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1) Colt flask for Model 1860 Army revolver with Stand of Flags and Cannon motif. Flask is marked “Colt’s Patent” below crossed rifles and revolvers. Motif shows a standard flag with a cannon motif in front, anchors on the side, and a short sword in the foreground. Top of flask is unmarked. 2) “Peace” flask made by the American flask and Cap Company for the Colt Dragoon revolver and U.S. Longarms. Flask has motif on both sides. Motif has Eagle above a circle of stars in the center of which is a clasping hand design. Bottom of motif has “U.S.” in a shield in front of a panoply of arms. Flask has an adjustable charger spout. Top of flask is marked “AM. Flask & Co.”. Flask has 2 ring-hangers on either side. 3) Peace flask made by N.P. Ames of Chicopee Falls, Mass. Flask is very early production and has the remnants of the date “183x”. Flask has a motif embossed on each side. Top of motif is American Eagle and shield over a rnd circle of stars with a clasping hand design in center. Bottom of motif has “U.S.” in a shield in front of a panoply of arms. Flask has a “WS” inspector mark on the top side near the head of the Eagle. Flask is marked “N.P. Ames” on the cap. Flask has an adjustable charger. Flask has 2 triangular hangers. Flask has a leather collector’s tag with 1837 stamped. Flask is from the Period of the Seminole Wars and would have been issued with Colt Patterson Longarms. 4) Unmarked Navy style flask with Stand of Flag and Cannon motif on one side. Motif has crossed rifles and pistols at top with no Colt mark. Cap is unmarked. 5) Bag shaped flask made by Dixon & Sons in England. Flask is plain and has a ring-hanger at the bottom. Cap is gilt finish. Body of flask is marked “Made in England” over “Dixon & Sons”. Spout is marked “12”. 6) Unmarked fluted bag flask with adjustable charger. Body of flask is fluted overall, with a rolling border at the top. Charger spout is unmarked. 7) Leather bag shot pouch made by The American Flask & Cap Company. Body of flask is dark leather and is not marked. Shot measure is marked “AM. Flask & Cap Co.”. Flask charger is graduated for 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 ounce of shot and is adjustable. Charger has what appears to be an old nickel finish. 8) Unmarked brass capper. Capper has circular designs on both sides and a brass hanging chain. Capper has a steel spring. 9) Dixon & Sons brass capper. Capper has circular motif on both sides and is marked “Dixon & Sons” on the neck. There is an “L” stamped on front face below screw. Capper has ornate spring and a knurled screw. PROVENANCE: The Estate of G.W. “Bill” Stewart of Sonora, Texas. CONDITION: 1) Very good. Flask has a dark mustard patina overall with sharp motif, a few minor dents and intact seam. Spring is broken. Top of flask is dark mustard patina. 2) Very good to fine. Motifs are sharp on both sides. Flask shows an even uncleaned mustard patina with slight dents. Seam is intact. Top of charger is very good with operating spring. Cap is a deep mustard patina with traces of gilt finish. 3) Very fine for this vintage. Embossing is sharp on both sides, with some high point wear on the Eagle’s shield. Flask is a dark mustard patina overall. Darker on one side. Seam is intact. Hangers are good. Cap is very good. Lever operates, markings are clear with exception as noted. Cap is a deep mustard patina with traces of gilt. 4) Very good. Flask is a deep brown patina with a clear sharp motif that has traces of silver finish in the motif. Rear of flask is slightly dented. Seam is intact. Cap is very good with operating door. Cap is a mustard patina. 5) Very good to fine. Flask body is a deep copper patina overall. Seam is intact. Marking is clear. Cap operates and has a generous amount of gilt finish. 6) Very good. Flask body has a deep brown patina with verdigris stains in flutes. Some small dents, seam is intact. Cap is missing spring. Cap retains traces of gilt finish. 7) Very good. Bag has been slightly crushed. Seam is frayed. Screws are rusty. Charger spout is a dull gray patina with clear markings. 8) Very good. Capper is a mellow brass patina with very slight cases of gilt finish. 9) Very good. Capper has a dark mustard patina overall with traces of gilt finish in grooves. Marking is sharp. 49973-355 TEP (4,000-6,000) – Lot 2282

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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