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SN 001. Cal. .308. 23-1/8″ bbl. This historically significant specimen is the gun which was held back by COLT in their “pattern room” when they tested the design of the CMG-3. It was prudent practice to withhold one pristine specimen back in mint condition while trials were conducted in order to be able to compare dimensional changes between it and guns undergoing rigorous testing. Reportedly there were very few of this particular model constructed in the early 1970’s, and one of these was only an aluminum receiver. Other specimens of this model were used up in endurance testing or otherwise altered during development. There may be a handful out there, but very few indeed. This specimen is marked on left side of receiver simply “Colt Gun Room and on right side of receiver “COLTS MG-3 SER NO. 001”. The feature that differentiates this gun from CMGs 2 & 3 is a single lug latch locking quick release bbl. Depressing bbl catch on top of receiver allows bbl to easily slide out of receiver. Otherwise, the unusual aspect of this machine gun is the method in which the bolt is charged. Pressing a tab on back of pistol grip allows entire grip assembly to slide forward within the rails of receiver and engaging the bolt. Withdrawing grip to rear cocks bolt into the open (charged) position. At that point, actuating the trigger allows bolt to go forward. The travel of bolt within feed way actuates the fingers of feed shuttle which feeds ammunition from left to right. The firing pin is double ended within the bolt, meaning that if the tip is broken off in use, the pin merely needs to be turned around end-for-end and reinserted into the bolt to be functional again. Included in this lot is orig and unusual drum magazine which is a sheet metal can with chute that apparently uses a standard M-60 belt. The belt with is placed inside reminiscent of a MG-34/42 drum,a nd the belt is routed up through chute to where it can be fed into feed shuttle. Drum cover is held in place by a sliding knife-style latch which fits into a slotted stud to retain it in place. This weapon also has an attached orig bi-pod with extendable legs and a hard black composite foregrip which makes this gun comfortable to hold and straightforward to cock. There is also a composite and steel carrying handle attached at the center gravity point which makes this machine gun easy to carry. Front sight is fixed, rear sight is fully adjustable for elevation and windage and graduated “1-10”. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand. This weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This gun is registered on the current ATF Form 3 as caliber .223, however, the gun is actually, in reality, .308. This can be requested for correction upon transfer. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance near excellent with some slight loss of matte gray-green orig finish where there is metal-to-metal contact such as where handgrip assembly rides within rails as well as an area just ahead of and just behind foregrip where receiver has been very slightly milled where accommodation was made for foregrip mounting block. There are otherwise some very slight scratches to finish as well as some very slight wear to finish within feedway attesting to fact that this gun has indeed been fired successfully. Composite buttstock has a very dark gray-green color and has a scratch which reveals a light blue color composite stock beneath. Inside of receiver very clean and lubricated. Bore is shiny, clean, and bright with some firing residue in grooves. Fantastic piece of Colt modern machine gun development history from Colt’s Gun Room. What a treasure to find that it is fully transferable to individuals. 49318-5 JWK44 (150,000-250,000) – Lot 3740

Auction: Firearms - October 2015
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