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SN CSRG 26230. Cal. 8mm Lebel. 21″ bbl with flash hider marked “Sidarme” on left side of receiver with manufacturers star logo in addition to C.S.R.G. that stand for Chauchat, Sutter, Ribeyrolles and Gladiator which are the manufacturers. Upper and lower assemblies have matching SN’s. This design was rushed into production in 1915 due to the perceived immediate need for an automatic rifle following the opening of WWI. Eventually, over 244,000 were manufactured by 1918 in 8mm Lebel. This is a slow firing machine gun with a long recoil travel making it difficult to control when prone and behind the gun. Arguably, it is more effective in it’s intended role of providing walking fire while troops were advancing. One orig mag included along with collector grade publication Honour Bound The Chauchat Machine Rifle. This specimen has been de-activated by having the chamber welded shut with metal weld and the bolt has been removed. Detent pin is a very firm fit. Mag release & safety/selector all move properly. Charging handle is frozen in the rear position. This weapon is de-activated and non-functional. This is a National Firearms Act item and requires BATF approval prior to transfer. This weapon is fully transferable on an ATF form 5 as Curio & Relic eligible as a deactivated tax-exempt transfer. This weapon may be re-activated on an ATF form 1 upon application and approval by BATF. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is very good with over 80% of orig blue finish remaining turning to a brown patina on the flat sides of the receiver plates with more of a bare metal patina on the bipod legs near the swivel points with remains of gray paint on balance of legs. Wood is very solid and serviceable with numerous dings, chips and gouges. Mag appears fully serviceable and also a pleasing gray patina on right side with more finish remaining on left side “SA” visible on left side indicating this mag was at one time in Finnish service. Weld has completely filled chamber and onto chamber face, unable to determine condition of bore due to this fact. 8mm Lebel ammunition is currently readily available and with some work and the appropriate parts, this weapon could likely be returned to a functioning status. Even as is, it is a nice display piece from the WWI era. 51385-1 JWK704 (2,000-3,000) C&R – Lot 3003

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Auction: Firearms - April 2017
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