James D. Julia Debuts Interactive New Catalog Features That Add Information, Value, and New Perspectives to Your Buying and Selling Experience.

We are excited to unveil several innovative new technologies in association with our November 28th and 29th Lamp & Glass and November 30th Advertising, Toy & Doll Auctions. These new features, designed to bring our customers’ experiences with James D. Julia to the next level, will revolutionize the way auction lots are presented, examined, and evaluated online.

Our new first enhancement involves our traditional printed catalogs. As you look through these books from November 2012 onward, you can’t help but notice that some lots have a “Quick Response” or QR code, as part of their listings. When the QR code, a black and white matrix square, is scanned by QR enabled smartphones or tablets, Julia’s website listing of that particular lot is called up on your device. The QR code will take you directly to our second new enhancement.

This second new enhancement will change the way you view auction items online–literally! A select group of lots in our upcoming Lamp & Glass and Advertising, Toy & Doll Auctions feature our new 360° View technology. We’ve all been in the situation of wanting to bid on an item but not having enough information to confidently do so. This new technology, which details and magnifies multiple angles of each lot, allows you to inspect items from every perspective to make sure they are right for you–from the comfort of your own home. It’s as if lots were placed on a slowly rotating Lazy Susan for your personal review and evaluation!

I encourage you to experience this game experience-changing technology firsthand. To do so, click on this rotating camera icon located at the end of the description in the online catalog. In the print catalog, lots with our 360° View feature are noted with a rotating camera icon at the end of the item’s description.

QR codes and our 360° View features are just the latest in a series of new features and initiatives designed to make your buying and selling experience with James D. Julia top notch from start to finish. For four decades, our company has had a history of innovation in the antique auction industry and in providing the highest quality products, services, and content to our clients. When I was hired as CEO of James D. Julia last summer, I was charged to build on that tradition of excellence and taking our company to the next level-especially in the areas of service and technology. You might already have noticed some enhancements to our website, including an improved search function, the ability to check out items in far greater detail by mousing over the main catalog image to see a close up view of any area of the image, and second chance buying opportunities on passed lots.

We’d like to know what you think of these features, as well as your ideas for making James D. Julia the best it can be. For Jim Julia, Fred Olsen, department heads Dudley Browne, Andrew Truman, Wes Dillon, Bill Gage, Judy Labbe, and the entire James D. Julia Auction Team, we truly appreciate your support and suggestions!

Mark Ford CEO, James D. Julia Inc.