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SN 001417. 5.56 mm. 21-1/2″ bbl with flash hider. This is one of the very few ORIGINAL Curio & Relic eligible Cadillac Gage manufactured Stoner Model 63 belt-fed Light Machine Guns in the National Firearms Act registry registered as fully transferable for private ownership. This all orig gun is marked on bottom of receiver “STONER 63.223 CAL.” / “MFG BY CADILLAC GAGE COMPANY” / “WARREN,MICH. U.S.A. PAT. PEND.” Also the Stoner logo at left of markings. External serial number is the only visible SN. The nucleus of the Stoner 63 system is the receiver which is a rectangular sheet metal pressing. The gas cylinder, support structures, brackets, lugs and other devices are welded in place. The front portion carries the piston and barrel and is perforated to reduce weight and improve air circulation around the barrel and gas cylinder. Special slotted forearm with a bottom cocking handle. Poly-carbonate stock and pistol grip. Metal surfaces are phosphate finished. The LMG configuration fires from an open bolt and is fed from the right-hand side by linked ammunition. The belt is normally contained in a 150-round plastic ribbed container that has a tab allowing it to be clipped on to the side of the left-hand feed tray. Early ammunition boxes were olive drab in color. The receiver is inverted, so that spent cases and links are ejected to the left. The LMG has a quick-change barrel and the gas cylinder is positioned below the barrel since the receiver is inverted. The LMG configuration was adopted for military use by Navy SEAL units operating in Southeast Asia.

Eugene Stoner, one of designers of M16 rifle, left ArmaLite in about 1961 and joined the Cadillac Gage Corp. There he began development of an entirely new weapon system. It was probably the first truly modular system,that consisted of about fifteen sub-assemblies which could be assembled in any configuration, from an assault rifle and short carbine up to a lightweight or even a general purpose machine gun. First prototypes, chambered for 7.62mm NATO ammunition, appeared in 1962, known as Stoner 62. Just a year later Stoner turned out a new system, chambered for 5.56mm US service round, and known as Stoner 63. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4 as Curio & Relic eligible. PROVENANCE: Ex-The class III weapons formerly on loan to Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is near excellent with over 95% orig smooth gray finish thinning at 2″ intervals on bbl protective shroud. Also some small scuff marks and handling marks to hand grip and buttstock. Top cover also has some small scratches. Feed tray retains about 60% of its orig finish with finish thinning in the feedway. Bore is extremely fine, shiny, bright and clean with strong rifling. Bolt face is excellent. Very few Orig C & R eligible Stoner guns made it into the registry as fully transferable, and these almost never surface for public sale. This is an outstanding opportunity for either the private collector or a museum to acquire an example of this landmark design in the history of U.S. military firearms development. 52759-3 (50,000-80,000) C&R – Lot 2083

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