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SN 127. Cal. 7.7mm JAP. 27″ bbl with flash hider. Fine early (July 1942) Kokura manufactured Japanese Type 99 light machine gun. This gun was reactivated by Fred Laughti and is marked on right side of receiver “REBUILT LAUGH?? SER CAL31/99/COLLINSVILLE, ILL” in addition to the orig Japanese markings. Bolt is SN 9268 and does not match rest of gun. Bbl number 3566 is from another gun dated 1942. Right side of bbl retaining latch shows evidence of grinding, obviously upon reactivation. Flash hider is a contemporary reproduction. Operating piston matches. Buttstock assembly does not match. Buffer matches. Charging handle slot cover not present as is common. This gun exhibits the monopod at base of buttplate and drum style rear sight. Included is one German MG13 magazine which can be adapted to fit this machine gun. The Japanese Type 99 was the successor to the Type 96 machine gun and used the heavier 7.7mm cartridge, although it and the Type 96 and the earlier Type 11 continued in service through the end of the war. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval for transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good with about 80% orig finish coverage with somewhat moderate scale within the bbl fins and scattered light pitting on both sides of receiver. High lustrous blue on reproduction flash hider. Wood shows typical gouges and light handling marks, however very solid and serviceable. Buttplate has some moderate pitting and corrosion. Mechanics are fine. Good bore with strong rifling, dark in the grooves. Overall not a bad specimen considering the climate and conditions from which it came and desirable with it’s very early SN from this manufacturer/. 52939-45 JWK (7,500-12,500) – Lot 1012

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