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Revised: 3/12/2015 

Please Note: Pre-ban ivory bead sight. Special Note: This item contains or is made of ivory. Do not bid on this lot unless you have read and agreed to our “Ivory Position Statement” and the “Waiver of Legal and Financial Risk to James D. Julia in regards to your Purchase of an Ivory Object“. This information is located in our catalog on pages 30 and 31.


SN 48880. Cal. 12 ga. 2-3/4″ Chambers. 32″ Bbls with slightly raised, flat, matted rib mounted with two white beads, are engraved “KRUPP” and “FLUID STEEL” on tops. Krupp markings are also on bottoms of bbls. SN is on bottom left bbl. Typical late action with sideplates covering sears, features Lefever’s automatic safety (S engraved), cocking indicators, adjustable trigger pull, nickel-plated double triggers, and usual Lefever ejector system, ball and socket hinge, and cocking hook. Action and lockplates are engraved in typical “E” style with 30% coverage well cut scroll with geometric borders surrounding oval vignettes of nicely engraved dogs on lockplates; a pointer on left and setter on right. “Lefever” “Arms Co” is engraved on each lockplate. A duck is flushing from marsh on trigger guard bow. SN is at grip. Interesting, well marbled, stump grain European walnut straight grip buttstock measures 14-1/16″ over old, most likely original, Silver pad, with edges and face cleaned up. Standard point pattern checkering with line borders is at grip. A vacant silver oval is on toe line. Matching splinter forend has usual steel tip, steel escutcheon at center, and usual friction release. Bore diameter: left -.731, right -.730. Bore restrictions: left -.038 (full), right -.040 (full). Minimum wall thickness: left -.032, right -.032. Drop at heel: 2-1/4″, drop at comb: 1-11/16″. Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz. LOP: 14-1/16″. CONDITION: Excellent. Bbls retain approx 60 – 70% orig blue, with some flecking and silvering on sharp edges. Bottom rib has an old striation/ scratch running from muzzle to 1″ in front of loop. Action retains approx 70% orig case hardening color, silvered from normal hand wear on fences, beads, and around bottom. Lockplates retain 80 – 90% orig case hardening color, right plate a bit less. There is about 20% color on trigger guard bow. Stocks retain most of their orig finish with butt slightly lightened after pad has been cleaned up. Checkering is lightly worn. Bores are very fine, lightly frosted. Action is tight. Bbls are on face. Ejectors are slightly out of time. There are a number of short stable cracks behind lockplates. A neat old gun with great dimensions. 4-54760 (6,500-9,500) – Lot 2612

Auction: Firearms - March 2015
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