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SN H4879. Cal. 303. 28-3/8″ bbl. Extremely fine British proofed early fluted jacket Vickers water cooled machine gun as registered by Dick Wray. Current registration form indicates “VSM” with “Cincinnati, OH” address with model “Vickers”. Accessories include three feed blocks, three locks, one bulb type flash hider, one Fuzee spring, three drain corks, three tabless cloth belts, three WWII brass tabbed Dunlop cloth belts, one steam hose, one water can, one metal ammo can, four wooden boxes of belted .303 ammunition on tabless cloth belts, two metal ammo boxes with two wooden boxes of belted ammo marked for the country of Jordan and 10 spare Vickers bbls, all in .303 British. Also an orig Vickers Armstrong tripod with brass identification plate with later model tripod head and metal ammo box frame. This very handsome fluted jacket Vickers gun has an “FBP” marked muzzle attachment with brass chain and brass .303 feed block currently installed. Right side plate marked with SN below feed block opening and this number matches number on top of water jacket. Attractive walnut back plate handles retain oil caps, cross head and numerous parts including back plate, top cover trigger bar, top cover and water jacket, all are “VSM” marked. Bbls range from “VSM” marked to “VAC” marked and “MA” marked, so there is a full range of the different eras of bbl manufacturing. Several of the ammo boxes are sealed, one opened box contains orig British corrosive .303 ammunition on tabless belt. Approximately 2,000 rnds total. Spare feed blocks also brass. Two locks are Australian manufacture, third is marked “VSM”. Orig water jacket patch WWII repair kit in tin box.This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF form 3 or form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish are very fine with over 90% orig finish on water jacket with the balance an apparent refinish with subsequent wear to the high edges particularly on the back plate with some scattered brown spots on the Fusee cover and some areas turning a gray patina. Water jacket filler and drain plugs in very good condition. Cork in steam outlet fractured but in place. Bbls range in condition to very fine deep lustrous finish on the “MA” marked bbl to scattered brown light pitting with most of the bbls having fine bright bores and anti-moisture storage paper in the bores. All locks appear to be in serviceable condition with the two Australian locks being near mint. Belts likewise all appear to be in fine serviceable condition as is steam hose. Mechanics are functional. Uncleaned bore in gun with other bores ranging from good to very fine. The Vickers machine gun enjoys great popularity because it can be readily converted to multiple calibers such as .30-06, .308, 8mm, and most usually 7.62 Russian. This versatility together with its classic durable design and attractive looks make it an institution at shooting ranges for the foreseeable future. 52939-34 JWK (12,000-18,000) – Lot 1052

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