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SN NSN. According to Giles & Shuey in their 2006 scholarly text One Hundred Years of Winchester Cartridge Boxes 1856 – 1956, they picture on page 38 and describe this rare box that only 3 were known at time of printing. “Sometime in the early/mid-1860s, probably 1863-65, this gold-on-black box appeared. As there is no callout of the manufacturer, it is often referred to as the “Generic Black Box”. Of the three that the authors have examined, one was empty and two were found with New Haven Arms 44 Pointed cartridges with raised “H” headstamps…The fact that “H” headstamps were found in two of these boxes is irrelevant. There is no way of knowing whether they were original to the box or just replacements by later owners who assumed (or wished) them to be of New Haven or Winchester production. Complicating the picture is the fact that it is known that New Haven contracted for outside production of 44 Henry cartridges. So it’s possible that the rounds that have been found in those boxes known to us were, indeed, native to the box; but, it is just as possible that they came from an outside contractor. Crittenden & Tibbals, interestingly, had the manufacturing wherewithal to produce the larger Rimfire calibers during the 1863-65 period. They are also known to have advertised (and presumably sold) the 44 Henry cartridge during the same period. And yet not a single 44 Henry box or label by C&T has ever been found with their name on it. Hmmm…” Authors obviously believe that Crittenden & Tibbals made these cartridges and boxes so the cartridges contained without headstamps are correct. These identical cartridges are commonly found in Civil War sites of 1864 campaigns, both in Virginia and Georgia and rarely with headstamps. This is a very rare box with discernible label that is complete and orig. CONDITION: Box is sound and solid. Cracked at edges, with a couple of old Scotch tape repairs on two corners of lid. Label is 98% complete with discernible text as can be seen in photographs, though light in areas. 50818-1 JS (8,000-12,000) – Lot 4020

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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