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SN 488. Cal. 45-70. Fine Gatling with full shrouded 24″ 10-bbl cluster with SN and caliber on the right trunnion, “488 / CAL 45”. Trunnions are 1-1/2″ dia. and the threaded knurled cascabel about 2-1/2″ dia. The front raised area of the shroud, just over the trunnions and in front of the articulated feed base is engraved “U.S.N. / anchor / NO. 41 / WWK / 1889”. Inspector “WWK” (Lt. W. W. Kimball, USN). Rear part of the housing is engraved in 5″ x 2-1/2″ lozenge “GATLING GUN PATENTED / manufactured by / COLT’S PT. F.A. MFG CO / HARTFORD, CT. USA”. The feed base is for the brass Accles circular drum, which one is attached (for 104 rounds), inspected “DFC” (David F. Clark). This gun has an adjustable iron rear blade sight with brass collars engraved “R” and “L” to distinguish on which side of the rear cover either sight is to be positioned. The iron crank with brass handle is on the right side. Mounted on an orig cast brass yoke with a steel arc that is attached to brackets on the bottom of the shroud and passes through the yoke, which controls the elevation and depression of the bbls. The yoke is on a pintle which fits in a bronze socket which sits atop bronze tripod. Left trunnion is engraved “WT 209lbs”. Yoke is marked and inspected “5 / USN / anchor / WJK / 1889”. Bronze tripod is marked and inspected “MOUNT NO 2 / MARK II / ORD. DEP. W.N.Y. / 189 / anchor / C. ON / C.J.B.”. There is no indication in available research material how many of these Gatling guns were purchased by the Navy, but it is believed they are substantially more rare than those purchased by the Army. The Model 1883 was greatly improved over the Model 1877-1881 models that had seen field use by the British Army during the Zulu Wars and improvements were made including making all models with jacketed bbls, no longer having exposed bbls on any model. The breech bolts were made longer and sturdier and the firing rate was increased to about 800 rounds per minute with the side mounted crank. The crank could be removed and attached directly to the main shaft (by unscrewing cascabel) with now each crank firing a sequence of all 10 bbls so a cyclic rate as high as 1,500 rounds per minute could be obtained! CONDITION: Very fine overall. The brass shows a mixed light to medium patina with only a few nicks, dents and minor cosmetic blemishes. Engraved and stamped markings all discernible with light wear. Yoke has matching patina to gun and tripod has darker patina. Several brass parts have assembly numbers “8” or “9”. Gun has been well conserved and appears functional though 3 of the breech bolts are missing. The other 7 breech bolts are in varying conditions from fine to pitted with welded restoration, several inspected “DFC” , and one dated “1889”. The only discernible external restoration that we note is the cascabel and brass handle to crank, otherwise all external parts are orig and marked. All in all, this is a superior, orig, very fine Naval Gatling gun on a rare Naval bronze tripod. 50360-1 JS (175,000-250,000) – Lot 4247

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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