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SN NSN. SN NSN. 105 MM cal. Although often called a “Tank”, the ABBOT FV443 is actually a tracked self-propelled howitzer in a fully rotating turret on an armored chassis. The Abbot was fielded by the British in 1965 and it’s intended role was to provide tactical support on the battlefield shooting in an in-direct fire role against anticipated invasion of western Europe by the Soviet Union. Built by the Vickers corporation, these vehicles were produced from 1965-1967 and remained in the British inventory until 1995. The turret rotates through a full 360 degree rotation and the gun will depress as low as -5 degrees and elevate as high as +70 degrees. The L13A1 105 MM gun is non function currently, but the ring and subsequent registration with the BATF are available completely separately from this auction through the consignor. Julia’s will put the winning bidder in touch with the consignor, but make no other warrantee whatsoever about the availability and transfer of the necessary parts to make the main gun live and registered. The engine is a Rolls-Royce K60 Mk 4G multi-fuel capable power plant which develops 240 horsepower at 3,750 RPM, and the vehicle can reach speeds up to 29 MPH, and can range as far as 300 miles with a 101 U.S. gallon (386 L) fuel tank. The Abbot does have a limited amphibious capacity when equipped with its flotation screen and can move at 3 MPH through water utilizing its own tracks. Parts are available and this model is still in service in some significant quantity with the army of India. The good suspension of this vehicle combined with modern engine and availability of maintenance parts make it a popular armored vehicle for enthusiasts which want to drive, or provide “tank” rides, as it looks tough, and has a traditional turret. Weight: 18.2-tons (16,556-kg); Length: 19′ 2″ (5.84-m); Width: 8′ 6″ (2.64-m); Height: 8′ 2″ (2.18-m) CONDITION: Engine is in good operating order, and exterior has been recently repainted. Turret revolves properly. Interior upholstery in good condition. This vehicle also has connection to Operation Desert Storm I according to consignor who has currently misplaced the maintenance record which substantiates this claim. When found this documentation will be provided to the winning bidder. 50961-3 JWK92 (75,000-150,000) – Lot 3033

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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