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SN 103671. Cal. 44 RF Henry. Spectacular gold washed ’66 rifle with 24-1/4″ oct bbl, full magazine, thinned half nickel front sight and 900-yd Henry ladder rear sight. Mounted with outstanding 2-3X, uncheckered American walnut with straight stock and crescent buttplate that has a trap containing an orig 4-pc brass & iron cleaning rod. Buttplate toe screw is a replacement and the hole is stripped. Bottom of stock and forend cap have factory sling swivels. Trigger is of the thin pointed toe style found on numerous special order rifles. Left side of lower tang is marked “XXX”. The top tang channel of buttstock retains no vestige of the number that might have been there, having been obliterated during numerous removal and re-installation of the buttstock. Buttplate tang has the entire matching SN inside the toe. There is little doubt, however, that this buttstock is probably orig to this rifle or certainly of the period.

This rifle is incredibly engraved in semi-relief by master engraved John Ulrich and signed microscopically on the bottom tang “J.Ulrich”. Engraving consists of full coverage, very tight foliate arabesque patterns on the receiver with the large scalloped border vignette of a standing bull elk in a forest scene on the left sideplate and a smaller round vignette in semi-relief of a walking bull elk in a meadow scene on the left front flat. The hammer screw hole is surrounded by a large flower blossom with a small scroll on the sideplate having another very detailed smaller flower blossom. Right sideplate has the scallop bordered semi-relief vignette of a bugling bull elk in an extremely detailed forest scene with the smaller round vignette of a walking bull elk in a meadow scene on the right front flat. Right side hammer screw hole is engraved with mirror image to the left side, of a flower blossom. Two small scrolls above the loading gate opening terminate in detailed flower blossoms. All of the foliate arabesque patterns have very fine pearled background. Full coverage engraving extends over the entire top and bottom of receiver along with top tang. Bottom tang is engraved to match. Bottom of carrier is engraved with foliate arabesque patterns on front and rear edges with tiny diamond and dot patterns in the center. Similar, slightly larger diamond and dot patterns are engraved between the timing screws. Top edges of ejection port are engraved in feather patterns. Forend cap also has full coverage foliate arabesque and floral patterns. Buttplate tang is lightly engraved to match. This rifle was produced in about 1872 and was probably intended as part of the Winchester Exhibition Collection. It, along with other similarly engraved rifles and carbines was part of the Winchester Exhibit at the 1876 Philadelphia World Exposition. Although this rifle is not pictured in the Winchester Engraving books by Wilson, pg. 144 of The Book of Winchester Engraving pictures rifle no. 109651 which is nearly identically engraved in semi-relief with nearly identical vignettes and coverage. The caption for that rifle also states that it was believed to have been displayed at the 1876 Philadelphia Expo. Most certainly it is of exhibition quality and was probably sold after the 1876 Philadelphia display. CONDITION: About good. No orig finish remains with the bbl a smooth dark brown patina, the remains of an old refinish with scattered fine pitting. The bbl address was mostly obliterated during the refinish process. Magazine tube is also a smooth dark brown patina. Receiver, sideplates, forend cap and buttplate show light to moderate edge wear with very light wear on the engraving, just touching the high points and overall retains an even dark mustard patina with traces of orig gold in the engraving. Hammer retains silvered case colors and the lever in a dark brown patina. Wood is sound with numerous nicks, scratches and dings, a bruise on the right wrist and a couple more on the forearm and overall retains about 85% orig piano varnish finish. Mechanics are fine. Strong sharp bore with good shine and scattered pitting. Cleaning rod is fine. 52573-1 (75,000-125,000) – Lot 1010

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Auction: Firearms - October 2017
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