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SN 75676. Cal. 32 WCF. 24-3/8″ full oct bbl. Mounted with Lyman tang sight, standard rear bbl sight, and combination Lyman front ivory bead sight. Chamber area and caliber marking on top flat surrounded by scrolls and platinum band. Receiver has full-coverage $24 engraving with classic Ulrich Stag hunting scene surrounded in delicate scrolls on left receiver and Grizzly Bear and scrollwork on right. Appended metal including hammer and lever has similar scroll flourishes. Screws in both left and right sides of receiver are engraved and case colored. Forearm cap is gold banded. Takedown collar is also gold banded. Crescent buttplate is engraved on top and gold banded. Fabulous $5 “E” style carved wood on XXX fancy walnut pistol grip stock and forend. Special drop of 3 1/4″ ordered. Pistol grip cap is of Winchester Repeating Arms and fits perfectly. Accompanied by 1989 Winchester Factory Letter which confirms the fantastic special order features of this rifle and ship date of May 28, 1897. PROVENANCE: The spectacular collections of Ray Bentley featuring the finest and rarest deluxe antique Winchesters in the world. CONDITION: Condition overall rates excellent by the most exacting standards. Mag tube is toning to plum color in upper portion. Bbl blue remains a strong 98% with no dings or mars present. Balance of blue on left side of receiver is 96%. Back portion of rear receiver on upper right and left sides in a very small area have faded to patina. Case color on hammer and lever are very fine and engraved as well. Very few dings on wood. Screw heads are engraved. Buttplate has the majority of its bright case colors and fit is perfect. Wood to metal fit is nearly perfect with no chips or slivers missing. Bore and mechanics are fine. All factory gold inlaid antique Winchesters are collector’s prizes and this magnificent 3rd year production gold inlaid engraved 1892 rifle is simply beautiful. The factory style E carving and checkering compliments the gold banding and engraving to make this one of Ray’s most beautiful rifles. Special Note: This item(s) contains plant or animal properties that may be covered by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Please read the Conditions of Sale, section 15, for more information regarding the Endangered Species Act, and your responsibilities as a buyer. 53091-185 MS (125,000-175,000) ESA – Lot 2060

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