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Revised: 9/29/2016 

Please Note: In regards to this signed Conrad Ulrich masterpiece. We have just learned that the stock is not the original stock. The original stock was refinished and had average wood. In the last couple of years, it was upgraded with another antique Model 66 rifle stock having great wood and wonderful finish. We understand a number of these truly special engraved Model 66’s have had similar changes. The current stock is outstanding, appropriate and had we not been told and verified this, we would never have been able to determine it.


SN 84015. Cal. 44 RF Henry. Considered to be one of Conrad Ulrich’s masterpieces, this spectacular rifle has a 24-1/4″ oct bbl with Winchester and King’s improvement markings in 2-lines, half-nickel front sight and scarce 900-yard Henry-style ladder rear sight with tension spring mortise in top flat. Gold-plated receiver, buttplate and forend cap. It has highly figured, deluxe burl and flame grain uncheckered straight stock and forearm with crescent buttplate with trap. It has factory sling loops in the forend cap and stock. The receiver, forend cap and buttplate are masterfully engraved in Mr. Ulrich’s now-famous and well-known patterns. The receiver has deep relief vignettes of blind justice holding the sword and scales of justice in between 2 buildings. The front flat on the left side, also in deep relief, depicts a very detailed hunter holding a gun with his dog in the background in a Greek-style arch with a tiled roof building in the background. The right side, also in deep relief, has a vignette of a hunter with his dog holding a gun and directing the dog. The front flat on the right, also in deep relief, pictures a standing stag in foliate and floral setting. The left side vignettes are surrounded with beautifully executed foliate arabesque patterns and a Greek key motif, which divides the 2 panels. The front and rear edges of the receiver have Ulrich’s beautiful four-petal flowers in a chain completely around the circumference. The rear edge of the left flat has 2 small pinwheels. The right side vignettes are also surrounded by foliate arabesque patterns with a fox, a duck and a squirrel concealed within the engraving. The hunter and dog have foliate and floral foreground and the 2 pinwheels appear opposite the left side. The top of the receiver in back of the ejection port, is executed in three panels of fine foliate arabesque engraving with the center blank for effect or for an inscription. The bottom of the receiver is lightly engraved with a split foliate spray divided between the carrier and floorplate. A fine line is engraved around the lever and trigger openings with a spray of foliate engraving back of the trigger. The top tang has simple borders with a space in the middle. The bottom tang has a simple line border with foliate arabesque engraving around the rear screw hole. The buttplate tang is engraved with an outline of foliate arabesque patterns and a plain center. The forend cap has a circle of four-petal flowers that matches those on the receiver. All of the work has Mr. Ulrich’s fine, detailed wavy borders and extremely fine punch-dot background. The vignettes have a plain background which wonderfully offsets the relief decorative work on the figures. The lower tang has Ulrich’s stamped signature in 2 rectangular cartouches rear of SN. This rifle is pictured in full color, both sides, on page 113 of “Winchester Engraving”, 1975, by R. L. Wilson. This is among the handful of truly spectacular relief carved Winchesters known. PROVENANCE: William Sisney Collection; Norm Vegely Collection. CONDITION: Extremely fine. All matching and orig. Matching SN found in upper channel of buttstock and a script “6” on upper left tang. Bbl retains about 95% finish, turning plum on the top half with the sheltered areas having bright original blue. There are 2 or 3 small spots of moderate pinprick pitting with some scattered staining and light pitting on the right flat. The magazine tube is mostly a plum/blue with 3 spots of pitting. The receiver and forend cap retain about 96-97% of their beautiful bright gold plating with the exposed areas a dark mustard brass patina that blends very well. The buttplate retains about 75-80% original gold plating with the balance a dark mustard patina. The wood is sound and retains most of it’s high polish varnish. Mechanically excellent with crisp bright bore. 50412-12 (250,000-500,000) – Lot 4024

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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