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SN 25089/25090. (1936) Cal. 12 ga. 2-3/4″ Chambers. This fine pair of game guns has optimal length 29″ chopper lump bbls with slightly swamped, narrow game ribs engraved “J. Purdey & Sons. Audley House. South Audley Street. London. England.” Rear portions are gold inlaid with numerals “1” or “2”. This treatment extends to top levers and forend tips. Bbl flats are stamped with London nitro proofs for 2-1/2″ chambers, and 1979 London re-proofs for 2-3/4′ chambers at .740. Bottoms of bbls are stamped with SNs. Bottoms of left bbls are stamped “CHOKE” and with bbl makers initials “WH” (Bill Hill). Loop of gun “1” is stamped with tube nos. “62433” and “62434”. Gun no. “2” has tube nos. “62435” and “62436”. Case hardened Beasley patent self-opening sidelock actions feature usual complement of automatic safeties (SAFE inlaid in gold), bushed strikers, raised rib tumbler end cocking indicators, and dbl triggers. Ejectors are of the later improved type. Actions and lockplates are engraved with very well cut rose and scroll in Purdey house style. “J. Purdey & Sons” is on each lockplate, as well as on the bottoms of actions over “London” and “England”. Trigger guards, engraved with typical larger open scroll, are blued and have SNs engraved on tangs. Smoky marbled, and lightly figured European walnut straight grip buttstocks measure 14-1/2″ over nicely checkered horn buttplates. Stocks feature typical drop points and point pattern checkering. Silver circles on toe lines are engraved “RBA”. Matching splinter ejector forends have Anson releases. The iron of gun no “1” is stamped with actioners initials “PW” (Percy Wilkes), and gun “2” with “H” (long time Purdey employee, Fred Hughes). (It is not unusual for pairs of guns to be actioned by different individuals to insure timely delivery.) Gun no. “1”: Bore diameter: left -.734, right – .734. Bore restrictions: left – .031 (full), right – .012 (lt mod). Wall thickness: left – .030, right – .030. Drop at heel: 1-13/16″, drop at comb: 1-1/2″. Cast off approx 1/8″. Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz. LOP: 14-1/2″. Gun no. “2”: Bore diameter: left -.734, right – .734. Bore restrictions: left – .031 (full), right – .011 (lt mod). Wall thickness: left – .031, right – .029. Drop at heel: 1-13/16″, drop at comb: 1-1/2″. Cast off 1/4″. Weight: 6 lbs. 8 oz. LOP: 14-1/2″. Original makers oak and leather two-gun case with brass corners and circular central medallion, is gold embossed “W W HULSEY OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA U.S.A.” Case has brown canvas leather trimmed outer cover, with central medallion gold embossed “ROBERT B. ARTHUR”. Interior is lined in burgundy cloth, and has gold embossed black leather Purdey label in lid along with charge card for this particular pair of guns with 2-1/2″ notation crossed out, and 2-3/4 inked in. Case contains 3 Purdey marked snap caps, and another marked “William Powell”, unmarked square oil bottle, bone striker case with 4 spare strikers, unmarked ebony handled striker key, and 2 ebony handled turnscrews. Covered compartment holds some cleaning brushes. PROVENANCE: Consignors notes regarding measurements. CONDITION: Excellent, as partially refinished, most likely by factory at time of re-proof (1979). Bbls retain approx 90% of a best London re-black. Actions retain 30 – 40% orig case hardening color, pleasingly silvered on bottoms, fences, and beads. Lockplates retain nearly all of their color. Trigger guards, top levers, safeties, and forend irons re-blacked, and retain nearly all of that black, with only light silvering of their sharpest edges. Stocks retain what appears to be some of their orig oil finish around actions; butts smooth and refinished at time of installation of newer horn plates. Checkering lightly worn, most likely re-cut. Bores are excellent. Actions are tight. Bbls are on face. Drops are good. Gun no. “1” ejectors are slightly out of time; Gun “2” ejectors are perfectly timed. Case leather is still relatively light in color, but there are some scuffs and marks. Newer outer cover is fine with some light scuffs. Interior cloth is fine with compressions from guns and accessories, lightly soiled. Some blocking has been added at butts. 50623-5 MGM23 (30,000-40,000) C&R – Lot 3266

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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