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SN 3687. Cal. 303 British. 28-1/2″ bbl. This fine example of the Vickers machine gun is marked on the top of the water jacket “V.S.M.” followed by “7.92/303” and comes with an orig wooden transit chest. Right sideplate is marked “BNP 7.9 M/M 2.244″ 18 TONS” followed by “BELLO WPR.FT” (dealer information). This indicates as does the current registration paperwork that this gun was at one time in 8mm Mauser. Currently, however, it is in .303 British with an appropriate feed block, bolt and bbl. Rear sight is marked “V.A.C. 303 VII no 2 mk I”. This specimen retains the rare dial sight bracket affixed to the left receiver plate, with the appropriately longer backplate retaining pin. Water fill plug is brass & water drain plug present. Steam hose cork not present. Firing mechanism moves smoothly when operated by hand, this weapon appears fully functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is transferable only to current FFL and SOT license holders on an ATF form 3 as a pre-86 dealer sample and current transfer form is marked “LIMITED TO USE AS SALES SAMPLE”. This weapon in this status maybe retained by the FFL/SOT license holder privately when they relinquish their license, subject to adherence to state and local laws and approval by the BATF. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is fine retaining most of its orig dark brown finish with dark olive paint on jacket which has numerous small chips with brassing at the tripod mounting points. Internals are clean and serviceable, bore is pitted with distinct rifling. Wooden handles are sound and serviceable with some handling marks. Transit chest lid is no longer attached to the hinges and is cracked with some significant dings and gouges, however, with a little effort it could be made serviceable. There is a staining of red cellophane tape on both ends, which again with some care could be removed. Vickers guns are renowned for their endurance during firing tests and the recent renewed availability of .303 cartridges has breathed new life into the shooting of guns in this caliber. They are also the most versatile of guns to convert to other calibers. 50726-3 JWK47 (5,500-10,000) C&R – Lot 3018

Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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