Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Outstanding Factory Documented One of 1000 Winchester 1873 – Sold for $230,000

Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Incredible Matched Pair of Coggan Engraved Holland & Holland 28 ga Shotguns – Sold for $120,750

Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Beautiful Fully Transferable Fluted Jacket Vickers Machine Gun on Tripod – Sold for $20,700

Our Spring 2018 Extraordinary Firearms Auction was a tremendous success, generating over $14.9 million in gross sales. This auction featured the first session of The Spectacular Collections of Ray Bentley, featuring the finest and rarest deluxe antique Winchesters in the world! In addition, many rare and unique firearms from some of the finest gun makers throughout history also brought some strong prices. As a result of our merger to Morphy Auctions, this was the last auction held in Maine…all future auctions will take place at the world-class facilities of Morphy Auctions in Denver, PA and Las Vegas. Read more…

The most spectacular, rare and valuable firearms are found at Julia’s auctions. Tony, John, Jim, Wes, Josh and Jeremy have selected some of the very best firearms, edged weapons and other items from our Spring 2018 auction to share with you on our highlights page. Enjoy! As always we offered a tremendous selection of great guns in this auction, and we are so very thankful to all the consigners and buyers who helped to make our Grand Finale auction a great success! Read more…

For the last 15 years Julia’s has been the leading auction house in the world for high-end, rare and valuable firearms. We have sold more rare and valuable sporting arms than any other auction house in the world, we are the world’s leading seller of important Civil War and Confederate items, we have also sold more Class 3 weapons than any other auction house in North America. In 2017 our firearms auctions generated nearly $30 million in sales, including numerous auction world record prices for some of the rarest and most sought after firearms ever known. Check out our past auction results to see for yourself! Read more…

Julia’s extraordinary rare firearms auctions continue to set world records. We don’t sell the most firearms, but we do sell the greatest number of rare and collectible firearms in the world. With our recent merger with Morphy Auctions, our newly blended and expanded Firearms Auction Team is now poised to enhance our processes, descriptions and valuations which will benefit both consignors and buyers alike. After our March 2018 auction, all future auctions will be held at Morphy Auctions in Denver., PA and Las Vegas. If you have a collection, or a rare and collectible firearm that you would like to sell, please contact us to find out how this merger will benefit you!

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