Dudley Browne to Speak at the Carder Steuben Club this Saturday

Dudley Browne, the Sales Coordinator for the James D. Julia Auctioneers Lamp and Glass division, will be speaking to the Carder Steuben Club this Saturday, September 22nd at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY.

Dudley will be talking about the auction process in general and how it is handled at James D. Julia Auctioneers. He will cover the many great pieces of Carder Steuben that Julia has sold over the last few years and the trends that he sees in the market for Carder Steuben.

Dudley has been the head of James Julia’s Rare Lamp & Glass Division since 2001. In the few years that Dudley has run this division, Julia’s has moved from being a notable North American auction house to becoming one of the leading auction houses specializing in superb quality lamps, Victorian and 20th Century art glass, fine French cameo and more. Julia’s next important rare Glass and Lamp auction is scheduled for November 28th and 29th in Julia’s Fairfield, ME auction facilities.

James D. Julia Auctioneers, based on annual sales, is one of the top ten auction house in North America today. The firm has four specialty catalog divisions: Rare Firearms and Military (of which they are the leader in the world today for fine, important and rare firearms), Rare antique Toy, Doll & Advertising division (which is one of the top four in North America today), Antique, Asian and Fine Art (one of the leaders in North America today), Rare Glass and Lamp Division (which is currently one of the top three of its type in the World today).

For more information about James D. Julia Auctioneers or Dudley Browne, visit our website at www.jamesdjulia.com or contact info@jamesdjulia.com.