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SN 20676/ 20677. (ca 1875 ?) Cal. 4 bore. (.960 groove diameter, 11 very narrow lands) 24″ Fine stub Damascus bbls with dolls head extensions, are fitted with full length herringbone matted ribs holding three folding leaf express rear sights, marked for 100, 150, and 200 yards. Silver front beads are longitudinally dovetailed into muzzle ends. Tops of bbls are gold inlaid in English script “R. B. Rodda & Co Gunmakers To H. E. The Viceroy.” and “& H. R. H. The Duke of Edinburgh. London & Calcutta”. Bbl flats are stamped with London black powder proofs for 6 bore. Bottoms of bbls are stamped with SNs. (Many Rodda guns and rifles were sourced from W. & C. Scott, and the numbers on these rifles correspond to Scott’s numbers for 1875.) Massive, round bodied, Jones underlever actions are fitted with non-rebounding peninsula back locks fitted with tall, flat-sided, serpentine hammers with tall spurs and back sliding safeties that engage at half cock. Actions are engraved with approx 50% coverage well cut scroll. “R. B. Rodda & Co” is gold inlaid on each lockplate. Blued trigger guards have SNs on tangs, which extend to large horn grip caps. Dense, lightly marbled, and somewhat figured European walnut capped pistol grip buttstocks measure 14-1/4″ over flat top checkered steel buttplates with short spurs. Buttplates are engraved “SHOT WITH SPHERICAL BALL” “CHARGE OF POWDER 9 drs” “CURTIS & HARVEY’S NO. 6”. Stocks feature typical point pattern checkering at grips, with sling eyes somewhat smaller than those soldered to bottom of bbls, and vacant silver ovals on toe lines. Matching splinter forends with nicely shaped steel tips attach to bbls by captive side nails through engraved oval steel escutcheons. Gun “20676”: Drop at heel: approx 2-3/8″, drop at comb: approx 1-3/4″. Weight: 20 lbs. 8 oz. LOP: 14-1/4″. Gun “20677”: Drop at heel: approx 2-1/4″, drop at comb: approx 1-11/16″. Weight: 20 lbs. 14 oz. LOP: 14-1/4″. Matching cases are of oak with very unusual eel skin leather covering. They are further reinforced with shaped brass corners. Cases are lined in purple velvet, and have paper R. B. Rodda reproduction labels in lid. Cases are semi french fitted for rifles, and a spectacular array of newly made accessories, many with ivory handles or made of ivory. (Ivory was sourced from a large legally trophy hunted tusk (1980) supplied to the case maker by the consignor.) Each case has an identical complement of accessories including two brass molds (one for spherical ball, the other for conical), broken case extractors marked “4”, mainspring vices, wad punches, one large circular oil bottle, one smaller, another rectangular large oil bottle, and the key. “Certifiable pre-ban elephant ivory” accessories include wad rammer, cartridge base decapper, vaseline jar, striker bottle, and dusting brush. Ivory handled accessories include hollow pointing pin for conical mold, old German silver powder measure marked “10 Drs”, three turnscrews, striker key, chamber brush handle, and handle for fine quality large diameter 3-pc cleaning rod with joints of German silver (?) and bodies of ebony. Covered compartments contain five 4 bore brass cases marked with ” R. B. Rodda” and each guns SN. Both also have pull through cleaning kit and mop. PROVENANCE: Thad Scott 1982 correspondence and invoice for sale of these rifles. These rifles are pictured in color on p. 99 of THE TREASURY OF SPORTING GUNS by Charles F. Waterman, where they are described as “big Rodda four bores are fully rifled and very rare.” Listing for a pair of similar rifles with much less condition by Cape Outfitters Oct 1989. Special Note: This item contains or is made of ivory. Do not bid on this lot unless you have read and agreed to our "Ivory Position Statement" and the "Waiver of Legal and Financial Risk to James D. Julia in regards to your Purchase of an Ivory Object." This information is located in the front section of our catalog. CONDITION: Both rifles are in excellent orig condition, showing very little use and only some minor handling marks on wood and metal. Bbls retain well over 95% of their orig Damascus finish. There are some small patches of light oxidation on bbls of rifle 20676. Actions and locks retain nearly all of their orig case hardening color, silvered somewhat on sharp edges and top tangs, and rear portions of lockplates. There is also some light rust flecking on bottom and right side of action on 20677. Charcoal blue of trigger guards remains brilliant, with some silvering and flaking on rifle 20677. Stocks have numerous scratches and marks. Wood is somewhat below metal of buttplates (natural shrinkage). There is some very small repaired damage and checking on 20677 at top rear of left lock. Both rifles show some compression of checkering of forends. Bores are excellent. Bbls are on face. Locks are crisp. Safeties work. Cases are excellent with some very light staining and marks in leather, and minor compressions and rubs on interior cloth. All accessories are excellent. An incredible, unheard of pair of high condition big bore rifles, wonderfully presented. 49958-13 MGM93 IVORY (80,000-120,000) – Lot 2353

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Auction: Firearms - March 2016
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