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SN 202294. Cal. 44. Spectacular gold & silver Model 1860 Army percussion revolver, #1 of only two made by the American Historical Society Cir. 1994. It has 8″ rnd bbl, sculpted front sight in the shape of a feather with heavy gold overlay. Top of the bbl is inlaid in gold “THE AMERICAN EAGLE . DESIGNED BY TIFFANY & CO.” The entire bbl lug and about 5″ of each side of the bbl have heavy gold overlay masterfully engraved in the shape of an eagle’s wing with matching heavy gold feathers on the rammer handle. Bbl has a heavy gold engraved ring around the muzzle. Sides of frame are inlaid in silver depicting an eagle’s talon holding an olive branch, with one gold olive on the left side and an eagle’s talon clutching 3 arrows on the right side. Cyl has an incredible heavy silver overlay of 6 eagles heads with gold beaks and a heavy band around the front edge with alternating gold feathers & smooth silver. One chamber is overlaid with a heavy gold cartouche bearing the inscription “COLT’S PATENT”. Recoil shields have heavy gold overlay feather patterns with bands of feather patterns by the hammer slot which flow down the rear edge and across bottom edges of the frame. Toward the front the gold feathers are alternated with graduated, smooth silver partitions. Bottom left front of the frame is inlaid with a gold “1”. Bottom front of the frame, adjacent to the SN is engraved with the engravers name “A. BOURBON”. This extraordinary work of art was designed by Tiffany & Co. and manufactured in the early 1990’s. It was originally intended that only 10 of these superb works of art would be created however only 2 were executed. This one bearing number “1”. The work was created by Andrew Bourbon, a renowned engraver of jewelry and firearms. Bourbon was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1949 and later worked for a considerable period of time with the renowned firearms engraver, A. A. White. He developed the skill of his art while in the tutelage of A.A. White. This is an extraordinary and almost unique work of art; it being one of only two in existence. Top of the backstrap is engraved with the American Historical Society double-eagle logo and the backstrap is engraved “United States Historical Society”. Buttcap is sculpted steel with feather patterns and inlaid gold patterns on the toe. It is mounted with 1-pc pearl grip that it has inlaid U.S. $5 dollar gold piece on the left side and a large gold Colt medallion on the right side. Trigger guard & backstrap are gold plated. SNs on bottom of bbl lug and bottom front of frame are inlaid in gold. The gold & silver embellishments along with the concealed frame screws are by Andrew Bourbon. An example of this revolver is illustrated on pg 306 of The Colt Engraving Book Volume One, R. L. Wilson. Also, this exact gun is illustrated in “Steel Canvas” by R. L. Wilson on both the frontice page and page 23. Also, the only other example of “The American Eagle” resides in the renown collection of Robert M. Lee. His gun (SN 20315) is illustrated and replete with a very detailed write up of the engraver and the gun on pages 466, 467, 468 and 469 of the Art of the Gun, Magnificent Colts. PROVENANCE: Paul Tudor Jones II Collection. CONDITION: Exceptionally fine, crisp and new. The only flaw found by the cataloger was a loss of a teeny fleck of bluing on the left side of the forward portion of the barrel. It is otherwise in superb condition. 49941-10 (20,000-30,000) – Lot 2159

Auction: Firearms - March 2016
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