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SN 348846. Cal. 38-40. 5-1/2″ bbl. Blue finish. 2-pc ivory grips with carved steer-head motif on left side and Colt medallions in upper corner. This revolver was manufactured in 1926 and was engraved by Wilbur Glahn in a scroll and floral motif. Bbl engraving borders the address on both sides. Ejector rod housing has scroll work on the outer edge with a walking line in the gullet. Ejector rod head is engraved with a star motif. Engraving shows a fine line background. Frame engraving is nearly full coverage with chevrons on the recoil shield and the loading gate. Frame engraving extends down from the frame into the rear portion of both trigger guard flats, which is indicative of Glahn’s work. Top strap has a leafy scroll accent at front and rear. Frame in front of cyl also is engraved. Gullets in front of cyl remain un-engraved. Front face of frame shows a cactus motif. Frame engraving shows a fine punch dot background. Backstrap apron also shows a chevron motif bordered on either side by scroll engraving. Bottom of backstrap shows a scroll and floral motif. Butt shows a rather unique chevron motif. Bottom of trigger guard is scrolled engraved, as is the front of the trigger guard behind SN. Cyl is scroll engraved between the flutes with a walking line around the rear periphery. Cyl engraving also has a fine line background. Bbl shows proper 1-line address on top with cal mark on left side. Proper fat front-sight. Frame shows proper 2-line patent mark on forward left side. Rampant Colt logo without a circle to the rear. SN matches on frame, trigger guard and backstrap. Rear face of cyl has the last 2 digits of the SN stamped on the web between 2 chambers. Assembly no. “563” is stamped on right rear of frame under grip and on rear face of loading gate. Hammer has correct coarse knurling with a border. Grips are carved in the factory style with 3 relief holes drilled in rear behind each medallion. Checkering appears to have been done at a later date. Factory letter states above described: Shipped May 27, 1926 to Honeyman Hardware Co, Portland, OR. Single gun in shipment, 38/40, 5-1/2″, blue, ivory, factory engraved, Colt factory order 10983/1. Checkering on stocks appears of subsequent time after factory. Special Note: This item(s) contains plant or animal properties that may be covered by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We have taken care to ensure that this item(s) meets the standard for sale under the ESA. However, certain states and other countries have laws that are more restrictive than the ESA. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that it is lawful to purchase or transport this item(s) into their state, and to obtain the necessary import and export approvals. Delay or failure to obtain any such permit or approval does not relieve the buyer of paying for the item(s) and consummating the purchase. CONDITION: Very fine. Bbl retains 98% blue finish, with only slight muzzle wear. Ejector rod housing also retains 98% blue finish, again with only slight holster wear at the front end. Engraving and markings are sharp and clear. Frame retains 80-90% of orig case color finish, which is vivid in the protected areas of the top-strap, gullets in front of cyl and under the loading gate. Engraving and all markings are sharp and clear. Backstrap retains about 80% bright-blue finish, that has drifted somewhat to a plumb patina, with a few very light scratches that were made when the grips were checkered. Trigger guard retains 80% bright-blue finish with most of the wear on the fore-strap, which is turning somewhat plumb color. There are also some small scratches on the fore-strap that were made when the grips were checkered. Engraving on backstrap and trigger guard is sharp and crisp. Cyl shows 90% blue finish with blueberry color in the flutes. There is a slight drag-mark and a few light scratches overall. Bore is frosty with sharp rifling. Cyl chambers are dark. Hammer shows generous traces of case color, with some scratching on left side. Trigger shows generous traces of fire-blue. Frame screws retain nearly all of blue finish. Hammer screw is slightly marred. Grips straps screws also contain nearly all of blue finish. Rear trigger guard screws and butt screw are slightly marred. Grips are fine and appear to be a Colt product, but are definitely not orig to this gun. A very fine example of a Colt factory engraved Single action army revolver, mastered engraved by Wilbur Glahn in 1926, that would be a welcome addition to any collection of factory engraved Colts. 50999-1 (35,000-45,000) C&R; IVORY – Lot 4254

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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