Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Outstanding Factory Documented One of 1000 Winchester 1873 – Sold for $230,000

Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Incredible Matched Pair of Coggan Engraved Holland & Holland 28 ga Shotguns – Sold for $120,750

Extraordinary Firearms Auction | March 21-23, 2018

Beautiful Fully Transferable Fluted Jacket Vickers Machine Gun on Tripod – Sold for $20,700

Rare Firearms Division

Excellence Personified
For nearly 50 years, Julia’s has been at the forefront of the international firearms auction world. Our sterling reputation for honest and fair dealing along with the finest catalogs in the industry, combined with proven world record results, means the greatest exposure of your goods and the highest net return to you the consignor. Over the years, Julia’s has handled many extraordinary firearms. Some highlights include:

Colt SAA from the Battle of the Little Bighorn
(Est: $175,000-275,000)
Sold for $460,000

Cased 100 Guinea Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund Presentation Sword for Hero of Battle of Trafalgar
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $270,250

Incredible 20 Bore Parker A1 Special
(Est: $125,000-200,000)
Sold for $253,000
2nd Most Expensive Parker Ever Sold at Auction

True Pair of Ivo Fabbri 20 ga Over-Under Game Shotguns
Sold for $299,000
Highest Price Ever Attained at Auction for a True Pair of Fabbris

Early Krieghoff 1st Model German FG-42 Machine Gun
(Est: $175,000-250,000)
Sold for $195,500
World Auction Record for a Krieghoff 1st Model FG-42
World Record for any DEWAT machine gun ever sold at auction

Extraordinary Walther Armee Pistole (Buxton Collection)
(Est: $60,000-90,000)
Sold for $69,000

Near Mint Singer Model 1911A (Wheaton)
(Est: $50,000-80,000)
Sold for $80,500

Superb Early Loewe Borchardt 1893 Experimental (Dauphin Collection)
(Est: $50,000-100,000)
Sold for $74,750

British R.S.A.F. Enfield .303 SMLE No.1 (Faris Collection)
(Est: $15,000-25,000)
Sold for $56,350

Octagon Barrel Dance Dragoon (Catterton Collection)
(Est: $50,000-75,000)
Sold for $57,500

Annie Oakley’s Personal 12ga Willam Cashmore Boxlock
(Est: $125,000-175,000)
Sold for $207,000

Krider LeMat Pattern Revolver SN 2 Believed to be the Personal Revolver of Co. Alexander LeMat
(Est: $60,000-80,000)
Sold for $120,750

Superb Small Bore Fabric Pinless Sidelock O/U in 20ga
(Est: $40,000-60,000)
Sold for $109,250

Massive 4-Bore Holland & Holland Hammer Double Rifle
(Est: $45,000-75,000)
Sold for $103,500

Vietnam War Trophy Chinese Type 56 Machine Gun
(Est: $20,000-40,000)
Sold for $132,250

Magnificent Royal Wheelock Sporting Rifle by Samuel Kluge in Landshut
Sold for $115,000

Extremely Rare Cased Colt No. 5 Holster Model Texas Paterson Percussion Revolver
(Est: $300,000-600,000)
Sold for $345,000

Incredible Four Bare Holland & Holland Double Rifle made for the Nizam of Hyderabad
(Est: $80,000-120,000)
Sold for $258,750

Spectacular Nimschke Engraved, Ivory Stocked Winchester Model 1866 Saddle Ring Carbine Purportedly made for Emperor Maximilian of Mexico and Later Owned by President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $230,000

Colt Model 1883 U.S. Navy Gatling Gun on Tripod
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $322,000

Extraordinarily Rare and Unique “Sisterdale Texas” Dragoon Army Revolver (Bryan Collection)
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $253,000

Lemat SN 8, General P.G.T. Beauregard’s Personal Revolver and Finest Known (Bryan Collection)
(Est: $200,000-300,000)
Sold for $224,250

Extremely Rare Winchester Model 1876 1 of 100 Lever Action Rifle (Tudor Jones II Collection)
(Est: $175,000-275,000)
Sold for $230,000

Extremely Rare 1 of 1000 Winchester Model 1873 Deluxe Lever Action Rifle (Tudor Jones II Collection)
(Est: $175,000-275,000)
Sold for $184,000

Cased Consecutive Numbered Pair of Exhibition Quality Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolvers from the General Joseph R. Hawley Estate (Tudor Jones II Collection)
Sold for $212,750

Truly Exceptional Pair of .410 Purdey “Golden Age” Extra Finish by Kell Game Guns with Case
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $189,750

Rare L.E. Tucker Lancaster Texas Confederate Navy Revolver (Bryan Collection)
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $172,500

Columbus Firearms Manufacturing Company Confederate Revolver (Bryan Collection)
(Est: $150,000-200,000)
Sold for $150,000

High Original Condition Pair of Four Bore R.B. Rodda Double Rifles with Over-the-Top Eel Skin Cases
(Est: $80,000-120,000)
Sold for $161,000

Lefever Optimus Grade 12 ga of U.S. President Benjamin Harrison (Paul Tudor Jones II Collection)
(Est: $75,000-125,000)
Sold for $120,750

Rare and Historic Colt Whitneyville-Walker Pistol “A Company #210”
(Est: $500,000-1,000,000)
Sold for $920,000

The Historic President Theodore Roosevelt Fox “F” Grade Shotgun
(Est: $750,000-1,000,000)
Sold for $862,500

Engraved & Gold Inlaid Colt SAA Revolver, The Sears & Roebuck “Cow Boy” Special
(Est: $450,000-800,000)
Sold for $747,500

Ulrich Deep Relief Engraved & Gold Inlaid Win. Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle
(Est: $50,000-100,000)
Sold for $391,000

Hemingway’s Westley Richards Hand Detachable Single Trigger Ejector Double Rifle w/Original Case
(Est: $150,000-200,000)
Sold for $339,250

Jesse James’ Documented Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver, Belt & Holster
(Est: $200,000-300,000)
Sold for $230,000

Magnificent elief Carved Frederick Sell Littlestown, PA Flintlock Rifle
(Est: $65,000-95,000)
Sold for $195,500

Annie Oakley Marlin Engraved 1893 Takedown Lever Action Rifle withGold & Platinum Inlaid Design
(Est: $150,000-250,000)
Sold for $253,000

Near Mythical Lost Czar of Russia Parker A1 Special Grade Double Barrel Shotgun
(Est: $225,000-325,000)
Sold for $287,500

Rare Panel Scene Engraved Colt Single Action Army Revolver, “The 1876 Centennial Exhibition Colt”
(Est: $350,000-600,000)
Sold for $701,500

Extraordinary Cased Engraved Colt Paterson No.2 Belt Model Percussion Revolver
(Est: $275,000-500,000)
Sold for $517,500

Cased Fluted Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver with Matching Shoulder Stock
(Est: $350,000-450,000)
Sold for $454,250

Rare Colt AR-15 Model 1 Original Select Fire Test RiflKnown as “The Coconut Rifle”
(Est: $40,000-60,000)
Sold for $103,500

Early 1863 Army Of Northern Virginia Battle Flag of the 23rd Georgia Infantry
(Est: $100,000-200,000)
Sold for $161,000

Historic First Model Lemat Revolver Captured From the Confederate Ironclad “Atlanta” Serial Number 7
(Est: $50,000-100,000)
Sold for $166,750

Rare and Ornate Solid Silver Tiffany Presentation Sword toMajor General Lewis Merrill
(Est: $85,000-125,000)
Sold for $241,500