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SN 322e. Cal. 9mm. Registered MP-40 receiver tube as manufactured by Charles Erb. Exhibits Erb bullet logo on the left side below the bolt handle channel with SN visible at left front portion of tube with 2nd SN on underside of tube just forward of sear slot. Charles Erb was one of the people with both the foresight and machinery to have made a number of these receiver tubes and registered them as fully transferable to individuals when it was still possible to do so. Current registration form reflects this tube as being model “MP-40” in caliber 9mm. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance is in the white with slots and holes cut however there is no trunnion. There are areas of light surface rust with some bluish dye noticeable particularly at the bolt handle safety slot. This is the essential registered tube of an MP-40 machine gun. 52939-37 JWK (7,500-12,500) – Lot 1024

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