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Revised: 9/19/2016 

Please Note: Great News!! The additional barrel is in Cal. 308. You can shoot either 7.7 Jap or by changing the barrel shoot 308 which is a positive asset to the gun.


SN 18314. Cal. 7.7 Jap. 26-1/2″ bbl with flash hider. This Type 99 shows as registered by Pearl MGF Corp, in block 3A of current registration form. Is marked on left side of receiver as having been manufactured by Hitachi in Nov. of 1944. Bolt is numbered 6838. First bbl is SN 18314 manufactured in Oct. 1944. 2nd bbl is numbered 7212, manufactured in Nov. 1943. One orig 30 rnd magazine is included numbered both 4268 and 4740. This particular specimen is typical of the later manufacturing processes and includes the mono-pod on the buttstock and also a smooth wood pistol grip. The carrying handle on bbl 7212 is also of the smooth configuration and the bbl includes what appears to be an orig flash hider. Buffer & operating piston match gun SN. There is a small weld blemish at the lower edge of the ejection port, which indicates that at one time this was probably a deactivated gun. Charging handle cover not present as is often the case on these Japanese machine guns, but this does not in any way affect its function. Bbls fit very snugly into the receiver, wedge type retaining nut, also snug. Head space shims not present on either bbl. Bolt moves freely within the action, spring tension is good. This weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This item is fully transferable on an ATF Form 3 or Form 4. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is good to very good with a light coat of oil over a mostly brown finish with many areas of light pitting visible. When you consider the part of the world and climate that this gun was subjected to, its appearance is consistent with a gun that saw use in one of the combat areas. Several small gouges & dings on the buttstock as well as some scrapes and scars, yet it remains very solid and serviceable. Magazine is in very good condition with a coat of black enamel paint. Lower serial numbered bbl bore is very good with shiny lense. Gas block held in place by a roll pin. Flash hider has sustained a small 1/2″ ding at the 10 o’clock quarter near the socket and also slightly dinged at the muzzle. Left ear of front sight slightly bent inward, but this could be remedied with careful heating and straightening. Other bbl without flash hider has an excellent bore. Both carrying handles in extremely fine condition without any chips. The Japanese type 99 machine gun was the result of the Japanese military going to a larger heavier caliber cartridge in response to request for a rifle cartridge with more stopping power. There are conversion kits out there which allow this gun to be fired in 7.62 X 39 MM. Whether you fire this gun in the orig 7.7 MM Jap rimless or 7.62 X 39, it is a comfortable gun to shoot and an interesting part of WWII history. This is a desirable specimen as it includes an orig magazine as well as 2 bbls. 50455-6 JWK27 (8,000-12,000) – Lot 3023

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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