Mark A. Ford, C.P.A Becomes New CEO with Julia’s

I, together with my COO, Fred Olsen, and our entire staff are extremely pleased to announce the recent addition of our management team. In recent years our company has grown extensively which has required us to expand our management team. Mark does not replace anyone on our staff. His position is an addition to our staff to increase the depth of our management team.

In growing our management team, the goal of our company is to be able to expand our company and provide an even higher level of service to our clients while at the same time increase the depth of our marketing team. Mark will eventually be a critical backup for myself and provide the ultimate depth to our management team to ensure the continued longevity and success of this company for many, many years to come.

I have personally known Mark for over 20 years and have always been impressed with his business knowledge and acumen but even more importantly the personable yet professional way in which he approaches business.

Mark graduated from Bentley College near the top of his class in 1982 and was also President and Vice President of Kappa Phi Alpha Honor fraternity. He was a member of the Senior Class Cabinet; he was a recipient of the Order of Omega (Top Greek Leaders), and a member of the Falcon Society (Scholar/Leader). He became a certified Public Accountant and was formally licensed to practice in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Mark is a long time member of the Waterville Rotary Club (of which I am also a member) where he served as President. He was also part of the Rotary Foundation and is a Paul Harris Fellow. Over the years, Mark has expanded his knowledge through a number of forms of continuing education. Shortly after graduating college, he began working at Price Waterhouse; eventually transferring to a number of large firms until 1988 he made the decision with partners, Jeff and Cathy Cory, to purchase the old time Maine Jewelry firm known by Day’s Jewelry. In the coming years, Mark together with his two partners built and grew this business into the highly respected and successful company it is today. During the expansion of the company, Mark was a critical component of its success and served in many arenas supporting his partners to grow the business. He is and has been involved in numerable, charitable, and community based activities serving as board member, President, Vice President, and other positions in various organizations.

Mark is an extremely affable, active, personable and professional individual who enjoys being challenged. It is for this reason that recently he elected to leave the jewelry business to take on an exciting new adventure. Mark’s initial goals will be to help fine tune our company, expand our level of customer service, and continue to develop its profitable management. He will also spend a great deal of time working with me to learn the intricacies of the antiques and auction business. In the next couple of years, you will see him together with me interacting to serve our clients.

I personally take great pride in the personable and professional manner by which I attempt to interact with all of my clients and this is one of the many qualities that I value in Mark. I, joined with Fred Olsen my COO, my wife, and the entire staff at Julia’s are excited to welcome Mark Ford on board and with the greatest of enthusiasm, I look forward to introducing him to each and every one of you, our valued customers.


Jim Julia