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SN 18464. Cal. 45-60. 28″ oct bbl. Button magazine. Full nickel finish with blue bbl. XX American walnut stocks with checkered pistol grip and forend. Steel shotgun buttplate. Beach’s combination front-sight with ivory bead, 2-leaf rear-sight. Rifle is master engraved in style 5 on receiver, forend cap, and buttplate. Receiver is engraved in the Ulrich style. Left sideplate shows a vignette of a running deer in a circle, surrounded by a leafy scroll and floral motif. Right sideplate shows a leafy scroll motif with a blank presentation rolled riband panel in the center. Forward part of receiver on both sides, shows the same leafy scroll motif bordered by a dental motif on top. Lever hinge has a scroll accent. Top of receiver has scroll at the front of ejector port. Hammer slot has a line border with scroll finials. Dust cover shows scroll decoration. Bottom of receiver has scroll decoration at rear of elevator mortise. Elevator has matching scroll decoration at rear. Buttplate shows scroll at top of heel with line border. Forend cap shows scroll around screws with line border. Bbl shows 2-line Winchester address rolled in front of rear-sight and cal mark on top flat in front of receiver. Receiver has dust cover rail attached with screw. Lower tang has SN stamped behind lever catch. “J. Ulrich” is stamped behind trigger with correct die mark. Lower tang shows assembly no. “210”. To the rear is stamped “XX”. “O” and “S” inspector marks are also present. Upper tang mortise of stock shows assembly no. “210” with a “P”. Inside toe of buttplate is stamped “17”. Rear toe of stock has “17” stamped under buttplate. Accompanying this rifle is a Cody Firearms Museum letter dated August 16, 2012. It is listed as rifle 45-60, oct bbl, plain trigger, half-magazine, full nickel finish and showing shipment on November 8, 1881, order number 29250. Letter also shows repair and return on August 25, 1896, order number 16925. There is no mention of the engraving. Also included is a Cody Firearms Museum letter August 16, 2012, for Model 1876, number 18463, which shows rifle, 45-60, oct bbl, set trigger, checkered stock with pistol grip, shotgun butt, engraved 5, half-nickel finish. Shipped from warehouse on November 8, 1881, order number 29438. Rifle number 18463 was offered at auction in December 2007. This rifle has an octagon bbl with full magazine, full nickel finish, plain stocks, set trigger, no engraving. This description that does not conform with the Cody Firearms Museum records for this rifle. Also included is a copy of the original Winchester ledger page where both rifles are consecutively listed. In the opinion of this cataloger, Winchester Model 1876 rifles number 18463/18464, exhibit a factory recording error where order data for the rifles were transposed. Both rifles were shipped on November 8, 1881, on special order and information was mistakenly recorded by the ledger keeper. Special Note: This item(s) contains plant or animal properties that may be covered by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We have taken care to ensure that this item(s) meets the standard for sale under the ESA. However, certain states and other countries have laws that are more restrictive than the ESA. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that it is lawful to purchase or transport this item(s) into their state, and to obtain the necessary import and export approvals. Delay or failure to obtain any such permit or approval does not relieve the buyer of paying for the item(s) and consummating the purchase. CONDITION: Fine. Bbl retains 10% blue finish in protected areas, with the balance turning a mottled plumb-brown patina. Markings are sharp. Bore is bright with sharp rifling. Receiver retains 60% slightly crazed nickel finish, with some light staining and loss of finish at the carry point. Engraving is sharp. Nickel screws retain almost all of their nickel finish. Loading gate shows dull crazed nickel finish. Dust cover retains 60% crazed nickel finish with sharp engraving and unmarred screw. Elevator retains 80% nickel finish with sharp marks. Bolt shows a considerable amount of nickel finish with some flaking. Hammer shows 80% nickel finish with some loss at spur. Sharp checkering. Lever shows 60% crazed nickel finish with some flaking on bottom edge. Trigger shows a generous amount of nickel finish. Tang markings are sharp. Stocks are very good, full-sized, and retain nearly all of the dark brown oil finish, with only slight handing marks overall. There is a small chip missing on top of right wrist at receiver. Checkering is lightly worn and shows a few small dents. Ebony insert on pistol grip is very good. Buttplate retains 20% nickel finish with some brown staining around edge and erosion at heel and toe. Forend cap shows 90% bright nickel finish, as does the magazine cap. A wonderful example of a deluxe factory engraved Winchester Second Model 1876 rifle with a seldom seen engraver’s signature. 51003-1 TEP (50,000-90,000) IVORY – Lot 4088

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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