITH DOVE. Scene shows a blue and white canton bowl filled with colorful fruit and leaves. A black and white dove sits atop the strawberries, a honeybee is shown flying above dove and two strawberries are seen on tabletop. Housed in an Eastlake type gilt deep wood frame. A fine colorful scene of unknown age. SIGHT SIZE: 15-1/4” x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99585 (500-1,000)


AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE MAHOGANY LOOKING GLASS. Crest with gilt spread wing eagle in a carved scroll border. Original backboards. SIZE: 36” l x 19” w. CONDITION: Glass appears to be original with deterioration. Otherwise very good. 9-99473 (700-1,000)


PAIR OF CUT GLASS THREE RING DECANTERS. Bevel cutting on shoulder and body. Ground and polished pontil mark. Matching bevel steeple top tall stoppers. Accompanying the decanters is a Gorham sterling Sherry tag and silver plated Whiskey tag. SIZE: Total is 13-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99119 (200-400)


FINE CONTINENTAL BRASS HEART SHAPED CHAMBERSTICK. Candle cup with heart shaped base having pan type handle with heart end and hanging hole. Dated “1703” with other writing. SIZE: 9-1/2” l x 2-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99603 (300-500)


ANTIQUE BRASS LUCERNA. Table top variety with petal shaped base. Three wick holders and turned brass decoration. Three chains present with only one poker. Nice old patina. SIZE: With handle 18” h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-98598 (300-500)


FRAMED NEEDLEWORK MAP OF EUROPE BY HANNAH PHELPS 1801. Oval picture shows Europe with different countries outlined in colorful thread. Countries names are in black thread and longitude and latitude lines also. Bottom has oval wreath with title and maker. Housed in a green painted Victorian frame with paper matte. There was an early Connecticut family with this name but we are unable attribute it to a particular member. SIGHT SIZE: 25-1/2” x 21”. CONDITION: Stained with some thread loss, mainly to grid lines. 9-98604 (1,250-1,750)


FRAMED MAP OF SCOTLAND BY HERMAN MOLL, 1714. Titled “The North Part of Great Britain Called Scotland”. Map shows Scotland with divisions highlighted in color. Right and left sides have eleven engravings of castles and cities. Housed in a large Victorian deep walnut frame with gold liner. Affixed to a blue background. Appears not to be glues down completely. MAP SIZE: 25” x 41-1/2”. CONDITION: Map has fold lines, some stains, some toning and chipping to margins. Small loss to paper at folds. Intact and generally good. 9-99413 (400-800)


19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY TABERNACLE FRAME. Fancy gesso decoration with phoenix birds, masks, cherub faces and scroll design. Large overhanging cornice with nice decorative features. OVERALL SIZE: 46-1/2” h x 36” w. INNER FRAME: 26-1/2” x 21”. CONDITION: Original gilt finish, some small pieces of gesso missing. Generally in very good condition. 9-98773 (2,500-3,500)


FINE 19TH CENTURY GILT FRAME WITH OVAL WINDOW. Rectangular shape with large embellishments at corner, oil spot type gilt finish, inner oval frame set for oval landscape or portrait. SIZE: Window opening is 26-1/4” x 21-1/4”. Outside dimensions are 34-1/4”x 29-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98112 (150-250)


LOUIS XV PROVINCIAL ELMWOOD COMMODE. Third quarter of the 18th Century. Serpentine Bombe form having three graduated drawers fitted with large ornate repousse brass drop handles and key escutcheon. The outset corners continuing into Pieds de Biche. Conforming molded edge top, carved molded edge shaped skirt with shaped hoof style feet. Inset molded edge shaped side panels. SIZE: 38” h x 54-1/2” w x 31” d. CONDITION: Some repairs but generally in very good condition. 12-234 (10,000-15,000)


HUGH BRIDPORT (American, 1794-1868) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Oil on canvas shows half portrait of gentleman with black coat having brass buttons and white shirt. Middle age man with brown hair. On back of stretcher in pencil “Cleaned and rebounded 1862 Painted by H Bridport Nov. 2 1823, Geneva”. Housed in an outstanding replacement gesso decorated wide gilt frame. SIZE: 30” x 24”. CONDITION: Some restoration, including one small patch to back. Otherwise good. 9-95485 (3,000-5,000)


THREE ROUND MINIATURE ON IVORY PORTRAITS OF NAPOLEON’S FAMILY. All in similar frames. 1) Shows a side view half portrait of Napoleon signed “Derval”. 2) Josephine with crown and blue dress shoulder portrait signed “Raynal”. 3) “Roi De Norne” young boy with curly blonde hair and uniform. Signed “Derval”. SIZE: Approximately 2” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98479 (1,500-2,000)


SIGNED (European, Early 19th Century) BEDROOM MINIATURE. Miniature on ivory painting shows young man jumping through window and meeting scantily clad girl in her bedroom. Signed on the bottom illegibly. Probably French. Housed in its original leather fleur di lis decorated case. SIGHT SIZE: 2” x 1-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Case shows some use. 9-97316 (1,200-1,500)


UNSIGNED (19th Century) MINIATURE ON IVORY PORTRAIT OF WOMAN WITH HANDKERCHIEF. Miniature on ivory portrait shows woman with black hair and black dress with handkerchief in right hand. She wears a gold ring, a gold pendant and appears to have a gold pendant necklace. Housed in a fine early painted frame with gold liner. SIGHT SIZE: 2-3/4” x 2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97315 (800-1,200)


OUTSTANDING FRENCH PROVINCIAL WALNUT BUFFET. Two drawers over two large doors. Drawers and doors have fine applied long scroll decorated escutcheon plates. Fine sunflower type carving at center of top drawers and between doors, a potted three flower plant. Finely carved skirt with large basket of flowers, four short scrolled feet and reeded beveled corners. Sides have large and small panels. Nice finish. SIZE: 40-1/2” h x case 54-1/2” w x 24-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good, some minor old repairs. 9-99064 (4,000-6,000)


FINE 18TH CENTURY ENGLISH ADAMS STYLE TWO DRAWER TABLE. Mahogany table has wonderful inlays on banded top, front of drawer, skirt and legs, including trumpet with vines, bellflower, oval flowers and more. The rectangular top, supported by a frieze, containing a drawer at each end. Four tapered square legs ending in spade feet. SIZE: 29” h x top size 36-1/4” x 23-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99192 (4,000-6,000)


OUTSTANDING PAIR OF ROSEWOOD AND GILT TAPESTRY COVERED FRENCH SIDE CHAIRS. Fine antique tapestry back and seat has flower decoration. Shell, leaf and flower carved crest with gilt highlights. Similar carving and gilding to seat rail all supported by four carved French cabriole style legs. SIZE: 37-1/2” h x 17” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98799 (2,000-3,000)


FINE SOLID SILVER FANCY FIVE PIECE TEA SET. Hallmarked and marked “.800”. Probably European. Set consists of a 25” x 15” oval tray; 8-1/2” t pot; 7” covered pot; 5-1/2” tall creamer and a 5” covered sugar. Each piece with nice applied fancy foliate decoration. No monogram. WEIGHT: 165 tr. oz. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99034 (2,000-3,000)


ENGRAVED SILVER TEAPOT BY HESTER BATEMAN. Hallmarks to base date it to 1785. Oval shape with nice engraving of swags of flowers having an oval cartouche with animal. A decorative finial and wood handle. WEIGHT: 12 tr. oz. SIZE: 6” h x 10” at widest. CONDITION: 9-99333 (2,000-3,000)


THREE PIECE ENGLISH STERLING TEA SET. Sheffield, 1877 by Martin Hall & Co. Set consists of teapot, open sugar and creamer. All monogrammed. All decorated with relief flowers and scrolls. C-scroll handles. Teapot in low form with hinged lid having fruit finial. WEIGHT: 55 tr. oz. SIZE: Teapot is 7-1/2”; creamer is 6-1/2”; sugar is 6-1/4”. CONDITION: There are some small dents and creases on each piece. 9-94206 (750-1,250)


SEMI-ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUG. Colors of blue, red and ivory. SIZE: 6’6” x 5’3”. CONDITION: All over consistent wear. Still usable, low pile. 9-98131 (500-800)


SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HERIZ ORIENTAL RUG. Colors of rust, ivory, blue and gold. Center field with three medallions and multiple borders. SIZE: 4’6” x 3’4”. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99460 (500-700)


17TH/18TH CENTURY ENGLISH CARVED BIBLE BOX. Front flower carved and having a fine lockplate. Hinged lid with notched sides and replaced wire hinges. SIZE: 7-3/4” h x top size 24” x 13-1/3”. CONDITION: Some old repairs, generally good. 9-99047 (1,000-1,500)


EARLY ENGLISH OAK FOUR DRAWER CHEST. 17th/18th Century chest has three thin drawers and one wide drawer. All fitted with bale handled brasses which are antique replacements. Center round escutcheon plates have pierced and chase design. Drawers have molded edge panels, applied molded top and paneled sides. Supported by four ball feet, which are replacements. SIZE: 33” h x case 32-1/2” w x 21-1/2” d. CONDITION: In need of some restoration including molding parts, drawer runners and top area. Generally intact. Brasses do not all match. 9-99057 (2,000-3,000)


ENGLISH OAK CARVED COFFER. The outside hinged lid has three inset panels. The front heavily carved with diamond panels, leaf and flower design. All supported by square legs. Side inset and back inset panels. Open til interior. 17th/18th Century. SIZE: 23” h x case 39” x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good, some minor repair. 9-99740 (500-1,000)


OUTSTANDING POLYCHROME CARVED SANTOS FIGURE. Figure of Madonna and child. Woman holds a seated boy on arm and he holds ball in left hand. She wears large gold crown with white headdress and blue robe. Stands on a carved wood platform on short feet. Possibly 18th Century or earlier. As fine a religious statue in wood that we have seen. SIZE: Statue is 40” h; 45” total h. CONDITION: Two fingers missing, one has crack. Some loss to paint surface, repaint. 9-99048 (4,000-6,000)


FINE CARVED WOOD AND POLYCHROME CLOTHED SANTOS. Figure of a man with brown hair and beard having removable pegged hands. He wears a green cloak, which is heavily decorated with metal gold and silver colored thread. Interior garment is silk with intricate metal thread and mirrors. SIZE: 24” h. CONDITION: Some of the material has breaks. Some damage to paint. Generally structurally sound. 9-97376 (1,400-1,800)


CARVED SANTOS. Fine wood carving of a man with robe holding book. Marked “Made in Italy”. Mounted on molded base with parts missing. 18th/19th Century. SIZE: 21” h. CONDITION: Some chips and cracks generally intact. 9-99248 (250-350)


CARVED AND PARTIALLY POLYCHROME SANTOS FIGURE. Man with robe holding open book. Remnants of color throughout. SIZE: 21-1/2” h. CONDITION: Insect holes, missing left hand. Generally good. 9-98420 (200-400)


PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY BRONZE CHENET AND FENDER. Side pieces having lion head masks and decorative finial with shield. Central fender with pierced design and lion head. SIZE: Fender is 36” x 6”. Chenet is 20” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99217 (500-1,000)


TALL ASTRAL LAMP. Converted to electricity having a turned shaft on a square base in brass/bronze. The top ring has cut crystal prisms, some are chipped. The 10” tall cut shade appears to be an old example. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate of Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 32-1/2” h. CONDITION: Drilled for electricity, generally good. 9-98295 (400-600)


FINE MARBLE TOP MAHOGANY PIER TABLE. Black variegated rectangular top with classical base having tapering front round columns ending in a melon type carved urn. Below which is an octagon with squashed ball foot. The back supporting a mirror with shelf having carved flower half. A fine example of this form. SIZE: 38” h x 48” w x 19” d. CONDITION: Some minor veneer loss, very good. 9-98696 (2,000-3,000)


THREE PIECE MAHOGANY BUTLER’S SECRETARY. Top removable cornice, two glass door bookcase top with adjustable shelves. Bottom section fitted with butler’s drawer having three drawer interior with eight cubby holes. Drawer fronts are faced with birdseye maple. Two cabinet doors with two shelves behind. All resting on four bun feet. Nice mahogany veneers throughout. SIZE: 84” h x 41” w x 19-1/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. Minor veneer chips. 9-98697 (2,000-3,000)


GEORGE III MAHOGANY SIDE CHAIR. 18th Century. Lobed top rail above a pierced carved splat, square legs supported by an H stretcher. Green reupholstered seat. SIZE: 36-1/2” h x 18-1/2” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. Replacements to blocking. 12-12229 (400-800)


FINE SHERATON MAHOGANY THREE-DRAWER WASH STAND/SIDE TABLE. Top has tall three sided splash back, three side by side drawers. Bottom shelf with curved front all supported by four finely turned legs. Period oval brasses have grape clusters. SIZE: 39” h x 34” w x 19” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99591 (400-600)


OUTSTANDING PAPIER-MÂCHÉ ENGLISH WORK TABLE. Decorated in gilt and mother of pearl on a black ground. Top hinged lid opens to reveal fitted compartment with covers, some with spool holes. The center has large lid which opens to reveal a large storage area which extends down into the base support. The quatrefoil base has scroll feet and wonderful decoration throughout. As fine an example as you will find. SIZE: 31-1/2” h x 23-1/2” w x 15” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99049 (2,000-3,000)


LOUIS E. DELIUS (American, 19th Century) ENOREE RIVER, SOUTH CAROLINA. Large oil on canvas scene shows a river with cascading small rapids lined with large trees with a dirt road with wagon ruts and fallen leaves. A man sits on log with dog at side of road. Signed lower right “L. Delius”. Housed in its original 8” gesso decorated frame which is as is. PROVENANCE: The painting was found in “The Villa” which was an Italian Villa style home, also known as the Old Copeland home in South Carolina and has passed down since that time. Accompanying the lot is a report of the conservancy and history of the painting. SIZE: 25” x 42”. CONDITION: Small patch to back, recently cleaned. Minor inpainting, very good. 9-98277 (2,000-4,000)


EDMUND C COATES (American, 1816-1871) MOONLIGHT BOAT RIDE. Oil on canvas nighttime scene shows two people in rowboat on body of water bordered by trees under a bright full moon. Sky has gray clouds and yellow reflections. Signed lower left “EC Coates”. Housed in a naturalistic carved deep walnut period frame with gold liner. SIZE: 20” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98986 (2,500-3,000)


HERMAN FUCHSEL (FUECHSEL) (American, 1833-1915) MOUNTAIN RIVER. Oil on board shows landscape scene with cascading river with rocky banks lined with evergreens. Tall snow covered peak and smaller mountains in front. Reminiscent of Mt. Washington, NH area or N.Y. Signed lower right “H Fuchsel”. Housed in painted gold molded wood frame. SIZE: 12” x 17-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98995 (2,000-4,000)


SEMI-ANTIQUE ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Central red field has six connected diamonds, multiple borders in colors of red, blue, gold and ivory. SIZE: 6’10” x 3’10”. CONDITION: Good. Missing fringe. 9-98920 (400-600)


SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAMADAN ORIENTAL RUG. Seraband design with colors of blue, ivory and red. SIZE: 6’2” x 3’3”. CONDITION: Good. 9-99478 (400-600)


FINE PANELED DOOR NARROW CUPBOARD. Single door has three raised panels with turned wood knob. Inside set with five shelves in light blue. Outside is a light greenish/gray paint. Cornice molded top, probably at one time a built in cupboard. Door framed with multiple moldings. SIZE: 91” h x 36-1/2” w x 17” d. CONDITION: Generally very good, some expected wear. 9-99722 (3,000-5,000)


SET OF EIGHT NEW ENGLAND MUSTARD PAINTED DECORATED WINDSOR CHAIRS. Probably of Maine origin. Chairs have bamboo turnings, five tapered spindle back with simple shaped crest. Shaped plank seat with painted stencil type decoration of fruit to crest. First half of the 19th Century. SIZE: 32-1/2” h x 16-1/2” seat h. CONDITION: Some touch up or repaint in the same color. Some old repairs. Generally very good. 9-99430 (2,000-3,000)


FINE PAINTED CHILD’S ROPE BED. All original including side rails. The headboard with nicely turned posts supporting a pointed top headboard with notched top. Footboard of similar design but smaller. Painted in an original black paint. SIZE: 36” w x 68-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99720 (500-1,000)


FINE GRAIN PAINTED PINE LIFT TOP BLANKET CHEST. Mustard and light brown grain flame painting. Molded edge hinged lid with lidded till. Six board blanket box resting on turned legs. SIZE: 26” h x case 42” x 20”. CONDITION: Generally very good. Some expected wear and cracks. 9-99570 (1,500-2,000)


ORIGINAL PAINT DECORATED COUNTRY SHERATON WASH STAND. The free hand painted stand with grain type painting, stencil decoration with fruit and hand lined highlights. One drawer on bottom tier, top has hole for bowl and nice splash back with scroll decoration. SIZE: 38” h x 17” w x 14” d. CONDITION: Some minor wear, very good. 9-99645 (1,200-1,500)


UNKNOWN (Early 19th Century) “THE ATTACK MADE ON TRIPOLI …UNDER COMMODORE EDWARD PREBLE”. Extremely rare engraving titled “The Attack Made on Tripoli on the 3rd of Aug. 1804 by the American Squadron Under Commodore Edward Preble”. The print is unsigned and depicts several American ships surrounding and bombarding a hilltop fortress and city. The broadside view of the Constitution frigate commanded by Preble is seen in foreground. Someone in early 19th Century pen has lettered it “A” and indexed it below the title as being “The Constitution Frigate, Commodore Preble”. According to Capt. Edward Preble’s journal regarding this particular attack, 262 rounds from the ships were fired into the town and fort. Killed in the attack was Lieut. James Decatur and wounded was Capt. Decatur and eleven others. This was the first of three attacks in August with the final action of September 3rd. Preble was born in Falmouth, Maine. Preble and his Tripolitan campaign became one of the focal points for the development of the fighting tradition of the US Navy. Preble is considered one of Maine’s distinguished military men. SIGHT SIZE: 13” x 17”. CONDITION: Poor. Print has folds, tears, foxing but is generally intact with good image and full legend. It shows some stitching and appears to be stitched on backing. 9-98585 (1,500-2,000)


HUMPHREY PHELPS (American, Publisher, 19th Century) “WASHINGTON (CROSSING THE DELAWARE)”. Engraving on paper showing Washington with folding telescope seated on large horse. Titled below image. Also “Published by Humphrey Phelps 336 Bowery & 157 Broadway N. York Augst 1st 1833”. Housed in an early cherry and mahogany frame of the federal period. SIZE: 16-1/2” x 13”. CONDITION: Foxing and toning to paper, tear up from bottom margin 5”, stains to edges. 9-98588 (400-600)


CURRIER & IVES (American, Publisher, 19th Century) “LIEUT. GEN. WINFIELD SCOTT”. Colored lithograph shows 3/4 portrait of Scott in blue and gold uniform. Title includes “General in Chief of the US Army 477”. Housed in a period frame. SIGHT SIZE: 17-1/4” x 12-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Some light discoloration to background. 9-98584 (100-200)


CIVIL WAR BATTLEFIELD DIORAMA ANTIETAM SEPTEMBER 17TH, 1862. Rectangular diorama shows two cannons manned by four Confederate soldiers with American flag under trees firing down on a group of dead and bloody Union soldiers with loose Confederate flag. Scene is to depict the Sunken Road battle. Painted background with wide title border on bottom, made of wood cut and painted letters. Shadow box frame with painted black wood and glass front. SIZE: 14-1/2” x 16-1/2” x 2-1/2” d. CONDITION: Good. 9-99656 (1,000-2,000)


CIVIL WAR ERA DECORATED DRUM BY WILLIAM SEMPF, NEW YORK. Circa 1860. Inside label “William Sempf Manufacturer of Base and Snare Drums 209 & 211 Grand St, New York…”. An oval stamp is also inside stating “Dixie White Olaf”. This is located on the drum head. There is a pencil signature next to the label “76 TSU”. Outside of the drum has black decoration to the outside wood bands. Central band decorated with eagle and shield. The outside rope appears to have been replaced. The drum was owned by Frank George Horton who was the son of George Horton. Birthplace Cattaraugus County, New York around 1840 and settled in Illinois. It has descended in the family. Frank George Hor ton enlisted June 2, 1862. Discharged September 27, 1862 at the age of 21. 57th Co. Regiment of Illinois Bols Infantry. He re-enlisted for an unknown period of time afterwards. SIZE: 8-3/4” x 16” w. CONDITION: One split in drum head, generally very good. 9-99813 (800-1,200)


BRASS-HANDLED U.S. ISSUE SWORD. The straight blade marked “U. S. 1861” and initialed, “J. H”. Original scabbard is present but is as is. SIZE: 34-1/2”, blade 28”. CONDITION: Generally good and as noted above. 9-98534 (300-500)


ORIENTAL SWORD. 15-1/4” blade with a 4-3/8” tang having a single Mekugiana. The temper line is not visible due to pitting. Side knife with grass signature. SIZE: Overall 25-1/4”. CONDITION: Missing pin and wrap on handle. Scabbard has damage and missing part. 9-99082 (500-1,000)


CUT DOWN MODEL 1863 SPRINGFIELD MUSKET. Bored out smooth shotgun. Wood stock in good condition with old patina. Saddle rings present. Fold down peep sight. Makes a great wall hanger. SIZE: 32” barrel. 47-1/2” overall. CONDITION: Rust, fair to good. 9-99088 (300-500)


TWO PIECE STEPBACK CUPBOARD IN RED PAINT. The bottom section with two paneled doors with wood knobs and wood latches. Two shelves behind. A scrubbed top surface supporting a three shelf plate rack top SIZE: 68” h x 47” at widest x 21-1/4” d CONDITION: Good. Probably a married piece. 9-99713 (2,500-4,000)


SET OF SIX ORIGINAL GREEN PAINTED WINDSOR CHAIRS. Half spindle back with shaped crest and splayed stiles on a plank shaped seat with four ring turned legs with box stretcher. Original green paint has mustard and yellow decoration with two large red roses and white flowers to crest. Mid-Atlantic states, mid 19th Century. Three chairs are signed on base in pencil “L Wheeler Pine Grove, PA”. SIZE: 32-1/2” h x 17” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99433 (1,200-1,500)


NEW YORK STATE TIGER MAPLE SIDEBOARD. Top area has three small drawers over a large central butler’s drawer with hinged drawer front that opens for writing surface and contains five drawers and six cubbyholes. Bottom section with two doors flanking a vertical row of four small drawers. Each outfitted with a turned dark wood knob. Beautiful tiger maple wood with the central drawer having a band of birdseye maple. Supported by large scroll feet, which extend as side columns. Cherry top with a column sided backsplash. SIZE: 59-1/2” h x case 47” w x 21-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally very good with nice patina. 9-99063 (2,000-3,000)


FEDERAL TWO PART PICTURE MIRROR. Gilt frame with half columns and cornice molded top. Reverse painting on glass of arched bridge, dirt road and building. SIZE: 37-1/4” h x 21” w. CONDITION: Generally good, some chipping to gesso. 9-99470 (400-600)


FINE NEEDLEWORK WILD FAMILY REGISTER BY SARAH WILD, 1814. Colorful register has twenty-one lines, all of the Wild family starting in 1768 and ending in 1812. Bottom outlined area “Sarah Wild Work February 22, 1814 Aged 11 Years”. Each line has a different symbol at each end including flowers, dogs, trees, etc. The register is bordered with pictures of vase of flowers, chairs, crowns, roosters, etc. Outside with flower vine border. Housed in a gold molded wood frame with white matte. In old writing on back “Property of William Heath Hawkins, Shavertown, PA”. SIGHT SIZE: 20” x 17-1/4”. CONDITION: Vertical 1-1/2” break to center, some fading to center twelve lines, otherwise good. 9-99476 (1,000-1,500)


CARVED WOOD AND PAINTED EAGLE PLAQUE. The gold spread wing eagle holding a red, white and blue shield. Two red, white and blue flags on poles at either side. Unsigned. SIZE: 29-1/4” w x 11-1/2”h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98898 (1,000-1,500)


GOOD PAINTED CANADIAN GOOSE DECOY. Possibly by Joe Lincoln. Nicely carved head. Appears to be in old, if not original black and white paint. SIZE: 25” l x 9-1/2” w. CONDITION: 20% paint chipping. Neck has damage where pegged. Otherwise good. 9-98278 (800-1,200)


OUTSTANDING PAINTED AND CARVED WOOD DOLLHOUSE. Carved slatted red roof has lift up panel for setting up. White carved clapboard siding with green windows. White interior surrounding shelf for set up and open first floor. There is a turn mechanism, which probably supported a curtain drop. PROVENANCE: Found in the Digby County, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia area. SIZE: 27” h x 26” l x 26” w. CONDITION: Generally very good. Two corner trim boards missing. 9-99762 (800-1,200)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A GIRL WITH FLOWERS. Unframed. Fine oil on canvas portrait of a young girl with curly light brown hair. She wears a fancy brown dress with lace collar and sleeves. She holds a large spray of colorful wildflowers in her hands. Light brown background with red curtain. Probably New York State. Unsigned. SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Relined, very good. Some inpainting and restoration. 9-99350 (1,000-2,000)


S. HAR _ _ (19th Century) THE LONG SWING. Primitive round oil on canvas scene shows a house with thatched roof, woman seated in doorway and three children playing on dirt and grass area. A young girl is seen swinging on a long swing suspended from a large branch of a tall tree. A young boy helps her swing while another one is seated looking on. Signed lower right which could be “S. Hardy”? Housed in a replacement round wood gilt frame. A wonderful scene with primitive qualities. SIZE: 20” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99652 (800-1,200)


FINE LARGE AND IMPRESSIVE FEDERAL PERIOD CONVEX MIRROR. The round framed mirror with ebonized interior surface having star decoration. Circa 1820. SIZE: 31-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99858 (500-1,000)


FINE MAHOGANY PHILADELPHIA CARVED DROP LEAF BREAKFAST TABLE. Animal paw feet with carved knees, quatrefoil base with four carved posts supporting the drop leaf top with frieze having one drawer and faux drawer. SIZE: 28” h x 38” d x 22” (closed); 47” (open). CONDITION: Very good. 9-99805 (2,000-3,000)


MAHOGANY FOUR DRAWER CHIPPENDALE SLANT FRONT DESK. Original brass bale handles, interior with thirteen drawers and four cubbyholes, central star inlaid door hiding one compartment and one drawer. Applied bracket base. SIZE: 43” h x 42” w x 21-3/4” d. CONDITION: Some side warp to lid, otherwise very good. 9-96310 (2,000-3,000)


HEPPLEWHITE MAHOGANY INLAID SHAPED TOP CARD TABLE. Modified D-shape having oval panel with banded and string inlay. Eastern Massachusetts, Circa 1800. SIZE: 29-3/4” h x 36” w x 17-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99450 (3,000-5,000)


SHERATON MAHOGANY BOWFRONT FOUR DRAWER CHEST. Each drawer fitted with two oval brass pulls and flanked by spiral carved columns with top section having carved cornucopia against a star punched background. Porringer top corners. All on tall turned legs. Attributed to the McIntire Family, Salem, Massachusetts. First quarter of the 19th Century. SIZE: 41-1/2” h x case 38” w x 20” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99448 (3,000-5,000)


HEPPLEWHITE MAHOGANY MARTHA WASHINGTON ARMCHAIR. Cyma curved crest having shaped arms, square legs with stretcher. Gold brocade type fabric. SIZE: 45” h x 16-1/2” seat h x 26” across front. CONDITION: Upholstery has some stains and tear, front right arm support has break. Otherwise good. 9-99456 (3,000-5,000)


FINE SHEFFIELD SILVER PLATED TEA URN. Circa 1800. Urn form with turned finial and shallow looped handles, decorative scroll handled spigot mounted on a round pedestal base. Unmarked. PROVENANCE: Geoffrey Rose LTD., London. SIZE: 18” h. CONDITION: Some small dents but generally in very good condition. 9-99230 (500-800)


PAIR OF SHEFFIELD TYPE CANDLESTICKS. Early sticks have separate bobeches, unmarked. SIZE: 10” h. CONDITION: Some loss to plating, bottoms have melted pitch? which has made the bottom uneven and needs to be restored. 9-99155 (250-400)


FINE SILVER AND BALEEN HANDLED PIMMS LADLE. The silver bowl hallmarked “HA EA FA A”. The 11” thin twist decorated baleen handle has silver end. SIZE: Total 14” long. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99625 (200-400)


PAIR OF ANTIQUE ENGLISH SHEFFIELD WINE COASTERS. Turned fruitwood bases. 19th Century. SIZE: 6” dia. CONDITION: Good. 9-99506 (200-300)


FINE PAIR OF THREE RING CUT LIQUOR DECANTERS. Matched pair with bevel cutting with central diamond point band. Each decanter supporting English sterling (Birmingham) liquor tags, one “Whiskey” and the other “Scotch”. Both have matching appropriate cut glass stoppers. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 10” h total. CONDITION: One has chip close to base on one of the bevels, otherwise very good. 9-98341 (300-500)


ORIENTAL SCATTER RUG. Center gold medallion with arrow ends on a rust and blue field in colors of red, gold, blue and ivory. First half of the 20th Century. SIZE: 4’9” x 3’4”. CONDITION: Even wear, loss to end fringes. 9-98616 (300-500)


SEMI-ANTIQUE PERSIAN HAMADAN SCATTER RUG. Center medallion on a red field with all over pattern in colors of red, blue and ivory. SIZE: 6’8” x 3’3”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99477 (300-400)


FINE PAIR OF BALL AND ACORN BRASS ANDIRONS. Acorn finial over a ball with vase-shaped shaft. Spur decorated legs ending in ball feet. Matching log stocks. Probably New York, late 18th century. SIZE: 23-1/2” h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-99051 (800-1,200)


LARGE 19TH CENTURY IRON AND BRASS FIREPLACE FENDER. Nice wire work D-shaped fender has brass top. SIZE: 15” h x 63” w x 15” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99316 (500-600)


PAIR OF IRON GOOSE NECK ANDIRONS. Faceted ball top, small feet. SIZE: 17-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99717 (400-800)


SET OF THREE BRASS FIREPLACE TOOLS. Set includes shovel and two pairs of tongs. SIZE: Approximately 33” l. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-99131 (200-300)


REGENCY INLAID MAHOGANY WORK TABLE. First quarter 19th C. The cross-banded top with two D-shaped leaves above two shallow cockbeaded drawers fitted with ivory pulls. Bottom drawer has partitioned interior, other drawer has dividers. There are two top faux drawers which hide a compartment that is accessed by the lift-top center section. Back side has identical faux drawer front. All raised on lyre form supports joined by a carved ring-turned center stretcher. Four scrolled legs with molded tops. SIZE: 37-1/3” h x 18-1/3” w (closed); 35” w (open) x 16-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good, some minor veneer damage. One small knob missing. 12-226 (1,500-3,500)


FINE WALNUT GRADUATED HANGING SHELF. Fine American form having three shaped shelves from 7-1/2” d to 9-1/2” d. Nice cutout sides with nice patina. SIZE: 28” h x 25-1/4” w. CONDITION: Very good. Old repair to top left back of side. 9-99322 (600-800)


OUTSTANDING INLAID LIFT TOP WRITING STAND. 19th Century. Fitted with one drawer with writing slide, inkwell and sander and open compartment. Top lifts with easel support in three different positions. Interior with birdseye maple decorative wood. The top with rosewood or ebony veneers inlaid with intricate 8” circle at center with one inlaid leaf design at each corner. The drawer front and sides with decorative inlaid leaf panels. Ormolu mounts at four corners with brass line inlay. One ormolu mount for foot is present, other three are missing. PROVENANCE: Franzen/Cummings Estate, Bristol, Maine. SIZE: 28” h x 22-1/2” w x 14-1/2” d. CONDITION: Some brass loose, horizontal repaired crack to top and stains. Otherwise good. Also as indicated above. 9-98346 (800-1,200)


ONE DRAWER MAHOGANY BOWFRONT DRESSING TABLE. Ring turned legs support a bowed top with bowed drawer in frieze. Oval bale handled brasses. SIZE: 31” h x 36” w x 21” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-97276 (900-1,100)


UNSIGNED (American, First half of the 19th Century) FOLK PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Oil on canvas half portrait of a gentleman with black hair with receding hairline. He wears a black coat with white shirt. The right side of the painting has classical column with red swag curtain. Background is greenish/gray. Housed in a fantastic leather decorated wood frame. The leather decoration appears to be original and encompasses an applied motif of flowers, berries and leaves. The edge with a crimped ripple design. A rare and unusual treatment for a period painting. PROVENANCE: From a South Hadley, Massachusetts Library Historical Collection. SIZE: 30” x 24”. CONDITION: Some minor touch up. Areas have craquelure with consolidated paint. Generally good. 9-99424 (2,500-3,500)


ATTRIBUTED TO JOHN S. BLUNT (American, 1798-1835) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG WOMAN. Oil on wood panel half portrait shows woman with brown dress wearing bead necklace, fancy drop earring and ring. She has brown eyes and her hair is in an unusual fancy high style. Unframed. SIZE: 30” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. Some very light chipping along grain of wood. 9-99351 (2,000-4,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) INTERIOR SCENE WITH WOMAN. Detailed oval watercolor on paper shows a young woman with black curly hair seated with arm resting on federal type stand with open book. She holds small spray of flowers and has a wide lace trim at shoulders. Behind her is a grain painted stand, which holds a clear glass pedestal goldfish bowl with two fish. Two paintings are seen on wall, one a ship, the other a harbor scene. Room furnishings indicate first half of the 19th Century. Housed in a black beaded edge oval frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 10” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good, some light foxing. 9-98854 (2,500-3,500)


ANTIQUE SHIP DIORAMA. Shadowbox frame has two mast black hulled ship in full sail going left to right. A large church like structure is seen on a painted background with blue sky. Wonderful carved walnut period frame. SIZE: 13” h x 21” w. CONDITION: Some discoloration to varnish, otherwise very good. 9-99542 (500-800)


CASED MODEL OF THE PILOT BOAT “METEOR” OF BOSTON. The steam and sail boat has nice woodwork including decks, lifeboats, masts and hull. The hull is painted red and black. Deck is white and natural. A very fine wood and glass case. SIZE: Boat is 31” l x 20” h. Case 24” h x 42” w x 13” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99499 (1,200-1,500)


FINE MAHOGANY ANTIQUE MARINE STICK BAROMETER BY JAMES BASSNETT, LIVERPOOL. 19th Century having brass gimbel with wall bracket. Brass cistern covering. Ivory scale signed. SIZE: 38” h. CONDITION: Mercury tube appears to be missing. Otherwise good. 9-99077 (3,000-4,000)


CASED BRASS SEXTANT BY SPENCER BROWNING & RUFT, LONDON. Rosewood handle and brass sextant fits in case with label marked “John Kehew, New Bedford”. SIZE: Case is 11” x 13”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-98235 (450-650)


EARLY CASED DRY COMPASS BY HAGGER & BROTHER, BALTIMORE. Dial printed with name also “179 Water St. Burling Slip”. Engraved by “W. Hooker”. Index card written “Schooener Wm. Steavens Capt. T. Towers”. Housed in an early dovetailed red stain box with sliding lid. SIZE: 7” h x 10” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98228 (200-250)


LARGE PIECE OF BALEEN WITH SCRIMSHAW. Scenes of ships flying American flag, whaling ships with sperm whale and small boats, birds, large house with trees, bridge with man on horseback, crucifixion with man with arrow, snake and much more. Unsigned. SIZE: 98-1/2” l x 10” at widest. CONDITION: One 9” section of tip has repair. Some damage to surface but scenes are still visible. 9-99327 (1,000-2,000)


PAIR OF WHALE EAR BONES. Undecorated shell shaped heavy ivory type bone. PROVENANCE: Danforth Estate, Cozy Harbor, Maine. SIZE: 5” l x 3” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99152 (200-400)


CARVED IVORY JAGGING WHEEL. Handle decorated with pierce carved hearts and decorative scrolling. 2-1/4” wheel fastened with metal. SIZE: 7-1/2” l. CONDITION: There are two very old cracks on the top surface of one side. They do not go through and can only been seen on one side. There are repairs and replacements. 9-95332 (500-1,000)


FINE IVORY PIN CUSHION JEWELRY BOX. Oval carved ivory box has removable pin cushion top with compartment in tufted velvet. Carved monogram on front and leather bottom. SIZE: 3-1/4” h x 5” x 4”. CONDITION: Pin cushion shows some use, otherwise very good. 9-98723 (300-500)


CARVED IVORY ELEPHANT. Nicely formed with curving trunk and tusks. SIZE: 5” h x 9” l. CONDITION: Age cracks. Good. 9-99505 (300-500)


ANTIQUE INLAID SEAMAN’S CHEST. Teak or camphor wood with elaborate tulip and star inlay having lidded till and side handles. Wonderful dark and light inlays with flowers and designs. Dovetailed chest with nice molded edge top. SIZE: 14-3/4” h x 30-3/4” w x 14-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99468 (400-600)


C. MYRON CLARK (American, 1876-1925) SHIP CONSTITUTION. Oil on canvas seascape shows the ship Constitution sailing left to right with most sails up and flags flying atop masts in front of four other tall ships and one off bow. Green wavy sea with light blue sky. Signed lower left “C. Myron Clark”. Housed in a good gilt wood carved frame. SIZE: CONDITION: Relined, horizontal split along stretcher side, partially inpainted. Canvas has been cleaned, restored with some inpainting. Thin surface paint. 9-97462 (1,500-2,500)


HENDRICKS A. HALLETT (American, 1847-1921) HARBOR SAILING SCENE. Fine watercolor scene shows central two-mast sailboat laden with cargo. Other ships including one schooner along side tugboat, three-mast schooner and others. Cloud strewn blue sky with lone seagull. Signed lower right “HA Hallett”. Housed in a fine gilt molded wood frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 11” x 16”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-98461 (1,200-1,800)


REGINALD ARTHUR BORSTEL (Australian, 1875-1922) SHIP PORTRAIT OF THE “CHILLICOTHE”. Oil on canvas on board shows a three-mast black hulled sailing vessel sailing right to left in full sail flying American flag. Several people are seen on board. Titled in the painting “Chillicothe”. Signed lower left “R.A. Borstel 1920”. On right side “Harris & Laidlaw 210 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW”. Housed in a modern silver gilt wood frame. Bostel is listed in the Dictionary of Marine Artists by Brewington and has paintings in the Mariners Museum amongst others. SIZE: 13-1/2” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-99282 (1,000-1,500)


INLAID MAHOGANY CENTENNIAL HEPPLEWHITE STYLE SIDEBOARD. Center section with long drawer over three drawers over two cabinet doors flanked by bottle drawers. Side sections have top drawer with cupboard door. Doors have decorative inlay including vase of flowers and spiral pinwheel type design. Drawers have line inlay outlines and legs have bellflower. Sideboard stands on six tapered legs. SIZE: 42” h x 65” w x 20-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. Cuffs at ankle are missing inlay and minor chips on piece. 9-99231 (1,500-2,500)