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SN 151385. Cal. 44. Blue & color case hardened with 8″ rnd bbl, German silver front sight and 1-line New-York US America address. Left side of frame is engraved “COLT’S PATENT” in a pillow shape and it has the caliber marking on left rear web of trigger guard. The silver-plated brass trigger guard and iron back strap contain a 1-pc ebony grip with last four digits of SN in back strap channel. Revolver is engraved by Gustave Young in late vine style with full coverage foliate arabesque patterns on the frame with several patterns terminating in flower blossoms. Hammer also received Mr. Young’s deluxe treatment with foliate arabesque patterns on the shank and wolf’s heads on each side of hammer nose. Top edge of hammer is engraved in fish scale patterns and the spur is hand checkered. Mr. Young’s deluxe patterns extend about 4″ up each side of bbl, terminating forward of the bbl address. Left side of bbl lug has one scroll that terminates in Mr. Young’s distinctive dog’s head pattern and another in a flower blossom. Right side of lug has a scroll terminating in his distinctive bird head pattern and a scroll terminating in a flower blossom. There is also a dash & line pattern border around muzzle. Rammer pivot is lightly engraved to match. Cyl is rebated and has the Ormsby Naval battle scene roll marking on the major diameter. Top of back strap is engraved with Mr. Young’s deluxe fan pattern with flower blossoms on sides of back strap shoulders. Top of back strap, heel, butt strap & trigger guard are also engraved in foliate arabesque patterns. None of the screws are engraved although the frame screw holes are outlined with a narrow borders on both sides. The SN on bottom of bbl lug, frame, trigger guard & butt strap are all accompanied by a small “I” and “E” indicating that the revolver received special polishing for engraving and the “I” usually indicating ivory grips. However, in this case, it simply means special grips. Accompanied by a fine, orig, burl mahogany, Colt casing with green velvet lining, compartmented in bottom for the revolver, a fantastic Navy size “COLTS PATENT” angle spout flask, a blued steel 2-cavity “COLT’S PATENT” mold with sprue cutter, marked on right side “44H” and a small “D” inspector mark. Also included is an L-shaped nipple wrench/screwdriver and a sealed tin of Eley’s caps with marbled brown & Buff colored paper wrapping. Right front compartment contains cast lead bullets & balls. This revolver is engraved very similarly to a series of Model 1860 Army percussion revolvers that are extremely famous & well known, all with ebony grips, including the cased pair for Gen. Joseph R. Hawley and the one made for Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. All appear to be in the 151,000 serial range. The Hawley Armys are serial numbered “151388” and “151389” and are not quite so elaborately engraved as this one being sold here. The Grant Army is numbered “151718” and is substantially more elaborate than this revolver. Of note, the arms display by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham at a NYC Benefit Fair during the Civil War, contains a pinwheel of ebony gripped and engraved Colt Army revolvers (see p.314 “The Book of Colt Firearms”, Sutherland and Wilson). As Wolcott’s father was known to be a principal organizer of the display, it is very likely that this 1860 Army is one those on the display which was subsequently given to Wolcott’s son. It is also likely that the Army revolvers presented to Grant and Hawley were also part of this Accompanied by a Model 1850 Foot Officer’s sword by Schuyler, Hartley & Graham with bright steel scabbard. Sword has a 32″ slightly curved blade with wide & narrow fullers, lightly etched about the center with “U.S.” on left side and a spread-winged American eagle on right side with a ribbon in its beak inscribed “E PLURIBUS UNUM”. The Schuyler, Harley & Graham marking is etched on right ricasso and the Clauberg marking on the left with “IRON PROOF” on the spine. It has a small, single-branch hand guard with filigree flowers & vines with fish skin & braided wire wrapped handle. Right side of scabbard is engraved “Lieut. H.F. Wolcott / FROM / His Schoolmates”. Also accompanying is a burgundy silk sash with long braided knots & tassles at each end. Also accompanying is a spiral bound, self-published 119 page booklet titled “Family Jottings / Roger Wolcott”. It was apparently privately printed in 1939 and this is a reproduced copy. Also accompanying is a 3-ring binder of information including military records of Lt. Wolcott. This revolver was the property of 2nd Lieutenant Huntington Frothingham Wolcott, Company I, 2nd Mass. Cavalry. Lt. Wolcott enlisted as 2nd Lieutenant in March 1865 at age 19. Apparently he had attempted to enlist earlier but was rejected for being too young. He did volunteer as a surgeon’s assistant for two summers prior to enlisting. Upon his enlistment he was assigned as Aide de Camp to Brig. Gen. Gibbs (a relative) just in time to participate in Gen. Sheridan’s raids into Virginia. Lt. Wolcott was, by all accounts, a dashing & brave young officer who regularly participated in the thickest of the fighting and was part of the unit that captured 7,000 prisoners, 9 pieces of artillery and 10 battle flags as reported by Gen. Gibbs on May 9, 1865. Apparently young Wolcott had to be restrained by orders from superior officers from even more active & vigorous participation. The war ended in early June 1865 and Lt. Wolcott survived. He marched with his regiment in the grand review in Washington, seemingly in glowing good health, however the very next day he was stricken with camp fever and died on June 9, 1865. Among the information accompanying this lot is a signed Bill of Sale from Susan Dexter (nee Wolcott) of Ladue, MO, dated Jan. 20, 2000. The Bill of Sale is for this sword with belt & officer’s belt plate, a leather flap holster, sash & sword along with a revolver. Attached to the sword belt is a very old, very dark brittle tag, which accompanies, that reads “Belt and holster carried by Lt. H.F. Wolcott in the Civil War. The revolver was also his but not carried in the Civil War.” The Bill of Sale states that the leather rig & holster are in poor shape. Apparently they have disintegrated and no longer accompany this grouping. The Bill of Sale further states “Lt. Huntington Frothingham Wolcott was my great uncle. My father, Roger Wolcott, Jr., mentions ownership of this item plus the Colt revolver, sword and sword belt sash in his book, Family Jottings, privately printed in 1939″, signed “Susan Dexter”. Mrs. Dexter explains in another letter dated Jan. 6, 2000 that the reason Lt. Wolcott was using this sword was that it is a replacement for the orig that was lost when Lt. Wolcott was fording a stream. Additionally accompanying are two black faced brass plaques for both the revolver and sword from an unknown display. CONDITION: Revolver is extremely fine, all matching including wedge, cyl & grip. Bbl retains about 85-88% glossy orig Colt blue with the losses flaked, not worn, to a medium patina. Top right side of bbl has a line of fine surface rust. Rammer & handle retain about all of their brilliant orig case colors. Frame retains about all of its orig case colors, brilliant on right side, moderately faded on left side. Hammer is about identical with strong bright colors on right side, brilliant on rear edge and lightly faded on left side. Cyl retains about 90% orig blue thinning & turning plum in the rolled areas, strong & bright with fine surface rust on rebated area and with five crisp safety pins. Trigger guard retains about 60% thinning orig silver with the exposed areas a light mustard patina. Back strap & butt strap are flaked to a medium steel patina with light rust on the heel & butt strap. Grip has a large chip on left heel with a couple of small dings in the left edge and a chipped right toe with light nicks & scratches and overall retains about 90-92% orig varnish. Mechanics are crisp, brilliant shiny bore, probably unfired. Case has two grain checks in bottom, otherwise is completely sound with only light handling & storage surface mars and retains virtually all of its orig factory varnish. Flask is equally crisp & new, retaining 96-97% crisp orig finish. Mold appears to be unused retaining all of its orig blue with a few scattered spots of light surface rust. Nipple wrench is fine. Cap tin is faded with light water damage to the label and missing one edge of the label. Interior of case is dark & clean inside the lid with bottom lightly faded and soiled with minor damage from front sight. Sword is fine, showing a cleaned metal finish on scabbard. Blade is bright & clean showing only faint scratches. Hand guard & pommel retain most of their orig gold wash. Fish skin wrap shows light wear. Sword knot is worn & soiled but intact. Sash has a few frayed spots on edges with a few minor holes & losses but basically intact. 50223-1 JR231 (135,000-165,000) – Lot 4240

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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