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SN 325. Cal. Approx. 20 Bore. 29″ Twist barrels with low, smooth concave rib are inlaid in gold with “Boutet”, on the left bbl, “32”(the order number) on the rib and “A Versailles” on right bbl. Gold inlaid lettering is in large Gothic script with scroll flourishes at each end. Breech end of each bbl has 4 gold filled Poincons, 2 being “NB” for Nicholas Boutet (Boutet’s monograph from 1800-1804), another in an elongated rectangle marked “Boutet”(marked as such from 1805-1814) as well as a small oval with an eagle, the “state control mark”. There is gold wash banding at breech and muzzle ends, as well as elliptical gold wash on either end of front sight bead which is 3-1/2″ back from muzzle. The breech iron is deeply cut away so eye can align with rib. Beautifully filed locks with inset chamfered borders and have semi-waterproof platinum lined pans and touch holes. The intricately filed frizzens and French-style cocks have matching chamfers. There are no rollers on frizzens or springs. Left lock plate is engraved “Boutet” and right “A Versailles.” in large Gothic letters. Trigger plate has intricately filed vase and flower shaped termination and is void of engraving. Trigger guard shows fine file work. Nicely streaked European walnut bellied stock terminates in finely checkered steel buttplate with intricately filed tang in same style as trigger plate. Stock features include: Sling eye on toe line; Long shadow line cheek rest; Long diamond 20 LPI borderless checkering in fancy scalloped pattern. Single wedge key slot. Stylized thimble has sling loop provision. There are no ramrod pipes on barrel. Ramrod is made of baleen and has brass tip and steel worm at tail under brass cap. PROVENANCE: Ex H.H. Thomas Collection. CONDITION: Extremely fine as professionally restored. Bbls retain virtually all of their refreshed brown tone finish. Gold banding at breech end of bbls is thinning. Breech iron, Lockplates and appended metal are restored to a smooth bright burnished finish. Stock has been properly cleaned and refreshed with an old oil finish. There are sound repairs to wood at side nail and right side of forend. Nose pipe has a repaired break. Bores are good. Locks and frizzens are crisp. A lovely gun produced when the French makers were at the pinnacle of the trade at the time of Restoration and King Louis XVIII having been given new life at the hands of talented conservationists. 50785-2 (15,000-25,000) – Lot 3307

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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