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SN 638777. Cal. 45 ACP. 8-1/8″ bbl. Very attractive and well made M3A1 grease gun by Guide Lamp complete with US ordnance markings on left side of magazine well. Mag well SN is the only visible SN. Includes one 30 round magazine. This model cocks by opening the ejection port housing cover and pulling back the bolt using a recessed area on the bolt itself. Telescoping wire shoulder stock, fixed peep sights, and all steel construction made this the must less costly successor to the Thompson and rising sub-machine guns of WWII. It has an interesting safety mechanism that when the bolt is back and the ejector port cover is closed, a tab on the cover holds the bolt in the rear position, even when the trigger is actuated. One must open the ejector port cover in order for the bolt to move forward and fire. Although produced in great numbers and widely used, relatively few specimens made it into the National Firearms Act registry as curio and relic eligible fully transferable to individuals. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4 as Curio & Relic eligible. CONDITION: Very fine with a smooth dull gray green re-finish with a soft, felt like material inside the ejector port cover. Some brassing and thinning to the finish particularly at the high points with the occasional scratch and pin prick pitting visible under the finish. Mechanics are crisp. Bore is fine to very fine. While the Thompsons are exceedingly popular collectors items, the US military grease gun is actually just as if not more comfortable to shoot and has been increasingly sought after as a item of collector’s interest, especially after the premiere of such films as “The Dirty Dozen”. 53165-7 JWK (18,000-28,000) C&R – Lot 1000

Auction: Firearms - Spring 2018
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