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SN 250. Cal. 44 Henry Rimfire. 24-3/8″ oct bbl. Henry’s patent date of October 16, 1860, manufactured by the New Haven Arms Company, New Haven Connecticut. First model, first variation without latch lever, known by advanced collectors as a “No Latch” Henry. A 1000 yd rear receiver sight. Only the first 300+ rifles were of this variation. Finding one in any condition would be considered a rare find. With no sight in rear bbl dovetail. Matching numbers on all screws. PROVENANCE: The spectacular collections of Ray Bentley featuring the finest and rarest deluxe antique Winchesters in the world. CONDITION: Extremely fine. Brass has turned to pleasing mustard color on both sides. Sharp edges on brass that look to have never been buffed or polished or disassembled. Hammer with dark case colors. Lever is mostly muted color with extremely minor surface oxidation. Action of rifle is stiff due to old dried grease. Two screws on bottom of receiver are damaged, the remaining are fine. Bbl retains 96% orig blue finish. Stock finish has a few compression marks with 95% orig finish. Buttplate has turned to mustard color much like the receiver. Bore exhibits strong rifling consistent with the overall superb condition of this very early Henry. As fine a No Latch Henry as one is likely to encounter. These early Henry’s are highly desirable and rarely encountered in any condition much less in #250’s excellent state of preservation. 53091-3 (75,000-100,000) – Lot 2003

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