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SN 30. Cal. 5.22mm. 30-1/2″ round bbl, blue finish, walnut stocks. The Type IIA Mondragon is an extremely rare rifle with a straight pull bolt that was made by SIG of Switzerland to advance the concepts of Gen. Manuel Mondragon of the Mexican Army. It was made to fire a unique 5.2mm diameter bullet via a high velocity cartridge using an “en bloc” clip loading type magazine as later implemented in the Garand. The most charismatic feature of this rifle is the 3-position selector switch mounted on the right side, just above the trigger, marked “A” (safe), “L” (normal fire position),”R” (rapid fire). The idea was to be able to fire the gun by pulling the trigger normally or fire by simply driving the bolt forward (not touching the trigger). Most of the quick firing was to be done while advancing, hence the “marching fire” appellation. Inside the intricately machined receiver is a very unusual bolt made with three separate sets of locking lugs: one set is around front of the bolt body, a second set is at the rear of the bolt body, the third set is around the cocking knob assembly. The rifle has a 2-pc stock. The forend is a single piece of wood that wraps around the bbl, much in the manner of a Mannlicher M1897/03 Carbine. The forward bbl band /lug/stacking rod are reminiscent of a Swiss K31. In the center of the forend is a rotating sling swivel. The rear sight is graduated from 6-20 and has a flip-up option for 400 meters. SN “30” appears at the rear of the bbl, left side of the chamber, and on the follower. The bolt handle and associated components of the body are numbered “45”. On the rear tang is the manufacturer identification: “FAB.D’ARMES/NEUHAUSEN”. The buttstock is fitted with a single sling swivel and a metal buttplate. Although very few of these rifles were made, the prospect of marching rapid fire was a novel consideration and laid the groundwork to explore automatic loading selective fire. CONDITION: Near excellent with approx 90-95% orig rust blue finish showing speckling and fine patina as one would expect in an experimental/military gun of this vintage. The sides of the rifle present extremely well with much of the speckling involving the bbl around the stacking rod and patina of the in-the-white bolt assembly. Wood retains a commensurate amount of orig varnish with a scattering of handling dings as one might expect after over 100 years. Bore is dark with sharp rifling. Perfect manual mechanics. An extraordinarily rare rifle by any standard and one that could easily be the centerpiece of an advanced collection. 51062-2 LMA (17,500-27,500) – Lot 3083

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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