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SN 37. SN 403/37. Cal. 45-70. Fine Gatling with full shrouded 24″ 10-bbl cluster with SN and caliber on the right trunnion. Trunnions are 1-1/2″ dia. and the cascabel about 2-1/4″ dia. The front raised area of the shroud, just over the trunnions and in front of the articulated feed base is engraved “U.S. NAVY / NO. 37 / 1884” with the inspector initials “H.W.L.”. Rear part of the housing is mounted with a 3-3/4″ dia. rnd plate that has an elevation spirit level in the center and is engraved “GATLING GUN / PATENTED”. To the rear of the housing is engraved “MANUFD BY / COLTS PAT. F.A. MFG. CO. / HARTFORD CONN.”. The articulated feed base is for the Accles Drum Feed. This gun has an adjustable rear sight on each side of the rear cover with a fixed front sight on each side. The crank handle is on the right side. The rear cover has an integral housing containing a horizontal spirit level. Mounted in an orig cast brass yoke with a steel arc that is attached to brackets on the bottom of the shroud and passes through the yoke, which controls the elevation and depression of the bbls. The yoke is on a pintle which fits in a bronze socket which sits atop 3 square wooden legs. Left trunnion is engraved and shows that the gun weights 205 lbs. Accompanied by 1 Accles Feed Drum. Drum is made entirely of brass and was designed to hold 104 rounds. There is no indication in available research material how many of these Gatling guns were purchased by the Navy, but it is believed they are substantially more rare than those purchased by the Army. CONDITION: Very fine. The brass overall shows a medium to dark mustard patina with only a few light nicks & scratches. The engraving shows light to moderate wear, probably from being polished during its service with the Navy. Tripod is fine, legs appear to be reproductions. The magazine is very fine with no apparent serious damage just a few light bumps & bruises. Mechanics are fine. Strong bright bores. 52863-1 JWK (200,000-300,000) – Lot 2105

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