Condition Report by Mark Ford, CEO

At Julia’s, we strive to be fair and honest in all our dealings – both with our consignors and our bidders. We work to ensure that every bidder has as much information as possible to make their decisions; from high quality photography, to image “ZOOM” capability online, to 360° views on selected items. This is in addition to our team of the finest catalogers and subject matter experts who prepare our catalog descriptions.

One of the little known services that we offer to every bidder is a condition report. We typically have our entire departmental staff available for condition reports for the two weeks before an auction, as well as having as many of our catalogers and experts here a couple of days in advance of the auction to answer your questions.

Condition reports are anything that you may want to know about a lot that you are interested in. It can be as varied as a request for an additional photograph, to a personal inspection of the item to identify any blemishes from the manufacturing of the lot, to an assessment of the finish, and everything in between. While condition reports are not a part of our Limited Guarantee, they are a way for each bidder to gather more information about the lot and make their own decisions.

Any problems identified during the process of preparing a condition report (or for any other reason) are reported as an addendum to the catalog description in our online catalog at We also publish any additional photos that were taken requested through the condition report process. The photo requests are typically published online two to four days after the request. This way every bidder has access to the latest and most recent information.

To request a condition report, simply email and provide what lots you are interested in, what information you want, and the best way to reach you (for clients who wish to speak with us from outside the Eastern Time Zone, please let us know where we are calling, and the best time to call you). We also have a team of operators ready to take your call if you prefer (207-453-7125) or fax (207-453-2502).