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SN C317654. Cal. 9mm. 10″ bbl. Very compact MP-5 registered receiver machine gun with slide-out buttstock, horizontal forend, 8-point sight on claw mounted scope rail, and includes one 20 round magazine. Extremely popular 4-position ambidextrous selector which includes 3-shot burst and fully automatic five options as well as semi-auto and safety. Top of receiver SN is the only visible SN. This gun includes a high quality green web sling. Marked “MP-5” on top of receiver with proof marks indicating 1982 mfg. Slip of paper with “5” covered by clear tape on right side of receiver. The MP-5 with a four position selector is one of the more sought after machine guns. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is transferable only to current FFL/SOT dealers on a Form 3. Under current ATF guidelines this weapon may be retained when a sole proprietor FFL/SOT holder relinquishes their license. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is fine to very fine with original black hard coat finish with some small chips flaked away around ejection port. Optics are clear. Composite pieces are also extremely fine. Mechanics are crisp. Bore is mirror bright. This is an extremely fine specimen of its kind. The MP-5 is the state of the art tactical sub-machine gun and this specimen is very handsome indeed. 53145-1 JWK (7,500-12,500) – Lot 1008

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