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SN 109. Cal. 12 Pounder. This a beautiful Model 1841 mountain howitzer on correct carriage. These “petite” cannon are of ingenious design to breakdown as they could be dis-assembled and carried on three pack animals (including ammunition). It was inspected by Louis A. de Barth Walbach who only inspected for US Army for a few months before his untimely death June 26, 1853. Walbach was a brilliant Ordnance Officer who developed a proprietary system for testing gun metal for cannon. Walbach was a graduate of West Point and his father was the oldest officer to serve on active duty in the history of the US Army.

12-pounder mountain howitzers were used in many engagements in the Mexican War and the Civil War, especially in mountainous terrain and in the West. They saw much use in the Indian Wars. They were greatly feared by the Indians, who called them ‘gun that shoots twice’ apparently in recognition of the second report produced by the howitzer’s exploding shell. The piece was designed to fire only anti-personnel ammunition, consisting of either explosive shell, spherical case shot, or canister. The piece is chambered, as are most muzzle-loading howitzers. This is a fine example of one of the most popular Civil War cannon with bbl weight of only 223 pounds, 500 pounds overall, and bbl length of about 37″. PROVENANCE: GAR Post 184, Corning, Tehama County, CA, 1912; transfered to VFW at later date; Mike Magaldi, Corning, CA, 1994; Paulson Brother’s Ordance, 1994; Denny Pizzini Collection. CONDITION: Very good overall. Good markings including well struck “US” on top of bbl, makers mark and date on trunnions, weight markings below cascabel and registry number and inspector marks on muzzle face. Brass exhibits good patina. Numerous nicks and scratches which do not affect aesthetics. The carriage was made by Paulson Brothers and is in excellent matching condition. 52662-1 JS (45,000-60,000) – Lot 1320

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