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Spring 2018 Extraordinary Firearms Auction

March 21, 22, 23, 2018: 10am

  • Auction: March 21, 22, 23, 2018: 10am
  • Preview: March 19 & 20, 2018: 9am-5pm
  • Preview: March 21, 22, 23, 2018: 8am-10am
  • Catalog with Prices Realized

Thank you to all of our clients who helped make our 3-Day Extraordinary Firearms Auction a spectacular success, generating over $14.9 million in gross sales. A standing-room only crowd packed the house for the last auction of any kind to be held in our Fairfield, Maine auction facility, and together with hundreds of online, telephone and absentee bidders from around the world you all helped to make our Grand Finale auction unforgettable. Email notifications have gone out to the winning bidders, and mailed invoices will go out by March 27, which include information for arranging pick-up and/or delivery of your items. Thank you to all, we couldn’t be more proud of the history we have created (and bought and sold) together over the years! A more complete recap of the auction will be posted soon!

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We have been involved in the auction business for nearly 50 years now, and for the last 15 years we have been the leading auction house in the world for high end, rare and valuable firearms. We have sold more rare and valuable sporting arms than any other auction house in the world, we are the world’s leading seller of important Civil War and Confederate items, we have also sold more Class 3 weapons than any other auction house in North America and much more. Now, with our merger to Morphy Auctions, the Morphy and Julia companies take pride going into the future with the ability to offer sellers and buyers alike the finest auction experience in the world.

After our Spring Extraordinary Firearms Auction on March 21, 22 & 23, all future auctions will take place at Morphy Auctions in Denver, PA. For more information on the consignment process and to get started, please use the links below…

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Fall 2017 Extraordinary Firearms Auction
Grosses Over $15.1 Million

October 31, November 1 & 2, 2017: 10am

Extraordinary Auction - Catalog Cover
Extraordinary Auction - Catalog Cover
  • Auction: October 31, November 1 & 2, 2017: 10am
  • Preview: October 30, 2017: 9am - 7pm
  • Preview: October 31: 7am - 10am | November 1 & 2: 8am - 10am
  • Catalog with Prices Realized

James D. Julia’s Fall 2017 Extraordinary Firearms Auction Grosses More Than $15.1 Million

Thank you to all of our clients who helped make our Fall 2017 Extraordinary Firearms Auction a tremendous success, generating more than $15.1 million in sales! For years we have sold at auction more rare and high end firearms for over $10,000 each than any other auction house in the world. This was proven again with no fewer than 9 World Records achieved and approximately 390 lots realizing $10,000 or more, 136 lots hitting $25,000 or more, nearly 40 lots coming in over $50,000 or more, and 9 lots topped out over $100,000.

For nearly two decades now, Julia’s has been the world’s leading auction house for rare and valuable sporting arms. This auction featured over 500 lots of sporting arms which generated nearly $5 million, again confirming Julia’s leadership as the place to buy and to sell truly great sporting guns. Sporting guns showed great strength, regardless of gauge, as collectors seek out high quality arms. Stars of the sale included several of the A.H. Fox shotguns from the Dana J. Tauber Estate Collection, undoubtedly the finest collection of A.H. Fox shotguns to ever come to auction. The pièce de résistance from this collection was the exceptionally rare (1 of 3), extremely fine 20 bore Fox FE with special gold inlays. This highly coveted gun was estimated at $150,000-225,000 and realized $166,750, making it the top shotgun of the sale. Parkers and Winchesters did well and an outstanding Parker A-1 Special from the Bouwkamp Collection brought an astounding $142,600 against an estimate of $75,000-125,000, an exceptional price for an exceptional 12 gauge A-1 Special. Numerous fine Winchester Model 21s were included in the auction, the most important of which was a custom 20 gauge finished with 5 inlaid gold stars for the first chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff and one of just nine 5-star generals in the history of the US armed forces, Omar Bradley. Estimated at $100,000-200,000, it generated $115,000.

Not to be outdone by their American counterparts, fine sporting guns from England and Europe also performed quite well in this auction. A stunning masterpiece by Holland & Holland known as the “Swan Gun”, a Royal Hammerless Ejector gun with extraordinary sculptured decorations with multi-gold inlays was estimated at $70,000-110,000 and sold for $120,750. A pair of truly superb original condition, lightweight, 16 gauge Golden Age Boss Sidelock Ejector guns came on the block with an estimate of $35,000-55,000 but flew far, far above the high estimate to an incredible $155,250. A stunning James Purdey and Sons Hammer Underlever 8 bore rifle was estimated at $60,000-80,000 and brought $69,000. Golden Age H&H Royal Hammerless Double Rifle .30 caliber Super was estimated at $35,000- 60,000 and realized $50,600. A superb Purdey Hammer Pigeon shotgun with exquisite relief engraving was of Royal descent, which at one time belonged to King Alphonso of Spain, sold for $57,500. An unusual cased pair of high condition John Dickson Sidelock Ejector Game Shotguns in 12 gauge were estimated at $45,000-55,000 and when the bidding stopped, the final price realized was $51,750.

Julia’s also regularly sells more high end, rare and valuable Confederate and Civil War arms than any other auction house extant today and this auction featured three well-known collections. The most competed for gun was an extremely rare Confederate Scoped Second Quality Whitworth Sharp Shooter’s rifle from the outstanding estate collection of Confederate and historical arms of Morris Racker. Estimated at $40,000- 60,000, it flew to almost 3 times the high estimate at $161,000 setting a new auction world record for this model. One of the true rarities and among the most coveted revolvers in Confederate collecting is the brass framed percussion revolver made in Portsmouth, Virginia by Thomas W. Cofer. This auction included Cofer revolver serial number 11, which is by far the finest example known. Estimated at $100,000-150,000, it sold for $103,500. Also from the Racker Collection was an extremely rare inscribed and cased early 1st model LeMat Grapeshot revolver that belonged to Confederate surgeon Thomas B. Memminger, son of Confederate Secretary of Treasure Christopher G. Memminger that sold for $57,500 against an estimate of $25,000-35,000. A very rare Colt Walker percussion revolver from the Robert Roughton Collection brought $71,875. The Fred Donaldson Estate featured a fine 1st model Griswold revolver that belonged to Confederate Captain John Morton that brought $23,000. A fine Civil War Cyrus Alger 1853-dated bronze 12 pounder Mountain Howitzer was estimated at $45,000-60,000 and sold above estimate at $69,000. After all was said and done, more than 170 rare Civil War arms and related items were sold in this auction, generating a total of nearly $2 million.

This auction also featured the largest offering of Virginia Manufactory firearms to come to auction in many years, a total of 15 arms. The top performer was a rare 1809 dated 1st model pistol from the 3rd Virginia Regiment from the collection of Robert Roughton. It is very difficult to find examples of this gun in original flint, especially with the very desirable Virginia Regiment markings such as this one. After some intense bidding, this nearly all-original gun sold for $46,000, nearly four times the high end of its $8,000-12,000 estimate.

Since 2008, James D. Julia, Inc. has sold more Class 3 firearms than all other North American auction houses combined, both in the number of units and in dollar value. This auction continued that tradition, generating extremely strong results with 102 lots sold bringing in excess of $2.3 million and six new auction world records. Leading the way for the Class 3 results was a Chinese Type 56 (AK-47) which came with a signed and notarized history from the U.S. Airforce pilot who acquired this gun during his combat tour in Viet Nam, and subsequently registered it during the Amnesty of 1968. A stellar specimen for its kind, it was estimated at $70,000-100,000 and when the hammer fell it had sold for $86,250. An exceedingly rare and highly desirable Cadillac Gage Stoner Model 63 LMG brought an auction world record price of $74,750 against an estimate of $50,000-80,000. Another world record came from an iconic and original German WWII MG-42 with tripod, which shattered its estimate of $35,000-40,000 and sold for $74,750. Another rare Class 3 record breaker was an exceedingly rare Model 1919 Colt Monitor Automatic Machine Rifle estimated at $50,000-75,000 and sold for $71,785. A historic Savage US Model 1917 Lewis machine gun that featured a US Navy anchor proof on the receiver and bolt soared past its estimate of $15,000-25,000 to bring an auction world record price of $57,500. A Japanese Type 92 Heavy Machine Gun on Tripod with numerous accessories was highly competitive and sold for an auction world record $40,250 against an estimate of $18,000-28,000. Rounding out the Class 3 offerings were a number iconic Thompson sub machine guns, aka Tommy Guns, which were all highly sought after and brought strong prices. The best of these was an early Colt Model 1921 Thompson, serial number 935, originally purchased by the Santa Maria, California Police Department with just one private owner since. When Thompsons with serial numbers under 1000 surface for sale it is noteworthy. To find one in this kind of original condition with such provenance is truly extraordinary. Estimated at $45,000-60,000, this fantastic high condition example brought $51,750.

In addition to being the undisputed leader for Class 3 firearms, Julia’s also specializes in other military arms and related items. This auction showcased a number of hard-to-find military weapons, including a Mauser C96 with exquisite factory engraving, special grips and matching burl stock. This gem of a gun was estimated at $35,000-65,000 and achieved a final price of $51,750. An extremely rare 20-shot Astra Model 900 semi-auto pistol with holster stock and original Astra box in excellent condition brought $37,375 against a $30,000-40,000 estimate. Gas Trap Garand rifles are a Holy Grail for many military collectors and are rarely offered at any price. This auction included an early production Springfield Armory M1 Gas Trap Garand rifle that was assembled in January 1938 with provenance attributable to well-known author and Springfield rifle collector, William S. Brophy. It carried an estimate of $17,500-22,500 and after some very competitive bidding was sold for $20,700. Several military vehicles were also sold in this auction, including a rare and desirable Soviet T-34/85 tank. The T-34 was arguably the best tank of the Second World War, and this particular example sold for $46,000.

As is usually the case for James D. Julia, this auction included numerous important and in some cases, iconic collections. The Warren Buxton Collection is a great example of an old iconic collection. Warren was a wonderful man, passionate collector, great scholar and amassed what is most certainly the finest, most comprehensive collection of Walther arms remaining in private hands today. He was also the author of what is considered to be the three Bibles on Walther pistols. This auction represented the second session for this collection, and among the notable items that are representative of discretion that Warren applied to his collection was an experimental Walther PP with a unique mechanism and semi-shrouded/solid hammer, distinctly different from production versions of this gun. It sold for $31,625 against an estimate of $20,000-30,000. Another fantastic example from the Buxton collection was a Walther Armee-Pistole in original condition with two matching magazines that is one of just 50 such firearms made for testing prior to the military’s acceptance of the P38. The late production, all matching specimen was estimated at $27,500-35,000 and sold for $28,750.

There were a great many other exciting results for various other rare firearms and related items, drawing interest of collectors from around the world. The iconic and historic silver mounted Hawken Rifle of George W. Atchison of St. Louis, Missouri, 1836 is no doubt the finest and most elaborate of all Hawken rifles. Until now this gun had never left the family descents of E.R. Butterworth, who obtained the gun during his travels west in the 1870s, and was displayed in the Cody Firearms Museum for two decades. It sold for $109,250, exceeding its estimate of $80,000-100,000. The Winchester “1 of 1000” rifle is legendary, and a very rare and well documented Winchester Model 1873 “1 of 1,000” estimated at $75,000-125,000 brought a price of $103,500. A superb condition cased pair of double barreled flintlock carriage pistols with spring loaded bayonets by Isaac Blissett landed an auction world record price for any pair of bayonetted carriage pistols at $63,250 against an estimate of $27,500-35,000. An engraved and nickel plated Colt Medium Frame Lightning Rifle, which was Colt’s first attempt at a pump action rifle, that belonged to seven-term Mexican President Porfirio Diaz exceeded its estimate of $25,000-45,000 and sold for $51,750.

Dozens of edged weapons were sold in this auction, including an extremely rare inscribed Scagel utility knife with ultra-rare ivory scales and original sheath from the Douglass H. Sandrock Collection. The blade on this extraordinary Scagel knife is marked on the right side in period script and sold for $23,000 against an estimate of $20,000-30,000. Also from the Sandrock Collection was a mint condition Scagel camp knife that was also estimated at $20,000-30,000 and sold for $20,700. A quite rare “War of 1812” US regulation naval boarding ax sailed through its $7,000-9,000 estimate and sold for $20,125.

The majority of the high value items in this auction were sold in our first session known as the “Extraordinary Session.” The last two days of the auction featured the “Sporting & Collector Session” which consists of quality, moderately priced collectible firearms. There was particularly strong participation on both of those days with an unprecedented number of bids for a Julia firearms auction, and moderately valued guns did extremely well, achieving prices that were on average 28% over low estimate of the lots sold.

Julia’s actively pursues rare and collectible firearms from all over the world and they are now preparing for our Spring 2018 auction. Our advertised special 0% commission rate to consignors selling high value guns is unique in the industry and is one of the many reasons Julia’s continually sells so many high end guns. As the #1 auction house in the world for rare and expensive firearms, we don’t want to compete with our consignors by purchasing firearms, but rather we focus on consigning them for auction and then working hard to achieve the best return on behalf of our consignors.

Consign With Us for our Next Auction – Spring, 2018
For years, Julia’s has been the world’s leading auction house for rare and expensive firearms and the reasons are simple:

– We offer the best terms in the industry, with seller’s commission as low as 0% on high value items.
– Our reputation for honesty and fairness is renowned for nearly 50 years.
– We offer some of the finest expertise in the trade and guarantee our catalog descriptions.
– While our competition focuses on volume over quality, we maintain our focus on the most rare and collectible firearms. We don’t sell the most guns, we sell the most rare and expensive guns.
– As the #1 auction house in the world for rare and expensive firearms, we don’t want to buy your guns. We want to consign them for auction so you make the most money. Unlike other firearms auction houses, we won’t be competing with you during the auction.

While no other auction house on the planet Earth sells more high-end, expensive guns than Julia’s, with the recent addition of our Sporting & Collectors sessions, we have expanded the range of items we handle and also now feature moderately priced antique and collectible firearms whose average sale value will be in the range of $2,000-8,000.

Our trucks are on the road almost continually doing consignor pick-ups or at gun shows so if you have items you are thinking about consigning, call us immediately so we can arrange for a meeting or an appointment. Whether you have one item or an entire collection, we are most interested in speaking with you.

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Spring Firearms Auctions Gross Almost $17 Million Combined!

April 11th, 12th & 13th, 2017: 10am

Catalog Cover

History Sold, and Made, at James D. Julia’s Spring 2017 Extraordinary Firearms Auction

Once again, Fairfield, Maine has proven to be the worldwide epicenter for firearms auctions. Twice a year, in spring and fall, two separate firearms auction companies conduct a firearms auction back-to-back. This April auction grossed nearly $17,000,000! Each time these combined auctions occur, the results generate the largest gross sales for firearms auction events anywhere in the world.

This spectacular event began on April 8, 9 & 10 with a large offering of collectable and shooting firearms presented by the Poulin Auction Company that generated approximately $3 million for their consignors. This was immediately followed by James D. Julia’s Extraordinary Firearms Auction on April 11 and 2-day Sporting & Collector Firearms Auction April 12 & 13, which together grossed nearly $14 million, including multiple world record prices.

James D. Julia regularly sells the greater number of rare and high-end firearms in the world, and the results for this auction bear this fact out: 317 lots brought $10,000 or more, 160 lots brought $20,000 or more, 29 lots brought in an excess of $50,000, 11 lots topped out at over $100,000, and four lots brought in over a quarter of a million dollars each. Some of the more notable highlights from Julia’s Extraordinary Firearms Auction on day 1 included:

  • James D. Julia has handled more firearms from the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn than any other auction house extant. This sale continues to drive that fact. A Colt Single Action Army pistol SN 5773, the only complete and original Colt positively proven to have been used by one of Custer’s men during the infamous Battle of the Little Bighorn. This great American historical treasure, estimated at $175,000-275,000, realized a price of $460,000.
  • Rare and extraordinary cased 100 Guinea Lloyd’s Patriotic Presentation Sword for a hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, Captain William George Rutherford (1764-1818), Commander of HMS Swiftsure. Three descendants of Captain Rutherford traveled great distances to bear witness to the sale of this important piece of maritime history, including Captain Rutherford’s great-great-great niece who first learned about the sword coming to auction at Julia’s while reading the paper on the subway in her home city of London. She also, in a way, continues the family’s proud seafaring tradition as the winner of two Olympic silver medals in rowing. This magnificent sword carried a presale estimate of $150,000-250,000 but saw intense bidding competition and sold over high estimate at $270,250.
  • One of the most exciting Parker shotguns to come to auction in recent years was an incredible, high original condition 20 bore Parker A1 Special. Having fine scroll engraving and gold inlay, this recent discovery carried a presale estimate of $125,000-200,000 and after tremendous competition sold for a whopping $253,000.
  • An absolutely stunning pair of 20 ga. Ivo Fabbri game shotguns set a world auction record for a pair of Fabbris when they sold for $299,000. What really sets these guns apart, other than the meticulous craftsmanship for which Fabbri is renowned, is the remarkable scrolling and engraving. The superbly executed large flowing open scroll with acanthus and floral highlights is a unique creation by Valerio Peli of Creative Arts, whose signature appears on right sides of the trigger plates. This dramatic scroll surrounds engraved portraits of an English Pointer and a Gordon Setter in different poses on each gun. The astonishing engraving work is by Italian master engraver Firmo Fracassi. Often engraving of this caliber takes 1000+ hours to complete, and Fracassi engraves an average of two guns a year for obvious reasons. Simply an irreplaceable pair of guns, and work of this intricacy will most likely not be available in the future.
  • A fantastic and extraordinarily rare early Krieghoff First Model German FG-42 Machine gun SN190. For collectors in the Class 3 world, this is a pièce de résistance. It carried a presale estimate of $175,000-250,000 and despite the fact it is a DEWAT (Deactivated War Trophy) it sold for an extraordinary $195,500. This is the auction world record for a Krieghoff First Model FG-42 and is the world record for any DEWAT machine gun ever sold at auction. This iconic and enigmatic machine gun was used by German paratroopers and had been in a private collection for nearly 50 years before being consigned to Julia’s.
  • For a number of years now, Julia’s has consistently handled some extraordinary and important military collections and this sale included various collections as previously mentioned, but one special item consigned by a private collector was an extremely rare pre-WWII Polish Wz .38m Semi Auto rifle estimated at $40,000-80,000, which sold for $69,000. The rifle was developed by Josef Maroszek and adopted by the Polish Army as the Wz. 38 M. A very limited production of just 55 of these rifles was completed in 1938 by Warsaw Rifle Factory 2 (Zbr.2) before the German invasion. Just five known documented examples are known to have survived, and this rifle, with an overall appearance and finish that is near mint, is one of only two of these that have been in the United States. This rare rifle generated intense interest and bidding. An Officer from the Polish Army came all the way from Warsaw to Maine to repatriate this rifle to his homeland. After much bidding, this extremely rare and historical rifle is indeed heading back to its origin and will eventually be preserved and displayed at the Polish Army Museum in the heart of Warsaw.

    When talking about Military items, there is one thing for certain and that is Julia’s excels in the Class 3 department. Since 2008, John Keene, head of the Class 3 Department, has kept a detailed analysis of Julia’s Class 3 sales as compared to all other North American Auction Houses and Julia’s has consistently, to this day, on average sold more Class 3 than all their North American competitors combined, both in the number of units and in dollar value. This sale generated extremely strong results. In addition to the Krieghoff previously mentioned, an 1898 Brass Argentine Maxim estimated at $30,000-40,000 went out at $43,000. A very scarce Krieghoff FG-42 Second Model generated approximately $150,000. An iconic German MG-42 Tripod Machine Gun estimated at $32,000-42,000, brought $57,500 which is now a world auction record for that model gun at auction. Another highlight was the Colt M-16 A1 with grenade launcher used in the 1983 movie, Scarface, in which Al Pacino announces, “Say hello to my little friend!” It carried a presale estimate of $25,000-50,000 and went out at $51,750. A desirable Steyr AUG Machine Gun with Fleming auto-sear pack was estimated at $10,000-15,000 but shot to $33,350; another world auction record for this type of gun. A registered full auto H&K Machine Gun estimated at $15,000-22,000 brought a new world auction record which was slightly over $43,000.

    Sessions 2 & 3 featured Julia’s newly formed Sporting & Collector sessions. This session usually includes guns that average under $8,000-10,000 with some exceptions. A vast array of firearms were offered over these two days, including fine moderately priced shotguns, Winchesters, Colts, etc. A Winchester Model 66 Carbine estimated at $10,000-17,000 went out at $13,800. A Colt from the Collection of Gary Helin estimated at $7,500-10,000 went out at $12,075. This session of the sale included a little over 1,000 lots and saw a great deal of participation.

    For a complete recap of this auction, please CLICK HERE.

    Firearms Auctions in Fairfield, Maine
    Gross Over $18 Million!

    October 4-7, 2016: 10:00 am

    Annie Oakley and Col. LeMat Perform Well at Julia’s

    Fairfield, ME – Every year in October, two separate firearms auction companies conduct a firearms auction back to back in Fairfield, Maine. Each time these combined auctions occur, the results generate the largest offering and largest sale gross for firearms auction event anywhere in the world. October 1, 2 & 3 began this spectacular event with a large offering of collectable and shooting firearms presented by the Poulin Auction Company. Their sale generated approximately $3.4 million in total. Immediately after, from October 4 to October 7, the James D. Julia Auction generated approximately $15 million in sales; 372 lots brought $10,000 or more, 173 lots brought $20,000 or more, 33 lots brought in an excess of $50,000 and 8 lots topped out at over $100,000.

    The Julia auction was divided into 4 sessions. The first two days, October 4 & 5, comprised Julia’s Sporting & Collector sessions which featured moderately priced collectable and shooting firearms. October 6 & 7 made up their Extraordinary sessions featuring rare and high end firearms.

    Once again, Julia’s auction included numerous outstanding collections. Day One included a rare cased Browning Pointer grade Superposed two bbl. set from the renowned Estate Collection of William Larkin Moore estimated at $7,000-12,500 which went out at $13,800. Tuesday’s sale was Session One of the Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin Collection from Germany. An extraordinary Mauser C96 Transitional 1930 Commercial with matching stock estimated at $4,500-6,500 went out at $10,350.

    Wednesday, October 5, the second day of the Sporting & Collector auction started off with the Allen Hallock Collection of extraordinary Schuetzen rifles. Without question, this was the finest of its type to ever come to auction. The very first lot up was the ultimate Schuetzen rifle, a magnificent ivory inlaid and gold highlighted masterpiece given as a shooting prize in the late 1800s. It carried a presale estimate of $30,000-40,000 and generated $37,375. This sale also included the final session of Estate of Dr. Robert G. Cox. This collection focused on small frame Colt pistols. One lot of three Colt 3rd Model Derringers estimated at $2,500-4,000 generated $8,625.

    Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7 comprised the Extraordinary section of the Julia Firearms Auction.

    First up was Class-3. Since 2008, Julia’s has sold more Class-3 weapons than all their auction competitors in North America combined. This sale was extremely strong with a number of healthy prices. An early “Square Slot” Colt 1921A Thompson Machine Gun estimated at $30,000-50,000 finally sold for $57,500. But the real surprise was the fantastic Vietnam War trophy Chinese type 56 machine gun estimated at $20,000-40,000, but generated $132,250.

    A Singer 1911A1, est. $40,000-60,000, sold for $57,500. From the Dauphin Collection was a superb Mauser Conehammer Carbine SN 12 with period scope. It was estimated at $40,000-75,000 and generated $51,750.

    Another area in which the Julia’s has established a leadership role is that of Sporting Arms. No other auction house in the world sells more high end, rare and valuable sporting arms than Julia’s and the results of this sale consistently bore that out. A massive 4-bore Holland & Holland double rifle estimated at $45,000-75,000, realized $103,500. Annie Oakley’s personal 12 ga. William Cashmore Boxlock game gun, presale estimate $125,000-175,000, topped out at $207,000. A Purdey O/U with many special features carried est. $60,000-90,000, brought $94,875.

    A superb small bore Fabbri pinless Sidelock O/U est. at $40,000-60,000, sold for $109,250. A superb Piotti “Boss” 20 ga. O/U from the famous William Larkin Moore Estate Collection was estimated at $35,000-55,000 and topped out well over high estimate at $69,000.

    A Winchester cartridge board with Inverted V 1888 est. at $15,000-25,000 was hotly competed for until it finally realized $37,375. An extraordinarily rare Deluxe Conrad Ulrich engraved exhibition quality Marlin Model 1893 with gold and platinum inlays was estimated that $50,000-100,000, this magnificent treasure went out just a little over low estimate at $57,500.

    A number of quality antique percussion Colts were offered. The high price realized was for a rare cased Ehlers Baby Paterson which came on to the auction block with an est. of $110,000-160,000 and went out at $115,000. A rare Colt 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling gun on its original bronze tripod was estimated at $175,000-250,000, generated $175,000. A number of quality Colt SA included a minty engraved SAA by Cuno Helfricht was estimated at $30,000-50,000 and sold at $57,500. One truly spectacular work of art was the magnificent Royal Wheelock sporting rifle by Samuel Kluge in Landshut. The gun was made for either King Charles XI of Sweden or King Christian V of Denmark. The gun was at one time the property of the Rothschild family and sold for $115,000. It is believed to be one of the highest priced Wheelocks sold in many years.

    Other areas that Julia’s has performed exceedingly well with for many years is with rare Civil War and Confederate items. Julia’s consultant and firearms expert, John Sexton is one of the leading authorities on Confederate arms in the world today, helping to account for Julia’s great success. A rare and historic pair of fluted Armies of Lt. John Low, CSN, used on the CSS Alabama came to the block with a $25,000-50,000 estimate and flew to $51,750 because of the Confederate association. The most exciting Confederate lot of the day however was a Krider LeMat Revolver SN 2 believed to be the personal firearms of Col. LeMat himself. It came to the auction with a presale estimate of $60,000-80,000. Here it soared to $120,750.

    “We were overall very pleased with the auction outcome. It was strong and continues to reflect the tremendous prowess of the auction process. Interaction from players throughout North America and all over the world continue to reflect the strong demand for quality firearms. We are pleased with the outcome and are also looking forward to our Spring 2017 auction which already includes a spectacular array of quality goods,” commented President, James D. Julia.

    Spectacular Auction of Quality Firearms
    Totals Approximately $15 Million!

    March 14th & 15th, 2016: 10am

    Session 2 Catalog Cover
    • Auction: March 14th & 15th, 2016: 10am
    • Preview: March 11th - 13th, 2016: 9am-5pm
    • Preview: March 14th & 15th, 2016: 8am-10am
    • Catalog with Prices Realized

    Every year in March, two separate firearms auction companies conduct firearm auctions back to back in Fairfield, Maine. Each time these auctions occur, the results generate the largest offering and largest sales gross for firearms auction events anywhere in the world. March 14th & 15th, James D. Julia Auctioneers held a much anticipated sale which grossed approximately $15 million dollars. The sales results were approximately 30% above low estimate. 300 items generated $10,000 or better, 45 items realized over $50,000, and 19 items generated over $100,000. There was a great depth of participation in nearly all categories of guns. Immediately prior to their auction, on March 11th, 12th, & 13th, Poulin Auction Company conducted their firearms auction which grossed approximate $4 million dollars.

    This auction included Julia’s second ever “Sporting & Collector Firearms session” which generally focuses on moderately priced firearms (average $2000-$8000 range). This sale was a great success. Highlights include a collection of Texas relic firearms sold for $34,500 (est. $10,000-20,000), S&W Pan-American Expo gun which sold for $23,000 (est. $3,000-5,000), and Display Case set of Colt Snake Eye pistols sold for $17,250 (est. $3,000-5,000).

    The second day featured the “Extraordinary Session” and generated a tremendous amount of excitement. One notable offering were spectacular guns from the Paul Tudor Jones II Collection. An ivory stocked Model 66, once owned by Porfirio Diaz, President of Mexico, carried a presale estimate of $150,000-250,000 and realized $230,000. A fine Colt Model 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling Gun on tripod was estimated at $150,000-250,000 but it together with two drum magazines (sold immediately after) generated a total of $346,150.00. A rare cased #5 Texas Paterson, estimated at $300,000-600,000, generated $345,000. Another prime and important collection offered in this sale came from the Don and Kathlee Bryan Collection. It was billed as the finest collection of Confederate pistols ever assembled. Indeed the prices reflected that. Nearly all of the guns in the Bryan Collection were either the finest example known or was one of the only type to exist. A unique Sisterdale Confederate Dragoon was the only such example in existence. It carried a presale estimate of $150,000-250,000 and went out at $253,000. General Beauregard’s personal LeMat revolver, believed to be the finest condition of any Confederate revolver in existence, carried a presale estimate of $200,000-300,000 and generated $224,250.

    There was a fabulous offering of sporting guns available including a single owner private collection of rare Stopping rifles. The sale generated extraordinary interest and equally extraordinary prices. A 4 Bore Holland & Holland hammer rifle made for the Nizam of Hyderabad carried a presale estimate of $80,000-120,000. It produced a tremendous bidding battle and went out at $258,750. President Harrison’s Lefever “Optimus” was also much anticipated from the Tudor Jones Collection and had a presale estimate of $75,000-125,000. It went out at just a little over $120,000.

    Once again, there were many successes in the Class III niche. Most notable was a Colt SP-1 Machine gun with 3 uppers it carried a presale estimate of $15,000-25,000 and went out at $42,000, currently a world record for this gun at auction.

    Monday March 14, 2016
    Sporting and Collector Firearms (All types, generally in the $2000-8000 range)
    • The Estate of Renowned Texas Collector Bill Stewart. Colts, Winchesters and collectables from the Texas frontier.
    • The Brad Shepherd Collection of Engraved and Collectable Colt SAAs.
    • The Dr. Robert G. Cox Estate Collection of Colt New Lines, House Pistols & SAAs
    • The Carmen Gianforte Collection of Reid Pistols & Knuckle Dusters. (Session One).
    • The Timothy Scott Collection of Sporting Arms.

    Tuesday March 15, 2016
    Extraordinary and Historic Firearms
    (All types of the highest quality)
    • The Esteemed Paul Tudor Jones II Collection of Rare Colts and Winchesters.
    • The Steve Ardia Collection of Outstanding Percussion Colts. (Session One)
    • The Brad Shepherd Collection of Engraved and Collectable Colt SAAs.
    • The Don & Kathlee Bryan Collection NC. The finest Confederate revolver collection ever assembled.
    • The Spiropoulos Estate Collection of Fine Antique Firearms. (Nova Scotia, Canada).
    • A Single Owner Lifetime Collection of English Stopping Rifles. The finest collection of this type.
    • The John Koilakos Collection of Fine Sporting Arms.(Athens, Greece).
    • The Herbert Hyatt Lifelong Collection of Sporting Arms.
    • The Renowned Rod Fuller Estate Collection of Fine Browning Firearms. (Session Two).
    • The Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess Collection. The final session of European auto-loading weapons. (Zurich, Switzerland).
    • Evergreen Ventures Collection of Class III and Militaria. The fourth and final session.

    Extraordinary October 2015 Firearms Auction
    Generates Approximately $15 Million!

    October 5th, 6th & 7th, 2015

    Fall 2015 Catalog Cover
    Fall 2015 Catalog Cover
    • Auction: October 5th, 6th & 7th, 2015
    • Preview: October 2nd - 4th, 2015
    • Preview: October 5th, 6th & 7th, 2015
    • Catalog with Prices Realized

    Strong prices were attained for a number of quality items across the board and there was a great deal of participation. An analysis of the sale reflects our continued dominance in the market for high-end, rare and expensive items. Over 412 items realized $10,000 or more. Over 175 items realized $20,000 or more. 27 lots generated in excess of $50,000 and 7 items generated over $100,000. The top lot for the day was an outstanding Colt 1875 Gatling Gun which realized $201,000.

    This auction included the inauguration of our new Sporting & Collector Firearms Division which will generally handle moderately priced firearms. This sale was a great success and generated nearly $2.3 million dollars. A rare Colt 1911-A1 military model 1938 production was estimated at $3,000-4,000 but soared to 12 times the high estimate at $51,750.

    March 15th & 16th Firearms Auction
    Totals Over $16 Million!

    March 15 & 16, 2015

    Please review our Ivory Position Statement (NEW)
    Special note regarding Springfield Arsenal Artillery Collection
    Class III Firearms Information

    Session 1: (Lots 1000-1568). Elmer Keith, Elliott Burka, Norm Flayderman, Dr Douglas Sirkin, Colts, Winchesters, Civil War, Custer/Indian War, Martial Arms, Antique Arms.
    Session 2: (Lots 2000-2636). Military & Class 3, Evergreen Ventures, Springfield Arsenal, Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess, Richard Schreiber, George Reeb, Thomas Connally, Steven Harris, American & European Sporting Arms.

    The Tradition of Excellence Continues… Over the course of the last decade, the auction firm of James D. Julia has regularly conducted the highest grossing firearms sales events in history. This accomplishment has been realized not by selling the most firearms at any given time, but rather by offering the most exclusive, important, and expensive firearms in the world, twice each year. Julia’s is now widely regarded as the world leader in the sale of investment grade goods and is THE preferred resource for buyers and sellers alike. Once again, their prestigious March 2015 auction confirmed this fact.

    Initial results are approx 450 lots generating $10,000 or more. Additionally, the Julia firm has handled the greater number of important private and institutional collections in the firearms universe and indeed this was once again the case here. The headlines touted 12 iconic firearms collections (but also included various others whose names could not be advertised). The resounding success of the sale drives home the fact that the firearms fraternity continues to be very dynamic, and filled with great passion. As is with any sale of this magnitude, there were a small percentage of lots that did not sell during the auction. This creates a wonderful opportunity for those who may have missed the auction or have interest in additional purchases. Please refer to the notes below for information on how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

    Julia’s October 2014 Firearms Auction
    Continues to Raise the Bar!

    October 7th-9th, 2014

    Please review our Ivory Position Statement
    Special note regarding Springfield Arsenal Artillery Collection
    Class III Firearms Information

    For years, the Julia Firm has consistently conducted the highest grossing Firearms Auctions in the industry. Their October 7, 8 and 9 auction was an extraordinary success at $19.3 Million. Another new world auction record of highest gross ever attained at auction. Also for years, Julia’s has touted that they sell the greater number of high end expensive firearms. Once again, their monumental October auction confirmed this. Initial results are approx 550 lots generating $10,000 or more. Additionally, the Julia firm has handled the greater number of prestigious private and institutional collections in the firearms universe and indeed this was once again the case here. The headlines touted 10 phenomenal collections from iconic firearms collectors (but also included various others whose names could not be advertised). The sale was widely watched and anticipated by gun collectors, dealers, and gun enthusiasts. Most nearly any major niche in the current gun world was represented in proliferation, in both quality and quantity. Many wondered again if the market could bear such a diverse spectrum of high end, quality goods from so many areas. The resounding success of the sale continued to prove and drive home the fact that the firearms fraternity continues to be very alive, very active, and filled with great passion. As is with any auction, there were some lots that did not sell at the auction. This creates a wonderful opportunity for those who may have missed the auction or have interest in additional purchases. For a brief period of time, those lots will be posted on the website for post-sale offers. Julia’s is now amassing special consignments for their upcoming March 2015 sale which, based on early in-house inventory levels, will once again prove to be an extraordinary auction.

    March 2014 Firearms Auction
    World Record at Approximately $19 Million+

    March 10, 11, & 12, 2014

    Session 2 Catalog Cover

    Class III Firearms Information

    For years, the Julia Firm has consistently conducted the highest grossing Firearms Auctions in the industry. Their March 10, 11 & 12 auction was true to form and generated a new world record at approximately $19 million +. Also for years, Julia’s has touted that they sell the greater number of high end expensive firearms. Once again, their historic March auction proved that. Over 522 lots generated $10,000 or more; over 46 lots generated $50,000 or more; and over 12 lots generated $100,000 or more. In addition, recently Julia’s claims to handle the greater number of renowned collections in the firearms industry and indeed this was the case here. The headlines touted 12 phenomenal collections from iconic firearms collectors (but also included various others whose names could not be advertised). The sale was widely watched and anticipated by gun collectors, dealers, and gun enthusiasts. Most nearly any major niche in the current gun world was represented in proliferation, in both quality and quantity. Many wondered if the market could bear such a diverse spectrum of high end, quality goods from so many areas. The resounding success of the sale continued to prove and drive home the fact that the firearms fraternity continues to be very alive, very active, and filled with great passion. As is with any auction, there were some lots that did not sell and for a period of time, those lots will be posted on the website for post-sale offers. Julia’s is now amassing special consignments for their upcoming October sale which, based on collections in-house now, will once again prove to be a phenomenal auction.

    October 14th, 15th & 16th Firearms Auction
    Generates Over $18 Million

    October 14th - 16th, 2013

    October 2013 Catalog Cover

    James D. Julia’s annual fall firearms auction, which was billed to be one of historic proportions, proved to be just that. The gross of over $18 million makes it the largest grossing firearms auction in history. This sale was notable with the diversity of extraordinary collections, the quality of goods, the overall value and successful sales. The total low estimate of items sold was approximately $13.2 million and generated $18 million, approximately $5 million over low estimate. But equally as extraordinary was the number of high end expensive items successfully sold in this sale. Over 525 items generated $10,000 or more; this is an all-time high for expensive items that any firearms auction has ever held. Among these items, 167 of them generated $25,000 or more; 50 items generated $50,000 or more; and 9 of the items were in excess of $100,000. Julia’s firearms auctions are not known for the massive number of lots being offered but for the large number of high end items successfully sold. They are currently and have been the leaders in the world for handling the greater number of high end expensive firearms at auction.

    Monday morning began with the Woody & Betty Frey Collection of outstanding Winchester rifles. A lifetime dealer and collector, Woody Frey was a most discerning collector and most of the guns in the collection were in outstanding condition. Many of the items in the Frey Collection did extremely well; such as the very rare scarce engraved silver plated Henry rifle estimated at $40,000-60,000, which went for $63,250. A recently discovered extremely rare Winchester 1873 “1 of 1,000” carried a presale estimate of $100,000-150,000 and went out at $109,250. The first day also included an extraordinary offering of high end sporting arms. Julia’s handles more high end quality sporting arms than any other auction firm in the world and this sale surely reflected that. An exceptional one of a kind, pre-war, Holland & Holland O/U Double rifle in cal. 375 was estimated at $60,000-90,000 and generated approximately $75,000. A “Golden Age” Boss 20 Bore Heavy Proof Rising Bite O/U Game gun in 20 ga. was estimated at $50,000-80,000 and generated just over the high estimate at $85,500. Also consigned to this sale was a group of sporting and collecting arms from the family of J.P. Morgan. Specifically some of the guns were identified directly to J.P. Morgan, Jr. and were consigned to Julia’s by Alexandra McCain Morgan (sister of Senator John McCain) that had been in her late husband’s family. The high seller in the sporting arms was an Italian Thomasoni engraved Iva Fabbri Small Game 3 Barrel cased set. It carried a presale estimate of $100,000-200,000 and went out at $126,500.

    The second day of the auction included rare Colts from the Estate of the late Michael Leff of Florida. A rare cased pair of engraved Colt Model 1849 pocket in outstanding condition was estimated at $70,000-80,000 and realized $80,500. The auction also included the historical Smith & Wesson Collection of Mr. Marlan Polhemus, an avid historian and scholar on Smith & Wessons, who has written numerous articles as well as books on the subject. In his collection, the exceptional Civil War cased and inscribed Smith & Wesson #2 Army revolver of Capt. Martin Lemon of the 77th New York Veterans was estimated at $7,000-10,000 and went out at just over $16,000. Julia’s auctions always include a healthy representation of rare Civil War items and this sale was no exception.

    Later in the day, the extraordinary collection of Frank Sujansky came to the auction block. The Sujansky Collection of Kentucky pistols are the finest of its type to ever come to the auction block and this auction consisted of only one half of the collection. The overall offering of Kentucky pistols was quite stunning; with some selling at reasonable prices (much to the chagrin of many Kentucky aficionados who had not participated in the sale because they thought there would be no bargains). One such example was a historical important matched pair of Flintlock pistols signed by H. Albright that were later in life acquired by Col. Robert Peebles. They carried a presale estimate of $50,000-75,000 and sold for a very reasonable $37,375. A small select grouping of Derringer pistols from the Dave Stewart Collection included the magnificent presentation cased pair of John Kreider pistols estimated at $30,000-50,000 that realized $37,375. Also included was the first session of the extraordinary Dr. Douglas Sirkin Collection of Kentucky rifles which is perhaps in total, the best offering of raise carved Kentucky’s to come to auction. His collection of high art European wheel locks was definitely the finest to ever come to auction in the past 20 to 30 years. Of course, treasure after treasure was offered with the highlight being a very fine matched pair of Saxon Electra Guard wheel lock pistols dated 1588. Carrying a presale estimate of $40,000-60,000, these pistols attained a final selling price of $103,500. Other offerings from the collection will be presented in future Julia auctions.
    The third day included three major collections and generated impressive results. The first was that of Carl “Bill” Morrison of Bradford, Maine, which was a collection of automatic weapons. An active gunsmith at the age of 92, he is the oldest licensed gun dealer in the State of Maine, and his entire collection was offered here with impressive results. There were other military items from various collections. One notable and interesting lot was an original 1941 type 82 Volkswagen Kubelwagen. This very transport vehicle had been captured from Rommel’s Afrika Core during WWII and shipped home to a university where it was completely disassembled then reassembled. This was truly an exciting offering estimated at $50,000-100,000 and sold for just under $75,000.

    The highlight of this session was unquestionably the collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess of Zurich, Switzerland, of auto loading weapons, which is the finest, most comprehensive of its type to ever come to auction and currently the finest of its type to exist in private hands. It was his collection that was the basis of a marvelous three volume treatise recently compiled about the evolution and development of the auto loading pistol. The collection is massive in numbers and features an extraordinary number of rare, high condition, experimental and prototype arms. Sales in this collection include; a unique SID 7.5 mm prototype long Mondragon Model 1907 SL rifle estimated at $25,000-35,000 was highly competed for and realized $57,500. An exceptional Mauser 6 mm C98 Selbstladegewehr SN 3 realized just under $75,000. A highlight of this session was the extraordinary rare and important cased prototype Model 1893 Borchardt pistol in extremely fine plus condition. The gun carried a presale estimate of $125,000-250,000 and went out at $161,000. A superb factory engraved Mauser C96 estimated at $25,000-35,000 sold for $75,900. An exquisite, magnificent historically significant Mauser C96, fully engraved with gold inlay and carved stock was estimated at $35,000-70,000 but blew through its estimate to sell for $89,125. A Chilean prototype 100 Luger with matching push button stock rig sold for $52,000 and a spectacular E prefix Swiss Luger with experimental holster, stock and round magazine estimated at $25,000-40,000 ended up at $40,250. An ultra-rare Turkish Air Force Luger estimated at $20,000-30,000 realized $43,000. An outstanding Walther PP prototype was estimated at $25,000-40,000 and realized just under $52,000. Also an extremely rare Anti-tank Strumpistole with insert barrel folding stock and folding site was estimated at $10,000-20,000 and generated nearly $30,000. This first Sturgess offering was truly impressive; however, the next auction will include an even far more impressive offering.

    More details on this sale can be seen on Julia’s website at Julia’s next sale will take place in March of 2014 and according to Julia’s it is expected to surpass the extraordinary October 2013 sale. In addition to the second session of many collections offered here will be the estate collection of the late Norm Flayderman, who is unquestionably the most iconic figure in the world of firearms in the 20th century and this elite offering of spectacular Colt firearms will certainly be much anticipated. Also featured in this spring auction will be the collection of the late Tommy Rholes of Texas, a noted collector and dealer of extremely rare Winchesters and Colts.

    James D. Julia’s welcomes all new consignors and our long-standing clients to participate in our March 2014 auction. The process is simple and can be very rewarding. If you have a valuable piece or wish to market an entire collection, please contact our Firearms Division office for a free consultation without obligation. Please contact Wes Dillon or Josh Loewensteiner at 1-207.453.7125 or email firearms

    March 11th & 12th Auction
    An Extraordinary Success at $13.5 Million

    March 11th & 12th, 2013

    Featured in the March 11th Auction was the final session of Wes Adam’s Collection of Rare Winchesters and Savages. The Collection closed with a bang….(no pun intended!) All totaled, the 3 Sessions of the Adams Collection generated nearly $14 million dollars. The featured lot was one of a kind Gold Engraved 86 Take Down made for John F. Dodge estimated at $175,000-$275,000 which went out at $333,500.00. The second session of the Dr. John Pickup Collection of Tasmania included many more great treasures and some strong results. A rare Colt “Fluck” Dragoon estimated at $40,000-$60,000 brought $77,625.00. One of the most exciting historical lots was a rare Custer designed medal and a souvenir of the Surrender at Appomattox all descended through the family of Col. Briggs, a famous commander in Custer’s 7th Cavalry. The grouping estimated at $45,000-$65,000 was subjected to a ferocious bidding battle which concluded with a final price of $184,000.00. Session Two began with the Doug Eberhart Collection. An exceptional British Proof First Model Colt Derringer in its original oak case estimated at $10,000 to $15,000 was hotly contested for with a prolonged bidding battle that resulted in $43,125.00. As usual, there was an offering of high grade sporting arms. In general, whether they were foreign or U.S. made they brought a tremendous amount of participation and outstanding results. An A-1 Special 16 gauge Parker with Gold Inlaid estimated at $135,000-$165,000, went out at $178,250.00. A magnificent LC Smith grade A-3 12 gauge estimated at $65,000-$95,000 hammered down at $132,250.00. A select grouping of military and Class III included a rare, outstanding 1893 Borchardt Pistol in case estimated at $50,000-$75,000 finally went out at $103,500.00. The auction was an outstanding success regardless of how you approach the statistics. 851 lots sold carried a total low estimate of $8.8 million dollars but sold for approximately $13.5 million dollars ($4 million over low estimate). Of the 851 lots sold, 347 lots (over 40%) realized $10,000.00 or more. 11 items realized $100,000.00 or more. The average sale price per lot with a resounding $15,276.00. Julia’s next sale is scheduled for the Fall 2013 and will take place either late September or October.

    Extraordinary Firearms Auction
    Reaches $16.5 Million Sales Level!

    October 1st & 2nd, 2012

    In March of this year James D. Julia Auctioneers conducted what is the largest grossing firearms auction ever in history. At nearly $18 million, nothing else had ever come close to that figure. It was hard to imagine ever putting together another sale of such monumental proportions, but the recent October sale certainly nearly approached it. At over $16 million the October sale is the second largest grossing firearms auction ever held in history.

    The first day featured the second installment of the fabulous Wes Adams Winchester Collection and the participation was extraordinary. Highlights included a fine 1860 Henry rifle, estimated at $65,000-95,000, and realized $109,000. The piece de resistance of this Adams’ session, however, was, a spectacular cased, silver-plated and L.D. Nimschke engraved Model 1866. The gun was originally made for James J. Hill, a railroad and steamboat magnate. The gun carried an estimate of $100,000-175,000, but when the smoke cleared, it had realized $224,250.

    Historical arms also do extremely well at Julia’s, and this sale was no exception. Included was an extremely rare factory-engraved Colt SA Sheriff’s model that originally belonged to legendary lawman Jefferson Davis Milton. Milton was at one time a Texas Ranger, and eventually became Sheriff in various areas, including El Paso. He was commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt into the U.S. Immigration Service to patrol the southwestern border. Milton was not only a historic, but colorful, western lawman. In fact, his biography laid claim to the famous lawman’s statement, “I never killed a man that didn’t need killing.” His Colt was estimated at $150,000-250,000 and went out at just a tad over $200,000.

    Holding the record for the collection to come from the greatest distance was a Dr. John and Margaret Pickup Collection of rare antique Colts. The Pickups, residents of Tasmania, had recently decided to dispose of their fine collection. One of the most stunning offerings was their extremely rare cased, 1st Model Dragoon, which was identified to C.H. Bowman of the Tampico Rangers. This is believed to be one of the finest 1st Model Dragoons known and carried a presale estimate of $125,000-225,000. It went out at just over $181,000.

    Julia’s recently opened a new satellite office in Woburn, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. Although they have only been open a few months, the dividends from the office have already paid off significantly. For instance, a collection of rusty, old artillery projectiles from the Gettysburg battle were discovered in an old Massachusetts house. Many of these projectiles retained these original small wooden stands, one of which was inscribed, “Pickett’s Front”, another “Hancock Front”, etc. The entire grouping of relics were offered with a total presale estimate of $24,000-38,000, but blew far by the high estimate to finally realize $100,800.

    The star of the sporting arms was in American shotguns. A rare and exceptional and all original Parker Bros. 20 bore A-1 Special with beautiful deep relief engraving was estimated at $125,000-175,000 and came close to high estimate at $166,750. Another Parker, a DHE 28 ga., estimated at $25,000-35,000, sold at just over $36,000. A fabulous Winchester Model 21 deluxe, No. 5, engraved two-barrel set for Chicago Industrialist, S. H.” Wacky” Arnolt, was estimated at $35,000-55,000 and went for a strong but not wacky price at $39,675.

    Historic Firearms Auction
    A Blowout at Approximately $18 Million in Sales!

    March 12th & 13th, 2012

    This auction was touted as including three historic collections.

    (1)The renowned Robert Howard Collection. Mr. Howard was one of the great collectors of the 20th century having an expansive, diverse interest in firearms for all periods, ranging from flintlock to 20th century arms. This collection was renowned for its condition, rarity and value.

    (2)The Dr. Lucie Collection of Bill Scagel knives and items. Considered to be one of the finest, if not the finest, collections of its type in the world today. Dr. Lucie is the recognized scholar on Bill Scagel and his items and recently completed a definitive book on Scagel.

    (3) The Wes Adams Collection of extraordinary Winchesters and Colts. Wes Adams’ collection, regardless of whether they were Colts or Winchesters, were a reflection of items of spectacular condition, rarity and value. His Winchester collection is considered to be perhaps the finest collection of its type to ever come to auction.

    In addition to these three historic collections was an offering of other outstanding items drawn from numerous other collections in the states. The response and participation was one of the greatest that the Julia Firearms Division has experienced in many, many years, which included a much larger crowd in attendance and double the number of absentee bids normally received. But as they say, “the proof is in the pudding” and the results clearly tell the whole story. The total low estimate of the items sold was a little over $10 million, but the gross realized (including 15% buyer’s premium) equaled almost $18 million. This landmark sale produced the highest gross every attained for any firearms auction in history and broke the previous record set by Julia’s of $12.7 million in March of 2008. The results are even more significant when including the results of the Poulin Auction Company that took place next door just preceding the Julia auction. The Poulin Company generated sales of $2.1 million. The combined total of the two auctions in this five day event equated to approximately $20 million!!

    The depth of quality, rarity and value was enormous in this sale. In fact, this unprecedented gross of $18 million was realized from the sale of less than 1100 lots! The average sale price per lot of all things sold was around $16,500! There were over 185 lots which sold for $25,000 or more; 65 lots realized $50,000 or more; and 18 lots sold above $100,000. Regardless of how you measure it, the sale was a monumental success for not only Julia’s and all of the consignors but also sent a very strong and convincing message to the firearms collecting fraternity and the world as a whole that the firearms collection fraternity is still extraordinarily strong, active and positive.

    Julia’s next auction scheduled for October, 2012, will include Session II of the extraordinary Wes Adams Collection, together with other important collections.

    A special hardbound catalog will be produced on Robert Howard Collection only, within the next month or two. Price (with prices realized): $100

    A special hardbound catalog will also be produced on the entire Wes Adams Collection after the March, 2013, and will include all of the items from the Wes Adams Collection, including Session I, II & III. Price: $225

    Consignments are now being accepted for our important Fall 2012 Firearms Auction.

    Outstanding Fall 2011 Firearms Auction
    Totals Over $9 Million

    October 4th & 5th, 2011

    Once again our simple formula of presenting an exemplary group of items combined with an exemplary presentation, have resulted in exemplary returns. Prices were strong in every category we offered. The total low estimate of the items sold was $6,492,000 which generated over $9 Million in sales, approx. $2.4 Million over low estimate!

    The sale started with Class III arms which generated outstanding returns. The rare AR 15 “Coconut Rifle” estimated at $40k-60k went out at $103,500! A superb offering of rare shotguns and sporting arms included an exquisite Boss Over/Under Side Lock 20ga, estimated at $65-85k brought a remarkable $189,750! A spectacular Gold Inlayed Winchester 86 estimated at $150-250k went out at $201,250! There are numerous highlights in the Colt offerings most notable was a Rare Cased No. 5 Colt Paterson which went out at $431,250. Julia’s once again re-set the world auction record for a Kentucky Rifle with an important Frederick Sell, which went out at $195,500!

    Important Firearms Auction March 2011
    SOLD! Robust Sale Equals $10 Million

    March 14 & 15, 2011

    The clear message from our March 14th & 15th, 2011 firearms auction is that firearms collecting world is rebounding very strongly. Some extraordinary record prices scattered across a vast array of firearms niches, together with an ever-increasing number of bidders returning to the chase with a renewed enthusiasm and excitement, all bode well for the firearms collecting world. The low estimate of everything sold was a tad over $7 million and the total realized was just under $10 million. But despite record prices and a number of strong very healthy prices and lots of enthusiasm, there were still plenty of bargains and for serious collectors this is an excellent time to be expanding on their collection(s).

    Some highlights of the sale were lot 2034, the engraved and gold inlaid 73 deluxe Winchester, estimated at $50,000-$100,000 which, after a furious bidding battle, ended up at $391,000! A set of three, gold-inlaid Kornbrath engraved Colt single actions, estimated at $300,000-$450,000, and realized $345,000. The much touted Westley Richards, .577NE which had belonged to renowned author Ernest Hemingway, carried a presale estimate of $150,000-$200,000 and went out at just about $340,000. A spectacular sterling silver Tiffany swords presented to General Lewis Merrill (from the Fred McDonald Estate) went to auction with a low estimate of $85,000 and a high estimate of $125,0000 and sold for just a little over $240,0000. Another exciting bidding battle was for the J.M. Small flintlock rifle with carved stock; estimated at $45,000-$65,000, it was a rare find and finally hammered down at $184,000; believed to be the highest price ever attained for a Kentucky rifle at auction. A Spencer carbine, forensically proven to have been used at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, was offered at $85,000-$125,000. Despite the selling price of $138,000 it was a very good buy; there are only a handful of these guns forensically proven to have been at the battle field and of the few in private hands, our firm has sold four of them in the past and most of them brought well above this in fact, one brought a multiple of what this one realized. A Fabbri best sidelock over/under .410 gauge shotgun from the Robert Petersen Estate, estimated at $80,000-$120,000, went out at $97,750.

    Outstanding October Firearms Auction
    Totals Over $10 Million In Sales!!!

    October 5 & 6, 2010

    The storied President Theodore Roosevelt Fox was a showpiece in the auction gallery and a record breaker on the bidding floor. Touted prior to the sale as “the most historic and most valuable American shotgun ever offered at public sale” this Fox gun, about which Pres. Roosevelt himself espoused that “ no better gun was ever made” indeed made history and proved the prediction right by selling for $862,500, becoming the MOST expensive American shotgun ever sold at auction! James D. Julia, Inc. now owns the American shotgun record books by consistently topping itself (ahead of the 2nd, 3rd & 4th expensive American shotguns sold at auction: an A-1 Parker Special made for the Czar of Russia that sold for $287,500 in March 2007, an L.C. Smith Deluxe, which realized $235,750 in March 2008, and Nash Buckingham’s beloved Bo Whoop which brought $201,250 in March 2010 all sold by James D. Julia, Inc.) But the tremendous results and successes weren’t exclusive to the shotguns! With over $10 Million in sales, Julia’s Fall classic was abound with stellar prices from the Winchester 1st Model 1873 “One Of One Hundred” at $373,750 to the $80,500 for the Rare Singer 1911 A1, the Spectacular Daniel Fraser brought $132,250 and the Colts of course made their presence known with a Rare Colt-Ehlers No. 5 Texas Paterson bringing $172,500 and a Cased Engraved 1860 Army & Sword achieving $149,500 and the three #10 Engraved Marlins from the Rohal Estate Collection featured on the 28th Blue Book of Gun Values realized $112,125. From Class 3 to historic Civil War and Confederate items, the quality and diversity could not be denied!! The sale showcased many fine, renowned collections and estates providing collectors of all levels ample opportunity to take part in the heavy bidding. With an average sale value of almost $12,000 per lot James D. Julia, Inc. has proven itself, once again, to be the premiere auctioneer of high-grade, quality items of value and rarity leading the way for consignors and buyers alike.

    Extraordinary March Firearms Auction
    Realized Nearly $8.5 Million!

    March 15 & 16, 2010

    Bo-Whoop, Hair-Trigger Meldrum, and Nicholas Noel Boutet where some of the great stars in our March 15th & 16th auction. The sale grossing nearly $8.5 million , against a pre-sale estimate of approx. $7 million, was a tremendous success.

    Nash Buckingham’s long lost and beloved Bo-Whoop shotgun, recently consigned to Julia’s became the 3rd most expensive American shotgun ever sold at auction when it realized $201,250 (the most expensive American shotgun was an A-1 Parker Special made for the Czar of Russia, sold for $287,500 by J.D. Julia in March 2007. The second highest American Shotgun was an L.C. Smith Deluxe also sold by this firm, in March 2008, which realized $235,750.) An extremely rare gold inlaid and engraved Colt Single Action, at one time presented to Robert Meldrum by the Tomboy Gold Mine Co. in Telluride, CO, sold for $258,750. The biggest star of the auction was a collection of extraordinary high-art gold and silver mounted flintlock pistols by Nicholas Noel Boutet. This cased set saw a great deal of bidding action and finally hammered down at $437,000. There were many other pleasant surprises throughout the auction and in general, as is the case with all auctions in this new economy, there were bargains scattered throughout, but most importantly there was strong bidding activity and in general all categories did quite well overall.

    October 2009 Firearms Auction Extraordinaire
    Totals Nearly $11 Million!!!

    October 6 & 7, 2009

    Another Significant Success in Challenging Times.

    For the last 6 years, our firearms auctions have averaged approximately $10 million plus per sale, a feat never equaled by any other auction company in the world. In this October’s event, the Julia Company presented 1214 lots (The Poulin Auction Company presented 2205 lots that sold approx. $1.7 million) which equals nearly $13 million dollars worth of sales in 1 week!

    Superb March 2009 Firearms Auction
    Sold $11.5 Million!

    March 16 & 17, 2009

    Another extraordinary auction in extraordinary times. The gross sales result of $11.5 Million was obtained on $8.7 Million worth of low estimate or $2.8 Million over low estimate. 45 items brought over $50,000! 12 items brought over $100,000! 9 items brought over $200,000! Three items brought over $500,000! The phenomenal Murphy collection was extremely well received with lots of bidding competition and high prices on these rare and extraordinary items, but the Murphy collection was not the only thing that shined as great prices were obtained for many of the fine shotguns and sporting rifles, Civil War items, great Winchesters, Class III and 20th Century Military items. Of course, not everything brought extraordinary prices, as was to be expected, there were a number of very good buys in this auction, and one of the strongest reasons in the world for passionate collectors of firearms to stay active in these particular turbulent times. This is the first time in ten years that collectors have had an opportunity to attain some true bargains and smart perceptive buyers will continue to pay particular attention to both auctions, gun shows, and gun dealers offerings. Just as there are great opportunities in our country today, in businesses and stocks and real-estate, there are great opportunities in the collectible field. The results of the October 2008 and now the 2009 March sale, once again reflect the tremendous passion, resilience and confidence of collectors of antique and collectable firearms. Our industry is still doing well, none of us are in line looking for bail out money, nor do we have to be concerned about egregious bonuses, Ponzi schemes and stock frauds. Kudos to the passion and enthusiasm of the gun collecting fraternity!

    Outstanding Fall Firearms Auction
    Totals Nearly $12 Million!
    Extraordinary Results In Extraordinary Times!

    October 6 & 7, 2008

    Fairfield, Maine – On Monday October 6th & Tuesday October 7th the U.S. Stock Market plunged nearly 10%, the world economy flirted with catastrophe but in Fairfield, Maine an assemblage of rare antique guns brought extraordinary results, despite the economy. A Colt Walker pistol, made for use in the Mexican War, and considered to be one of the finest examples in existence sold for a spectacular $920,000. This was the most expensive single firearm ever sold at auction in the world. Julia’s held the past two World Records for Walker Revolvers with previous sales of $480,000 and $432,000. This Walker carried a pre-sale estimate of $500,000 to $1,000,000; another rare Colt cased fluted Army sold for $454,000. Total low estimate of all items sold was $9.7 million and sold for approximately $12 million. In all, 2 objects sold for over $400,000, 10 objects realized above $100,000, 31 sold above $50,000, 124 sold for over $20,000, and 294 sold over $10,000. The average sale value of approximately $11,500 is the highest average ever achieved by an auction house for firearms. The sale was, unquestionably, a tremendous testament to the demand, confidence and resilience of antique, tangible assets. James D. Julia, Inc. Auctioneers is currently the World’s Leading Auction House for high quality firearms. For the last 4 years their auctions have consistently attained some of the highest grosses in the world for firearms. For more details contact James D. Julia, Inc at 207-453-7125.

    Spring Firearms Auction
    A Record Breaking Success: $12.7 Million!

    March 10 & 11, 2008

    12,700,000! This is the largest grossing firearms auction ever held in the world which exceeds the previous record of $11,235,000 set by this auction house last Fall which exceeded the earlier record of $9,200,000 set by James D. Julia, Inc. There were approx. 1270 lots sold and the final price was almost $4 million above low estimate!

    This extraordinary auction was extremely strong throughout. Included was the Bruce Stern Collection offering an extraordinary array of 20th Century military items and Class III weapons; spectacular collection of high quality shotguns; incredible Colts; beautiful Winchesters; portions of the Robert Sadler, Ron Gabel, & Hank Vogel Collections, the late Ron Kiser Collection of single shots; Civil War items and much, much more! Prior to the JDJ auction the Poulin Auction Company conducted a spectacular 3-Day auction grossing $1.5 million. A $14.2 Million combined total!

    Spectacular Fall Firearms Auction
    An Extraordinary Success Grossing $11.235 Million!

    October 8-10, 2007

    This is the highest grossing firearms auction ever conducted in history, exceeding the previous record of $9.2 set by this auction firm in October 2005 with only 1,332 lots resulting in an average sale value per lot of $8,304. Again, the highest in the industry.

    Our fall auction was an extraordinary auction containing fabulous examples of most of the major firearms collecting niches. Extraordinary Confederate and Civil War items, a fabulous collection of Colts, important Winchesters, a private collection of single-shot rifles, extraordinary double rifles and shotguns, a private collection of Indian Wars material, a superb historical lot and much more

    Spring 2007 Firearm Auction
    Another Outstanding Success at $7,483,735!

    March 12 & 13, 2007

    Our March 12-13 sale was another outstanding success! The total low estimate of the lots sold was $5,776,550 with a final sales price of $7,483,735 – almost 30% above low estimate! The average sale price per lot of $7,666 is again the highest in the industry. The sale included a number of new auction records.

    The Czar Nicholas II Parker A1 Special Shotgun
    SN 168304. (Est. $225,000-325,000)
    Sold: $287,500!

    Important Firearm Auction
    A Fabulous Success at $8.3 Million PLUS!

    October 9th-11th, 2006

    Our October 9, 10 & 11th firearm auction was another fabulous success at $8.3 Million Plus! Together with the Spring 2006 auction they are the two highest grossing auctions this year in North America.

    Early 1863 Army of Northern Virginia Battle
    Flag of the 23rd Georgia Infantry
    Sold: $161,000!

    Extraordinary Firearms Auction
    Grossed Just Over $9 Million!

    March 13 & 14, 2006

    No other auction firm in the world has ever conducted a $9 Million gun auction, this, however, is the 3rd gun auction in the $9 Million range that James D. Julia, Inc. has conducted in the past 2 years!

    Item Sold
    Rare & Exceptionally Fine Colt Walker Percussion Revolver (NEW WORLD RECORD!) $431,250
    Extremely Rare Cased Colt No. 5 Belt Model Texas Paterson Revolver With Ehler’s Hammer $316,000
    Exquisite One Of A Kind Elaborately Engraved Smith & Wesson #3 Second Model American Revolver $172,500
    Smith & Wesson Engraved & Gold Inlaid No. 3 Second Model American Revolver $195,500
    Exceedingly Rare & Stupendous Pair Of Smith & Wesson No. 1 Second Issue Spur
    Trigger Gold Inlaid Revolvers, Engraved & Presentation Inscribed By Gustave Young For John A. Rice
    Spectacular & Rare John M Olin Presentation Winchester Model 21 Dbl Bbl Shotgun 2 Bbl Set $80,500
    Extremely Rare John M. Olin Presentation Winchester Model 21 Dbl Bbl Shotgun 2 Bbl Set $66,125
    Extremely Rare Cased Parker Small Bore A1 Special Grade Dbl Bbl Shotgun 2-Bbl Set $97,750
    US Springfield 03/Mark 1 Rifle With Pederson Device $51,750
    1903 Springfield Armory Rod Bayonet $43,125
    Fine Volcanic #2 Navy Repeating Pistol $51,750

    Spectacular Fall Firearms Auction
    Largest Grossing Firearms Auction
    Ever Held in the World! $9.2 Million!

    October 3rd-6th, 2005

    In October 2004 we set a record for the highest grossing firearms auction ever held in the world at a little under $9 million. This auction exceeds that by over $300,000.

    Spectacular Cased Elaborately Engraved Exhibition Quality Colt SQL Action Army Revolver
    Sold: $230,000!

    Outstanding Spring Firearms Auction
    Grosses Over $5 Million!

    March 14th-16th, 2005

    This sale incl. a diverse and superb offering of firearms, swords and historical items drawn from various coll. incl. that of the late author & coll. Bruce McDowell, of the late P.J. Carisella, which will incl. the largest offering of Baron Von Richthofen (the Red Baron) personal items ever offered at auction. Also incl. is the remainder of the coll. of the late John Hamilton; a select offering of items from the Hank Truslow coll.; the World War II military coll. of the late Barney Frost; the target rifles of Olympic medalist Arthur Jackson; an outstanding offering of Civil War, Confederate and other 19th C. weapons from a major East coast private coll. A spectacular sale with something for everyone from the advanced collector to the beginner. Approx. 1500 lots in this fast-paced three-session auction. Don’t miss it!

    Most Important Firearms Auction
    Total Sales Just Under $9 Million!!

    October 4th-7th, 2004

    With total sales grossing just under $9 Million, this is the largest grossing Firearms Auction ever held in North America by any firm and believed to be the largest grossing firearms auction ever held in the world!

    Spectacular cased eng. Win. M1866 (Estimate $75,000-$125,000)
    Sold: $184,000!

    Important Firearms Auction
    A Success at Over $3 Million!

    March 15-17, 2004

    This large fine auction incl. a diversity of items for all levels of buyers. Winchesters incl. an M76, 1 of 1000, cal. 45-60, various Henrys incl. excel. Martial with documentation, also silver plated engr. Henry to Gen. Dodge. Wonderful selection of high-grade Winchesters incl. M86’s, 73’s, 76’s. Colts incl. rare Dragoons (some experimentals), cased examples, some fact. engr., superb M51 and 61 Martial Navy’s, cased 45 Boxer. This was a terrific sale with something for everyone from an advanced collector to a beginner.

    Rare & important consec. numbered pair of Griswold Conf. revolvers
    Sold: $80,500!

    Outstanding Fall Firearms Auction
    A Fabulous Success at approx. $3.4 Million!

    October 6th-8th, 2003

    Our recent Fall Firearms Auction was a fabulous success at approx. $3.4 Million. Hit selected highlights to see some of the exciting results. We are now accepting quality consignments and collections for our Important Spring 2004 Auction.

    Probably the finest pair of gold and nickel Nimschke
    style engraved Colts in existence. Unfired.
    Sold: $276,000!

    Important Firearms Auction
    Totals Over $1.4 Million!

    March 11 & 12, 2002

    An outstanding silver commemorative beaker, once belonging to Baron von Richthofen a.k.a. the “Red Baron”, was probably the most famous fighter pilot ever in the history of aviation. The beaker obviously commissioned at the time of his winning the Pour le Merite.
    Sold: $28,750!