Spring Firearms Auctions Gross Almost $17 Million Combined!

Auction: April 11th, 12th & 13th, 2017: 10am

Preview: April 8th, 9th & 10th, 2017: 9am-5pm

Please Note: All prices include the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium, which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become official until after the 46th day.

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SN 1-3-002268. Cal. .45 ACP. 5″ bbl. Classic Powder Springs M-10 with spare bolt, 2 bbls with thread protectors, screw-on extension handle, multiple covers, spare springs, pins, forward strap, and 5 grease gun mags. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand, this weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is extremely fine with some high edge wear. Bores are shiny and bright. Nice entry level select fire machine gun with nice heft. 51577-2 JWK714 (3,000-5,000) – Lot 3000



SN 43-13004. Cal. 9mm. 5-3/4″ bbl, 13-1/2″ with suppressor. Red Dog Target Supplies registered H&K MP5 SD short bbl’d rifle with RDS screw-on suppressor & 20 rnd mag and sling. H&K and RDS marked. This weapon appears fully functional. These are actually two NFA items requiring two transfer taxes for this lot. These National Firearms Act items requires BATF approval prior to transfer. These two items are fully transferable on ATF forms 3 or forms 4. CONDITION: Exceedingly fine condition with only a couple of light handling marks. The spring hook which holds the sling to the front of the weapon has some loss of finish and there is a little brassing to the knurling of the suppressor but otherwise a truly outstanding condition specimen. Bore is excellent, shiny, and bright. 51577-1 JWK712 (2,500-6,000) – Lot 3001

Revised: 3/29/2017

Please Note: Great News! Includes very rare original front and rear airplane sights for shooting at early aircraft.


SN CSRG 150542. Cal. 8mm Lebel. 17-1/2″ bbl. Fine specimen of a deactivated Chauchat with “SA” marking on left receiver indicating Finnish use. Chamber has been welded shut as has firing pin hole rendering it non-functional. However, included is a good serviceable bbl and bolt as well as a very rare and sought orig mag box with nine mags total and an orig gunner’s cleaning kit with cleaning rod, oiler tins, and brushes. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 5 as Curio & Relic eligible as a deactivated tax-exempt transfer. This weapon may be re-activated on an ATF form 1 upon application and approval by BATF. CONDITION: Good to very good. Overall finish and appearance with about 70% blue remaining and completely solid and serviceable wood. Bolt rides smoothly within receiver. Bore of spare bbl has good strong rifling. Canvas gunner’s pouch very good. Mag box extremely fine. 51357-1 JWK124 (2,500-5,000) C&R – Lot 3002



SN CSRG 26230. Cal. 8mm Lebel. 21″ bbl with flash hider marked “Sidarme” on left side of receiver with manufacturers star logo in addition to C.S.R.G. that stand for Chauchat, Sutter, Ribeyrolles and Gladiator which are the manufacturers. Upper and lower assemblies have matching SN’s. This design was rushed into production in 1915 due to the perceived immediate need for an automatic rifle following the opening of WWI. Eventually, over 244,000 were manufactured by 1918 in 8mm Lebel. This is a slow firing machine gun with a long recoil travel making it difficult to control when prone and behind the gun. Arguably, it is more effective in it’s intended role of providing walking fire while troops were advancing. One orig mag included along with collector grade publication Honour Bound The Chauchat Machine Rifle. This specimen has been de-activated by having the chamber welded shut with metal weld and the bolt has been removed. Detent pin is a very firm fit. Mag release & safety/selector all move properly. Charging handle is frozen in the rear position. This weapon is de-activated and non-functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 5 as Curio & Relic eligible as a deactivated tax-exempt transfer. This weapon may be re-activated on an ATF form 1 upon application and approval by BATF. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good with over 80% of orig blue finish remaining turning to a brown patina on the flat sides of the receiver plates with more of a bare metal patina on the bipod legs near the swivel points with remains of gray paint on balance of legs. Wood is very solid and serviceable with numerous dings, chips and gouges. Mag appears fully serviceable and also a pleasing gray patina on right side with more finish remaining on left side “SA” visible on left side indicating this mag was at one time in Finnish service. Weld has completely filled chamber and onto chamber face, unable to determine condition of bore due to this fact. 8mm Lebel ammunition is currently readily available and with some work and the appropriate parts, this weapon could likely be returned to a functioning status. Even as is, it is a nice display piece from the WWI era. 51385-1 JWK704 (2,000-3,000) C&R – Lot 3003



SN 1819. Cal. 20 mm. Bbl number 1827, gas cyl SN 1819 “SA” mark on receiver. Includes “JGS” reloading die set with priming tool, 3 live rnds of ammo, 22 empty cases, approx 80 solid projectiles, repro muzzle break, and 8 ten rnd mags in carriers. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand with a pleasing “ka-chunk” the bolt slams forward. Great care should be taken when firing Lahti to keep hands away from area forward of trigger. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This Destructive Device (DD) is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or 4 as Curio & Relic eligible. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish extremely fine with smooth gray orig finish thinning to gray with some light scattered pitting on receiver. Wooden cooling jacket in serviceable condition with dings. Orig shoulder piece serviceable with corrosion on retaining bracket. Mags in fine condition as are the boxes. Bore has shiny crisp rifling with some darkness in the grooves. This is a fine condition specimen with components and loading dies that only enhance this lot. 51453-1 JWK725 (6,000-10,000) C&R – Lot 3004



SN 360936. Cal. .20ga. 10″ bbl. This Flues era field grade specimen exhibits roll stamp of pointing hunting dog and standard Ithaca address in addition to “AUTO&BURGLAR GUN”. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4 as Curio & Relic eligible with a $5.00 BATF transfer tax to individuals. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good with an even brown patina over some noticeable pitting, particularly on outside of left bbl, with some fairly moderate pitting under patina on right side of trigger guard. Both forearm and handgrip have a couple of chips with a noticeable chip on the top of pistol grip which consignor has included with this lot. Bore is very good. 51809-1 JWK137 (1,500-3,500) C&R – Lot 3005



SN SP70432. Cal. .223. 21-1/2″ bbl. Near mint orig Colt AR-15 model SP-1 semi-auto rifle with typical Colt markings on left side of receiver. Classic triangular hand guard and “C MP Chrome Bore”, no bolt forward assist on right side. One Colt 20 rnd mag and black web sling included. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is in near mint condition with light wear, where charging handle rides in the receiver. Mint bore. Simply an outstanding condition specimen. 51500-49 JWK717 (1,000-1,500) – Lot 3006



NSN. Cal. .28. 7″ Bbl, nicely detailed cast bronze model. Bbl with non-operational screw thread breech is mounted in spring loaded slide, has wheels which work elevation, traverse inoperable, low field carriage with spoked wheels and long trails, all mounted on rectangular metal base on marble base. CONDITION: Fine. Mellow patina on all metal. Traverse adjustment handle bent. 51447-3 MGM104 (750-1,000) – Lot 3007

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NSN. Cal. about 36. This very well built 12″ steel bbl with fine steel and brass interrupted thread breech has working elevation and pneumatic recoil cylinder. Carriage is all brass with cast iron wheels and axle covers and can quite possibly be a British arsenal model though there are no discernible markings. Slender tube has a flared muzzle and bore measures about .36″ at muzzle. This early breech loading model still required a friction primer for ignition and is a variant not seen before of early bag guns. Model measures 17″ overall and about 8-1/2″ hub to hub. PROVENANCE: Ex. Springfield Arsenal, LLC Artillery Collection. CONDITION: Overall very good. Bbl has scattered rust and pitting. Bore and vent are clear. Brass carriage has good patina. Only marking discernible is an arrow engraved into bottom of brass support for trunions. Axle cover and wheels have good green paint with about a 1/2″ chip in casting of inner hub of left wheel. Mechanically breech and elevation are functional. 51447-1 (3,000-4,000) – Lot 3008



NSN. Cal. .375 Bore diameter. 11-5/8″ Round tapered steel bbl with flare at muzzle, removable interrupted screw thread, breechloading. Once loaded cannon can be fired with fuse through vent in heavier breech section. Cast bronze field carriage with elevation adjustment, cast detail on trails, and wooden ammo containers mounted on axle. Armstrong rifles which were introduced about 1860 were among the best, most popular artillery used throughout the world including the Confederate States which had the luxury to use many of these guns in early Naval combat. CONDITION: Very fine. Bbl overall brown patina with some pitting, most of orig gray paint is on trails. Black paint on hub wheels. 51447-2 (2,000-3,000) – Lot 3009



NSN. Cal. 10 ga. 11″ Bbl has makers name and “The “Strong” Cannon” along with heraldic eagle on pivoting breech block. Bbl is mounted in exceptionally fine mahogany carriage with two lignum vitae wheels and orig type brass hardware, including trunnion covers and elevation screw. CONDITION: Bbl has untouched orig patina over numerous light marks. Markings clear. Firing pin catch missing. Carriage is excellent, near new. 51743-1 MGM76 (4,000-6,000) – Lot 3010



SN 14805. Cal. 38 Auto. Early model with checkering on front of slide, both sides. Appears to be all correct and orig. With no replaced parts or significant repairs. Right slide marked “Automatic Colt” and “Calibre 38 Rimless Smokeless”, “Model 1902”. Left side marked “Browning Patent, Pat’d April 20, 1897, Sept 9, 1902”, “Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg Company. Hartford, Conn. U.S.A.” Lanyard loop swivel on left bottom corner of receiver. Mag marking “Cal. 38/Colt”. Accompanied by period holster. Colt started with SN 15,000 in this series with the intention of numbering down and this is one of the first 200 guns made of this model. PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Bluing on slide and frame is all Colt orig. Rear sight may have been removed as slide shows small peening marks front and back. Rear grip strap has several drag marks from a ring. Fire bluing on wedge on both sides partially visible. Front grip strap shows most of the bluing with some small scratches. Ding marks around pin above trigger on right hand side. Mildly pitted bore with lands very visible. Slight pit mark on right hand side of slide. Spotting on right hand frame bottom. Scratch marks on right lower grip. Grips in very good + condition, grip screws show minor damage. Slight drag mark under lanyard loop swivel. Holster in very good condition showing verdigris on closure stud, marked “14/45A”. 51517-25 KXK (5,000-8,000) C&R – Lot 3011



SN 42659. Cal. 38 Auto. Late model with grip serrations on rear of slide, both sides. Appears to be all correct and orig. With no replaced parts or significant repairs. Right slide marked “Automatic Colt” and “Calibre 38 Rimless Smokeless”, “Model 1902”. Left side marked “Browning Patent, Pat’d April 20, 1897, Sept 9, 1902”, “Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg Company. Hartford, Conn. U.S.A.” Lanyard loop swivel on left bottom corner of receiver. Orig mag marked “Mil./Colt/.38 Cal.” PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Slide shows most of its orig blue with a few light scattering spots on top. Small scratch above key on left side front. Front and rear grip straps in near perfect condition with a couple small areas on the rear grip strap. Some small drag marks below swivel lanyard loop. Most of bluing remains except high edge wear. Bore is coated with heavy grease but appears to be unpitted. Minor spots on left hand grip lower. Grips in near excellent condition, grip screws near excellent. 51517-26 KXK (4,000-7,000) C&R – Lot 3012



SN 79829. Cal. 45 ACP. All parts (except mag) appear to be Springfield made from their distinctive shapes, but most are not “S” marked. Pistol was not taken down to examine internal small parts. Proper large diamond Springfield made stocks. Wide spur duck bill hammer. Right hand slide Springfield eagle marked as well as “Model of 1911 US Army” in Springfield fonts. Left side of slide has standard patent marking, Springfield Armory marking and flaming bomb. Receiver right side has SN, left side has “United States Property” and flaming bomb marks. Bbl bushing has distinctive Springfield front profile. PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Bbl has heavy pitting with lands still showing, rear of hood properly marked “MD”, lugs properly marked “S” and “P”, link and pin loose, most of bbl finish missing. Mag is Colt type-3 lanyard loop with minor surface deterioration on bottom, but no cracks in the upper corners. All finish is missing from stock screws, some are partially damaged. Slide has noticeable wear on top and on the muzzle end. Rear of slide has some wear on the high spots. Receiver has most wear on front grip straps and dust cover. Most Springfield made pistols show considerable wear, the overall appearance of this all orig (except mag) pistol is very pleasing with only moderate wear. 51517-4 KXK (4,500-7,500) C&R – Lot 3013



1) REMINGTON RAND 1911. NSN. Cal. 45 ACP. Bbl “P” marked at rear of ejection port. Proper Remington UMC markings on left side. Right slide marked “Model of 1911 U.S. Army”. Hammer is wide checkered, thumb safety is checkered, trigger is long and smooth. Most collectors believe the unnumbered pistols were made after the production contract from left over parts. Appears to have all Remington UMC parts although unmarked. Mag is standard Colt type-3 with lanyard loop. PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Slide dark-blue blued with fading from middle to rear, one minor ding opposite ejection port on left side. Receiver in-the-white with tarnishing of exposed surfaces. Stocks appear to be Colt manufactured and in very good condition, right stock screws show mild buggering, left stock screws very good +. Receiver has no numbers showing inside or out. Trigger, mag catch, hammer, grip safety, thumb safety are black finished, remainder of lower receiver in-the-white. C&R 2) NORWEGIAN 1914. SN 31336. Cal. 45 ACP. Right side slide marked “1945” over a square proof mark, top of slide shows “F” in front of hammer, left side of slide marked with standard Norwegian markings, SN, and above Crown/7 and Crown/K (Wilhelmina proofs). Pistol has no Nazi proofs. Left frame marked “31336”. Trigger, slide stop, thumb safety, bbl, grip safety, and mainspring housing marked with “.336”. Hammer and mag catch release unmarked but have proper Norwegian finish. Stocks are very light European wood that has been stained. Trigger is long, smooth. Hammer is short, checkered. Thumb safety is checkered. Mag appears to be post-war spot welded base. Entire pistol appears to be original with late war finish (except mag). Mainspring housing lacks lanyard loop. PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Has 96++ war-time finish, slight edge wear, slight fading on grip straps. Stock screws very good. C&R 51517-17, 51517-21 (5,000-6,000) – Lot 3014



SN 139275. Cal. 45ACP. Made in early 1917. Inspected by Gilbert H. Stewart with sub-inspector Frank Hosmer. Typical early 1917 pistol with Roman-type font on all slide and receiver markings. Wide spur hammer, long trigger and flat mainspring housing, sights are in excellent condition with only some blue missing on corners. PROVENANCE: The Frank H. Wheaton, III Collection. CONDITION: Most parts appear to be correct and orig with the following exceptions; bbl is WWII replacement by High Standard, flat mainspring housing appears to have been replaced by one with a number of dents that have been refinished, keyhole lanyard loop mag is from an earlier pistol. Lanyard loop was discontinued in 1916. Walnut grips and screws appear to be in excellent plus condition. Front grip strap slightly fading, bluing is worn only on the high edges, but slight fading all over. Small screw mark on right trigger from a trigger shoe. Slide has slight scratch mark near lower front of ejection port. Receiver has small scratch mark right side below hammer and a very small take-down scratch on left side. All markings are typical and correct including Hosmers inspection mark above the firing pin stop plate and Hosmers mark above disconnector hole. Very small pit hidden by slide stop. Mag catch lock slot slightly damaged. Overall a very nice example of an early 1917 pistol with only a couple of changed parts. Mag bottom rivets seem to have been re-staked, sides have been cleaned with moderate pitting on sides. 51517-14 KXK (6,000-10,000) C&R – Lot 3015



SN 497138. Cal. 45 ACP. Right hand slide marking “Model of 1911. U.S. Army” in proper Gothic font. Left hand slide marked with “Colt Patent” markings in proper Gothic font. Rampant Colt logo in middle of slide. Slide properly marked “H” (Gothic) over firing pin stop plate. Proper wide spur hammer, wide trigger, thin front sight, relieved checkered slide stop, and not much wear to the slide hold back notch. Two toned type mag. CONDITION: Front and rear sights in good condition, rear sight has proper small “U” notch. Receiver and slide have most of the orig economy war time finish remaining. Finish may possibly have been re-blued but shows no apparent buffing. Receiver and slide have numerous small dings and scratches but very little pitting. Stocks are proper Colt double diamond type in good ++ condition. Stock screws show minor slot damage. Holes behind stocks show heart shaped cutouts. Bbl has vertical “P H” marking which is per the books a bit too early for the SN. Bore good ++ with a couple of pits. Minor pitting on both sides of the trigger. Mag finish is somewhat deteriorated but still attractive looking. Overall a very decent looking Black Army with most of its finish. 51389-3 KXK (2,000-2,850) C&R – Lot 3016



SN 595113. Cal. .45. 5″ bbl. Colt Model of 1911 pistol made in 1919, Black Army. Long wide spur checkered hammer. Checkered thumb safety and slide stop. Short tang grip safety. Flat mainspring housing with lanyard loop. Dbl diamond checkered stocks with faceted stock screws with minor buggering. Long milled trigger. Excellent mag catch that protrudes on right slightly. Right stock appears to be a replacement, and has gap under it indicating a replacement or replaced bushings. Slide “H” marked with Gothic font above firing pin stop plate. Right side of slide marked “Model of 1911. U.S.ARMY”. “United States Property” above SN on right side. Left lower trigger guard bow #58. Ordinance acceptance eagle over 7 above mag catch (left). Left slide marked with Colt’s normal patent data, followed by Rampant Colt and Colt’s standard address. Top of receiver marked “G” behind disconnector and “HP” sharing common leg to the right. Bbl is Colt .45AUTO with tiny “f” in front of lug (WWII). CONDITION: Front grip strap mostly in the white. Rear grip strap mostly in the white. Moderate finish missing on dust cover. Slide missing much finish all over. Bore moderately frosted in grooves. Mag is very good+ Colt Type IV two-toned pinned base. Slight deterioration of finish on sides and bottom of floorplate. Slide has much of orig Black Army faded in clumps, which is typical. Overall, a decent looking Black Army made in 1919. 51709-27 KXK (1,800-3,000) C&R – Lot 3017



SN 303434. Cal. .45. 5″ bbl. Very early Springfield Eagle inspection marked 1918 model of 1911 pistol. Right side of slide SN marked behind slide stop in Gothic font. Left receiver marked “United States Property” on dustcover flat. Springfield eagle over “S11” (Ordinance acceptance mark over mag catch button). Right slide marked “Model of 1911. U.S. ARMY”. Left slide has standard Colt 1913 patent marking with Colt’s address to the rear, Rampant Colt in the middle. Front sight is rounded, flat, thin. Rear sight has small round notch. “H” above firing pin stop plate. All nomenclature in Gothic font. Long milled trigger. Long wide spur checkered hammer. Checkered thumb safety. Checkered slide stop. Short tang grip safety. Flat mainspring housing with lanyard loop. Bbl properly “P, H” marked vertical with “5” in front of lug. Mag is Colt Type IV, two-tone, less lanyard loop. CONDITION: Mag catch lock slightly buggered. Stock and stock screws excellent orig condition. Only right upper stock screw shows any amount of buggering. Slide has slight deterioration of finish on top with most of the finish on the sides intact. Small scratches to the recoil spring housing cutout near muzzle. Slight finish wear to edges at muzzle. Receiver has mostly orig finish remaining. Only a small amount of corrosion on the mainspring housing where it rubs the holster, and on the lower edge. Only slight finish deterioration on front grip strap and rest of receiver. Typical wear on bottom right corner of butt. Moderate takedown scratch. Stock screws show mostly orig finish and orig faceting. Bore is bright and shiny. Only moderate wear on slide rails, and just the slightest peening of holdopen and takedown notches. Bbl finish shows only moderate deterioration in ejection port area. Orig dbl diamond walnut stocks show only slight wear at the bottoms especially the right stock. Otherwise, excellent condition. Finish is excellent with only slight deterioration on sides and floorplate of mag. Overall, an excellent condition all orig 1911 pistol with one of the first Springfield Armory acceptance stamps. 51696-8 KXK (2,500-4,000) C&R – Lot 3018



SN 45148. Cal. .45. 5″ bbl. Very attractive nearly all original 1911 U.S. Army made 1913. Wide spur short stubby hammer. Long billed trigger. Short tang grip safety. Flat mainspring housing with lanyard loop. Dbl diamond checkered walnut stocks. Right side of slide shows SN behind slide stop pin hole, crisp and clear. Left side shows “United States Property” with Roman lettering on dustcover flat. Cartouche of Walter J. Penfield above mag catch release crisp and clear. Checkered hammer, thumb safety, and slide stop. Right of slide marked “Model of 1911. U.S.ARMY”. Front sight thin rounded tapered. Rear sight flat top round notch. Slide marked “H” no serifs over firing pin stop plate. Left side of slide has standard Colt patent data followed by Colt’s address, Rampant Colt to rear of slide. Bbl right lug “T” marked. Left lug “D” marked. “P”, “H” (vertical) marks visible through ejection port. A proper bbl would be marked horizontally. Bbl bushing from shape appears to be from a later pistol. Mag is Type III, two-toned lanyard loop, in excellent- condition. Only slight deterioration of finish on sides and minor finish wear on tongue. CONDITION: All four stock screws show minor buggering. Stocks both in very good+ condition, only partial flattening of diamonds. Both stocks show minor screwdriver damage to screws and wood around screws. Mag catch in excellent condition. Mag catch lock slightly buggered. Lands and grooves are slightly frosted. Bbl appears shiny on lands despite frosting. Top of slide front has numerous dings. Left side of slide has large ding behind front sight. Right receiver has start of corrosion above stock and in front of lower stock. Left side shows minor takedown scratch as well as holster wear on trigger guard and dustcover. Mainspring housing shows matching wear on lower right portion. Thinning to grip strap. Slide has minor holster wear on front edges. Slide stop and takedown notches show moderate peening. Overall, a really attractive, early, mostly orig 1911 military pistol with only a later bbl and bushing. 51696-10 KXK (2,000-4,000) C&R – Lot 3019



SN 77840. Cal. .45. 5″ bbl. Receiver right has SN behind slide stop hole. Receiver left has “United States Property” on upper dust cover, flaming bomb over mag catch release. Right and left stocks are orig Springfield Manufacture. Hammer is correct Springfield type with “S” marking. Thumb safety, trigger, and firing pin stop plate are all properly shaped. Slide stop has no “S” mark but is partially checkered all the way to the top. Grip safety and mainspring housing have been refinished and are Colt manufacture. Mag catch assembly appears to be of Colt manufacture. Slide right side marked “Springfield”. Springfield Ordinance eagle rear of ejection port and “Model of 1911.U.S. ARMY” in front of ejection port. Slide left side has standard Colt patent information followed by “Springfield Armory. U.S.A.”. Rear of slide left shows Springfield flaming bomb. Front sight is integral thin rounded Springfield type. Bbl bushing has no “S” mark but a punch mark and appears to be Colt type. Mag is standard Springfield Armory manufacture. CONDITION: Stock screws right show some buggering. Stocks screws left upper shows no buggering. Lower screw left shows minor buggering. Slide shows considerable pitting under an added chemical blue finish. Grip safety and mainspring housing are Colt replacement parts and have been refinished with a chemical blue. Receiver shows most of orig rust blued finish with some deterioration due to oxidation. Heavy takedown scratch. Correct Springfield manufactured mag with folded over lips, shows considerable wear and surface erosion. Area on back top of mag shows no remaining copper, very little finish remaining on lower quadrant of mag. Overall, a Springfield made orig receiver with a refinished slide and other Springfield parts. 51709-25 (3,000-4,500) C&R – Lot 3020



SN 139372. Cal. 45. Marked in script on right hand slide below ejection port “C F JUDSON” over “CAPT. ORD R. L. U.S.A.”. Sans serif “H” above firing pin stop plate. Rear sight modified with V-notch instead of rnd notch. Accompanying Colt Factory letter dated March 2, 1014. CONDITION: Slide stop and hammer are 1911A1 Colt. Thumb safety probably also from 1911A1 Colt. Bbl bushing appears too thick, probably from commercial pistol. Magazine is lanyard loop Type 3, no finish. Bbl is properly vertical “P H” marked. Bore is bright and shiny. Opening through ejection port is polished; should be blued. All markings proper except added engraving on right hand slide. Right slide marked “MODEL OF 1911 U. S. ARMY”. Right side of receiver SN “139372”. Left side of receiver “UNITED STATES PROPERTY” in serif letters. Cartouche of Gilbert H Stewart above mag catch. Standard Colt patent dates on left slide, “RAMPANT COLT” to rear of slide. Stock screws in good condition. Mag catch lock buggered. Stocks right and left crisp and sharp. Finish thin all over, mostly patina. Overall 40% orig finish. 51590-5 (1,000-1,500) C&R – Lot 3021

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NSN. Cal. .45. 5″ bbl. Stocks screws, one with and three without faceting. Wide spur checkered 1917 era hammer. Thumb safety and slide stop checkered. Short tang grip safety and flat mainspring housing. Mag catch excellent. Mag catch lock slightly buggered. Slide right side marked “Model of 1911 U.S. ARMY”. Left side has standard “A.J. Savage” marking with “S” marked flaming bomb in center. No mark above firing pin stop plate. Registration mark on rear sight does not line up. Most of later applied blue finish to slide remains. Right side of slide and receiver have a corrosion mark that fits together indicating slide and receiver have been together for some time. Bbl marked “P, H” vertical. “5” marking in front of lug. Receiver has multiple bugger marks around hammer and thumb safety pin right side. Minor takedown scratch. Note: Included is a letter from Surf City Firearms, Inc. (Dave Buehn) attesting to the authenticity and originality of this pistol. CONDITION: Dbl diamond stocks in very good+ condition with a few dings. Stock screws in excellent condition. Most of the receiver’s finish remains. Slide retains most of an added blue finish with a slight smell of cold blue. Mag is Colt Type III two-tone with lanyard loop, retaining most of the finish but with scattered corrosion, especially to right side. Only moderate corrosion on floor plate and loop. Overall an attractive looking 1911 pistol. 51696-9 (1,500-3,000) C&R – Lot 3022

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SN 337141. Cal. .45. 5″ Bbl. Receiver has been refinished with late WWI Black Army type finish. Machining marks on receiver still go in proper directions. Slide marked “Model of 1911 U.S. ARMY” right side. Left slide marking “Patented December 19.1905” over “Feb 14.1911, Aug.19.1913” over “Colt’s PT.F.A.MFG.CO.” next to flaming bomb with “S” in the center. This slide was made by the A.J. Savage Munitions Company of San Diego, California and are generally believed to be leftover parts from a canceled contract that were used as replacement parts. (Clawson, Collector’s Guide, pg. 29). Receiver marked “United States Property” on left upper dust cover. Springfield eagle over “S8” above mag catch left. Front sight is thin, rounded. Rear sight is thin, square notch. Dbl diamond stocks appear to be WWI period but do not fit grip screw bushings correctly, leaving a space under the left lower stock. Bbl is replacement Springfield Armory made with “S” & “P” marks on left lug. No marks on right lug. No marks visible through ejection port. Mag appears to be standard Colt welded base type that has been refinished with Parkerized finish and has some of the refinish eroded. CONDITION: Numerous dings and erosion behind thumb safety pins on right hand side that have been blued over. Considerable patina on mainspring housing and grip safety. Checkered wide spur hammer and thumb safety excellent. Slide stop is 1911 type but serrated indicating reproduction or postwar replacement part. Springfield eagle over “S8” acceptance mark over mag catch is still crisp and sharp. Mag catch lock shows considerable buggering. Stock screws show considerable wear and minor buggering. Both slide and receiver appear to have been refinished with the same Black Army type finish. Considerable deterioration to finish on slide. Many scratches and scuffs covered up by refinish. Badly pitted bore. Grooves and lands still visible. Overall, a respectable looking 1918 rework with Savage slide. 51709-26 KXK (1,600-3,000) C&R – Lot 3023



SN 629019. Cal. 45 ACP. Manufactured in 1919 as a 1911 Government Model 45. Later rebuilt and so marked at Rock Island Arsenal retaining many of the earlier 1911 parts, such as long trigger, diamond pattern checkered walnut grips, flat mainspring housing, short grip safety and not modified for finger grooves at trigger and having an Ithaca 1911 A1 slide assembly installed on top. This was commonly done during wartime and post-wartime. CONDITION: Very fine overall, with excellent bore and mechanics. Most Arsenal refinish remaining. Grips are very fine with slight wear at bottom and having been re-checkered probably at the Arsenal. Slight muzzle wear and evidence of holster wear, but this is typical for these rebuilt government models. 51590-4 (1,000-1,750) C&R – Lot 3024