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SN 110,500. This is a classic Civil War sidearm used by both North and South, being the most popular sidearm amongst Confederate officers. This is a nice, honest, orig and complete example of an early 1861 New York addressed Colt Model 1851 Navy revolver made at the onset of the Civil War. Based on factory letter, this gun was shipped August 1861 to A. B. Semple & Sons, Louisville, KY and sold to C. B. Colton, “Collector of The Post” when war fervor was at its peak and Kentucky was in the middle of military action. Standard configuration, 7-1/2″ oct bbl. This is an interesting and aesthetically pleasing gun finished in military style without silver plating on brass or varnish on grips. It was 1 of 60 guns in shipment, no doubt some of these guns found their way into Confederate hands as Louisville had strong Confederate sympathies throughout the war. If the Union army had not occupied Kentucky so early, Kentucky would have been a Confederate state. Charles B. Colton (1832-1916) was from a famous family of cartographers. Colton maps of Louisville and its environs are known from the 1850’s through the Civil War. Colton and his brother during this period were publishing maps of the west. Could he have bought these guns for a militia company? Could he have bought these guns to arm his fellow cartographers while surveying in hostile territory? Why is this particular gun, with such a round SN – 110500 – be made in military style with oiled grips and no silver plating? More research may solve this mystery; but regardless, this is a fine example of an early wartime Colt navy revolver. CONDITION: Fine as professionally refinished. All matching SNs, including wedge and grips. Markings crisp, all easily read such as barrel address and patent markings. Cylinder has areas of staining and light pitting, 80-90% of the naval battle rolled scene can be seen. Screws are all sharp, several retaining traces of blue. Stocks appear oil finished, not varnished and have hand worn patina with edge wear and small cosmetic blemishes. Mechanically fine with crisp well discerned rifling in bore. The accompanying contemporary Colt box it is displayed in is very good. 50945-1 JS (5,000-7,000) – Lot 2253

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