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SN 458e. Cal. 9mm. 10″ bbl. Nice example of an ERB registered receiver tube integrated with orig German parts. Four orig German 32 rnd mags are included. Lower assembly made by ERMA “ayf” in 1943 with steel parts marked “cnd” (Krupp). Sight assembly manufactured by Steyr. SN’s match between lower tube, bbl, and bbl nut, as well as swing out shoulder loop assembly. ERB was in the habit of acquiring parts kits and then registering tubes with numbers to match the parts kits he had on hand. He also added his own fictitious Waffen eagle proofs to his tubes to make them more attractive. Bolt SN does not match rest of gun and SN is visible through charging handle slot. Resting bar is pot metal. Grips are an attractive brown Bakelite. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish very fine to extremely fine as re-finished upon re-manufacture with a lustrous blue finish on metal parts, with occasional light pitting, barely discernible on the shoulder loop. Bolt is not re-finished and turning a gray patina within the receiver. Bakelite in very fine condition. Mechanics are crisp. Bore is very good with shiny lands and some light pitting in the grooves. Mags range from very fine as re-finished to one that has turned a gray patina with some light pitting and a couple of dings. Instantly recognizable from numerous WWII films, the MP-40 machine gun is the classic slow firing 9mm gun which is always popular for beginner and advanced shooting enthusiasts alike. Comfortable to shoot with readily available ammunition as well as slow firing and easy to control, the MP-40 is one of the best entry level machine guns which also conveys the benefit of appealing to the historical machine gun shooter/collector. 53171-15 JWK (7,500-12,500) – Lot 1023

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