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*TWO OFFICER’S MODEL COLT DA REVOLVERS ONCE BELONGING TO THE GREATEST AND MOST FAMOUS HANDGUN SHOOTIST TO EVER LIVE, ED MCGIVEN. SN 423500 & 451016. Cal. 38 Spcl. 1) SN 423500. Blue finish with 6″ bbl, adjustable front & rear sights with smooth deep medallion ivory grips. Front sight is a modified partridge style with fine vertical lines at top rear edge. Rear edge of sight base & rear edge of sight have several incised lines, apparently for adjusting marks. Accompanied by a Colt Factory letter identifying this revolver with type of stocks “not listed” and indicating shipment to Whitney’s Sporting Goods, Denver, CO, June 14, 1919 in a shipment of three guns of same type. 2) SN 451016. Identical to #1 above with the addition of special features listed in its letter as “checkered front & back straps and special finish”, shipped to Ed McGiven, address unavailable, on Dec. 8, 1919, Colt Factory Order 10715 in a shipment of one gun. Under remarks section they state “It is of further interest to note that Ed McGiven was a famed pistol shooter and author of the book Fast & Fancy Revolver Shooting”. Front sight has been changed to a copper bead Sheard model & rear edge of front sight base has a line across face, apparently an adjustment mark. Ed McGiven was born in 1874 in Omaha, Nebraska and left home when he was seventeen. He wound up in Montana and spent most of the rest of his life in the Butte, Lewiston & Great Falls areas and died in 1957. McGiven spent majority of his adult life as a professional sign painter but his great love in life was fast & accurate shooting. After many years of practice he became so proficient that the human brain & hand were incapable of timing him so he invented an electronic timing device which was certified by The Bureau of Standards, which he used to time himself. He is recorded on two different instances of having fired five shots, accurately in 2/5 of a second. A world record which stands today. He is reputed to have been able to shoot and hit double odd buck pellets when thrown in the air. Mr. McGiven gave exhibits & demonstrations around the United States and devoted much of his free time to the training of law enforcement officers. One of his proudest mementos was a letter from J. Edgar Hoover thanking him for establishing a training program for the FBI. In 1938 Mr. McGiven authored the book, Fast & Fancy Revolver Shooting. Accompanied by a packet of information, mostly reprints of articles from various publications, including the American Rifleman, regarding Mr. McGiven’s accomplishments and shooting feats. These revolvers were originally from the collection of Lash LaRue. The consignor reports that he was told that these two guns were won in a shooting contest – one from the stock of the sporting goods store and the other sent to him from Colt. “” CONDITION: Both revolvers are nearly identical & retain virtually all of a high gloss, professionally restored finish with minor sharp edge wear & slight thinning at muzzle. Grips on both have minor age lines & both retain beautiful mellow ivory patina. Mechanics are fine, bright shiny bores. Neither appears to have been fired since restoration. 4-58403 JDJ (27,500-37,500)

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