Annual Samoset Antiques & Fine Art Auction
A Success at Over $2.5 Million!

Auction: August 20th-22nd, 2003

Preview: August 19, 2003: 1pm-6pm

Please Note: All prices include the hammer price plus the buyer’s premium, which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become official until after the 46th day.

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Image Lot

PAINT DECORATED WOOD GAME BOARD. Single board with applied molded edge has central rectangular area of alternating mustard and green painted squares. 12 x 8. Two game piece areas flank board. SIZE: 25” x 12-1/2”. CONDITION: Old crack in center, otherwise good. 9-94899 (200-400)


OUTSTANDING BLACK GLASS HAT WHIMSY. Life size top hat design has polished pontil. A wonderful glass blowers whimsy. SIZE: 7” h x 12” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94339 (200-300)


PINK AND WHITE NAILSEA FLASK. Flask is white with pulled pink loops, 19th Century. SIZE: Approximately 7-1/4” t x 4-1/2” w. CONDITION: Excellent. 3-30358 (300-450)


BENNINGTON TYPE FLINT ENAMEL BOOK FLASK. “Departed Spirits” title book form with nice coloration of specks of blue, green gold and brown. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 3-3/4” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-93926 (400-600)


FINE DECORATED TOLEWARE BOX. Fine box with copper luster type background has red fruit with green and mustard leaves and feather design having a swag bordered slightly domed lid. Rectangular box has ring top and hasp. SIZE: 3-1/2” h x 6-1/2” w x 3” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95456 (300-600)


FINE BRASS AND WOOD CHESTNUT TOASTER. Well turned handle attached to a brass pan with pierced hinged lid. SIZE: 22” l pan is 6-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94939 (200-300)


PAIR OF GOOD WINDSOR BOWBACK CHAIRS. Molded edge bowback with eight bamboo turned spindles. Carved one piece saddle seat. Circa 1800. Bamboo turned splay legs supported by medial stretcher. SIZE: 37” h x seat h 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95754 (1,000-1,400)


COUNTRY TURNED LEG CHERRY FARM TABLE. Nice turned tall legs with molded edge rectangular top. SIZE: 30-1/2” h x 30-1/2” w x 73” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95242 (500-1,000)


SIX SHAKER STYLE SIDE CHAIRS IN RED PAINT. Chair has two slat ladder back with ring turned finial and double box stretcher. Tape woven seat. Old red paint with thick consolidated varnish. SIZE: 32” h x 16-1/2” seat h. CONDITION: Structurally sound, one tape seat with single break. Uneven finish, otherwise good. 9-94572 (900-1,500)


SETH W. STEWARD (American, 1844-1927) “LAKE TROUT”. Large oil on canvas shows large lake trout hanging from string off nail with background of birch bark. Upper right is written on canvas “Lake Trout Caught by Charles Nicholas Moosehead Lake Feb. 14th 1896 Weight 29 #S Signed lower right “S. W. Steward”. Housed in its original oak gilt frame. Framing label of William R. Jenkins, New York. SIZE: 48” x 22-1/4”. CONDITION: Original unrestored condition with three tears in background which are easily repairable. Otherwise very good. 9-95250 (2,000-4,000)


LARGE TINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT “SPORT AT MOOSEHEAD OUTLET”. Scene shows two men in canoe. Well dressed guide at back of canoe paddling. Gentleman at bow seated holding Winchester rifle in one hand, a cigar in the other wearing a gray jacket and matching hat. In between the men is a large buck deer. The man resembles and possibly could be Teddy Roosevelt who is known to have hunted and fished at Moosehead Lake in Maine. The piece is numbered 2444. It is housed in its original dark stained oak molded frame with a 3” matte. Framer’s label from J.H. Miller Co., Springfield, Mass. SIGHT SIZE: 15-1/2” x 24”. CONDITION: Very good. Matte has acid burn. 9-94480 (500-1,000)


H.A. DRISCOLE (American, Early 20th Century) SMALL MOUTH BASS. Oil on canvas scene shows leaping bass with hook in mouth and line going off picture. It jumps from pool lined with rocks and shrubbery. Signed right hand side. Housed in a good gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 14” x 10”. CONDITION: Minor inpainting, very good. 9-95117 (1,500-2,000)


SIMMONS (American, 19th/20th Century) A DAY’S CATCH. Oil on canvas scene shows three piled brook trout on stream edge with bushes and grass as backdrop. Signed lower right “Simmons 99”. Housed in a painted green wood frame with beaded liner. SIZE: 12” x 18”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95451 (800-1,200)


ANTIQUE LANDING NET. Long turned maple and tiger maple handle with wood ball end. Metal frame with adjustable hoop net. SIZE: 82” l. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95227 (200-300)


CASED BAMBOO FISHING ROD. Three section with extra tip. Light color with darker brown wraps having tube type guides. Unmarked. Tag indicates Richard Norris”. SIZE: Each section is 41” (10’). CONDITION: Very good. 9-95217 (200-300)


HEDDON SIXTEEN LURE DISPLAY BOARD. Bass lures are seen in two different sizes and different colors. One replaced. One a black painted piece of masonite. SIZE: 18” x 12”. CONDITION: Good. 9-95226 (400-600)


STATE OF MAINE PAINT DECORATED ONE DRAWER DRESSING TABLE. Rosewood grain painting with mustard highlights having stenciled decoration to a scrolled backsplash. Turned legs with rounded corners. Sandwich type glass knobs with a long drawer. SIZE: 38-1/2” to top of backsplash x 35-1/2” w x 17” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95781 (700-1,000)


EARLY 19TH CENTURY RED AND BLACK GRAIN DECORATED CHEST OF DRAWERS. The chest with rosewood grain decoration on the front and sides. Case with four full length drawers surmounted by two jewelry drawers. All on turned legs. SIZE: 41-1/2” w x 20” d x 41” h. CONDITION: Decoration on front is very strong and bold. The top surface of chest shows some wear to decoration but generally overall quite strong. 3-30429 (1,400-1,800)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) VIEW OF PASSAMAQUODDY BAY. Important pastel primitive landscape shows man, woman and child with herd of cows in foreground looking down over a small town with church and red, yellow and white buildings. They are at the shoreline of a large body of water with two sailboats with islands and forested shorelines. Mountains in distance with a setting sunset of bright yellow going to blue sky. Housed in its original black painted frame with double wood backboard. SIGHT SIZE: 17-3/4” x 23”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95737 (1,000-1,500)


GOOD DOUBLE SILHOUETTE. Nicely presented silhouette shows man and woman in separate ovals facing each other. Woman has lace hand drawn collar. Man is in black coat with a white shirt. Housed in a small black painted wood frame. SIGHT SIZE: 3-1/4” x 5-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94504 (500-800)


SMALL EARLY SILHOUETTE. Depicts a young lady with a fancy high collared dress. The lady identified to be Francis Drummond, First wife of Capt. John Fisher, Born in 1802 in Phippsburg and died in Georgetown in 1806. There is of course a famous Rev. Fisher from Blue Hill. We do not know if John Fisher and Rev. Fisher were of any relation. SIZE: 4-1/2” x 4”. CONDITION: A small old tear in the paper background and staining at the base beneath the breast. 3-30412 (275-375)


PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY SILHOUETTES. Of young gentleman and lady. Both signed with Peales Museum impression. SIZE: 5-1/4” t x 4-1/4” w (each incl. frames). CONDITION: Generally very good. Paper toned. 3-30411 (450-550)


UNSIGNED (Early 19th Century) LADY AND HER KITTEN. Pastel portrait of fancy dressed woman in a blue dress with rose decoration. She holds a small black and white cat and wears a rose in her hair. Housed in its original gilt oval frame. SIZE: 17” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94178 (500-1,000)


GOOD ARROW BACK WINDSOR BENCH IN SALMON PAINT. Light salmon color with worn seat. Large plank seat has serpentine ends and cut corner front. Bamboo style arms and back supports as well as the eight legs and box stretcher. Twenty arrow spindles support a rectangular crest with notch corners. Probably Ohio. SIZE: 32-1/2″ h x 77-1/2″ w x 18-1/2″ d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94355 (3,000-4,000)


OUTSTANDING GRAIN PAINTED NEW ENGLAND QUEEN ANNE SECRETARY. Mid-18th Century two part secretary, predominantly in cherry with 19th Century black and red paint having sponge and grain painting. Desk section has slant lid, dovetailed case, four graduated drawers and applied bracket base. Each drawer has two replaced wooden knobs. Interior fitted with nine cubbies and five drawers. Top section has two doors flanking a center section of seven graduated drawers. The doors open to reveal sections cubby hole interior. The top of the desk has a protruding cleat, which the bottom section fits over. The top section hangs over the bottom section. An outstanding colorful example of early painted furniture. SIZE: 82-3/4″ h x 36″ w x 18-1/2″ d. CONDITION: Very good with only small imperfections. 9-94332 (7,500-10,000)


CARVED AND PAINTED SEAGULL ATTRIBUTED TO GUS WILSON. Carved wings with original white and black paint. SIZE: 19” l. CONDITION: Scattered retouch, generally very good. 9-94574 (4,000-6,000)


PAIR OF CARVED AND PAINTED DECOYS BY JOHN BAKER, BRISTOL, PA. Painted male and female Teals with good carved wings and nicely painted features. Lead keel weights are impressed mark and signed on wood. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 12” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94567 (800-1,200)


CAST IRON SCARCE SINK BOAT DECOY. These heavy cast irons decoys were placed on the rail of special “sink boats”. These were boats that were essentially submerged to the point of the waterline so the hunter could essentially be almost invisible to the oncoming ducks. The decoy were set on the rail to help hold the boat down and also to help lure the ducks into shooting range. Late 19th Century. SIZE: Approximately 13” l. CONDITION: Generally good, painted black. 3-30386 (600-900)


SET OF EIGHT MAINE STATE CARVED BLACK DUCK DECOYS. All black with yellow eyes and interesting paddle tails. SIZE: 2 are 19” l; 6 are 15” l. CONDITION: Generally good, used. 9-96036-557 (400-600)


OUTSTANDING PAINT DECORATED COMB BACK WINDSOR ROCKER. Fine green paint has mustard highlights and red flower decoration at crest. Five rod comb over three arrow back slats. Natural finish arms with a stenciled edge seat. SIZE: 41” h x 16” seat h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95191 (750-1,250)


FINE STATE OF MAIN PAINTED AND STENCIL DECORATED THREE DRAWER SHERATON DRESSING TABLE. Mustard painted with gold highlights having original fruit stenciling to drawer fronts and scrolled backsplash. Two drawer top over one long drawer. Glass pulls on each drawer. Ring turned tapered legs. SIZE: 39” to top of backsplash; 35” w x 18-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95760 (2,000-3,000)


EARLY PRINTED FABRIC U.S. CENTENNIAL FLAG. Centennial period, Circa1876, has blue star field with almost concentric circle pattern. Metal grommets. SIZE: 34” x 57”. CONDITION: Some minor small imperfections, one L-shaped repair in corner but generally in very good condition 9-94766 (600-800)


GEORGE WASHINGTON (American, 1732-1799) 1ST PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. Framed autograph 2-1/2 page letter addressed to “Tobias Lear” (Secretary to the President) dated Philadelphia, 21st March 1796. Signed “G. Washington”. The letter references the potential sale of land and whether Washington would be advised to do such. The following is a transcript of the letter:

My dear Sir, Your letter of the 14th Inst. did not get to my hands until Saturday. Mine dated the 13th acknowledging the receipt of your favors of the 26th. Ulto. & 2d. inst. must I presume have been received in due coarse of the Post, and therefore to repeat the contents of it is unnecessary.

A Mr. Summers of Alexandria is very desirous of purchasing my vacant lot in that Town; – and having been told that nothing short of a high price would induce me to sell it, makes the offer contained in the enclosed letter. Whether this offer is high or otherwise, depends upon comparison, the means of doing which is not within my reach, but thro’ the medium of another, & therefore I give you the trouble of making some inquiry in the matter at any time when you are in Alexandria. I have no wish to part with the lot unless I can do it upon advantageous terms; and can dispose of the money in a more productive manner. I had thoughts of building on it, but this would be attended with trouble and perhaps a good deal of imposition as it could not be properly attended to in the execution of the work. And besides workman’s wages, and materials are very high at this time.

A thought has run through my mind (since I began this letter) whether, as I have a prospect from the high price of flour, of raising five or six thousand dollars from the same of it; it might not be eligible with that sum & the sale of the vacant lot (to Summers) to make the purchase suggested in one of your former letter to me? If that property is in an eligible p[lace (and I wish to know where it lies) or whether or not if it would bring ten p. Cent on the purchase money, it would certainly be more immediately advantageous to me than to let a part of the sum, necessary to command it, lay dead in a vacant lot, which when built on, would only be to let. Mr. Dandridge’s ansr to Mr. Summer’s enclosed, is left open for your perusal and may be delivered to him or not, at any time you may fine it convenient.

As the Post hour is at hand and I have many letters to close, & prepare for the mail, I hardly know what I have written, or whether you will be able fully to comprehend my meaning. My love in which Mrs. Washington units is presented to Fanny & the children, and I am Dear Sir.

Your Affecte. Servt.

Literature: Published in Fitzpatrick, ed., THE WRITING OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, Vol. 34, pp 503-504. The sale of land discussed in this letter is referred to in a March 21st letter to Summers from Bartholomew Dandridge in the Toner Transcripts Collection, Library of Congress. Dandridge writes that the President declined his offer of $3,000 for the lot in question, and referred him to Tobias Lear “for any further information or negotiation respecting the same.

PROVENANCE: Skinner, Inc. Sale No. 1434 Item No. 135 3/21/92. Presently housed in a gilt molded wood frame with linen matte having two cutout windows. Crisp, clear text with nice signature. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95995 (18,000-20,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO GILBERT STUART (1755-1828) PORTRAIT OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. Fine oil on canvas half portrait of Washington facing slightly left wearing a black coat, white shirt with lace cravat. Portrait is on square stretcher and housed in a period gilt frame with inner oval liner having gesso decorated corners. Similar style to other Stuart portraits of Washington. The painting came out of the Philadelphia area where it was known to have been for most of the 20th Century. SIZE: On stretcher: 30-1/4” x 25-1/4”. SIGHT SIZE: Within liner: 27-1/2” x 22-1/2”. CONDITION: Relined on new stretcher, inpainting to background. No inpainting to head. Otherwise very good. 9-95285 (50,000-100,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO GEORGE CHINNERY (British, 1774-1852) PORTRAIT OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. Oil on board after a painting by Gilbert Stuart. Half portrait shows Washington with black coat and white cravat, rosy cheeks with red lips. Housed in gilt antique wood liner frame. In brown paint on back and circled “Stuart”. SIZE: 9-1/2” x 8”. CONDITION: Some restoration with inpainting, good. 9-95363 (2,000-4,000)


TWO WASHINGTON ENGRAVINGS. 1)Alexander Hay Ritchie (American, 1822-1895) “Washington and His Generals”. Large steel engraving shows Washington amongst a large military crowd in an interior setting. Drawn and engraved by Ritchie and published by him. Dated 1856. Unframed. SIZE: 30-1/4” x 41”. CONDITION: Very good. 2) “The Home of Washington”. Engraved by Thomas Oldham Barlow after a painting by T. P. Rossitier & L. R. Mignot. Published by J. McClure, 1853. Large steel engraving shows Washington outside on porch with family members. Unframed. SIZE: 23-3/4” x 34”. CONDITION: Some restoration to margin tears, otherwise good. 9-95960 (300-500)


THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) SIGNED APPOINTMENT DOCUMENT 1806. Framed document appoints “Stanley Griswold of the Territory of Michigan” to “Inspector of the Revenue for the Port of Detroit”, April 16th 1806 at the city of Washington. Affixed with Presidential seal. Signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Secretary of State. Stanley Griswold (1763-1815) was born in Torrington, CT and was Secretary of the Michigan Territory from 1805-1808. He was a Senator from Ohio in 1809. Framed in a modern red frame with ivory matte. PROVENANCE: Found locally in Central Maine. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Strong signature and clean document folds. 9-94578 (2,000-4,000)


THOMAS JEFFERSON (American, 1743-1826) 3RD PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. 1801-1809. After serving as Vice President, 1797-1801 under John Adams. First President to be elected by the House of Representatives. Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of the Continental Congress. Autographed one page letter signed “Th Jefferson Quarto, Monitcello, August 15 1816”. Written to “David Gelston Esq.”. David Gelston (1733-1828). An early supporter of independence and was appointed by Jefferson Collector of the Port of New York in 1801, which he held until 1820. Jefferson pens (in full)

“Dear Sir Your favors of July 31. and Aug. 6 are both at hand. I considered that of July 31. as answered by mine of Aug. 3. altho’ not then received: and indeed the general request I made you in that, anticipated the subject of your last letter also; by requesting all articles received for me to be consigned to Gibson & Jefferson of Richmond, drawing on them for whatever articles of expense may be referred to them, and notifying me of any others. if the bank paper of Richmond is receivable with you I could always myself make prompt returns to you by mail. if not receivable I should always be obligated to remit thro’ my correspondents at Richmond. I shall often be needing apologies for these troubles to you, which I hope you will excuse and be assured of my great esteem and respect. Th. Jefferson”

Nicely housed in a decorative molded wood painted frame with linen and decorative mattes having two windows, one for the letter and another for an engraving of Jefferson. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: Letter 6-1/4” h x 7-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95994 (12,000-14,000)


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (American, 1706-1790) AMERICAN STATESMAN, PHILOSOPHER, AUTHOR, INVENTOR, PRINTER, AND SCIENTIST, SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Signed manuscript document. One large page folio on velum. Pennsylvania, June 12, 1786. Has intact Seal of the State of Pennsylvania affixed with red wax in the upper left hand corner. The document issued by the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Grants “A Certain tract of land called ‘Middleton”’. To William Ball. Boldly signed “B Franklin” in the left center margin. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt frame with burgundy fabric matte having two cut windows, one for the suspended document, the other for an engraving of Franklin. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIZE: Document is 17” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-95996 (5,000-6,000)


JOHN HANCOCK (American, 1737-1793) STATESMAN AND SIGNER OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Signed lottery ticket for a drawing held at Boston’s Faneuil Hall in April, 1767. The ticket number is “834”. Housed in a gilt simple gold frame with linen matte. Piece is glued down to paper. PROVENANCE: Kenneth W. Rendell, Inc. Mass. letterhead affixed to back with description. SIZE: 1-3/4” x 3-1/2”. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. CONDITION: Appears to have tight open crease, possibly a tear. Strong signature. 9-95989 (3,000-4,000)


JOHN ADAMS (American, 1735-1826 2nd President) AUTOGRAPHED LETTER ENDORSEMENT SIGNED JOHN ADAMS. Endorsement is dated “1787 August 13 Accepted John Adams”, one line on the verso of a one page, oblong octavo document dated from Boston June 30, 1787 in which Cotton Tufts requests that Adams make a payment of 100 pounds to James Elworthy, a London merchant. Presently housed in a molded gilt wood frame with double cutout linen matte having single cutout in linen matte on backside. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: 4-1/2” x 7”. CONDITION: Fine. 9-95990 (3,000-4,000)


ROGER SHERMAN (American, 1721-1793) MEMBER OF CONTINENTAL CONGRESS; CONGRESSMAN AND SENATOR FROM CONNECTICUT AND SIGNOR OF THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION. Autographed document signed “Roger Sherman, New Haven May 16th, 1787”. Letter involves payment of money to Jonathan Fitch. Reverse side has engraved portrait of Roger Sherman. Housed in a simple gold frame with double cut linen matte. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: Document is 4” x 7-1/4”. CONDITION: Some folds, uniformly toned. Otherwise very good. 9-95991 (500-600)


ROBERT R. LIVINGSTON (American, 1746-1813) MEMBER OF THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. Livingston was one of the committee of five who drew up the Declaration of Independence. He also administered the Oath of Office to George Washington April 30th, 1789. Framed portion of a letter with accompanying engraving of him. The letter was dated and signed while Chancellor of the State. The letter is in regards to verifying the qualifications of a Daniel Koch? to be a physician and surgeon dated June 28th, 1799. Housed in a thin beaded frame with brown matte having two cutouts. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIZE: 5-1/2” x 7-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Pencil writing on left side of signature has been added but does not deter from value. 9-95993 (500-600)


CALEB STRONG (American, 1745-1819) PASSPORT DOCUMENT. Framed Commonwealth of Massachusetts passport document for Daniel S. Heard to the East Indies. Dated December 31st 1800, Boston, Mass. Signed by Caleb Strong and his secretary John Avery. Document is museum mounted in a burl type wood frame. Caleb Strong was the Federalist Candidate and defeated Elbridge Jerry to become Governor of Massachusetts in 1800 and was re-elected annually until 1807 and was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. SIGHT SIZE: 14” x 8-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Folds with breaks at fold points. 9-94579 (150-250)


CACHE OF FAMILY PAPERS RELATING TO THE STARBUCK AND BOARDMAN FAMILY. Several documents, deeds and indentures including Benjamin Coit (Boston, 1794); Ch. V. Cortlandt (Phil. Jan 1, 1799); John Ray, William Smith, Isaac Lan Singh, Samuel Johnson and others. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94230 (400-800)


ABRAHAM LINCOLN (American, 1809-1865, 16th President) DOCUMENT WITH AUTOGRAPHS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND HIS CABINET. Hand drawn pen and ink and watercolored document dated April 1865, Washington, D.C. Bearing the signature of: Abraham Lincoln as 16th President, Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of State William H. Seward, Secretary of the Treasury Schuyler Colfax, Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Interior J. P. Usher, Postmaster General W. Dennison and Attorney General James Speed. The signatures are beneath a hand lettered legend “Autographs of the President, Vice President and Cabinet”. All within a hand drawn pen and ink oval border formed by American flags intertwined with laurel wreaths, the surmounted by a shield bearing the stars and stripes, with watercolor tinting of the flags and shield. Housed in a gilt molded wood frame with ivory matte. A rare Presidential souvenir. Lincoln, Johnson and the members of the cabinet probably signed this highly decorative piece as a souvenir to be offered at sale at one of the Sanitary Commission Fairs planned for the spring or summer of 1865 to benefit the Union Army hospitals during the Civil War. It can not be said with certainty when, in the first two weeks of April, Lincoln and the others signed this piece and it is unknown when it was offered at one of the fairs. Lincoln’s assassination was on April 14th, 1865. If this handsome piece retains much of its mystery it retains, as well a certain wistful charm. It stands as a momento of the last weeks of Lincoln’s life, when he looked forward to the end of the Civil War and a second four year term that he could devote to rebuilding the nation torn apart by armed conflict during his first administration. That dreams destruction turned this patriotically decorated leaf from a cheerful, conventional souvenir into a poignant memorial. PROVENANCE: Oliver R. Barrett Collection, Sold at Parke-Bernet Galleries, 20 April 1952 Lot 640. Sotheby’s Sale No. #6023, Lot 58 5/22/90. Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 7-3/4”. CONDITION: Some foxing and light stains but generally very good with strong signatures. Generally very good. 9-95992 (30,000-40,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Oil on canvas laid on panel half portrait shows Lincoln facing viewer wearing black coat, white shirt and black bow tie. A nice rendering of a middle aged Lincoln. Housed in a repainted gold gesso decorated frame with glass and shaped gold matte. Frame has label of James S. Earle & Sons, Philadelphia, PA. SIZE: 17” x 13”. CONDITION: Some restoration with inpainting. 9-95279 (4,500-6,500)


FRANCIS BICKNELL CARPENTER (American, 1830-1900) “THE FIRST READING OF THE EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION BEFORE THE CABINET”. Large black and white engraving after a painting by Carpenter and engraved by A. H. Ritchie. Scene shows Lincoln and his seven member cabinet in a room with a large table. Housed in a fine mahogany molded frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 22″”x 34″” CONDITION: Some light toning and stains. Otherwise very good. 9-95260 (800-1,200)


RARE AUTOGRAPH BOOK FILLED WITH PROMINENT PEOPLE BELONGING TO GENERAL BANGS. Signatures include: P. H. Sheridan (Lt. General); W. T. Sherman (General); Hannibal Hamlin June 13, 1890 (Vice President); John Sherman (Cabinet-Senate) John A. Logan (General); J Warren Keifer Speaker House of Reps 11/25/82; G. Beauregard New Orleans Nov-30-1882 (Confederate General); Alvin Hawkins (Governor of Tennessee) J.A. Garfield (President) D. C. Buell (Union General); Grover Cleveland (President); Frances Hodgson Burnett (Author); Mary A. Dodge (Author); Rebecca Sophia Clarke (Author); Charles J. Folger (Cabinet, Sec of Treasury); Geo. H Pendleton (Congress); Samuel F. Miller (Supreme Court); John Harlan (Supreme Court); Joseph Bradley (Supreme Court); John Grant Mitchell (Union General); Morrison R. Waite (Supreme Court); William B. Woods (Supreme Court); William M. Springer (Judge); Arnold A. Rand (letter) and many more. The other signatures are in the late 1800’s and are contemporary to the people above. PROVENANCE: Inside of cover “Dennis Milliken Bangs” bookplate. SIZE: Album is 4-1/2” x 7”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95406 (2,000-4,000)


JOSHUA L. CHAMBERLAIN (American, 1824-1914) MAINE’S CIVIL WAR HERO. Three page letter to General Isaac S. Bangs (Civil War General from Waterville, Maine) Portland, April 1st, 1903. Signed “Deeply Yours Joshua L. Chamberlain”. A single folded in half piece of paper that is written on three sides. “My Dear General Such a letter as this of yours came very close to the deepest things in a man’s heart. I trust you are over and recover your health and spirits. You are as brave I perceive, as ever in the “old days” which were younger days for us…” “Deeply Yours Joshua L. Chamberlain”. SIZE: Full sheet is 7-3/4” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good, folded. 9-95406-550 (500-1,000)


ULYSSES S. GRANT (American, 1822-1885) SIGNED LAND OFFICE CERTIFICATE. Certificate is for homestead land in Beatrice, Nebraska dated January 15, 1876. Signed by the president “U. S. Grant”. Red land office seal on left. Recorded Vol. 5 Page 322. SIZE: 10” x 16”. CONDITION: Generally good, folded. 9-95575 (300-500)


RUFUS WRIGHT (American, 1832-1900) PORTRAIT OF CAPTAIN AND ASSISTANT SURGEON JAMES COOPER McKEE. Oil on canvas half portrait shows Civil War officer in uniform. Mutton chop sideburns, brown hair and mustache. Back of canvas written in black paint “James Cooper McKee Capt. & Asst. Surgn USA July 1864 Presented by the Medical and Line Officers of Lincoln, USH. Genl Hospital of 3000 beds which he commanded from October 1863 until the close of the Civil War in 1865”. He joined General Pope’s Army at Second Bull Run and served as Assistant Medical Director of the Army. Born in 1830 and retired from active service in 1891 as a Lieutenant Colonel. Born and lived in Butler, Pennsylvania. Label from Lageakos-Turak Gallery affixed to stretcher. Housed in a fine replacement gilt molded wood frame. SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Wax relining, some restoration with inpainting. Otherwise very good. 9-95365 (8,000-12,000)


F.J. FRITSCH (Publisher, 20th Century) “FIRST DIVISION NEW YORK STATE ARTILLERY”. Colored aquatint scene shows different soldiers on parade ground with ships and castle garden in background. Horses and military men in foreground are colored along with the U.S. flag. Dated 1844. Housed in an antique rosewood ogee frame. SIGHT SIZE: 21-3/4” x 27-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally good with some tear repairs to edges. Two on left side go into image. 9-95378 (800-1,200)


APPLETON & CO. (Publisher, 19th Century) “THE WAR BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO ILLUSTRATED BY GEORGE WILKINS KENDALL, 1851. Portfolio includes original outside green portfolio holder with gold embossed title, 52 page text which includes a map of the Operations of the American Army in the Valley of Mexico in August and September, 1847, uncolored. A complete set of twelve colored lithographs. This set includes scenes titled “The Battle of Palo Alto”; “The Capture of Monterey”; “The Battle of Buena Vista”; “Bombardment of Vera Cruz”; “Battle of Cerro Gordo”; “The Battle of Contreras”; “The Battle of Churubusco”; “Molino Del Ray-Attack Upon the Molino”; “Molino Del Ray – Attack Upon Casamata”; “Storming of Chapultepec Pillow’s Attack”; Storming of Chapultepec Quitman’s Attack”; and “General Scott’s Entrance into Mexico”. This portfolio is the most beautiful 19th Century publication relating to the early history of Texas. The lithographs are based on paintings by Carl Nevel and written by George Wilkins Kendall who was editor of the New Orleans Picayune and was America’s first war correspondent. The printing was done by Lemercier, one of the finest lithographers in Paris. NOTE: Disney is in production of the movie “Alamo” which will regenerate interest in the history of Texas and its role in American development. SIZE: Text is 23-1/2” h x 17-1/2” w. Print size is 17-1/2” x 23-1/4”. CONDITION: This portfolio is in remarkably fine condition. A couple of prints have foxing but overall the colors are crisp and the images are detailed and clear. The text have some spots but again, in very good condition. Binding of outside jacket has some deterioration but is intact. 9-94832 (14,000-18,000)


GEORGE III (British, 1738-1820) KING OF ENGLAND FROM 1760-1820. Framed autograph with black and white engraving. Clipped autograph in pen. Housed in a black wood frame with gray matte having two windows. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: 1-1/2” x 2-3/4”. CONDITION: Foxed, good. 9-96011 (200-400)


THOMAS SULLY (American, 1782-1873) PORTRAIT OF EDGAR ALLEN POE. Oval oil on canvas portrait shows a youthful Poe with curly brown hair and no mustache. He wears a black coat, white shirt and black bow tie. He is placed against an olive green to black background. Housed in what appears to be its original fancy oval gold gesso decorated frame. Written and signed on back with conjoined TS. Dated 1861 and identified “Edgar Allen Poe”. An interesting early portrait done after Poe’s death (1809-1847) by one of America’s leading artists, Thomas Sully. SIZE: 24” x 20”. CONDITION: Restored with inpainting. 9-95280 (35,000-45,000)


THEODORE ROOSEVELT (American, 1858-1919, 26th President) SIGNED TYPED LETTER. The letter is on “The Kansas City Star” stationary “Office of Theodore Roosevelt New York Office 347 Madison Avenue”. As typed: “September 6, 1918 My Dear Allan; I thank you for your courteous letter, but I am absolutely powerless. Only governmental authorities can act in such matters and of course I need not say to you I have no influence whatever with the administration. Faithfully yours”, Signed Theodore Roosevelt. Along with its original envelope. SIZE: 11” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 8-86969 (700-1,000)


GERALD FORD (American, 1913-) 38TH PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. Framed, signed pardon. Framed souvenir copy of the Pardon granted to Richard Nixon by Gerald Ford on official White House memorandum stationary. An interesting momento of the controversial conclusion of the Watergate Episode, which resulted in the only Presidential Resignation in history. It is signed in black pen “G. Ford”. Certificate of Authenticity dated March 17th, 1995 from the American Historical Gild accompanies the piece. 9-95997 Housed in a small gold gilt frame with white matte. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: 9-3/4” x 7-3/4”. 9-95997 (1,000-2,000)


ADOLPH HITLER (German, 1889-1945) THE FUEHRER AND HEAD OF NAZI GERMANY. Large framed autographed studio photo. Black ink signature with greetings, is dated on his birthday April 20th, 1935 Berlin. The photo was taken by Siegfried Wagner during the late 1920’s and he was the son of Hitler’s favorite composer “Richard Wagner”. Photo depicts Hitler in a pensive mood wearing a civilian suit and an M-29 Eagle Party lapel stickpin. Two line dedication to “Oberlt. Krause” who was Hitler’s personnel bodyguard from 1934-1939. Important photo which was taken prior to 1930 and one of Hitler’s favorites and presenting it to Krause on his birthday. Housed in a contemporary gold leaf frame. Nicely framed with decorative double matte. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: 10-1/2” x 7-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96013 (1,500-2,000)


ALBERT EINSTEIN (American, 1879-1955) PHYSICIST AND INVENTOR. Signed glossy photograph of Professor and Mrs. Einstein standing on the deck of an ocean liner. Framed with a contemporary typed publicity caption head “Pals”. Scene shows the two on their voyage from Antwerto to San Diego on the Red Star Liner “Belgenand”. In black pen, signature “Albert Einstein 1930” on bottom right of photo. Gilt wood frame with white cutout matte. PROVENANCE: Sotheby’s Sale No. 6859 6/5/96 lot 217. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. PHOTO SIZE: 9-1/2” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. As mentioned in previous auction description “lightly creased, lower left corner broken”. 9-96012 (1,000-2,000)


W.C. HANDY (American, 1873-1958) WORLD FAMOUS MUSICIAN “FATHER OF THE BLUES”. Signed sheet music “To Miss … Jones, Seasons Greetings, WC Handy 12-16-42”. Inscription and signature are on the center picture of a music sheet titled “Saint Louis Blues”, Handy Brothers Music Co. Inc.. Next to signature is a decorative bell decal. Housed in a black metal frame with black and red matte. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIZE: 12” x 9”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96014 (1,000-1,500)


JANET GAYNOR (American, 1906-1984) ENTERTAINER. In 1934 Janet Gaynor was the top female box-office star in the country having worked with many of Hollywood’s best actors and actresses. Unframed matted photograph by Phyfe. Separate bold black autograph. Housed in a double cut gray matte. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: Autograph is 2” x 4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96016 (300-500)


DR. EDWARD JENNER (British, 1749-1823) DOCTOR AND MEDICAL RESEARCHER. Dr. Jenner invented the term “Vaccination” and discovered it as a means of preventing small pox. Folded letter having three written sides, one side with mailing address. Autograph letter signed “Edwd. Jenner, Chiltenham December 26th, 1814”, addressed to Mrs. H Beach. The letter, in brief review, apologizes to a Mr. Price and his family for not being able to come over and vaccinate them. He suggests possibly they should move away from the small pox areas. Along with this lot comes a copy from the “Classics of Medicine Library” copy No. 2825 and “An Inquiry into the Causes and Affects of the Variolae Vaccinae by Edward Jenner, M.D.”. Housed in a simple gilt wood frame with windows on both sides. PROVENANCE: Sotheby’s Sale No. 7151 6/26/98 Lot 466. PROVENANCE: Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Stanwood Schmidt of Eureka, CA. SIGHT SIZE: Unfolded letter is 8-1/2” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good, one hole where wax seal is. 9-96015 (2,500-3,000)


BRONZE BUST OF A GENTLEMAN BY JOHN MASSEY RHIND (1860-1936). Nicely sculpted bust of an unknown gentleman in a fine verdigris patina. Signed on side “Massey Rhind”. Rhind came to the U.S. in 1889 from Edinborough, Scotland. He did such busts as Robert Burns, Stephen Girard and Peter Stuyvesant amongst others. SIZE: 24” h x 16” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-96035 (1,200-1,500)


PENNSYLVANIA GRAIN PAINTED LOW CUPBOARD. Two drawers over two doors. Each drawer and door has inset painted panel. Drawers have large decorative bale brasses. Mustard grain painting elsewhere including top. SIZE: 41” h x 41-3/4” case size x 17-1/2” d. CONDITION: Some stains to top, new piece of wood where splashboard used to be. 9-95215 (800-1,200)


CARVED WOOD COW WEATHERVANE IN RED PAINT. Silhouette form with weathered surface, custom metal stand. Some of these types of cows have been found along the New Hampshire coast area. SIZE: 27” l x 15” h. CONDITION: Tail area has repair, otherwise fair to good. 9-95389 (200-400)


LARGE “PITTSFIELD ME POST OFFICE” PAINTED WOOD SIGN. Red wood frame, interior wood painted with black ground and gold lettering. Decorative white/silver border. SIZE: 13” x 122” l. CONDITION: Generally good, some loss to paint. 9-94508 (700-1,000)


FABULOUS FOLK ART OPTICAL ILLUSION INLAID BOX. This box, done by deceased folk artist Joe Bonefont features a repeating square motif that give a wonderful optical illusion of stacked blocks. The center panel of birds made up of tiny 1/16” square pieces of inlaid wood, literally thousands of them.. All hand done. SIZE: 13-1/2” w x 8-1/2” d x 6-1/4” h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 3-30414 (750-1,250)


FINE SET OF SIX PENNSYLVANIA PAINTED ARROW BACK SIDE CHAIRS. 19th Century. Medium brown paint with dark brown and mustard highlights. Top crest rails have colorful orchid type flower with leaves. SIZE: 33-1/2″ h x 17-1/4″ seat height. One chair slightly reduced. CONDITION: Very good with some surface wear. 9-94265 (2,400-3,000)


FINE TAPERED LEG SCRUB TOP ONE DRAWER TAVERN TABLE. Red painted base with nice tapered square legs having molded edge apron. Single board scrubbed top with breadboard ends. SIZE: 27-3/4” h x top 45-1/2” x 30-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94476 (1,000-1,500)


CURRIER & IVES (Publisher, 19th Century) “VIEW ON THE HUDSON”. After a painting by F. F. Palmer scene shows large sidewheeler and many sailboats on the Hudson River with rock and tree covered hilly shoreline. Town is seen in distance. Housed in a silver and gold gilt molded wood frame with white matte. REFERENCE: Illustrated Checklist by Conningham No. 6444 or 6445. SIGHT SIZE: 16-1/4” x 21-1/4”. CONDITION: Some light toning to edge, otherwise very good with nice colors. 9-94835 (1,000-2,000)


N. CURRIER (Publisher, 19th Century) PAIR “A CHECK” AND “THE PRAIRIE HUNTER”. Colored lithographs in matching period gilt frames. 1) “A Check; Keep Your Distance”. Dated 1853. 2) “The Prairie Hunter; One Rubbed Out”. Dated 1853. Both after paintings by A. F. Tait. Both have sealed backs with Newman Galleries, Philadelphia labels. SIGHT SIZE: Including margin, 16-3/4” x 22-1/4”. CONDITION: They both appear to be unrestored, both are in need of cleaning and some restoration to some tight tears but have strong colors. 9-94361 (1,800-2,400)


CURRIER & IVES (Publisher, 19th Century) “CAMPING OUT – SOME OF THE RIGHT SORT”. Colored lithograph after a painting by L. Maurer. Large folio, museum quality, acid free matte and framing in an antique walnut frame with gold liner and cutout beige matte. REF: Conningham Checklist No. 777. SIGHT SIZE: 21” x 28”. Margin 1-3/8” on sides and top; 2-1/2” on bottom. CONDITION: Very good, cleaned. 9-95958 (2,000-3,000)


CURRIER & IVES (Publisher, 19th Century) “THE BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS, VA. MAY 31ST 1862”. Small folio Currier & Ives print shows General McClellan and his troops engaging the rebels. Housed in an antique gilt molded wood frame. Conningham’s Checklist No. 402. SIGHT SIZE: 9-3/4” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Stain to right corner, toned. Otherwise good. 9-95008 (150-250)


NICE LOT OF FIVE BUTTER MOLDS. Two plunger type, one with fish, other with sheaf of wheat. Round one has large three part flower with carved edge and signed “Juillette 1826”. Oval with feeding cow and heart shaped with spread wing eagle. SIZES: Vary from 7” w to 3” w. CONDITION: Generally good, some age cracks. 9-95198 (450-750)


STATE OF MAINE SALESMAN’S SAMPLE FIVE DRAWER CLASSICAL PERIOD CHEST. Original dark finish, second quarter of the 19th Century. Scrolled front and feet has box top with one long drawer over four long drawers. Wood turned handles and small backsplash. SIZE: 13-1/2” h x 13” w x 6-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally very good, some small imperfections. 9-95750 (500-700)


FINE EARLY PAINTED SPOOL. Decorated in green and mustard paint. Well turned with concentric rings. 19th Century. SIZE: 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94948 (100-200)


WONDERFUL DECORATED TUREEN WARE WOODENWARE PLATE. In outstanding decoration with cream and mustard background and detailed green and red leaf design. SIZE: 10-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Slight wear to decoration but generally excellent. 3-30367 (400-600)


GOOD TIGER MAPLE FOUR DRAWER GRADUATED CHIPPENDALE CHEST. Molded edge top, four drawers having original cotter pin brasses. Nicely carved bracket base, pine secondary wood. SIZE: 38-1/2″ h x 36″ w x 17″ d. CONDITION: Very good. Some lip damage but generally in very good condition. 9-94215 (2,000-4,000)


FINE LARGE EARLY 19TH CENTURY TIGER MAPLE WRITING BOX. With strong tiger figuring on top and sides. Fitted with a full length dovetail drawer on one end. SIZE: 20” l x 10” d x 8-1/4” h. CONDITION: Refinished, in generally excellent condition. 3-30377 (500-700)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) THE HAPPY POSSUM HUNTERS. Wonderful oil on canvas scene shows two black men in a winter landscape. One stands holding a rifle in right hand wearing a blue Union Civil War coat, brown pants, white shirt and hat. He holds in the air an opossum by the tail. A small dog on hind legs looks up at opossum. Another dog looks on. The second black man wears brown coat and pants with white shirt and a fur cap. Slug over his shoulder is a powder horn and he leans on a long rifle. There is writing on the back of the canvas in pencil what appears to be “N.L. Hale’s” (?) “Property of Miss Ida Crawley, Athens Tennessee”. Research indicates that there is an artist named Ida Jolly Crawley 1867-? in Asheville, NC. Housed in a period gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 37-1/2” x 30”. CONDITION: Three repairs to canvas, some inpainting. Very good. 9-94408 (1,000-2,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 20th Century) “DAT AINT NO POSSUM”. Whimsical scene shows two black men and boy hunting opossum. They light fire at end of hollow log and out pops skunk. They run for cover. Neat folk art rendering. Housed in a Victorian black decorated frame. SIZE: 15-3/4” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94830 (400-800)


ATTRIBUTED TO PALMER COLE HAYDEN (American, 1890-1973) ROUST-ABOUT. Unsigned oil on canvas scene shows three black men around a make-do card table and seats. Two younger men are cheating with a card being passed in between the toes of one to another. Other cards are seen in pockets. Middle player is oblivious to cheating. On top of table is a green bottle and different colored chips. Interior setting with partially white washed brick wall. Housed in a lined oak flat frame. SIZE: 16” x 14”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95055 (2,000-4,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM A. WALKER (American, 1838-1921) THE COTTON PICKER. Small oil on board scene shows black man in tattered clothes with white beard, hat and corncob pipe. He stands with hands in pockets in front of stacks of bails of cotton with mill smokestacks in background. Unsigned but of the period. SIZE: 8-3/4” x 4-3/4”. CONDITION: Good, dirty. 9-94828 (500-1,000)


WILLIAM SIDNEY MOUNT (American, 1807-1868) “JUST IN TUNE”. Colored lithograph by Emile Lassalle after a painting by WS Mount. Dated 1850. The original painting dated 1849 is in the museum at Stoneybrook. The print shows a young man with fiddle and bow in hand. Blue scarf at neck an highlights to brown coat and yellow chair. Article on Mount accompanies litho. Housed in a Victorian walnut frame with gold liner. IMAGE SIZE: 23” x 18-1/2”. CONDITION: Light foxing at bottom left, otherwise very good. 9-94999 (500-1,000)


EARLY 19TH CENTURY SIXTY DRAWER APOTHECARY CHEST. Free standing on cutout base with shaped skirt. Top row of sixteen square drawers over sixteen square drawers over twelve larger drawers over ten larger drawers over six larger drawers. Each with turned wood handle. Scrubbed surface top in natural finish. SIZE: 42-1/2” h x case 70” w x 14” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95808 (5,000-6,000)


BOWBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Several layers of paint, currently red and black. Nice turned splay legs with medial stretcher. Carved saddle seat. SIZE: 37-1/2” h x seat h 17”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94472 (1,000-1,500)


INTERESTING GRAIN PAINTED CHEST OF DRAWERS WITH CUPBOARD TOP. Built in two pieces. Bottom piece in Empire chest form with one drawer extending over three other drawers. Round columns flank bottom three drawers. Double deck top has two drawers on bottom and one long drawer on top. Scrolled backsplash. Small two-door cupboard top rests into molded area on deck top. Doors open to reveal sectioned interior. Wood knobs with brass revolving clasps. All resting on high turned legs with ball feet. Black and red grain painting with twin inlaid satin wood type panels to drawer fronts outlined with mahogany veneers. SIZE: Chest is 53-1/2”; with top 81”. Case size is 42-1/2” w x 21-3/4” d. Cupboard top is 28” w. CONDITION: Generally very good. Replaced hardware is currently cast iron pulls. 9-94550 (3,000-5,000)


BRASS BED WARMER. Turned wood handle with pierced and decorated round lid. SIZE: 44-3/4” l. CONDITION: One brass repair to pan, otherwise good. 9-94661 (150-250)


FINE PAIR OF BRASS WHALE OIL LAMPS. Lamps have saucer base with dolphin finger handle, double burner tops. SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95791 (400-600)


FINE ENGLISH CANDLE REFLECTOR. Tilt top candle stand form with round top having checkerboard game on surface. Three cabriole legs and tapered shaft. A good old one. SIZE: 7-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94946 (200-400)


D. A. FISHER (American, 19th Century) “VIEW OF PEABODY STREAM NEAR GORHAM, NH, WHITE MTS”. Fine large oil on canvas White Mountain scene shows morning mist coming off large stream with two fisherman. They are standing next to dammed section of river. Large mountain backdrop. Signed lower left “D.A. Fisher 1889”. One of the finest paintings by this artist that we have seen. Housed in a fine replacement gesso decorated gilt frame. SIZE: 25” x 35”. CONDITION: Relined, craquelure, very good. 9-95078 (2,750-3,250)


CHIEF BEAVER (American, 1846-1925) LANDSCAPE WITH WATER AND MOUNTAINS. Possibly a view of Niagra Falls or a Northern glacier. Interesting oil on canvas scene shows forested and cliff sided mountains with white hills and white cliff edge, which could be water flowing over a falls or the edge of a glacier. Signed lower right “Chief Beaver”. Housed in its original decorated gesso gilt frame. Chief Beaver is known as “The Six Nations Artist”. He traveled the Grand River from Caledonia to Brantford in the 1890’s. He lived at Beaver’s Corner’s near Ohsweken on the Six Nations Reserve. Also, on stage he was “Uncle Beaver” as he traveled across Canada and the U.S. with road shows. His paintings can be found at the Iroquois Indian Museum in New York State. SIZE: 22” x 36”. CONDITION: 9-94596 (2,000-3,000)


OUTSTANDING SPONGE DECORATED ONE DRAWER MAINE BLANKET CHEST. Chest has original Ochre yellow and brownish/red sponged graining on sides, top and front. Top has applied molded edge, maple lid with pine elsewhere. One thumb molded drawer having replaced wood knobs. Cutout base and sides. Rare to find graining of this type is as fine a condition as this. SIZE: 30-1/2″ h; case is 39-1/2″ x 15-1/2″. CONDITION: Very good, original condition with only minor touch up at base of foot. One small sliver off drawer edge. Minor stains to top. 9-94353 (12,000-16,000)


HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL (American, 19th Century) HUDSON RIVER LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas Thomas Chambers style scene shows sailboats on water, large buildings and tall mountains. Man walks up road towards large house. Man is seen in small sailboat on right side. Unsigned. Housed in a replacement lemon gold carved wood frame. SIZE: 24” x 31-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Relined with some inpainting. 9-94589 (5,000-7,000)


ATTRIBUTED TO THOMAS CHAMBERS (American, 1805-1866) VIEW OF WEST POINT ON THE HUDSON RIVER. Oil on canvas Hudson River scene shows buildings atop rocky bluff with water. Several style boats can be seen on water including river steamboat, sailboats and six men carrying a rowboat through inlet. House on left side surrounded by trees and grassy shoreline. Several masts are seen beyond rocks and sails in distance. Housed in probably its original grape and vine decorated period frame. SIZE: 24” x 32”. CONDITION: Old “C” shaped repair to sky. Some light flaking to left bottom side in trees. Good. 9-94481 (10,000-15,000)


GOOD LIFT TOP EARLY HUTCH TABLE. The rectangular pegged scrubbed top tilts to form bench. Straight leg form with incised line carving around the hinge storage unit. Pine construction. SIZE: Top is 36” x 43-1/2”. 30” h. CONDITION: One separation to top board, otherwise very good. 9-94926 (2,000-3,000)


SET OF SIX PAINTED THUMB BACK WINDSOR CHAIRS BY F. RAYMOND. Five spindle back, carved seats with bamboo style turned legs and stretchers. Each chair has stencil label F. Raymond Warranted. Presently painted in a salmon paint over an old light green. SIZE: 34″ h x 17-1/2″ seat height. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-94347 (1,500-2,000)


STATE OF MAINE COUNTRY BIRCH DESK SIGNED WILLIAM COLE, WARREN 1812. Signed “William Cole his hand Warren, April the 24 day for the year 1812”. Slant front opens to reveal four drawer interior with eight pigeon holes. Four graduated drawers, each having brass pulls and brass escutcheon plates. Cutout applied bracket foot. Nice even finish. SIZE: 43-1/4” h x 36” w x 17-1/4” d. 32” writing h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-94473 (2,500-3,500)


ANTIQUE FRIENDSHIP QUILT. Mid-19th Century hand stitched. Each with multiple star burst pattern and each centered with a name and place, most being from Bennington, VT. SIZE: 88” x 80”. CONDITION: Generally good. Some slight staining. 3-30398 (450-550)


ANTIQUE HAND STITCHED APPLICADE QUILT. 19th Century. Having pink, red and green flowers framed in a red draped design with hand stitched floral design. SIZE: 74” x 88”. CONDITION: Generally very good with some slight staining on the edge and a small amount of fraying along the edge. 3-30400 (250-350)


LARGE HAND STITCHED ANTIQUE TEXAS STARBURST QUILT. Early 20th Century. Having lovely pastel colors. SIZE: 90” x 74”. CONDITION: Generally very good. 3-30399 (350-550)


EARLY NEW ENGLAND BLANKET CHEST IN BLUE PAINT. Bootjack ends, chip carving to front corners, molded edge top. Nice blue paint. SIZE: 22” h x 49” w x 17-3/4” d. CONDITION: Replaced hinges, otherwise good. 9-95755 (800-1,200)


PAIR OF 19TH CENTURY PORTRAITS. Depicts gentleman wearing tinted glasses or sunglasses together with a woman with lace collar and brooch. SIZE: 22” w x 27” h. (each) CONDITION: Generally good. 3-30426 (500-1,000)


ROSA MARIE BONHEUR (American, 1822-1899) PORTRAIT OF YOUNG GIRL. Pencil portrait of a young girl with single braid in hair, side view looking left. Inscribed lower right “Study From Nature Rosa Bonheur 10 May 1867”. The piece is housed in a nice gilt frame with lined matte. There are two windows in the matte. One for this drawing, another for a pen drawing of a girl leading a bull, which is signed and dated 1867. SIGHT SIZE: Portrait is 8-1/4” x 5-1/2”. Other is 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94806 (500-1,000)


UNSIGNED (19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG BOY WITH HIS PUPPY. Charming oil on panel shows boy in green dress having chubby arms holding black puppy at chest. Housed in a lemon gold antique frame. SIZE: 13” x 11”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95184 (1,000-1,500)


GOOD FEDERAL GESSO DECORATED TWO PART MIRROR. Split column mirror has decorations of leaves and basket of flowers. Acorn drop pendants on top wide cornice. SIZE: 45” h. CONDITION: Some gesso and gilt loss, otherwise very good. 9-95086 (600-1,000)


GOOD WROUGHT IRON RUSH LIGHT. Mounted in wood block having twisted post and knob holder. SIZE: 11-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94983 (200-400)


GOOD EARLY TIN TINDERBOX. Lot includes flint, metal striker, inside cover and outside cover having candle holder. SIZE: 4-1/2” h. CONDITION: Some rust. Cover solder loose. 9-94945 (200-300)


INTERESTING WOOD AND IRON PAN SHAPED CANDLE HOLDER. Nice wood turned handle holds triangular shaped pan with socket candle holder and pricket holder. Early 19th Century. SIZE: 11-1/2” l x 3” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94982 (200-300)


TWO WROUGHT IRON LIGHTING DEVICES. Wrought iron hanging grease lamp with brass heart shape fitting, D-shaped handle with long hanging hook. Low disc reservoir. SIZE: 18-1/2” l, reservoir is 4-3/4” dia. Tri-footed wrought iron and brass mounted combination candle and Betty lamp. Central round shaft has adjustable Betty lamp and candle holder. SIZE: 16” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95743 (300-400)


JOHN WILLIAM HILL (American, 1812-1897) “BOSTON”. Large black and white engraving after a painting by J.W. Hill and engraved by C. Mottram. Published by Smith Bros. & Co. New York and Sowle & Wards, Boston. Dated 1857. Large engraving shows a bustling Boston Harbor with many forms of ships. Large city in background with men fishing in foreground. Beautifully housed in a mahogany antique frame. IMAGE SIZE: 24-3/4” h x 38-1/2”. SIGHT SIZE: 28-3/4” x 41-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. Some larger foxing spots. Print is free of tears. 9-95959 (1,000-2,000)


OUTSTANDING PAINT DECORATED SMALL DOME TOP BOX ATTRIBUTED TO THE MERRILL’S OF SOUTH PARIS, MAINE. Hinged slightly domed box has red and black swirl grain painting on top and front three sides. Green and white border line decoration to the top. Top has an overdrawn green and mustard plant with green leaves. Front has crest-like painting which has a red background with green leaves and decoration. Back has brown/mustard grain painting. Original hasp and lock. Inside of cover is written “Merrill Chase”. In pencil also, “My great, great grandfather 100 years old ?Lord 1830”. REFERENCE: For similar paint decoration see the Merrill empire bureau plate No. 12 Maine State Museum’s Exhibition of Maine Painted Furniture 1983/84. SIZE: 6” h x 13-3/4” w x 7” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95156 (3,500-5,500)


STATE OF MAINE SHERATON PAINT DECORATED DRESSING TABLE. Mustard paint with green, black and red highlights. Sponge decorated, scrolled backsplash and two small drawers in brown paint. Original rosette type brass pulls. Long bottom drawer has decorative leaf stencil. Also, a circle of hearts stenciled on front legs. A fine example of Maine decoration. SIZE: 39” h x 31-1/4” w x 18-3/4” d. CONDITION: All original surface shows some wear. 9-95598 (5,000-7,000)


OUTSTANDING EARLY PAINT DECORATED TWO PART CORNER CUPBOARD. New England, late 18th/early 19th Century. Painted overall with brown and yellow grain painting with blue and other colors underneath. In two sections: upper with molded cornice with acorn and scalloped frieze, arched glazed door below enclosed by conforming molding centering three blocks each with concentric turnings, opening to shelved interior. The lower section with a pair of paneled doors opening to a shelf on turned cone and flattened ball feet. PROVENANCE: Ex-Marcus Collection who purchased it from John Walton, 7-29-71 sold at Julia’s Ebenezer Alden House Auction 8/4/95. SIZE: 86-3/4” h x 47-1/2” w x 24-1/2” d. CONDITION: Some shrinkage cracks to façade. 9-95823 (10,000-15,000)


FABULOUS GRAIN PAINTED FOUR DRAWER STATE OF MAINE CHEST. This untouched spectacular chest has just recently been picked out of a Maine home. The blue over mustard paint gives a greenish color displaying a wonderful variety of grain painting techniques. Four graduated drawers, each have two dark stained wood knobs. The case with a fine carved and cutout skirt with bootjack ends. Slightly overhanging top in a well proportioned case. The decoration is on both sides, the top and the entire front. A truly spectacular find and one of the best Maine chests that we have seen in many years. PROVENANCE: Central Maine area. SIZE: Case is 40-3/4” w x 16” d x 41-1/4” h. CONDITION: Original, untouched and pristine. 9-76002 (5,000-35,000)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE COVERED JAR. Orange and green glaze with incised lines at neck and top. Cover has decorative pinwheel type lines. Probably Safford. Incised mark to base “203”. PROVENANCE: Exhibited at the Maine State Museum. Jar from Betty Berdan. Steve dug the lid out of his woodshed. SIZE: 5-1/2” h. CONDITION: Chips and glaze loss. 9-95906 (400-500)


SMALL MAINE GLAZED REDWARE JUG. Reddish glaze with green highlights. Three incised rings to shoulder, strap type handle with small lipped base. Probably Safford. PROVENANCE: Found in Readfield, Maine from the Soap Ladies house by William Holway. REF: Exhibited at Maine State Museums exhibition of Redware. SIZE: 6” h. CONDITION: Very good with some minor roughness to base. 9-95851 (500-1,000)


GOOD MAINE GLAZED REDWARE JUG. Nice glaze in red and green with speckles. Strap type handle on a short base. Norcross shape. PROVENANCE: Butch and Betty Berdan. SIZE: 8-1/2” h. CONDITION: Some chips and hairline, otherwise very good. 9-95853 (500-1,000)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE STEWPOT BY JOHN SAFFORD 2D. Brownish/red glaze, ovoid stewpot with strap handle has five line shoulder. Bottom incised mark is “703”. Matching cover has impressed signature “John Safford 2d” and incised mark “703”. Incised mark to shoulder “John Safford 2d”. Exhibited at the Maine State Museum. PROVENANCE: From Monmouth, Maine in the early 70’s. SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: Chip to top edge, some roughness to cover an bottom edge, otherwise very good. 9-95932 (1,500-2,500)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE JUG SIGNED JOHN M. SAFFORD. Branded across front in block letters. Dark brown and green glaze. Line incised neck. REF: Exhibited at the Maine State Museum. PROVENANCE: Found in a Maple Street barn in Monmouth, Maine. SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: Handle broken, otherwise very good. 9-95854 (500-1,000)


OUTSTANDING PAINT DECORATED WALL SHELF. Constructed of pine and bass wood with a front ogee style frame in front of a three-shelf encased back. Black and red grain painting to inside and outside of frame and shelf fronts. First half of the 19th Century. A wonderful form in original condition. A great find. PROVENANCE: Peter Cushman Antiques, Turner, Maine – A local find. SIZE: 26” h x 32-1/4” w x 8” d. CONDITION: Original condition, very good. 9-95842 (2,500-3,500)


FINE PAINTED AND DECORATED STEP DOWN WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR. Wonderful salmon paint with cream colored line highlights. Shaped crest with squared central painted gilt motif. Seven double curved bamboo style spindles and two double curving stiles. Shaped and carved pine seat supported by four bamboo turned legs in box stretcher. PROVENANCE: House in Monmouth, Maine. SIZE: 36-1/2” h x 17-3/4” seat height. CONDITION: Shows expected wear in original condition. 9-95833 (800-1,000)


SMALL MAHOGANY CHIPPENDALE MIRROR. Nice scroll work including two birds heads on bottom crest. Original glass with original finish. No repairs. SIZE: 19-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95835 (600-800)


STATE OF MAINE LADDERBACK YOUTH CHAIR. Two slat back, round spindle arms attached to front turned posts. Double box stretcher. Scraped to its original red paint. Chair has wonderful excessive wear where a child has flattened front of posts by sliding on floor. Nice footwear to front rung. Turned finials. PROVENANCE: Chair was originally found in Winthrop, Maine house where it is believed to be since its making. House was purchased from the Berdan’s by Steve and chair remained with house. It’s paint layers conformed to paint found in the kitchen of the house. SIZE: 36” h x 19” seat height. CONDITION: Replaced seat, otherwise very good. 9-95847 (400-500)


HAND DRAWN WALL MAP OF EUROPE BY ELIZABETH B. M. MANN, WINTHROP 1825. This outstanding Maine map shows Europe and its countries with surrounding water and land masses. Countries have different colors including green and gold. Legend at bottom “Projected by Elizabeth B. M Mann Winthrop AD 1825” (first year of girls school). Titled at top “The Map of Europe”. Paper is mounted on fine linen and supported by wood slats at top and bottom. PROVENANCE: Winthrop Baptist Church via Mike and Betty Newsom. REF: History of Winthrop; pages 214-215. “Almost all of the scholars had painted maps, some three of four feet square and these were placed on the walls of the gallery extending nearly around it”. Each map was signed by the student of the Butlers girls school that occupied the church. SIZE: 44” w x 40” h. CONDITION: There are creases and small sections of lifting paper and cracks to paper. Good with some need of restoration. 9-95844 (800-1,200)


HISTORICAL FLASK GIII-7. Half pint, cornucopia and urn of flowers. Olive green. SIZE: 5-1/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95870 (100-200)


HISTORICAL FLASK GIII-4. Pint, cornucopia and urn of fruit. Olive green. SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95871 (100-200)


OLIVE GREEN BLOWN THREE MOLD INKWELL. Olive green. Coventry. SIZE: 1-1/2” h x 2-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95887 (100-200)


OUTSTANDING PAIR OF CLEAR GLASS CANDLESTICK FORM WHALE OIL LAMPS. Ball reservoir sits atop small drip pan on a hollow baluster shaft with round base. Polished pontils, no burners. PROVENANCE: Mike and Betty Newsom – From a home in Fayette, Maine. SIZE: 9-3/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95882 (800-1,200)


STATE OF MAINE BIRDSEYE MAPLE AND BIRCH CHEST. Double drawer box top with extreme scroll backsplash having brass rosettes. Bottom section has four drawers with birdseye maple fronts and double rosette brass knobs. Turned and carved side posts under overhanging drawer with birdseye maple panel. Tall turned feet. Interesting birdseye maple band at apron. PROVENANCE: Mike and Betty Newsome, found in Washington, Maine. SIZE: 54” h x case 39-1/2” w x 18-1/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. Polished original finish. Replaced hardware. 9-95952 (3,000-4,000)


ETHAN ALLEN GREENWOOD (American, 1779-1856) PORTRAIT OF YOUNG WOMAN IN BLUE DRESS. Wonderful oil on canvas folk portrait of a fancy dressed woman including blue dress, lace shawl pinned with colorful brooch, decorated belt with buckle. She wears long gold evening gloves. Jewelry includes three strands of gold beads, gold and coral drop earrings, a pearl hair pin. Her long brown hair has been braided and wrapped in a bun with curls dropping off sides of her face. Signed lower left “Greenwood Pinx 1812”. Housed in its original lemon gold molded wood frame. SIZE: 26” x 20”. CONDITION: Relined in very good condition. 9-95836 (8,000-10,000)


BLUE AND WHITE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. Impressed Davenport mark with anchor. Oriental scene with building, people and palm trees. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 9-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95922 (100-150)


CREAMWARE SOUP PLATE WITH SHIP TRANSFER. Impressed mark “Herculaneum”. Rim decorated with flower vine and central motif of large three-mast ship in full sail. PROVENANCE: Willmont Schwind Antiques. SIZE: 10-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95898 (200-300)


BLUE PAINTED SEA CHEST BECKET. Fine sailors work in old weathered blue paint. Braided canvas wrapped rope with large Turks head ends. PROVENANCE: From a house in Prospect, Maine. SIZE: 9” x 6”. CONDITION: Very good, some wear. 9-95917 (200-300)


CARVED IVORY CANE HANDLE IN FIST FORM. Clenched fist with section of wrist. Hollowed bottom to receive cane. Good detailed carving. PROVENANCE: From Frankfurt, Maine. SIZE: 3-1/4”. CONDITION: Age crack to base, very good. 9-95908 (200-300)


FINE STAINWOOD DECORATED DOCUMENT BOX. Veneered box has mahogany outer band with square panels of satinwood bordered in light and dark wood. Similar panels on all four sides. Diamond ivory escutcheon. Hinged top opens to reveal early children’s book colored plates. SIZE: 4” h x 10” w x 7-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 9-95928 (800-1,200)


WONDERFUL TOLEWARE TEAPOT WITH RED ROSE DECORATION. Oval form with angled front spout and shaped hinged lid. Strap handle, decorative finial to cover. Back and front side with two-part decorative rose with leaves. Blue/green decorative leaf design to top. PROVENANCE: A Dixfield, Maine home. SIZE: 5-3/4” h x 9-1/2” at widest. CONDITION: Very good. Only a few losses to ground. 9-95869 (1,500-2,500)


FINE DECORATED TOLEWARE DIPPER. Unusual and rare form having black ground with red and mustard decoration in an intertwining decorative band. Tapering handle has mustard and red leaf decoration. Dipper bowl is round cylinder form. PROVENANCE: Marianna Clarke Antiques. SIZE: Bowl is 2-1/4” h x 3-12” dia. Total height is 8” h. CONDITION: Very good. Only very minor imperfections. 9-95868 (600-1,000)


TOLEWARE DECORATED APPLE TRAY. Four lobed tray has white ground band with red apples and green leaves. Brownish/copper ground with leaf and line highlights. PROVENANCE: From Willmont Schwind Antiques. SIZE: 12-1/2” dia. x 2-1/2” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95919 (300-400)


OUTSTANDING STATE OF MAINE FAN BACK WINDSOR SIDE CHAIR IN BLACK PAINT. Old black worn paint has cream line highlights. Outstanding features include finely carved scroll ears with shaped crest, boldly turned stiles, seven spindle back with nicely carved shaped seat. Bold turned splay legs having center stretcher with fine turnings. PROVENANCE: Stanley Family (of Stanley Tool fame) via William Holway. Probably a Winthrop, Maine chair by Joseph Metcalf who came to Winthrop in 1789. SIZE: 34-1/4” h x seat height 16-3/4”. CONDITION: Chair has been scraped down to present paint with a wonderful patina. Small old patch to left crest. Otherwise very good. 9-95843 (6,000-8,000)


STATE OF MAINE ONE DRAWER TAPERED LEG STAND. Found in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. Constructed of birch and bass wood. Wonderful original red paint with black lines. Chamfered tapered legs that have a curving black line as decoration. PROVENANCE: Josiah – Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 27-1/2” h x 16-3/4” top size w x 17-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95831 (1,000-2,000)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE STEW POT. Orange glaze with central incised line, strap handle. Rim with spout and fitted for lid, which is not present. PROVENANCE: Dana Coty, found in Winthrop, Maine. SIZE: 6” h. CONDITION: Rim chip, old tight crack, probably in the making. 9-95903 (400-500)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE JUG. Nice glaze with streaks of black, green and brown. Strap handle with thumbprint. SIZE: 7-3/4” h. CONDITION: Minor chips and wear to highpoints. Otherwise good. 9-95855 (400-700)


LARGE FLOWER POT HAS ATTACHED SAUCER BASE. Brownish/red glaze has three bands at middle. Central wavy band flanked by multiple straight bands. Similar to known Safford pieces. PROVENANCE: From a house in Augusta, Maine. SIZE: 9-1/4” h x 10-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Some glaze chipping, otherwise very good. 9-95926 (400-600)


TWO MAINE REDWARE LIDS. One signed “John Safford 2nd Monmouth, Maine”. 1) Flat glazed round lid with knob finial has impressed mark “John Safford 2nd Monmouth, Maine”. Three incised lines. SIZE: 4-1/2” dia. 2) Small round 3” cover with green/brown glaze, incised bottom “209” with pointed finial. PROVENANCE: Both found in Augusta/Monmouth, Maine area. CONDITION: Both have chips. 9-95901 (200-300)


STATE OF MAINE EMPIRE CHEST. Birch case with mahogany drawer fronts. Two drawer box top over four drawers. Top drawer extends over others supported by two fully carved turned and leaf decorated posts. All supported by tall turned legs. Outrageous scroll carved backsplash with simulated blanket roll center. Relief leaf carving at sides of top drawer. Intaglio carved leaves at bottom of columns. Each drawer is fitted with glass ribbed knobs. Red stained case. PROVENANCE: From Camden, Maine. SIZE: 52” h x case size 43-3/4” w x 21-1/4” d. CONDITION: Some minor restoration to case and finish. 9-95950 (3,000-4,000)


PAIR OF CLEAR GLASS SANDWICH COMPOTES. Shallow round bowl form with rolled edge with round stepped base ending in square turret corner bottom. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 4-3/4” h x 6-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95885 (800-1,200)


EARLY TEAL GREEN GLASS FLOWER VASE. Ball and trumpet shape with round pedestal base, polished pontil. Wonderful color. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques. SIZE: 6” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95876. (600-800)


SIX BOTTLE BLOWN THREE MOLD PATTERN GLASS CRUET SET. Silver plated frame with decorative basket of flower handle holds six bottles. One bottle is replacement but stopper is original. REF: GI-24. Similar set pictured in Glass in Early America by Palmer, page 268. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: Total height is 8”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95880 (600-800)


SAPPHIRE BLUE SANDWICH PATTERN GLASS MASTER SALT. Sides are decorated with heart and club and front and back is decorated with scrolls and flowers. PROVENANCE: Found locally and bought at the Manchester Grange. SIZE: 1-3/4” h x 3-1/4” w x 2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95886 (500-1,000)


CLEAR PATTERN GLASS MASTER SALT WITH EAGLE AND WEEPING WILLOW. Front and back have spread winged eagle with stars. Sides have weeping willow with flowers. Rayed base with four small knobbed feet. REFERENCE: Barlow’s Guide to Sandwich Glass; No. 1452. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 2” h x 3” w x 2-1/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. 995893 (200-300)


WALDO PEIRCE (American, ) ”KING OF THE BLUEBERRIES”. Oil on canvas portrait of Marshall Ney Crandall. Portrait of a young man in blue shirt holding branch of blueberry bush. Backdrop is the Maine Coast with mountains, trees and water. Signed and dated “22 Sept 69”. Initialed and dated on front. Housed in a Victorian decorated and painted frame. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 24” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95955 (1,250-1,750)


STATE OF MAINE BIRDSEYE MAPLE, MAHOGANY AND BIRCH BUTLER’S SECRETARY. Three drawers, top drop front drawer with fitted interior of six drawers and ten cubby holes. Drawer fronts with large birdseye maple panel banded with mahogany. Two large brass knobs to each drawer. Cutout shaped Hepplewhite style feet and shaped cutout sides. Attached curved end backsplash. Cherry interior with bass wood being the secondary wood. PROVENANCE: North Anson, Maine. SIZE: 45-1/4” h x case 40” w x 18-1/2” d. CONDITION: Original finish. Only minor repairs to banding. Otherwise very good. 9-95834 (4,000-5,000)


FINE LIGNA VITAE SANDER. Well turned with nice wood grain. Pedestal base with bowl shaped top. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 3-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. One small nick to rim. 9-95866 (200-400)


TURNED LIGNA VITAE MORTAR AND PESTLE. Turned shaped cylinder form with line incising. Nicely turned pestle. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 7-1/4” h x 6-3/4” w. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95849 (200-400)


SOAP STONE MORTAR AND PESTLE. Turned mortar has short pedestal base, bowl formed. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 4” h x 4-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95848 (150-250)


FOLK ART CARVED WOOD MULLER. Maple or birch with great patina. Finial of a beveled edge square on a square shaft ending in nine tooth square base. PROVENANCE: Found in Port Clyde, Maine. SIZE: 6-1/4” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95910 (100-200)


EARLY WROUGHT IRON RUSH LIGHT CANDLE HOLDER. Carved wood replacement base with early forged light. PROVENANCE: Mike and Betty Newsome, found more than 50 yrs ago by a child playing in a pig pen in Winthrop. Just recently identified. SIZE: 12” total height. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95934 (100-200)


WONDERFUL LOW BACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR IN GREEN PAINT. Scroll flat arms with shaped back crest supported by thirteen tapered spindles with two finely turned arm supports, which mimic the four splayed legs. Turned medial stretcher. Wonderful wide carved saddle seat. PROVENANCE: Central Maine coast; Galen Davis Antiques, late 1970’s. SIZE: 29” h x 26” at widest; seat height 17-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. Appears to have had wire rod support, which has been removed. Some wear to paint, but generally in very good condition. 9-95832 (800-1,200)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE FLOWER POT. Safford design with ribbed body with round punch marks. Bottom attached saucer has matching rippled edge to top rim. SIZE: 8” h x 9” dia. CONDITION: Shows use with multiple chips. 9-95931 (400-500)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE FLOWER POT. Wonderful inside and outside glaze has greenish tint with red and dark brown/black splotches. Fine rolled lip. Flower pot with tapering form with no hole in base. PROVENANCE: Willmont and Arlene Schwind. SIZE: 6-3/4” h x 7” top dia. Base dia is 4-1/2”. CONDITION: Chips to lip and crack, otherwise very good. 9-95857 (400-500)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE HANGING FLOWERPOT. Ruffled rim bowl shaped with attached saucer underliner. Three holes for hanging and side drain hole. Reddish/brown glaze. Two incised lines at midpoint. PROVENANCE: Bought from Frank Dingley. SIZE: 3-3/4” h x 7-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Some glaze chips, very good. 9-95933 (300-400)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE MILK PAN. Light brownish/red glaze with black speckling. PROVENANCE: Wilmont and Arlene Schwind. SIZE: 16” dia. CONDITION: One under rim chip, otherwise very good. 9-95861 (300-400)


SENSATIONAL INLAID EXOTIC WOOD LADY’S DRESSING BOX. Hinged top has secret latch mechanism which is operated by sliding the right foot molding out and releasing a wood hook latch under top. Top has multiple diamond eye dazzler inlay with multiple bands in different colored woods. All four sides have central inlaid five-pointed star surrounded by bands on a light colored figured wood. Interior lid is fitted with beveled glass diamond shaped framed mirror surrounded by triangular corner inlays. Open interior. Fine craftsmanship and use of exotic woods. SIZE: 10-3/4” h x w 18” x 11”. CONDITION: Original finish, polished. Very good. 9-95839 (600-800)


FINE EARLY CUT FREE BLOWN CELERY. Flaring rim vase on round based knob stemmed pedestal. Circle cut with leaf and other cuttings. Polished pontil base. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques. SIZE: 7-1/2” h x 5-1/2” dia rim. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95877 (600-800)


EARLY CLEAR GLASS RIBBED CELERY VASE. Free blown with pontil mark, flaring rim with ribbed base. Round and wine stemmed pedestal. Possibly Pittsburgh. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. . SIZE: 8-1/4” h x 5-1/2” dia. Rim. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95879 (800-1,200)


MARBLE TOP WALNUT GOTHIC REVIVAL SIDE TABLE. Black mottled rectangular marble top with molded edge. Base has shaped apron with drop elongated acorn finials. Supported by a double wire. Trestle type base with center double scroll stretcher set on brass caster feet. The skirt is veneered in crotched walnut and cut in the pattern of gothic arches. PROVENANCE: Out of a shop in Damariscotta, Maine. SIZE: 30” h x 32-1/2” w x 18-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. Marble has repaired crack along vein. Otherwise very good. 9-95956 (2,000-3,000)


SMALL ITALIAN MARBLE MODEL OF THE ARCH OF SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS, ROME. Small model of architectural arch in white and gold variegated marble. This is a rare souvenir item from The Grand Tour. PROVENANCE: Thomas Bond. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 6-1/2” w x 3-1/4” d. CONDITION: One column restored, otherwise good. 9-95954 (400-600)


LARGE ITALIAN MARBLE MODEL OF THE TEMPLE OF CASTOR AND POLLOCKS, ROME. Three columns with carved capitals in rose colored variegated marble. This is a rare souvenir item from The Grand Tour. PROVENANCE: Bought at auction in Monmouth, Maine. SIZE: 25-1/2” h x 11-1/2” w. CONDITION: 9-95953 (2,000-2,500)


CHESTER HARDING (American, 1792-1866) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN WITH WHITE BOW TIE. Oil on canvas half portrait of a man seated on an upholstered chair wearing black coat, white shirt and white bow tie. Light to dark brown background. Original wide lemon gold frame with artist tag. Gentleman is a member of the Richards Family of Gardiner, Maine. Artist plaque on frame. PROVENANCE: Gardiner Library of Gardiner, Maine via Josiah – Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. . SIZE: 30” x 24-1/2”. CONDITION: 4” C-shaped tear to left background. Otherwise good. 9-95840 (6,000-8,000)


FOLK ART INLAID DECORATED MECHANIC’S CHEST. Brass bound with fitted interior having two sliding trays. Constructed of walnut and birch. Top has light and dark wood inlays representing different tools and the name “E. L. Rancour”. All sides have eye dazzling light and dark diamonds. Key is present. Decorative brass screw decoration. PROVENANCE: From Brian White, found in the mid-coast area. SIZE: 13” h x 24” w x 13-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95930 (800-1,000)


PEACOCK BLUE TOY PATTERN GLASS TUMBLER. REF: Page 164 in American and European Pressed Glass by Spillman. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 1-3/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95890 (100-200)


BLUE GLASS TOY SPOONER IN COLONIAL PATTERN. Probably Sandwich. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 2-3/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95894 (200-300)


OPALESCENT GLASS TOY PITCHER. Stippled with scrolls and tulips with ear shaped handle. REF: Page 151, No 515 in American and European Pressed Glass by Spillman. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 1-3/4” h. CONDITION: Chip to base and some roughness. 9-95897 (100-150)


CLEAR GLASS TOY TUMBLER WITH ETCHED LEAF DESIGN. Base with ribbed design, top section has band of etched leaves. Bottom has cut flower design into polished pontil. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 2-1/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95889 (100-200)


CLEAR GLASS TOY TUMBLER. Nine sided. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 1-3/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95888 (50-75)


OUTSTANDING MAINE PAINTED FOOTSTOOL. Colorful paint decoration of red, green splotches over a green sponge decoration over white ground with yellow glaze overall. Sides, ends and inside of ends is decorated with scrub top. This decoration is by the same hand as the R. Whiting clock exhibited at the Maine State Museums 1983/4 Exhibition of Maine Painted Furniture. Plate #17. General belief is that this decorator is from Farmington Falls, Maine. PROVENANCE: Found in Augusta, Maine. SIZE: 7-1/2” x 18-3/4” w x 8-1/2” d. CONDITION: 9-95927 (600-800)


GRAIN PAINTED LETTER BOX. Mustard and red grain painting with simulated line inlay. Constructed of basswood with hinged top. PROVENANCE: From Academy Street in Monmouth, Maine at a garage sale in the early 70’s with Butch Berdan. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 16” w x 12-1/4” d. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-95929 (1,200-1,500)


BLUE AND WHITE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATE. 19th Century. Border has beech type leaves and flowers. Central scene with people fishing on river with houses and bridge. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 9-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95921 (100-150)


BLUE AND WHITE STAFFORDSHIRE QUADRUPEDS PLATE. Blue mark to back J Hall. Central scene of a lion pursuing a water buffalo. Other vignettes of animals. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 10”. CONDITION: Hairline crack, otherwise very good. 9-95899 (50-100)


EARLY STAFFORDSHIRE HANDLESS CUP AND SAUCER. Countryside scene of people fishing with other vignettes. Copper luster rims on both cup and saucer. SIZE: Cup is 2-1/4” h. Saucer is 5-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95892 (75-125)


STAFFORDSHIRE WASH BOWL AND PITCHER. Black transfer with exotic buildings and people. Impressed mark to base. PROVENANCE: Thomas Bond. SIZE: Bowl dia 13-1/2”. Pitcher is 11” h. CONDITION: Both pieces have cracks. Small chip to bowl rim. 9-95951 (200-300)


DECORATED TOLEWARE BOTANICAL COLLECTION BOX. Early 19th Century oval box has drop front lid for collection of specimens. Green ground with black transfer of a European village scene with water, people and buildings. Double decorative end bands. Mounts for holding leather carrying strap. A rare form in desirable condition. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 12-1/2” w x 3-1/2” d. CONDITION: Some scrapes and rust but generally intact. 9-95860 (400-600)


EARLY TIN CANDLE WALL SCONCE. Cylinder candle holder with crimped drip pan with finger hole underneath. Round reflector has hanging ring and faceted pattern. PROVENANCE: From Butch and Betty Berdan in the early 70’s. SIZE: 12” h x 9-1/2” dia of reflector. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95913 (400-500)


PENNSYLVANIA LADDERBACK ARMCHAIR IN ORANGE PAINT. Four graduated slats with side stiles ending in well formed bulb finials. Shaped scroll arms, double box stretcher. PROVENANCE: Mike and Betty Newsom. SIZE: 44-1/2” h x 17-3/4” seat height. CONDITION: Several layers of paint, replaced seat. Very good. 9-95846 (300-400)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) COUNTRY LIFE. Unframed oil on canvas scene shows log cabin next to damned river with sailboat surrounded by majestic mountains. Foreground has man with fishing pole in fancy dress. Man drives cattle next to river with woman in doorway of cabin. Colorful sky with hints of sunset. PROVENANCE: Josiah – Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 16” x 20”. CONDITION: Original with craquelure. Some chipping to outer edge where frame would be. 9-95837 (800-1,200)


WROUGHT IRON REVOLVING GRILL. Round grill has straight rods. Shaped handle with hanging hole. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 13” dia, 13” handle. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95946 (200-300)


TWO CAST IRON POSSETS. Each with three feet and handle. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 4” x 5-1/2”; 2-3/4” h x 5-3/4”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95947 (150-250)


CAST IRON FIREPLACE HANGING GRIDDLE. Wrought iron handle with revolving hanger. Griddle has three small feet. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 13” dia. x 12” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95949 (100-150)


WROUGHT IRON FOOTED FIREPLACE GRILL. Hand forged with long handle and hanging hole. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 3” h x 18-3/4” l x 10” w. CONDITION: Generally god. 9-95944 (100-200)


SWING HANDLED FIREPLACE TOASTER. Long handle has turned wood end. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: Total length is 26-1/2” x 13” w. CONDITION: Good. 9-95942 (100-200)


SMALL MAHOGANY AND MAPLE DOCUMENT BOX. Mahogany top with interesting diagonal banding. Brass bale handle. Lock with key. First part of the 19th Century. Interior with chrome blue paper interior having original gold stencil with eagle and “No. 33 12 yards”. PROVENANCE: Found in Monmouth, Maine. SIZE: 3” h x 11-1/4” w x 8” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95838 (100-200)


CLEAR BLOWN THREE MOLD HAT. GIII-12. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 2-1/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95896 (200-300)


COBALT BLUE BLOWN THREE MOLD MASTER SALT. Wide flaring rim on a pedestal base with pattern of sunburst and waffle design. REF: GIII-25. PROVENANCE: Mariana Clarke Antiques. SIZE: 2” h x 3” dia. CONDITION: Small rim chip to top. 9-95891 (400-600)


EARLY CLEAR GLASS FLIP. Rolled edge rim, pontil mark to base with slightly tapered form. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 4-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95881 (50-100)


ENGLISH PEWTER TANKARD. Scroll handle with open top hallmarked on side “pint”. Base with engraved “J. Adams DK York Spitail Windsor”. Worn monogram to front and makers stamp to inside of bottom. PROVENANCE: Thomas Bond Antiques. SIZE: 5-1/4” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95863 (200-400)


PEWTER HANDLED MUG BY SAMUEL BOARDMAN. Touch mark to base “S.B.”. Monogramed “N”. Interesting shaped handle. PROVENANCE: From a Belgrade, Maine house. SIZE: 4” h. CONDITION: Some small dents, otherwise very good. 9-95865 (100-200)


SMALL PEWTER PLATE BY EDGAR CURTIS & CO. BRISTOL 1793-1801. SIZE: 8” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95864 (100-200)


PAIR OF PEWTER BEAKERS. Unmarked, 19th Century. Tapered form with ring at base. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 3” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95862 (100-200)


SET OF SIX COLONIAL STYLE PEWTER SPOONS. These spoons were made in an antique pewter spoon 18th C mold made with scraps of 18th C pewter. They have a decorative sunburst at their top. PROVENANCE: These spoons were made by Steve and Butch Berdan on a cold winters day on Steve’s wood cook stove in the 1970’s. SIZE: 8-1/4” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95872 (100-200)


SMOKE DECORATED HEADBOARD. Shaped maple headboard has black and white smoke decoration. Double tenoned sides. PROVENANCE: Peter and Jean Richards Antiques Damariscotta, Maine. SIZE: 17-1/4” x 49”. CONDITION: Some loss to central area, good. 9-95841 (200-300)


GRAIN PAINTED STATE OF MAINE DRAWER FRONT. Mahogany with simulated string inlay with mahogany banding. Probably from a Maine store. SIZE: 14-1/2” x 44-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95904 (100-200)


CHAIR CREST RAIL FRAGMENT. Exaggerated cupids bow with great lines and patina. PROVENANCE: Found in a barn in New Hampshire. SIZE: 18” l. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95916 (50-75)


EARLY FOOTSTOOL WITH HOMESPUN COVER. Painted black with shaped sides has tacked on blue and rust homespun fabric. SIZE: 7” h x 11” w x 8” d. CONDITION: Split in end, fabric as is with other cracks. Fair. 9-95229 (100-150)


OVAL HAND PAINTED OVER PHOTOGRAPH OF THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY. Fully water colored scene shows young boy with fancy dress having long curly hair. He holds a ball in one hand, drum and drumsticks in other. Drum sits atop a Victorian side chair. Backdrop is New England landscape with church, water and mountains. Off to the right is a classical style stairway and decorated floor covering. Housed in a grain painted oval Victorian frame with gold liner. Oval matte has embossed stamp “Photographed by S. M. Sawyer, Winthrop, Maine”. PROVENANCE: Mike and Betty Newsom. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95845 (250-400)


RARE GRAY STONEWARE SALT GLAZE CREAMER. Strap type handle with formed spout. Unusual form to find in stoneware. PROVENANCE: Found in Winterport, Maine. Possibly off hand piece from Bangor Stoneware worker. SIZE: 3-1/2” h. CONDITION: Small chip to rim, otherwise very good. 9-95900 (100-150)


GRAY STONEWARE FLASK. Flat ovoid shape with collard lip. PROVENANCE. Found in Winthrop, Maine painted as a doorstop. SIZE: 5-3/4” h. CONDITION: Horizontal crack, otherwise good. 9-95905 (40-60)


EARLY OVOID STONEWARE HANDLED JUG. Impressed swag design, typical of Charleston of Boston stoneware. Multiple incised lines below neck. Bottom 3” has brown color. PROVENANCE: Picked from a house in Augusta, Maine with Butch Berdan. SIZE: 14-1/2” h. CONDITION: Small hole to side for wire. Otherwise good. 9-95924 (400-600)


OVOID STONEWARE CROCK BY ORCUTT & CRAFTS. Double applied handle fitted for cover, which is not present. SIZE: 10” h. CONDITION: Some cracks and chipping. 9-95925 (100-200)


PAIR OF MAINE GLAZED REDWARE MILK PANS. Glazed interiors with rolled rims. PROVENANCE: Found in a house in Union, Maine. SIZE: 3-1/2” h x 14-1/2” dia. CONDITION: One with old homemade repair to crack. Glaze chips. 9-95914 (200-300)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE MUG. Dark brown/black glaze with iridescence. Strap handle with rib design. Incised line at shoulder. Glazed inside and out. PROVENANCE: Came from a home in Litchfield, Maine. SIZE: 4-1/2” h. CONDITION: Crack, which runs through base around side. Otherwise very good. 9-95907 (200-300)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE PITCHER. Dark brown glaze with round form and tapered neck and shaped spout. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 5” h. CONDITION: Very good, some glaze roughness to rim. 9-95902 (200-300)


MAINE GLAZED REDWARE OVOID JAR. Brown glaze with black splotches. Corliss, having two incised lines at shoulder. Glazed interior and exterior. PROVENANCE: Butch and Betty Berdan. SIZE: 7-1/4” h x 5-1/4” top dia. CONDITION: Cracked, otherwise good. 9-95856 (50-100)


MAINE REDWAE JAR. Glazed interior in light brown with some glaze dripping over lip. Several lines at shoulder and lipped base. PROVENANCE: Found in Winthrop, Maine. SIZE: 9” h. CONDITION: Chip to top rim and hairline, otherwise good. 9-95852 (50-100)


CAST IRON SWING HANDLE TEA KETTLE. Standard form, no lid. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: Good. 9-95940 (50-100)


WROUGHT IRON REVOLVING TOASTER. Hand forged with flat handle and ring hanger. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 16” l x 13” w. CONDITION: Generally good with one loose rod. 9-95943 (100-200)


CAST IRON BOWL. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 8-1/2” dia. x 2-3/4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95948 (100-200)


THREE IRON KITCHEN UTENSILS. Lot includes large two thyme fork, small dipper and tongs. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95937 (100-200)


WROUGHT IRON ADJUSTABLE TRAMMEL. Rod design with large D-shaped hanger. PROVENANCE: SIZE: Fully extended is 35”. 22-1/2” not extended. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95939 (100-200)


TOLEWARE SIDE SPOUT TEAPOT. Early form with hinged lid and strap type handle. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 6-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95858 (50-100)


TOLEWARE DOCUMENT BOX WITH STENCIL DECORATION. Domed hinged lid has brass bale handle. Black ground with flowers stenciled on front with red, blue and gold color. Red pinstripes. PROVENANCE: Found in Belgrade, Maine. SIZE: 6-1/2” h x 9-1/2” w x 6” d. CONDITION: Generally good with some minor imperfections. 9-95859 (100-200)


TOLEWARE TINDER BOX. Circular form with candle holder and looped finger hole. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 3-1/2” h x 4-1/2” dia. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95867 (100-200)




CLEAR PATTERN GLASS MASTER SALT. Probably French. Blown three mold with pontil mark and beaded loop pattern. GV-24. SIZE: 2” h x 3-1/4” dia. top. CONDITION: Very good, small imperfection to lip. 9-95895 (100-150)


SANDWICH OPALESCENT COVERED SUGAR IN GOTHIC ARCHES PATTERN. Eight sided with short pedestal base. Nice fiery opalescent color. PROVENANCE: Betty Berdan. SIZE: 5-1/2” h x 4-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Large crack across bowl, otherwise very good. 9-95874 (50-100)


SANDWICH CLEAR GLASS WHALE OIL SPARKING LAMP. Seven panels with elongated loops. Single burner with decorative applied handle. PROVENANCE: An Augusta, Maine home. SIZE: 3-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95878 (100-200)


MAINE REDWARE OVOID CROCK. Glazed interior, incised rings at shoulder and rolled lip. Small lipped base. Probably Safford. PROVENANCE: Found in Monmouth, Maine. SIZE: 8-1/4” h x 8” dia. CONDITION: Generally good. One chip to rim and rough base. 9-95850 (50-100)


INTERESTING EARLY IRON COMB. Probably a trade comb. Standard form with cutout in handle “Fox”. PROVENANCE: Found hanging on a rosehead nail behind the panel of a 1770’s house in Readfield, Maine. SIZE: 4” l x 1-1/2” h. CONDITION: Some rust but appears to be in original condition. One comb point missing. 9-95911 (100-200)


SMALL CARVED WOOD BOAT. Early carved hull with nice patina. PROVENANCE: Found in Winthrop, Maine. SIZE: 7” l. CONDITION: Good. 9-95918 (50-75)


RARE PAIR OF HAND FORGED IRON OX BOW PINS. PROVENANCE: From Frankfurt, Maine. SIZE: 4-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95909 (100-200)


CLEAR FREE BLOWN FISH BOWL. Pontil marked base with rolled rim and round form. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 8” h x 7-1/2” dia at top. CONDITION: 2” bruise/crack to side. 9-95884 (50-100)


FLINT GLASS LOW COMPOTE. Ashburton type pattern with shaped eight panels on a conforming pedestal. SIZE: 2-3/4” h x 7-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95883 (50-100)


BRASS BALE HANDLED BUCKET. Wrought iron swinging handle. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 8-1/2” h x 13” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95936 (100-200)


TWO THREE-FOOTED POTS. Both with swing handles. Rat tail, hand forged swing handles. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 11” and 8” dia. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95941 (150-250)


IRON POT LIFTER. L-shaped with rat tail handle. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 12”. CONDITION: Good. 9-95938 (50-100)


TIN REFLECTING OVEN. Hinged top door, two D-shaped handles, open interior. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 18-3/4” h x 19” w x 12” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95935 (100-200)


LONG HANDLED FRY PAN. Hand forged handle with rat tail end. PROVENANCE: A 1940’s Monmouth Collection willed to the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: Handle is 12”, 10” dia pan. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95945 (50-100)


PAIR OF STEEL WICK TRIMMERS. PROVENANCE: From the North Monmouth Church. SIZE: 7” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95915 (50-75)


WOOD TURNED MULLER. Nice delicate turnings in maple. SIZE: 5-1/4” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95912 (50-100)


CLEAR GLASS PEDESTAL CAKE PLATE. Pattern glass with twelve panels with a nine sided stepped base. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques. SIZE: 3-1/4” h x 9-3/4” dia. CONDITION: 9-95873 (50-100)


LEEDS CREAMWARE PLATTER. Blue molded feather edge rim. Impressed mark “14”. PROVENANCE: Josiah Smith Antiques, Hallowell, Maine. SIZE: 15” x 12”. CONDITION: Some stains, otherwise very good. 9-95923 (100-200)


CREAMWARE LEEDS PLATE. Green feather edge design. Early 19th Century. PROVENANCE: Butch and Betty Berdan. SIZE: 9-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Some wear but generally very good. 9-95920 (50-75)


STATE OF MAINE DECORATED HEPPLEWHITE ONE DRAWER DRESSING TABLE. Original mustard paint with stencil fruit decoration. Tapered tall square legs, one long drawer with shaped crest. SIZE: 34” to top of backsplash; top is 33” x 16” d. CONDITION: Some loss to paint on top, otherwise very good. 9-95761 (1,000-1,500)


RARE VIRGINIA, NEW JERSEY, MANHATTAN AND CAROLINA’S MAP BY JOHAN SMITH. Map is hand colored with a cut corner border in pink. Inner green border with a rectangular border of yellow having latitude and longitude marks. Cartouche says “d’Engelze Volkplanting in VIRGINIE door IOHAN SMITH Bezogt en verder uytgeset”. Legend on bottom states “Peuplade des Anglois dans la Virginie, visitee et augmentee par Jean Smith, surivant quil l’a decrite lui-meme dans son voyage, rectifiee sur de nouvelles Observations faites depuis, tout recemment donnee au Public par Pierre vander Aa,aLiede. Avec Privilege”. PAPER SIZE: 14” x 17-1/2”. IMAGE SIZE: 8-3/4” x 11-1/2”. CONDITION: Light foxing but generally very good. 9-95236 (2,400-3,000)


MAP OF THE NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES AND CANADA 1756. French map engraved by Chambon. Titled “Carte des Possessions Francoises et Angloises Dans le Canada, et Partie de la Louisiane”. Also with inset supplement which shows Florida and the Carolina’s. Map has highlighted boundaries. Unframed. SIZE: 23” x 31-1/2”. CONDITION: Small bites from margin. One corner clipped. Generally very good. 9-95957 (2,000-3,000)


JOHN SENEX (17th/18th Century) PAIR OF MAPS: NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, 1710. Large pair of maps framed identically in decorative wood frames. One titled North American, having color highlighted territories. The other is South America with color highlighted territories. A fine early pair of desirable maps. SIGHT SIZE: 37-1/2” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Both maps have water stain on bottom 4”. North American map has darker stain than other. Otherwise, very good. 9-95327 (10,000-15,000)


FRAMED EARLY MAP “THE KINGDOME OF DENMARKE”. John Speede & G. Humble 1626. Vertical folded map has two page text on back which is viewed through back glass window. Page 29 and 30 in English. Front side has map of Denmark with border of people in costume and six city vignettes. Map is highlighted in color and is very decorative. Small cartouche at bottom right “Evert Symons Z. Hamers Veldt Sculp”. Housed in a thin decorative gilt frame. SIGHT SIZE: 16” x 20-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95382 (400-600)


FOLK ART CARVED WOOD BI-PLANE. First half of the 20th Century. Interesting features include 14” carved propeller, open engine cover, steering wheel, landing wheels and curved 12” wide wings. Unpainted. SIZE: 48” l; wing span is 22”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94933 (400-600)


INTERESTING PAINTED DOLL’S HUTCH. Dated on back 1847 with other writing. This small stepback cupboard has one drawer below and one door above. Blue paper interior, sponge decorated triangular crest. Half side columns with black and white trim paint next to a varnished surface. SIZE: 9-3/4” h x 5-1/2” w x 2-3/4” d. CONDITION: Good. 9-94562 (200-400)


GOOD OVAL TOP EARLY TAVERN TABLE. Oval one board scrub top, four well turned splayed legs fitted with a box stretcher. Base has red wash color. Skirt with molded edge. SIZE: 24” h x 31-1/4” w x 23-1/4” d. CONDITION: Very good. Some chipping to feet. 9-95155 (2,000-4,000)


FABULOUS GENUINE SANDWICH GLASS EPERGNE. This epergne originally form the Barlow Sandwich Glass Collection. Barlow, together with Keiser, were co-authors of a series of books which seem to be one of the “bibles” on early Sandwich glass. This extraordinary epergne features etched design central trumpet, trimmed in sapphire blue on the edge with three smaller etched horns below and three elaborate shaped leaves. All mounted in a stemmed ruffled bowl base. A truly outstanding piece of genuine Sandwich glass from a world renowned collection. SIZE: 21” h. CONDITION: Generally excellent. 3-30403 (400-600)


PAIR OF SANDWICH CANARY YELLOW CANDLESTICKS. Have petal design bobeches SIZE: 7” h. CONDITION: One with as is damage to petals. Other is generally good. 3-30364 (300-450)


UNSIGNED (American/French, 18th Century) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN AUTHOR. Fine oil on canvas portrait of a middle age gentleman seated in a red upholstered chair at a writing table. He wears a green coat, flower decorated shirt with white tunic. One hand holds a quill pen and he is writing on a white piece of paper with French words “La Ville de…”. Beside his other hand is a leather covered book with more written pages. Housed in a fine lemon gold carved wood frame. Miller Frame Galleries New York label on the back. SIZE: 29” x 22”. CONDITION: Relined, restored with some inpainting. Very good. 9-93891 (2,500-3,000)


UNSIGNED (American/British, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF YOUNG LADY. Oil on canvas half portrait shows a woman in white dress seated wearing a black lace shawl over back of head and shoulders. She wears a double strand of pearls and a crossed pair of flower leaves at bust. A red curtain is pulled back revealing part of a white column. Housed in a fine antique gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 30-1/4” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good with some restoration and inpainting. 9-94338 (1,000-1,500)


HENRY J. MEGAREY (Publisher, 19th Century) “NEWBURG”. Hand-colored aquatint shows the town of Newburg across the Hudson. A wagon full of produce pulled by two oxen in foreground on dirt road. This is No. 14 of the Hudson River Portfolio. The Hudson River Portfolio is considered by many to be the greatest American color plate book of the Century. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a mahogany molded frame with gold liner. SIGHT SIZE: 18-3/4” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Vertical foxing line at center, some toning to margin. Otherwise very good. Not examined out of frame. 9-94840 (2,000-3,000)


HENRY J. MEGAREY (Publisher, 19th Century) “VIEW FROM FISHKILL LOOKING TO WEST POINT”. Hand-colored aquatint shows view of wide Hudson River with steamship and sails, tall mountains, houses, farmers and cattle in foreground. Light comes through partially cloudy sky. This is No. 15 of the Hudson River Portfolio. The Hudson River Portfolio is considered by many to be the greatest American color plate book of the Century. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a mahogany molded frame with gold liner. Good colors, a nice image. SIGHT SIZE: 19” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Vertical foxing line at center, some toning to margin. Otherwise very good. Not examined out of frame. 9-94836 (3,000-4,000)


HENRY J. MEGAREY (Publisher, 19th Century) “VIEW NEAR FISHKILL”. Hand-colored aquatint showing several houses along the Hudson with dirt road and people. Engraved by John Hill after a painting by William Guy Wall. This is No. 17 of the Hudson River Portfolio. The Hudson River Portfolio is considered by many to be the greatest American color plate book of the Century. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a wood molded frame. SIZE: 16-1/2” h x 24-3/4” w (actual print size, examined out of frame). SIGHT SIZE: 14-3/4” x 22”. CONDITION: Bottom margin legend has been cut and separated. Mounted on board and glued to matte. Foxing. No rips or tears. 9-94838 (1,000-1,500)


HENRY J. MEGAREY (Publisher, 19th Century) “PALISADES”. Hand-colored aquatint shows view of four sailboats and steam riverboat against a background of steep rock cliffs. Light comes through partially cloudy sky. This is No. 19 of the Hudson River Portfolio. The Hudson River Portfolio is considered by many to be the greatest American color plate book of the Century. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a mahogany molded frame with gold liner. SIGHT SIZE: 19” x 25-3/4”. CONDITION: Vertical foxing line at center, some toning to margin. Otherwise very good. Not examined out of frame. 9-94837 (3,000-4,000)


HENRY J. MEGAREY (Publisher, 19th Century) “VIEW NEAR FORT MONTGOMERY”. Hand-colored aquatint shows a large raft with men aboard in the center of the Hudson river with two sailboats and rocky and tree lined hills. This is No. 22 of the Hudson River Portfolio. The Hudson River Portfolio is considered by many to be the greatest American color plate book of the Century. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a mahogany molded frame with gold liner. SIGHT SIZE: 18-1/4” x 24-1/2”. CONDITION: Vertical foxing line at center, some toning to margin. Otherwise very good. Not examined out of frame. 9-94839 (2,000-4,000)


EARLY 19TH CENTURY TAVERN TABLE. One board top with breadboard ends. Having fluted legs, the base in old red wash. SIZE: 42” l x 27” w x 27-1/2” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 3-30428 (1,400-1,800)


SET OF SIX RABBIT EAR THUMB BACK SIDE CHAIRS. Old worn red paint, appear to be a matched set having four tapered spindle backs, box stretcher and bamboo turnings. Uneven rustic finish. SIZE: 33” h x 17” seat h. CONDITION: One rabbit ear broken, otherwise good. 9-95214 (600-800)


19TH CENTURY DECORATED REDWARE BANK. Ovoid form with button finial, coin slot in the rear. Glazed redware with mottled multi-colored decoration and hand painted flowers on the front. SIZE: 4” h. CONDITION: Very good. 3-30407 (250-350)


EARLY 19TH CENTURY PEWTER WALL CISTERN. Mounted on a paint decorated shaped wall shelf. Two-part cistern has lid with urn finial. Reservoir has two side handles with front spigot with mask decoration. Engraved on front I L over AMK over 1828. SIZE: 30” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94525 (600-1,000)


INTERESTING PEWTER SALT BOX. Wall mounted having lift lid with semi-circular storage compartment. Shaped backsplash with center hole for hanging. Around hole is flower engraving. Marked on base, probably German. SIZE: 9-3/4” h x 6” w x 4-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94971 (200-300)


INTERESTING PEWTER FOOT WARMER WITH TODDY CUP HOLDER AND CUP. Oval form with screw handle lid. One side has recessed compartment to hold pewter flaring cup. This cup was to keep the toddy warm. Handle has touch mark CFC. SIZE: 5” h x 11” l. Cup size is 2-1/2” h. CONDITION: Large dents to both ends, good. 9-94963 (300-500)


PAIR OF EARLY QUEEN ANNE OVAL BASE PEWTER CANDLESTICKS. SIZE: Approximately 4-1/2” h. Oval base is 4” l. CONDITION: Generally excellent. 3-30371 (300-500)


ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM GUY WALL (American, 1792-1864) VIEW NEAR FORT MONTGOMERY. This painting is similar to the image used by Henry I. Megarey in his Hudson River Portfolio book of aquatints (No. 22). The only noticeable difference is the lack of one person on the raft. Scene shows four men on a raft and two sailboats on the Hudson River with rock and tree lined hilly shoreline. Housed in a fine Hudson River style gesso decorated gilt replacement frame. SIZE: 22” x 29”. CONDITION: Relined, very good. Restored. 9-95126 (5,000-7,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) HUDSON RIVER SCENE. Oil on canvas scene shows large mansion atop small hillside overlooking the Hudson River with mountains in the background. Foreground has trees and bushes with pasture having man and cattle. Several sails are seen on water. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt replacement frame. SIZE: 24” x 32”. CONDITION: Very good, minor inpainting. 9-95384 (1,750-2,250)


ATTRIBUTED TO EDWARD HILL (American, 19th Century) HUDSON RIVER LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas scene shows eight cows on grassy bluff overlooking winding lake/river with mountains in background. Sheep are seen on left side, two sailboats on water and sun reflects through clouds shining on landscape. Signed lower left with initials “E. H.” Housed in a fine gesso decorated gilt frame with shells and flowers at corner. SIZE: 20” x 27”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95154 (500-1,000)


SMALL 18TH CENTURY CARVED AND PAINTED DOWRY CHEST. Heavy pine construction with black over blue paint. Molded edge top opens to reveal lidded till. Heavy inset hinges, lock is missing but other hardware present. Interior of lid has black sponge decoration. Front panel has early carved diamond motif in two panels with offset square frames. SIZE: 16” h x 17-1/4” top x 30-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally good. Nice wear to surface. 9-95151 (500-1,000)


SET OF SIX PAINT DECORATED SIDE CHAIRS. Light green original paint with decorations of fruit and leaves. Shaped wide crest, half spindles with plank seats. Ring turned legs with box stretcher. SIZE: 33” h x seat h 17-1/4”. CONDITION: Wear to paint, four spindles and two stretchers replaced. Fair to good paint. Structurally sound. 9-95471 (1,800-3,000)


COUNTRY PINE CURVED SETTLE IN RED PAINT. Six paneled back with shaped sides and curving front. SIZE: 60-1/2” h x 80” w x 12-1/2” seat depth x 16” seat h. CONDITION: Some paint loss showing earlier white paint. Structurally sound. 9-95770 (700-1,000)


PARKER & CLOVER (Publisher, 19th Century) “WEST POINT, FROM PHILLIPSTOWN”. Hand-colored aquatint shows many different boats on the Hudson River with West Point on top of bluff. Foreground shows black and white goats and trees and bushes. Nice coloring in a crisp image. After a painting by William James Bennett. Legend inscription “West Point, From Phillipstown. To Colonel S. Thayer Superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, This Print is Respectfully Inscribed by his Obedient Servant W J Bennett. Published by Parker & Clover, 180 Fulton Street, New York. Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1831 by Parker & Clover, in the Office of the Clerk of the Southern District of New York.” also “Colored by Hill”. Published in the United States, it was a collaboration between the engraver, John Hill, and the artist, William Guy Wall. Housed in a mahogany molded frame with gold liner. This print was later used by Currier & Ives. SIGHT SIZE: 19-3/4” x 25-1/2”. CONDITION: Vertical foxing line at center, toned edges with one margin split on left side, center. Not examined out of frame. 9-94841 (6,000-8,000)


GEORGE CATLIN (Publisher, 19th Century) “PAIR OF WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY AQUATINTS”. After paintings by George Catlin. Engraved, printed and colored by John Hill. Legends read “To the Cadets of the West Point Military Academy, This Print is Respectfully Dedicated by Their Friend and Servant Geo. Katlin. Published May 15th, 1828 by G. Catlin, N. York. Copy Right Secured According to Law & Transferred to G. & C. & H. Carvill New York”. One view shows military exercise on parade grounds including cannons and many men in uniform. Several spectators including men, woman and children. American flag flies at center with monument on right. Other shows view looking down the Hudson with spectators and formation of soldiers. Several boats on water. Both are nice, clean images with crisp details. Identically housed in a mahogany molded wood frame and white matte. SIGHT SIZE: Both are 15” x 20-3/4”. CONDITION: Central slight foxing line, toned matte. Not examined out of frame. Back of framed have Max Williams, New York label no. 1978 and 1979. Otherwise very good. 9-94834 (6,000-9,000)


ACKERMANN & CO. (Publisher, 19th Century) PAIR “THE FALL OF NIAGARA” PLATE 2 & 5. From paintings of Lieut. Col. Cockburn aquatint by C. Bentley. Legend ; Plate No. 5, “The Falls of Niagra”, “This View of the American Fall, From Goat Island”. “Is By Special Permission, Dedicated to his Most Excellent Majesty William Forth London, Pubd 1833 by Ackermann & Co. 96, Strand”. The other Plate 2nd “The Falls of Niagra” “This General View above the English Ferry” etc. Identically housed in mahogany frames with gold liners. SIGHT SIZE: 20-1/4” x 27-1/2”. CONDITION: Second plate has repaired tear to upper right margin. Otherwise, very good. 9-94833 (1,000-2,000)


INLAID ONE DRAWER MAHOGANY SHAVING MIRROR. Rectangular vertical mirror sits atop one drawer base on bun feet. Box wood string inlay to drawer case. SIZE: 18” h x 13-1/4” w x 6-1/2” d. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94924 (200-300)


HANDSOME MAHOGANY CHIPPENDALE STYLE KNIFE BOX. Box has decorative brass hardware. SIZE: 14-1/2” h x 9” d x 9” w. CONDITION: Generally very good to excellent. 3-30366 (800-1,200)


FINE EARLY AMERICAN BRASS WARMING PAN. Wonderful chase decorated and pierced brass cover. Original bold turned apple wood handle. SIZE: 42-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95741 (500-700)


FRENCH ANTIQUE GILT MIRROR. Rounded corner top with square base having bead edge decoration. SIZE: 25” h x 20-1/2” w. CONDITION: Good. 9-95239 (200-400)


JOSEPH TURNBULL (American, 19th Century) VIEW OF WAVERLY, NEW YORK. Oil on canvas scene shows river winding through large town with many buildings having hills in the background. Foreground has people in boat, farmers tending fields with large farmsteads. Colorful sky has reds, yellows and blues. The river portrayed is the Chemung and Waverly is on the border of Pennsylvania and New York between Elmira and Owego. Signed lower right “Jos. Turnbull 1857”. Housed in a fine birdseye maple antique frame with gold liner. SIZE: 29-1/2” x 36-1/2”. CONDITION: Relined with some inpainting and restoration. Otherwise very good. 9-95328 (6,000-8,000)


S. CRAMER (American, 19th Century) HUDSON RIVER-TRAIN APPROACHING BREAKNECK MOUNTAIN. Oil on canvas Hudson River scene with side wheeler and several sailboats on the Hudson with tall mountains as banks. Train goes along far bank. Multi-colored sunset from yellow to blue. Signed lower left “S. Cramer”. Housed in a gilt wood replacement frame. SIZE: 24” x 36”. CONDITION: Relined, some inpainting. Good. 9-95368 (2,500-4,000)


ROBERT BOND (American, 1821-1887) “OLD VAN VORST HOMESTEAD”. Fine detailed watercolor scene shows large mansion with outbuildings surrounded by a large picket fence. Decorative trees line a dirt road with a horse drawn cart and people. Signed lower right “R. Bond 1851”. Back has written title, also “Before alterations-when kitchen and smoke house were standing”. Housed in a simple gilt frame with gold matte. SIGHT SIZE: 7-1/2” x 11-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95329 (3,000-5,000)


SIX GALLON STONEWARE ICE WATER COOLER. Barrel form with relief flower decoration having a bottom spout and written “Ice Water 6” above. Original cover is present. SIZE: 20” h. CONDITION: Cover has 2” chip, cooler is very good, old crows foot to base. 9-95325 (400-600)


LARGE 18TH CENTURY ROUND CARVED WOODEN CAKE BOARD. Features trumpeting rider on horseback. SIZE: 15” dia. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 3-30378 (1,000-1,500)


WONDERFUL PINE NEW ENGLAND FOOTED STORAGE CHEST. Chest has original grain paint decoration and free hand painted floral and stencil top. SIZE: 5” h x 8” d x 13” w. CONDITION: Box is structurally excellent and original decoration is generally very good to excellent. 3-30370 (650-850)


ATTRACTIVE 18TH CENTURY RECTANGULAR CAKE BOARD. With wonderful ornamental iron fence design, deeply carved. SIZE: 5” h x 10-1/2” w. CONDITION: Generally very good with a few scattered small old insect holes. 3-30379 (450-650)


PAIR OF DIMINUTIVE 18TH CENTURY PRICKET CANDLESTICKS. With notched base. SIZE: 4-1/2” h. Base is 3-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Polished and generally in excellent condition. 3-30365 (500-800)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) FISH ON – A PERFECT DAY. Unsigned oil on canvas scene shows two fisherman. One seated with oars, the other standing with rod and reel in hand. Rod is bent, line is taught and hook has been set. Fish splashes! Green water with lily pads against a rock and forested shoreline. Nice colors in a nice sporting action illustration. Housed in a simple wood frame. Attached to back is old typed identification label “Everett S. Ward 115 Alden St Cranford, NJ”. PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. SIZE: 24” x 32”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94513 (1,500-2,500)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) FLY FISHING AT THE WATERFALL. Unsigned oil on canvas scene shows fisherman in waders and yellow shirt with creel slug over shoulder and wearing white hat with black trim. He has large fish on, which is jumping near waterfall. Unframed. PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. SIZE: 21” x 30. CONDITION: Chip to center top and chipping at edge. Otherwise very good. 9-94514 (800-1,200)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) TAKING LINE – PIKE ON. Oil on canvas scene shows fisherman in boat. He wears a checkered wool shirt and gray hat with blue band, which supports a round fishing badge “#1473”. It appears he is in a canoe which you only see the center section. He holds a spin cast rod and reel, which goes off the painting. Below him is a large Pike with wood plug affixed to mouth. Signed lower left “Ted Francis” (pseudonym for Everett S. Ward). PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. SIZE: 26” x 20”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94515 (800-1,200)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) SUCCESSFUL CATCH. Unsigned monochromatic oil on board shows fisherman in stormy weather with fly rod in hand holding recent catch, which appears to be a large trout or salmon. Unframed. Accompanying lot is the printed published image of this painting. PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. SIZE: 17-1/2” h x 12-1/4” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94516 (500-1,000)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) ELEVEN ILLUSTRATIONS FOR A HUNTING STORY. Lot includes four large illustrations on board executed in charcoal and white gouache. 22” x 15”. One shows boy with hunting dog, other shows boy firing pistol scaring quail with dog pointing and two hunters on horses. Another shows quail in flight scared by dog with boy on horse. Last shows boy receiving bird from dog with hunters on hill. Each one is signed “Everett S. Ward” and indicates that they are full-page Part 1, 2, 3 and 4. Also included are seven 11” x 15” charcoal illustrations depicting smaller scenes involving the hunting dog, quail and boy. These seven are unsigned and have notations as to which part of the story they go to. SIZE: As described above. PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. CONDITION: Good. 9-94517 (1,000-2,000)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) SCARING THE EGRETS. Charcoal/graphite on board scene shows seven white egrets being scared to flight by man who has come upon them next to water. Signed lower left “Everett S. Ward”. Probably used as an illustration for a story. PROVENANCE: From the artist’s family. IMAGE SIZE: 17-1/2” x 27-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94519 (300-500)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) THREE ILLUSTRATIONS. 1) 18” x 14” unsigned oil on board illustration showing lineman servicing a utility pole with swallows and large farm beyond. Unframed. A nice colorful illustration. CONDITION: Surface grime. Very good. 2) 11” x 9-1/2” unsigned oil on board illustration showing an engineer operating a train. Unframed. A nice colorful illustration. CONDITION: Very good. 3) 12” x 17-1/2” unsigned collage advertisement design for Phelps Dodge “involving condenser tubes in the Oyster Creek atomic power plant”. Dated 8/3/66. CONDITION: Good. PROVENANCE: All from the artist’s family. 9-94518 (200-400)


EVERETT STOUTENBURGH WARD (American, 1911-1994) TWELVE FIELD & STREAM MAGAZINES AND PORTFOLIO. Each Field & Stream magazine has cover executed by Everett S. Ward. Portfolio, which includes some printed finished works. No original art. PROVENANCE: Portfolio from the artist’s family. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94520 (100-200)


IMPORTANT 1/2 PLATE TINTED DAGUERREOTYPE SHOWING EIGHT MINERS IN TRENCH. Image shows a right hillside with a trench along the base being tended to by seven miners. In back of the miners is a man with blue pants on a white horse. The first man wears a black hat with blue shirt holding a long handled shovel. The second man wears a black hat and red shirt and holds a long handled shovel. Third man has white hat with blue shirt and holds a pitchfork. The fourth man has a blue shirt and holds a long handled shovel. Two men are seen behind. Trees are seen at top of hill. It is a clear image. Probably a western gold mining scene. Unsigned in leather case, which has become unhinged. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95021 (5,000-10,000)


IMPORTANT 1/2 PLATE DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAIT OF CHAUNCEY ALLEN GOODRICH (1790-1860) ATTRIBUTED TO MATHEW BRADY. Goodrich was a professor at Yale from 1817. Son-in-law of Naoh Webster and Editor-in-Chief of Webster’s Dictionaries from 1829 until his death. This fine dag is most likely from the series of Yale professors taken in the mid-1850’s by Matthew Brady. In an indigo leather case with embossed velvet liner. Portrait shows a gentleman with beard wearing a formal coat and bow tie. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet Galleries, NY Sale No. 3319 Lot 126. CONDITION: Case binding detached. Some toning and spots to metal matte. 9-94715 (1,000-2,000)


1/4 PLATE AMBROTYPE OF LARGE HOTEL. Large four story white connected Colonial building has attached horse barn. Front portico has many people standing underneath balcony. Ambrotype is uncased and in a rectangular metal frame with oval window. Beautiful clear image. This photo was found in the Lebanon, New Hampshire area and very well could be one of the local hotels. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95022 (800-1,200)


LOT OF 38 1/6TH PLATE DAGUERREOTYPES. All are portraits of men, women or children. All in leather cases. Some identified as Rinhart Numbers 93; 112; 114; 123; 124; 125; 131; 141; 186; 194; and 219. CONDITION: Most cases are intact with good images. Some are as is. 9-94713-542 (500-1,000)


1/6TH PLATE DAGUERREOTYPE IN SIGNED BRADY CASE. Girl in paisley shawl. She wears a daguerreotype portrait-brooch at her throat, perhaps her fiancée. Circa 1850. Leather case signed “M. B. Brady Case Maker N.Y.”. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet Galleries Sale 2750 Lot 127 1967. CONDITION: Case is unhinged, fair. 9-94714 (500-1,000)


TWO EARLY SOUTHERN 1/4 PLATE DAGUERREOTYPES. Each illustrating husband and wife team. One with a period paper insert Taken in Lexington, Kentucky 1848 by Scott Boyd. The second dag from the same family but not so marked, however, impressed in the velvet case is the name of the photography studio which we can not make out. One image, the wife with her shawl and hat sits with a balding husband holding a baton like instrument. Other with a middle age husband and wife with hand tinted features (this one, the one with the unknown photographer whose name is stamped in the velvet). CONDITION: Generally very good. 3-30432 (400-600)


EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE (1830-1904) ANIMAL LOCOMOTION PLATE 254. Photographic print shows three sets of still photographs in series. In four rows, top two rows are larger photos with six to a row. Bottom two rows have eleven photos. Scene shows nude woman walking to chair and bending down to seat. SIZE: 19” x 24”. CONDITION: Light foxing, image is clean. 9-94638 (500-1,000)


EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE (1830-1904) ANIMAL LOCOMOTION PLATE 409. Photographic print shows three sets of twelve still photographs in series of a nude woman standing in bathtub pouring water over her head. “Copyright 1887, by Eardeard Muybridge All Rights Reserved”. Unframed. SIZE: 19” x 24”. CONDITION: Some light foxing, image is clean. 9-94640 (500-1,000)


EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE (1830-1904) ANIMAL LOCOMOTION PLATE 192. Photographic print shows three sets of twelve still photographs in series of woman in sheer dress moving. Bottom printed with title. Also “Copyright 1887, by Eadweard Muybridge All Rights Reserved”. Housed in a metal frame with white matte. PROVENANCE: George R. Rinehart January 1973. From the Estate of Peter Hukill of Torrington, CT SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/2” x 19”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94618 (1,000-2,000)


EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE (1830-1904) ANIMAL LOCOMOTION PLATE 735. Photographic print shows two rows of six still photographs in series. Scene shows two elephants walking away from viewer. SIZE: 19” x 24”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94639 (400-600)


LOT OF FOUR LARGE EDWARD CURTIS PHOTOGRAVURES. 1) “Acoma from the South 1904” plate 566. 2) “Chaiwa-Tewa 1921” plate 414. 3) “Sioux Chiefs 1905” plate 79. 4) “Watching the Dancers 1906”. plate 405. 2 & 4) “Photogravures Suffolk Eng. Co. Boston”. 3) “Photogravures John Andrew and Son”. 4) “Suffolk Eng. Co. Cambridge, Mass”. Unframed. SIZE: 18” x 22”. IMAGE SIZE: 12” x 15-3/4”. CONDITION: Foxed, some stains, fair to good. 9-94189 (500-1,000)


FIVE EDWARD CURTIS PHOTOGRAVURES. “Gathering Tules-Lake Pomo 1924”. “Among the Tules Yokuts 1924”. “Eastern Pomo Woman 1924”. “A. Mamalelekala Chiefs Mortuary House 1914”. “Yan-Tse (“Willow Yellow”)-Nambe 1905”. There is an impressed indentation around each of the photos. SIZE: Image is 7-1/2” x 5-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94867 (250-400)


RARE CABINET PHOTO OF APACHE SCOUT “PEACHES”. Peaches was General Crook’s guide which led them into Mexico after Geronimo and was again called as a scout to lead General Pershing in his hunt for Villa. Identified on back and having corresponding newspaper article attached. SIZE: 8-1/2” x 5-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally good. 8-86964 (1,750-2,250)


LOT OF EIGHT CABINET PHOTOS, INDIAN WARS BY L.S. HAZELTINE. Two 7” x 9-3/4” photos, military men and children outside a house; other is twenty-four men in a tent encampment. Five 5-1/4” x 8-1/2” cards showing men and tents, military men outside building, carriage outside of house, military men and women in boat and posed photo of men with guns and flag on porch. One 4-1/4” x 6-1/2” photo of men playing cards around table. CONDITION: Very good. 8-86968 (1,400-1,800)


EARLY PHOTO OF PLAINS INDIANS ENCAMPMENT. Photo shows nine Indians and two teepees with one being constructed on a large grass spotted plain. A nice early photo. SIZE: Card is 6” x 9-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally good with a few spots. 8-86961 (350-450)


LARGE CABINET PHOTO OF RILEY MILLER WITH “TROPHIES FROM WOUNDED KNEE BATTLEFIELD”. Horizontal photo shows Riley Miller of Rapid City in western dress leaning on large rifle. Draped and stacked around him are the Indian items that he collected from the dead Indian braves at Wounded Knee. The array of items include headdresses, beadwork, pipes, knives, pouches, etc. Photographer stamp to back “W. J. Collins Photographer, Rapid City, S.D.”. SIZE: 8” x 10”. CONDITION: Good. 8-86979 (2,250-2,750)


PAIR OF EARLY ALBUMEN PHOTOGRAPHS: SCOTIA, CALIFORNIA 1890. Identically framed, one with back stamp A. W. Gilfillan Traveling Photographer. One titled “The Village of Scotia and Mills Taken at Scotia H.B. Cal 1890”. The scene shows a large wood processing mill with smoke emanating from various parts. Rails and roads are seen around many buildings and remnants of tall trees. The other titled “The Scotia Crew and Mill Taken at Scotia H.B. Cal. 1890”. Scene shows a large group of men posed for a group shot of five rows in front of a large wooden building. Approximately 70 men with a few children are seen. IMAGE SIZE: 9-1/4” x 9-1/2”. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-96003 (300-500)


HAND COLORED PHOTO OF THREE WESTERN COWBOYS BY HUFFMAN. Copyright 1903. Scene depicts three mounted cowboys with leather fringe chaps with hand colored highlighted features. A Typical Trio”. SIZE: 8” h x 9-1/2” w. CONDITION: Generally very good. 3-30369 (150-250)


RARE EARLY PHOTOGRAPH OF WILLIAM F. CODY (BUFFALO BILL). Albumen print shows Buffalo Bill seated in swivel office chair at simple desk wearing chaps and spurs. He smokes a cigar and wears a hat. Appears to be reading a newspaper. On back “Property of Arthur Boden…”. Arthur Boden was a rope spinning artist in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Photo is numbered 228 in the image. IMAGE SIZE: 10” x 8”. CONDITION: Photograph has scuffing, as is. 8-86984 (175-225)


GOOD CIVIL WAR PHOTO ALBUM OF CDV’S. Front of album has impressed name “CR Polk”. The first half of the album, through a quick perusal, appear to be people from the Philadelphia area. The second half has Civil War Officers including D. L. Maclean, Jefferson Davis, Henry A. Wise, John P. Preston, Rasser, Beauregard, Hoke, Forest, John H. Morgan, A. P. Hill, Kemper, Dick Anderson, Geary, W. H F. Lee. Also, a signed CDV “D. L. McLean Richmond, OH”. CONDITION: Generally good, album has loose binding. 9-94719 (250-400)


MATTHEW BRADY (American, 19th Century) ULYSSES S. GRANT AND OFFICERS UNDER TENT. Photograph showing eleven identified military officers standing and seated under large white tent. Other people and trees in background. Photograph has been mounted on white light board. Marked “Brady-Washington” under the photograph and pen identification of staff under photograph. SIZE: Photograph 4-3/4” x 8”. Total 9-1/4” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Some foxing, generally good. 9-95570 (150-250)


F. O. C. DARLEY (American, 1822-1888) “ON THE MARCH TO THE SEA”. Large black and white engraving after a painting by Darley. Engraved by A. H. Ritchie. Wonderful historical print shows Sherman atop horse looking over battle scene. Unframed with large margin. SIZE: 36” x 51”. CONDITION: Good. Some light foxing. 9-95262 (500-1,000)


FELIX O. DARLEY (American, 1822-1888) THE TRAPPER. Pencil drawing of early trapper having musket and coon skin hat. He croches behind a fallen tree. Signed lower right and dated “August 24 1853”. Simple black wood frame with lined matte. SIGHT SIZE: 5-14” x 4-1/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94222 (150-250)


HAND CARVED WOODEN PLAQUE DEPICTING A COLONIAL FIGURE WITH GUN AND HUNTING DOGS. Circa early 20th Century. SIZE: 61” h x 27” w at widest. CONDITION: 3-30421 (600-800)


INTERESTING CARVED AND PAINTED SAILOR FIGURE. Carved silhouette and painted of a US Naval sailor. He stands on a half round base, which stands on a round flat black disc with cutout. It may be for tips or for an ashtray. SIZE: 16-1/2” h. CONDITION: Crack in half round base, otherwise good. 9-94560 (150-250)


INTERESTING CARVED SAILOR’S BUST. 19th Century. With well formed and carved hair with large beard. Painted blue eyes, carved nose with a red mouth. Torso has holes at shoulders and hollowed out base. Removable flat sailor’s cap. SIZE: 6-1/4” h. CONDITION: Chips to hat, otherwise good. 9-95195 (450-800)


INTERESTING FOLK ART FIGURAL TELEPHONE STAND. Sides are cutout silhouettes of a man with painted suit and hat. They surround a drop front compartment and single small drawer. Two shelves above with a diamond stretcher. Mounted on an oak square base. SIZE: 36” h x 9-1/2” w x 9-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95228 (400-600)


RED AND BLACK GRAIN DECORATED SIX BOARD CHEST. The chest with bold red and black decoration and having a molded lid. SIZE: 36-1/2” w x 15-1/2” d x 13-1/2” h. CONDITION: Top with a couple of splits, decoration generally very strong. 3-30430 (400-600)


TALL BACK WINDSOR FAN BACK SIDE CHAIR. Seven spindle back with two turned side supports, saddle seat, dark brown finish. Four turned splayed legs with medial stretcher. SIZE: 34″ h x 14-3/4″ seat height. CONDITION: Chair has piecing to feet where rockers were attached. Some other ending out. 9-94218 (200-300)


EARLY BENCH. Boot jack ends with rounded end seat. Square nail construction with remnants of old paint. SIZE: 18” h x 73-3/4” l x 11-1/4” w. CONDITION: Good. 9-94901 (300-500)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF JULIA JENCKES ROBBINS?. Oil on canvas portrait shows woman in black dress with silk shawl seated in red chair reading from open book on table. Housed in an antique period frame, which has some gesso damage. Pencil inscription on back of canvas identifying sitter. SIZE: 28” x 24”. CONDITION: Restored with some inpainting. 9-95121 (2,000-3,000)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF DR. RICHARD BRYAN. Oil on canvas portrait of a gentleman. Portrait is shown through an oval window wearing a black coat and white shirt. Portrait is framed on a square stretcher and framed in a fancy gesso decorated gold frame. Pen inscribed card states “Dr. Richard Bryan-Husband of Mary Richards, who was the sister of Carolyn Richards named after Dr. Bryan, because they were so fond of him”. Stencil to back of canvas “Prepared by Edwd Dechaux New York”. SIZE: 24” x 20”CONDITION: Repaired tear in head, inpainting, good. 9-94386 (500-1,000)


UNSIGNED (British, 19th/20th Century) FISHERMAN’S CATCH. Oil on board scene shows two large rainbow trout on rock strewn waters edge. Grass covered hills and mountains as backdrop. Foreground has early brass reel attached to rod. Housed in a ripple edge burl and black painted wood frame. SIZE: 12” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. Some minor inpainting. 9-95450 (800-1,200)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) LANDSCAPE WITH BOY FISHING. Oil on canvas scene shows river or lake with sailboat and boy with fishing pole along bank. Mountain lined water with mountains in distance. Housed in a gold antique frame. SIZE: 22” x 29”. CONDITION: Relined, minor inpainting. Very good. 9-95371 (2,000-4,000)


CALLOTYPE PORTRAIT OF MRS. WATSON (Hill’s Sister) BY DAVID OCTAVIUS HILL. Mounted on light cardboard J Whatman watermark on print. 3/4 portrait of woman holding book. Presently housed with white matte. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet (PB84) Sale 119 Lot 107. PHW-TAL-1. SIZE: 8” x 5-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94670 (1,000-1,500)


TWO EARLY CALLOTYPE PHOTOS. 1) Paris skyline Circa 1855 mounted on paper. 8” x 14”. 2) Sainte Chapelle ? (large church) by E. Baldus mounted on paper. 11” x 7-1/2”. Both are in white mattes. PHW-CAL-1. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94668 (200-300)


THREE CALOTYPE PHOTOGRAPHS OF VEVEY, FRANCE BY REVEREND W. SISSONS. One with pencil inscription “Town Hall Vevey Photograph by Revd. W. Sissons 1855”. Each behind plastic and matted, mounted to paper. PHW-TAL-4, 2, 3. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet Gallery Sale No. 3319 Lots 293 and 294. SIZE: 8-1/2” x 6-1/2”. The other is a view at Vevey is 4-1/4” x 6-1/4” and another view being 4” x 5-1/2”. 9-94669 (100-200)


DESIRABLE EROTIC PHOTO. Late 19th Century photo on canvas. For many years this image has been thought to be an image of Josephine Sarah Marcus who later become the wife of the famous western figure Wyatt Urp. The image was taken at Flys Studio in Toombstone, AZ (which was located very close to the OK Coral). This beautiful erotic image depicts a young stunning woman totally nude but draped in a very sheer material. SIZE: 10” x 6”. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 3-30357 (700-900)


SIGNED PHOTO OF SIR HENRY IRVING (1838-1905). Leading Shakespearean actor. Photograph is inscribed “To Malcolm Watson from Henry Irving…1899”. Photo shows side view portrait. Bottom margin printed the Cameron Studio 70 Mortimer St. London. W. Mounted in light board. PHW-PR6. PAPER SIZE: 10” x 12”. IMAGE: 9-1/4” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94672 (50-75)


PHOTOGRAPH OF “SNAKE RIVER CANON, IDAHO – VIEW FROM ABOVE SHOSHONE FALLS” BY TIMOTHY H. O’SULLIVAN. Plate No. 25. US Army Corp of Engineers Expedition of 1874. With descriptive legend on separate sheet of paper. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet 119 Lot 210. SIZE: 8” x 10-3/4”. CONDITION: Image is very goof. Mount is soiled. 9-94641 (150-250)


CARLETON E. WATKINS (1829-1916) “EL CAPITIAN”. Photograph shows river winding below large sheer cliff with tall trees below. Metal frame with white matte. Unsigned. SIGHT SIZE: 21” x 15”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94664 (300-500)


CARLETON E. WATKINS (1829-1916) YOSEMITE WOODS AND RIVER. Large albumen print unsigned. Inscription to back “Probably by Carleton E. Watkins who Photographed Yosemite 1861-1862 using 18 x 22” wet collodion plates. Purchased by me May 27th 1967 Merwin’s New Haven”. Photograph shows tranquil river with fallen tree with steep mountains in background. Housed in a metal frame with white matte. SIGHT SIZE: 21” x 15-1/2”. CONDITION: Print is very good. Glass cracked. 9-94665 (200-400)


GEORGE BARKER (American, 1844-1894) NIAGARA FALLS. Large albumen photograph showing Niagara Falls. Stamped in left corner “Copyright 1886 by Geo. Barker”. Mounted on thin cardboard with photographers stamp on back. PROVENANCE: From the Estate of Peter Hukill of Torrington, CT. Sotheby’s Parke Bernet Sale No. 4117 Lot 28 1978. IMAGE SIZE: 20-3/4” x 16”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94666 (200-300)


PAINT DECORATED STORAGE BOX. Outstanding paint decoration of red and green flowers and leaves on front, top and sides. Flat top box with black outline with semi-circles at corners. Hinged lid with open interior. Found in New York State. SIZE: 11-1/2” h x 30” w x14” d. CONDITION: Some wear to corners. Hasp broken, some chips. Otherwise good. 9-94826 (500-1,000)


INTERESTING FOLK ART SONGBIRD TREE. Tree branch is decorated with nine carved and painted North American song birds. Including the Eastern Bluebird, Cardinal, Indigo Bunting, Goldfinch, Bobolink, Red Start and others. Very colorful and quite folky. Mounted on a round natural wood base. SIZE: 27-1/2” h. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-95221 (800-1,200)


THREE CARVED WOOD BIRDS. One is painted blue. Other two are natural. Folk carvings, unsigned. All on wood bases. SIZE: Range from 4-1/4” to 5-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94557 (100-200)


PAINTED AND CARVED BLACK AND WHITE EIDER DECOY. A Maine decoy. SIZE: 18” l. CONDITION: Fair to good. 9-94565 (200-300)


SET OF FIVE MAINE STATE CARVED DUCK DECOYS. Black and white with yellow eyes. Keel with lead weight. SIZE: 14” l. CONDITION: Good, original paint. 9-96036-556 (300-500)


SINGLE CARVED AND PAINTED DUCK DECOY. Possibly Mason Factory. Original paint with a black head, glass eyes and black and white body. Lead keel weight attached to bottom. SIZE: 14-3/4” l. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-96036-558 (150-250)


DWIGHT W. HUNTINGTON (American, 1860-1906) DUCK HUNTING. Gouache and watercolor scene shows man with gun shooting from camouflaged duck boat in marshy area. Several ducks are flying by, decoys and ducks in water. Monotone color with white reflection of sun. Signed lower left “D. W. Huntington”. Housed in its original flat dark stained oak frame with gold liner. Wide thick matte. SIGHT SIZE: 13-1/4” x 19-1/2”. CONDITION: Some scrapes and foxing lines. Matte is discolored and damaged. Fair. 9-94203 (400-800)


C. BRALEN (American, 1854-1927) HUNTER’S PRIDE. Oil on canvas scene shows two hanging ducks off nail holding a hunters leather game pouch. All on a brown mottled background. Signed lower left “C. Braley”. Housed in a fine burl decorated wood frame with gold liner. SIZE: 28” x 22”. CONDITION: Very good. Relined with some restoration and inpanting. 9-95446 (1,500-2,500)3


HUGH C. MONAHAN (Canadian, 1914-1970) GEESE IN FLIGHT. Oil on canvas scene shows twelve geese in flight in sunlit clouds with blue sky. They fly over river with marshlands. Signed lower right “H. Monahan 1930”. Housed in a fine gesso decorated gold frame. SIZE: 12” x 16”. CONDITION: Relined, very good. 9-93859 (2,250-2,750)


MICHAELANGELO MEUCCI (Italian, 1840-1905) HANGING GAME. Oil on canvas scene shows dead game hanging from nail in stucco brick wall. Rabbit and two dove like birds hang from pointed nail tied with string. Signed lower right “M Meucci 1891 Firenze”. Housed in a flat quarter sawn oak frame with gold lines. Very realistic and detailed being life-size. SIZE: 38-1/2” x 15”. CONDITION: Relined, very good. Inpainting. 9-94738 (1,250-1,750)


ARTHUR BURDETTE FROST SR. (American, 1851-1928) TWO DUCK HUNTING PRINTS. Pair of chromolithographs of hunters in duck boat and blind shooting ducks. Signed in print “A.B. Frost”. Housed in simple wood frames with white mattes. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/2” x 19”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94220; 9-94221 (500-1,000)


ARTHUR BURDETT FROST (American, 1851-1928) THREE MATTED HUNTING PRINTS. One shows hunter and two bird dogs shooting birds. Another shows hunter with boy shooting rabbits. Last shows hunter with two dogs pointing. Published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, Copyright 1896. All three newly framed in a hinged matte on foam board. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/2” x 19-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. Mounted on foam board with some margin loss. 9-94284 (1,200-1,500)


REX BRASHER (American, 1869-1960) TWO COLORED BIRD PRINTS. 1) Flying quail in landscape. Signed in print. 2) Flock of snow geese in snow storm over water. Signed in print. Identically framed in a simple black frame with gold liner having hand watercolor mattes. SIZE: 9-1/2” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94225 (150-250)


THREE PIECES OF EARLY AMERICAN IRON. Lot includes a footed rotating fireplace toaster (17” l x 12” w); a 21” three tine fork with rattail handle and a 16” hand wrought two tine fork with hook handle. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95740 (300-500)


GOOD REVOLVING TOASTER. Three feet with nice handle and rat tail hanger. Good wrought iron decoration to revolving toast rack. SIZE: 13” l x 11” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95458 (250-400)


TWO PIECES OF EARLY AMERICAN WROUGHT IRON. Lot includes tri-footed griddle with arched handle and revolving ring. SIZE: 13” dia. x 17” h. Also, a swing handle tri-footed handled pot. SIZE: 7” dia. x 5-1.2” without handle. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95742 (250-350)


TWO EFFIGY POTS. 1) In the shape of a parrot with spout extending from head. Traces of original paint remain on breast and tail feathers. SIZE: 5-1/4″ t. CONDITION: Some scratches to the underside as well as some remnants of some glue on the underside, probably from mounting. 2) A black pottery pot in the shape of a bird with spout hole in top of bird’s head. SIZE: 6-1/2″ l. CONDITION: Some roughness to the underside of the bowl with remnants of glue, again probably from mounting. 9-94810-554 (400-600)


TWO DECORATED POTTERY VESSELS. 1) Small bowl with black and white decoration and a small handle at one side. SIZE: Bowl is 3″ dia. CONDITION: Very good. 2) Double spouted vessel with dark geometric decoration against a buff background. Decoration has swastika design under each spout. SIZE: 6-1/2″ across x 4-1/4″ t. CONDITION: Some wear to the glaze and decoration, otherwise very good. 9-94810-555 (400-600)


EFFIGY POT. Wonderful clay pot is in shape of a man kneeling with chin on knee. Single spout emerges from the man’s head. Face is incised with all over design. Remnants of paint remain on eyes, earrings, clothing and spout. SIZE: 8-3/4″ t. CONDITION: Chips to spout. Crack on one side extending into the bottom and remnants of glue on the underside probably from mounting. 9-94810-552 (300-500)


POTTERY STATUE. Very nice pottery statue is of a Pre-Columbian figure in full headdress with a jaguar head on his chest. Nice dark patina on high spots with earthen encrustation. SIZE: 7-1/4″ t. CONDITION: Chips to both feet, otherwise very good. 9-95000 (300-500)


TWO CLAY VESSELS. 1) Effigy pot in the shape of an animal with spout extending from back. Red glaze on top of buff clay. SIZE: 5-1/2″ l x 3-1/2″ t. CONDITION: Chip to one ear and normal wear. 2) Mystery mug of black clay with traces of red paint decoration. Mystery handle is hollow and hole in top for spout. SIZE: 4-1/2″ t. CONDITION: Wear to finish and some chips to rim, otherwise good. 9-95537, 9-95538 (300-500)


FIGURAL POTTERY VESSEL. Wonderful buff pottery vessel is in the shape of a conk shell with open spout at top. SIZE: 6-1/2″ t. CONDITION: Crack extending one side and down to the base, second crack extends approx. half-way across bottom. Chip to spout. 9-95539 (200-400)


TWO POTTERY VESSELS. 1) A footed bowl with three feet and an orange glaze. SIZE: 5″ dia. CONDITION: Normal wear, otherwise very good. 2) Bowl with brown glaze and flared rim. SIZE: 5″ dia. CONDITION: Rim has several chips and there is a small hole in bottom of bowl. 9-95540, 9-95542 (200-300)


DECORATED POTTERY BOWL. Wonderful red clay bowl has slip decoration of curling lines at rim. SIZE: 6-1/2″ dia. CONDITION: Numerous chips to rim and wear to inside. 9-95543 (200-300)


THREE POTTERY FIGURAL PIECES. Lot consists of three pottery figural items including a red clay vessel with double-sided spout merging into single spout. Each side of spout is decorated with figure of an animal or reptile. Lot also consists of two effigys; one in the form of a monkey the other in the form of a coyote or a wolf head. SIZE: Vessel is 7-1/2″ t. Effigys are approx. 2″ l each. CONDITION: Large chip to spout of vessel, otherwise good. 9-94810-553 (200-400)


CEREMONIAL VESSEL. Red clay cylindrical vessel has a rattle built into the foot; traces of yellow paint remain around foot. SIZE: 5″ t. CONDITION: Crack on one side, small chips at rim, otherwise very good. 9-95541 (200-300)


SIX POTTERY ITEMS. Lot consists of six interesting pottery pieces including two early oil lamps, a small amphora with incised decoration, a pipe bowl with impressed decoration, small handled bowl and a small handmade vase with marbleized glaze. CONDITION: Pipe bowl has large chip out of rim, Amphora has hole in one side and small chip to neck, one handle on bowl missing and one oil lamp has one small chip to rim. 9-94810-551 (150-250)


SIX POTTERY FRAGMENTS. Lot consists of five clay head fragments and one miniature bowl with what appears to be three frog’s heads extending from the sides of the bowl. SIZE: Head fragments range from 1-1/2″ – 2″ each and bowl is 1-1/4″ t. CONDITION: Head’s are fragments and bowl has several chips to rim. 9-95544 (100-200)


UNSIGNED (American, 19th Century) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Oil on canvas half portrait of a gentleman with a black coat, ivory vest, white shirt and black scarf. Unsigned and unframed. SIZE: 30” x 25”. CONDITION: Some restoration needed, fair. 9-94896 (300-500)


UNSIGNED (19th Century) PORTRAIT OF YOUNG GIRL. She wears white dress with blue bow ties at shoulder and she gazes up left. Curly light brown hair. Unframed. SIZE: 12” x 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94373 (300-500)


LOT OF APPROXIMATELY 175 STREOPTIC VIEW CARDS. Included in lot are photographers including Geo. Snider, Carleton Watkins and E. Anthony. Subjects include western US, ships, New England, New York and many others. CONDITION: Fair to very good. 9-94711 (100-200)


LOT OF THREE STEREOPTIC VIEWERS. Two standard hand held wood viewers and hand held Brewster type with flip up top having a mirror, and binocular type focus and slide in card area. SIZE: Pr are 13” l; other 6-1/2” l x 7”. CONDITION: One has crack in lens housing. 9-94686 (150-250)


INTERESTING TABLE TOP STEREOPITC CARD VIEWER. Viewer has bottom hinged section with easel type support. Top is also hinged which allows viewer to see card through a large viewing lens or double binocular lens. Black painted exterior with incised flower decoration. SIZE: 13-3/4” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Some repairs to corners, good. 9-94685 (250-400)


TWO MAGIC LANTERN SLIDES. Hand painted. One of George Washington, other an American flag with sunrise. Each of the round glass pieces are mounted in a wood holder, one signed “Th McAllister Optician N.Y.”. IMAGE: 3” dia. Overall is 7” x 4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-93614 (200-300)


MIXED LOT OF EIGHT DAGUERREOTYPES. Lot includes five 1/9th plates, all women in leather cases. Two 1/4 plate portraits which are tinted. French couple. Also, miniature round portrait of man in round gold locket. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94713-547 (200-400)


LOT OF EIGHT DAGUERREOTYPES. All people. Three 1/4th plate leather cased dags. Unidentified. One without front cover. With five 1/6th plate dags. Including leather cased dag of gentleman inscribed beneath “Sherburne Vt.” portrait of Oliver Goodridge 2nd taken January 4th 1850 at B. Fisk Rockingham, VT. Another with gutta percha case UC-16. Has two images. Another UC-60 case. The last with a Rinehart 213 Moorish design on a UC-12 with man and woman. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94713-543 (400-600)


LOT OF THIRTEEN DAGUERREOTYPES AND AMBROTYPES. Includes five 1/6th plate dags, one 1/12th plate dag, three 1/6th plate ambrotypes and four 1/4 plate ambrotypes. All people, some with tinting. CONDITION: Some covers and cases as is, images are generally good. 9-95202 (200-400)


LOT OF THREE UNION CASES. 1) 1/2 plate dag of a well dressed whiskered man Union Case labeled S. Peck. Small chip to edge. 2) 1/4 plate case no. 17. Good. 3) 1/9th plate UC-2. Small chip at clasp. 9-94713-549 (200-400)


LOT OF THREE 1/4 PLATE DAGUERREOTYPES IN UNION CASES. UC-15; UC-6 and UC-3. Woman, woman and woman and child. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94713-544 (200-400)


LOT OF SIX AMBROTYPES IN UNION CASES. Five 1/9th plate and one 1/12” plate. Case numbers UC-5; 9; 11; 13; 14 and another. Infant, boy, two men and two women. CONDITION: UC-13 is broken and UC-14 is cracked. Otherwise good. 9-94713-545 (200-400)


KEROSENE STEM LAMP. Cranberry glass font with cutback red and clear bottom section. Square marble base. Great wheel cut shade. SIZE: Overall is 19-1/2” h. CONDITION: Good, some gold highlights to font rubbed. 9-94657 (200-300)


TWO FLUID STEM LAMPS. Both converted whale oil lamps having clear flint glass fonts. Square bases with brass posts. SIZE: 13” and 12”. CONDITION: Good. 9-95177 (150-250)


INTERESTING EARLY WOOD ADJUSTABLE SAW TOOTH TRAMMEL. Nice patina with good carved parts. SIZE: 23-1/2” (closed); 39” (extended). CONDITION: Good. 9-94966 (100-200)


GOOD CARVED WOOD SCOOP. Notched hook handle with shallow wide bowl. SIZE: 11” scoop; 5” bowl. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95216 (100-200)


INTERESTING PRIMITIVE FLOOR SAUSAGE STUFFER. Mounted on a spinning wheel type base having large lever, which pushes rod into square canister that has round metal spout. Some green color but appears to be in original condition. SIZE: 34” h x 43-1/2” l. CONDITION: Good. 9-94932 (200-300)


TIN TINDERBOX. Round tin has tight cover with loop handle. Some tinder present. SIZE: 4” h x 5” dia. CONDITION: Good. 9-94340 (100-200)


TWO AIRPLANE PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLDS. Small 5” wing span plane numbered 639. Other 5-1/2” wing span plane numbered 1131. Signed E &Co. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94974 (150-250)


TWO FIGURAL PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLDS. 1) Butterfly numbered 181. 4-1/2” wing span. 2) Four-leaf clover numbered 225. 4”. CONDITION: Clover has replaced pin and misshapen. 9-94977 (100-200)


INTERESTING TWO PART HEN ON NEST PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLD. Nest is numbered 203 and signed Packard. Hen is numbered illegibly. SIZE: Total is 3-1/2” h x 5” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94975 (100-200)


PEWTER LOVEBIRD ICE CREAM MOLD. Form of two birds kissing. Numbered 177. SIZE: 3-1/2” x 5”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94980 (75-125)


HORSE AND RIDER PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLD. Numbered 271. SIZE: 4” h x 5-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94981 (100-150)


CLOWN PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLD. Nice decorated costume in a hinged mold. SIZE: 6” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94978 (100-150)


BOY ON LARGE RABBIT PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLD. Numbered 551. SIZE: 4” h x 4” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94979 (100-200)


TWO BIRD PEWTER ICE CREAM MOLDS. 1) Turkey numbered 550. 3-1/2” h. 2) Duck numbered 165. Signed D. H. & M. Co. 3” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94976 (100-200)


ROUND MINIATURE ON IVORY PORTRAIT OF MRS. LEGGETT. Half portrait shows older woman wearing lace bonnet, white shawl and black dress. All against a brown background. Housed in a small oak frame with gold wood liner. SIGHT SIZE: 2” dia. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94503 (500-700)


18TH CENTURY PORTRAIT ON IVORY. Scene depicts a lady in elaborate lace collar, shoulder and bonnet with pink ribbon. Unframed. SIZE: 3” w x 3-1/2”h. CONDITION: Some wear on the edge, otherwise very good. 3-30368 (350-550)


19TH CENTURY MINIATURE PAINTING ON IVORY. Scene depicts a European tavern scene with numerous figures and much activity. Wonderful detail. Signed on lower left but indecipherable. Frame is set with thin strips of ivory with scrimshaw floral design. SIZE: 5-7/8” x 5-1/4” (incl. frame). CONDITION: Small piece of ivory missing on frame. 3-30356 (700-900)


FINE OVAL MINIATURE PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN. Miniature on ivory shows a gentleman with brown hair, blue eyes wearing black coat and white shirt. Identified on back “Lois R. Killam Father at 20 years”. Also a tag “F. M. Killam”. Housed in a period black painted rectangular frame. SIGHT SIZE: 2” x 1-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95390 (300-500)


PINE DROP LEAF TWO DRAWER SHERATON WORK TABLE. Replaced brass knobs with nice pumpkin pine finish. SIZE: 29” h x 17-3/4” d x 16-1/4” (closed); 35-1/2” (open). CONDITION: Good. 9-95172 (200-300)


GRAIN PAINTED LIFT TOP BOX. Brown grain painting, hinged lid with period brass bale hardware. Letters to lid “M.A.H.”. Blue paper interior with applied molded base. SIZE: 7-1/2” h x 15-1/2” w x 12” d. CONDITION: Generally intact, shows some wear. 9-95213 (200-300)


EARLY DOUBLE SIDED CAKE BOARD. One side has carved two people under tree and two men carrying something. Other side has man and woman. Woman with decorative dress and man in military uniform. SIZE: 15-1/4” x 4-1/4”. CONDITION: Worm damage, fair to good. 9-95197 (200-400)


EARLY 19TH CENTURY FOLDING BOOTJACK. Two brass hinges hold shaped half of a bootjack. When unfolded, the bootjack has two legs and area for heel. Probably for use by military personnel in the field. SIZE: 10-1/4” l x 2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94962 (300-500)


NICE FOUR DRAWER SPICE CHEST. Three small drawers over one long drawer, each with turned dark wood knobs. Similar turned knob is fitted to top for carrying. Bottom long drawer has lock with key present. 19th Century. Nailed construction. Base and top extend past box. Light finish. SIZE: 6-3/4” without knob x 12-1/2” w x 6” d. CONDITION: Very good with minor imperfections. 9-94526 (200-300)


SHAKER TYPE COVER RECTANGULAR BOX SIGNED M. R. GROW. Rectangular dovetailed box with light varnish finish has applied molded edge top, which fits over edge. Top and bottom are stamped with signature. 19th Century with some shrinkage to top single board cover. SIZE: 4” h x 16” w x 10-3/4” d. CONDITION: Very good with some minor imperfections. (200-400)


TWO PAIR OF BRASS PUSH UP CANDLESTICKS. One with beehive decoration, other turned. Both have cut corner bases. SIZE: 10-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95002 (200-400)


LONG HANDLED WHALE OIL LAMP. Tin and wood construction. Turned wood handle attaches to an oval tin reservoir having a double burner. Parade type torch. SIZE: Overall 18” l. Reservoir is 5-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94984 (100-200)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) INTERIOR GENRE SCENE. Oil on panel scene shows man consoling woman next to table with other man. Pipe, cards, pitcher and bottle are in a room setting with a table. Housed in a gilt gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 10-3/4” x 9-1/4”. CONDITION: Some chips, which need restoring, otherwise good. 9-95094 (300-500)


UNSIGNED (European, 19th Century) THE STARTLED MUSICIANS. Whimsical genre painting shows two men along path being startled by growling dog. One man holds tuba over shoulder and hand at heart. Other has fiddle and bow with hand at heart. Windmill and house under a cloudy and blue spot sky. Housed in its original wide fancy gesso decorated frame. SIZE: 12” x 13-3/4”. CONDITION: Some minor inpainting, otherwise good. 9-94179 (300-500)


D. HAVELL (British, Early 18th Century) “THE VALE OF CALATT” AND “VIEW NEAR THE VILLAGE OF ASCERIAH IN AVYSSINIS”. Two early colored aquatints of African views after a drawing by Henry Salt (1785-1827) and engraved by D. Havell. Plate numbers XXII and XVII. Published in 1809. Each shows panoramic landscape scenery with native people. Identically housed in antique molded oak frames. IMAGE SIZE: 17” x 23-1/2”. SIGHT SIZE: 19-3/4” x 26-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally very good with some foxing and two tight cracks to margin. 9-94854 (1,500-2,500)


TWO NAUTICAL PRINTS. 1) Very early colored print of New York with ships, soldiers and building.. French engraving by Francois Kas Habermann. “Debarquiement Des Troupes Engloises A Nouvelle York”. SIGHT SIZE: 12-1/4” x 17-1/2”. 2) Print after a watercolor of New Amsterdam AD 1662. Shows boats outside of New York. Inscription on back as presentation by artist. SIGHT SIZE: 9-1/2” x 13-1/2”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94856 (750-1,000)


GEORGE B. AYRES (American, 19th Century) PHOTOGRAPH OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Signed on back “Copyright George B. Ayres Phila.”. Housed in a simple black frame with white matte. At bottom of photo is impressed stamp “G. B Ayres Copyright 1881”. IMAGE SIZE: 9-3/4” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: Hinged to matte. Possibly from an Anthony Photograph, 1860. 9-94701 (300-500)


UNFRAMED PORTRAIT OF ALFRED TENNYSON (1809-1892) ENGLISH POET. Albumen print showing a full face, head on shoulders portrait of Tennyson from waist up mounted on paper. He wears thick beard and long hair, eyeglass hangs down on chain. Presently placed in matte with tape. Bottom left has J W 6-5-62. PR 30. PROVENANCE: Sotheby Parke-Bernet Sale No. 4117 Lot 62. SIGHT SIZE: 4” x 5-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94674 (200-300)


NINE PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS OF TRAIN WRECKS. 8” x 10” placed on 12” x 14” boards. Showing a variety of train wrecks having people and cars as spectators. PR-5 CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94675 (100-200)


APPROXIMATELY 50 LOCOMOTIVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS OF LOCOMOTIVES. Circa 1936-1946. Each picture has descriptive back of detailed specifications from the Baldwin Locomotive Works. SIZE: 4” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: 9-94712-540 (100-200)


PAINT DECORATED STORAGE BOX. 19th Century with red sponge decoration. Molded edge applied top with two hinges, opens to reveal small till and open compartment. SIZE: 14-1/2” h x 25” w x 15” d. CONDITION: Wear to red paint with nice patina. Otherwise good. 9-95220 (400-600)


PAIR OF PUSH UP BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Square base, push ups present. SIZE: 6-1/2” h. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94682 (100-150)


ADJUSTABLE WROUGHT IRON TRAMMEL. Large size with twenty-four adjustment holes. Hook is on heavy rod. SIZE: 42” (closed); 77” (extended). CONDITION: Very good. 9-94930 (75-125)


GOOD CARVED ANTIQUE NOISE MAKER. Well turned handle turns carved wheel that vibrates long stick inside of wood frame. Nice patina and well made. SIZE: 10”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94944 (75-125)


TWO DECORATIVE TRIVETS. 1) 10” Heart shaped bronze trivet with cutout top. 2) 8-1/2” brass pierce decorated trivet. CONDITION: Very good. 5-68298 (75-125)


GOOD BRASS AND COPPER COVERED PITCHER. Strap swing handle, side scroll handle and applied brass spout. Copper round body with brass strap. Well fitted copper lid with brass handle. SIZE: 9” without handle. CONDITION: Loose solder to side handle, otherwise good. 9-94986 (75-125)


MAINE PAINTED COVERED FIRKIN AND ROUND TURNED MAPLE CHOPPING BOWL. Firkin in green paint has fingered construction and swing handle. SIZE: 10” h. 14-3/4” wood bowl. CONDITION: Generally good, some chipping and use wear. 9-95783 (150-250)


PAINT DECORATED BOTTLE AND CROCK. 1) Early medicine bottle has scenic painting on three sides of primitive winter landscape. Unsigned. Large wood carved stopper. SIZE: 9-1/2” h. 2) Relief decorated and painted scene of a church in landscape. Unsigned but very well done. SIZE: 9-1/2” h. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-94558 (150-250)


PINE DROP LEAF TWO DRAWER SHERATON WORK TABLE. Wood knobs with nice pumpkin pine finish. SIZE: 29-1/4” ” h x 17-3/4” d x 16” w (closed); 32-1/2” (open). CONDITION: Good. 9-95171 (200-300)


CLOCK WORK YARN WINDER. Typical form with some handmade yarn. SIZE: 39” h x 22” w. CONDITION: good. 9-94622 (75-125)


INTERESTING PRINT AND DUCK CARVING BY JOHN DAWSON. Lot consists of matted print of a canvas back female decoy of the Classic Decoy Series published by Winchester Press. Also, a carved and painted duck on wood base by George W. Thompson, 1976. SIZE: Duck is 9-1/4”; print sight size is 9” x 12”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94547 (400-600)


TWO PAINTED AND CARVED DECOYS. 1) A preening wood duck with bright colors. Branded on base Bryant. Lead keel weight and ring to base. SIZE: 12” l. 2) Cocked head wood duck signed “Dennis Entwistle Morris, Il.”. SIZE: 13” l. Both 20th Century. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95218 (300-400)


PAINTED AND CARVED BLACK DUCK DECOY. Carved green bill with black body. Signed E. H. 1962. SIZE: 18” l. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94566 (200-300)


LOT OF SIX CARVED AND PAINTED DECOYS. Four are black and white with glass eyes, two have red heads and gray and black bodies. Modern factory pieces. SIZE: 13-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good, original paint. 9-96036-560 (150-250)


EARLY ADJUSTABLE SAW TOOTH TRAMMEL. Good, scroll decoration in a well used and pitted surface. Good form. SIZE: 29-1/2” (closed); 48” extended. CONDITION: Good. Heavy rust. 9-94929 (150-250)


THREE WROUGHT IRON KITCHEN UTENSILS. 18” long handled strainer, 17” dipper and 16-1/2” fork all with rattail handles. CONDITION: Some rust, otherwise very good. 9-94968 (150-250)


LARGE PEWTER CHARGER. Unmarked. SIZE: 17-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Shows extensive use to surface, good. 9-94954 (200-300)


THREE PRINTS OF PARIS, FRANCE. Two 19th Century colored engravings by E. Morier. One of Notre Dame, other of Hotel De Ville. SIZES: 6” x 7-1/2”. 20th Century colored engraving by Jacques dated 1955 and titled “Mont Martre-Place du Terte”. SIGHT SIZE: 14-1/2” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94802; 9-94824 (50-100)


PAIR OF COLORED MILITARY PRINTS. 19th Century, deep walnut frames with Eastlake type liner. Prints titled “Sir John D’Aubernoun AD 1330” and “John De Eltham Earl of Cornwall AD 1329”. SIGHT SIZE: 11-3/4” x 9-3/4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95063 (150-250)


JAMES HENRY BEARD (American, 1812-1893) “WESTWARD HO!”. Large unframed black and white engraving by T. D. Booth after a painting by James H. Beard. Printed by W. Pate N.Y. “Published exclusively for the members of the Crosby Opera House Art Association 1866”. Classic scene shows frontier family in landscape next to lean-to with father and son bringing home deer, raccoon and other game. SIZE: 27” x 33-3/4”; IMAGE SIZE: 22-1/2” x 29-3/4”. CONDITION: Chips and cracks to edge. Image is clean. 9-95261 (150-300)


PEWTER HANDLED ONE PINT MEASURE. Marked James Yates, Pint. Baluster style with side handle. SIZE: 5” h. CONDITION: Shows wear, generally good. 9-94965 (100-200)


PEWTER ROUND INKWELL WITH PLATE BASE. Hallmarks to base marked B & P. Hinged round lid, missing insert. Holes for pens. SIZE: 2” h x 5” base dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94964 (150-250)


ENGLISH PEWTER CHARGER. Hall and touch marks to base S Green. SIZE: 14-3/4” dia. CONDITION: Knife marks and loss to finish. Fair. 9-94655 (150-250)


SLIDING TOP PEWTER STAMP BOX. Rectangular box with segmented interior has sliding top with rampant lion finial. Four animal paw feet. Touch mark to top with bird. Probably early 19th Century. SIZE: 3” h x 3-1/4” w x 2-1/2” d. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94947 (75-125)


LOT OF THREE 1/6TH PLATE DAGUERREOTYPES. One with two men, hands at chest. Another with woman in fancy dress. Another man with low bow tie. CONDITION: Leather cases as is, missing covers. 9-95361 (150-200)


MIXED LOT OF NINE DAGUERREOTYPES, AMBROTYPES AND TINTYPES. Five 1/9th plate including dog, two 1/6th plate including baby in carriage, 1/4 plate tintype and one 1/12th plates. Included is a UC-18, the rest are leather. CONDITION: Leather cases as is, good. 9-94713-548 (150-250)


LOT OF TWELVE AMBROTYPES. Eight 1/6th plate, four 1/9th plate. Mother of pearl case (UC-8), eleven leather cases. All people. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94713-546 (200-400)


CARBON PRINT “24. PRINCES STREET, FROM KING STREET BY THOMAS ANNAN”. Circa 1877. Scottish street scene from Annan’s set “Old Glasgow” published by City of Glasgow Improvement Trust in 1877 in an edition of 100. This is number 24 of the 40 prints. On original mount. Housed in a metal frame with white matte. PROVENANCE: Sotheby’s Parke-Bernet Sale 4117 Lot 66. SIZE: 11” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94712-541 (200-400)


FOUR LARGE EARLY PHOTOS. 1) “Friar Lawrence with Juliet by Julia Margaret Cameron”. Matted. Label of Robert Schoelkopf Gallery. PHW-PR-18. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet Sale 3314 Lot 297. SIZE: 10-1/2” x 8-1/2”. CONDITION: Some damage. 2) “Arch of Constantine”. Impressed mark R. MacPherson. PHW-PR-28. IMAGE SIZE: 12” x 16”. 3 & 4) Photographs of “Wien. Graben” and “Wien Kunsthistorisches Museum”. Both circa 1890. IMAGE SIZE: 8” x 10-1/2”. CONDITION: 2, 3, 4 are very good. 9-94642 (100-200)


TWELVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS OF ITALY. All appear to be Sienna, Italy. Ten are mounted on gray board, two on beige board. PR 28. SIZE: Overall, 11” x 14”. Photo size is 8” x 10-1/4”. CONDITION: Generally good. 9-94671 (100-200)


WATERCOLOR TINTED PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT OF A LADY. Woman with black dress and lace fringe stands next to chair with landscape background. Housed in a heavy bronze/brass rectangular frame. 19th Century. SIZE: 6-1/4” x 5”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95362 (200-300)


NICE EARLY FRAMED TINTYPE OF SCOTTISH CHILD. Lemon gold frame with inner embossed brass liner. Oval window with wonderfully clear portrait of a young child with feather decorated hat, plaid dress and sash. 1/2 plate. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95360 (300-500)


BOOK: PRESENTATION COPY: RHYME? AND REASON? BY LEWIS CARROLL, LONDON 1883. First Edition with photographic print of Theodosia Heaphy mounted in flyleaf. Photograph is by Charles Dodgson and signed “Theodosia Heaphy from the Author Dec. 7/83”. PROVENANCE: Parke-Bernet May 16 1967 Lot 68. PHW-PR 1. SIZE: CONDITION: 9-94712-539 (200-400)


EIGHT VOLUMES OF SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY. Vol. XVII; XX, XIX, XVI, XV, VII, VIII and XVIII. Leather 1/2 bound with decorative boards. CONDITION: Generally good, some binding wear. 9-94693 (150-250)


BOOKS: SET OF SIX VOLUMES “REPORTS OF THE UNITED STATES COMMISSIONERS TO THE PARIS UNIVERSAL EXPOSITION, 1867”. Edited by William P. Blake, Washington, 1870. Half leather bindings with decorative boards. There are fold-out plates. Volumes include 1-6. CONDITION: Generally very good. 9-94692 (200-300)


NINE VOLUMES: “THE WORKS OF JONSON BY W. GIFFORD”. London, 1816. Leather bindings with colorful boards. CONDITION: Bindings have been singed and dry. 9-94691 (200-400)


FOUR MATTED PHOTOS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE BY BETTMANN. George Bernard Shaw (author), George Santayana (author), H. L. Meneken, T. S. Elliot (author). Back stamped with oval “Bettmann Originals”. SIZE: Photo 10” x 8”. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. 9-94667 (50-100)


PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINT OF A WORKER AT AN AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE FACTORY BY LEWIS W. HINE. Back of photo has Hine’s stamp and pencil inscription with title, photo league and for Nat. Research Project. Also included are twelve reprints by the George Eastman House of Hine Photographs from his negatives. PHW-PR27. SIZE: Image is 9-1/2” x 7-1/2”. CONDITION: very good. 9-94673 (200-400)


LOT OF MISCELLANEOUS PHOTOGRAPHY AND NEGATIVES. Lot includes ten boxes of 5” x 7” glass negatives, mostly stereoptic images. Small lot of tin types including four with dogs. Lot of CDV’s and cabinet cards loose and in one folder. Also one clipped Brady card, portrait of a man. 9-94712 (200-400)


BEAR CREEK SPEARING FISH DECOY. Original package with header and plastic bag contains small pike designed fish decoy with aluminum fins. SIZE: 9-1/2” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94545 (100-200)


LOT OF FOUR MAINE STATE CARVED DUCK DECOYS. Decoys painted with red heads, yellow eyes and black and gray bodies. Two white stripes to wings. Unsigned with lead weight ended keels. SIZE: 14” l. CONDITION: Good, original paint. 9-96036 (300-500)


PAIR OF CARVED AND PAINTED PORT JEFFERSON DUCK DECOYS. Unsigned with round center weight. Brown and tan ducks. SIZE: 5-3/4” h x 11” l. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94549 (200-300)


CARVED WOOD DUCK DECOY. Stripped down to natural finish. Carved bill with black tack eyes. SIZE: 17-1/2” l. CONDITION: Crack to head, otherwise good. 9-94937 (100-200)


LOT OF FIVE MAINE STATE BLACK CARVED DUCK DECOYS. Yellow eyes. SIZES: Range from 17” to 20”. CONDITION: Used, generally good. 9-96036-559 (200-400)


TWO ANTIQUE CARVED AND PAINTED BLACK DUCKS. One with green beak, white and black head with glass eyes. SIZE: 16”. Black with green back and painted eyes. SIZE: 16-1/2”. CONDITION: Both show use. 9-94938 (150-250)


SPATTERWARE DECORATED CARPET BALL. Red and white ball. SIZE: 3” dia. CONDITION: Very good. 9-95201 (100-200)


PAIR OF PEWTER AND GLASS LAMP LENSES. Convex glass lens is mounted in pewter frame with half hood and peg for attaching to pewter whale oil lamp. SIZE: 4”. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94967 (100-200)


BRASS MINER’S LIGHT. Brass label affixed to top Potter & Hoffman Railway Supplies Phila, PA. Cylindrical shape with bale handle and mesh center. Key is present. SIZE: 8-3/4” h. CONDITION: Good. 9-94985 (100-200)


THREE PIECE TIN LOT. Includes; 3-1/2” tin fat lamp, 6” w tin chamber stick and 6-1/2” handled pitcher. CONDITION: Some rust, generally good. 9-94987 (75-125)


TIN HORN. Early form with shaped mouthpiece. SIZE: 14”. CONDITION: Good. 9-94943 (50-75)


WICK TRIMMER AND TRAY. Black stenciled tray, wick trimmers form heart with both handles. SIZE: Tray is 10”. Trimmers are 6-1/2”. CONDITION: One foot missing from trimmer. Tray rusted. 9-94970 (50-100)


INTERESTING IRONSTONE LINED WOOD BUCKET. Swing metal rod handle holds slatted painted gray bucket with metal strapping. Interior with a white ironstone lining with cracks. SIZE: 9″”h x 10″”dia. CONDITION: Fair to good. 9-95157 (200-400)


TWO INKWELLS. 1) Round pewter, unmarked with ironstone insert. Round top has six pen holes. SIZE: 2-1/4” h x 3-1/4” dia. 2) Fine pottery inkwell with impressed mark to base B. Vertical ribbing, three pen holes with central cone shaped hole. SIZE: 1-3/4” h x 2-1/4” dia. CONDITION: Very small chips to rim of pottery example. Pewter one is good. 9-94972 (150-250)


BRASS AND GLASS HOURGLASS. Blown glass hourglass fitted in brass frame with six sides and six spindles. SIZE: 8” h x 4-1/2” w. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94961 (150-250)


TWELVE HOLE TIN CANDLE MOLD. Loop handle for making long tapers. SIZE: 11” h X 8-1/4” w. CONDITION: Good. 9-94942 (100-150)


WOOD AND METAL ROUND CANDLE DIPPER. Round wood disc holds thirty candles off bent rods. Carved handle with holder. SIZE: 11” dia. x 7-1/2” t. CONDITION: Very good. 9-94949 (50-100)


EARLY WOOD AND GLASS HOURGLASS. Wood frame with five spindles and round ends. Center glass section. SIZE: 7-1/4” h. CONDITION: Glass center broken. 9-94960 (100-200)


SMALL OVOID STONEWARE JUG. Brown glaze, small strap handle. SIZE: 8-1/2” h. CONDITION: One slice off base, otherwise good. 9-95004 (100-200)