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SN 908. Cal. 8.15x46R. An absolutely top-of-the-line rifle that just came out of the woodwork. Masterfully engraved and gold inlaid action showing details of what is probably the city of Heidelberg. The top of the breech block, exquisitely engraved, shows Diana the Huntress holding a bow with gold & silver inlays. The trigger guard has a fantastic Griffin inlaid in gold. The bbl is 31-1/2″ long and is fluted with a gold band at the muzzle. In ornate script on the bbl is marked “Karl Srba Buchsenmacher Heidelberg” bordered with flowers & scrolls in gold & platinum. The top flat of the bbl is fully matted. In front of the action is “2 Zuge DRGM”, on top of the action inlaid in gold is “D.R.G.M. Syst. Buchel D.R.G.M.”. The buttstock is spectacular with the left side a carving of someone passed out, leaning against a beer barrel with a cup in his hand. Behind the cheek piece is a fabulous carving of a barmaid in front of a huge cask pouring wine from a stein into a goblet. On the cheek piece, inlaid in ivory is a banner with “Ehrengabe Des Ehren-oben Schutzenmeister’s / Valentin Fuchs / Z18 Verbandz Schiessen Heidelberg / 11-21-Juli 1901”. The right side of the stock shows total coverage of a shooter standing on a hill overlooking the town and river, holding a goblet in one hand and his rifle in another with a target to his left, saluting his victory. The forearm is carved with a man drinking from a goblet who has a large key over an oval with the name “Perkeo”, undoubtedly the key to the city. Special Note: This item(s) contains plant or animal properties that may be covered by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We have taken care to ensure that this item(s) meets the standard for sale under the ESA. However, certain states and other countries have laws that are more restrictive than the ESA. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that it is lawful to purchase or transport this item(s) into their state, and to obtain the necessary import and export approvals. Delay or failure to obtain any such permit or approval does not relieve the buyer of paying for the item(s) and consummating the purchase. CONDITION: As found and probably been sitting in somebody’s attic since their father or grandfather brought it back from WWII. The bore after pushing out several hundred generations of cobwebs, etc., is excellent. All sights are missing. The screw to attach the buttstock is missing. A small gap is found near the action at the buttplate as the wood has shrunk over the years. The wood is sound with no apparent cracks or chips, which is surprising because the carving is so deep and intricate. The ivory banner on the cheek piece has a crack in the middle and we do not know if this was actually 2 pieces of ivory that were put in the stock and shrinkage has opened the gap between them. The gun needs a good overall cleaning. This rifle with correct sights and some restoration would be just spectacular. 50597-3 TWR (3,000-6,000) C&R; IVORY – Lot 2016A

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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