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SN 5102. Cal 8.15x46R. This Stahl is just the best of the best. Most Stahls were made during the Golden Age from about 1880-1900 or so and several were highly embellished. Very few were made as fancy as this one. Made for a left handed shooter. The front and rear sights are present and are correct. The rear sight is engraved to match the engraving on the action and also is serial numbered to the rifle. The bbl sight is missing. The bbl is 30″ long and fluted in a complex style, the bbl being round with raised ribs. The breech end of the bbl has wonderful delicate gold inlays. It was also originally fitted for a cleaning rod, typical for early rifles. This rifle’s bbl has been relined, it was probably originally made in one of the larger calibers such as 9.5x47R and by relining the improved 8.15x46R cartridge could be adapted without the expense of making a whole new bbl. This was a common alteration to convert old rifles to use the new cartridge and does not hurt the value of the rifle. Stamped on the bbl is a crown over a “V” which indicates it was made before 1891 when the proof laws were adapted. Intricate gold inlays are in the bbl just in front of the action. Also marked on the bbl is “B. Stahl Suhl” The fully engraved action’s sides have 2 exceptional large gold inlays. One is Germania holding the Kaiser’s crown in one hand and a sword in the other. The orig stature of Germania surmounts the “Watch on the Rhine” monument erected following the Franco-Prussian War. The inlay on the other side represents the Northern and Southern shooters coming together in front of the Bundes Banner in 1861 in Gotha. This was when Germany was composed of small states such as Bavaria and Prussia and the country was starting to unify. The fully engraved underside of the action also has “System Stahl” inlaid in gold. The stock wood is of extra high quality and is in fine condition. One side of the stock has what is believed to be a German silver inlay with the owner’s name engraved on it. The other side has a forest scene with a doe and a buck, all in masterful deep relief carving. The buttplate has a small amount of tasteful engraving. The rifle is also unusually heavy. PROVENANCE: Alte Scheibenwaffen Vol. 2 pg. 156-157; Classic German Target Arms pgs. 42-45. The Allen Hallock Collection. CONDITION: The bbl, just in front of the action, shows a few small vice marks. The buttstock has a very small crack just in front of the thumb rest. Overall very fine condition and a center piece for anyone’s collection. 50900-12 TWR (8,000-12,000) – Lot 2006

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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