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SN 5718. Nothing in the line of Schuetzen rifles of this quality has ever been offered before. This is the most ornate Schuetzen rifle ever produced and was even described as such when it was made in 1881. A book would be required to describe this rifle adequately. The rifle was ordered by the Khl. Privlg. Hauptschutzen Gesellschaft, Munchen (Royal Privileged Central Schuetzen Society of Munich). The cost was 1000 Reich-marks, a vast sum at that time. It was displayed at the 1881 VII Bundschiessen (national shoot) held in Munich. It was to be an honor prize at the VIII Bundschiessen to be held in Leipzig in 1884. Every inch of this rifle is embellished with the finest workmanship and quality it was possible to produce at that time. The action is high-relief engraved with a matte gold background. One side has a very strange looking bird, while the other has an owl. The underside of the action has a stags head and hunting paraphernalia. The article in the Festival Newspaper stated that the engraving style is done in that of the renowned Suhl gun maker Johann Stockmar, who made guns in the mid-18th century. The article also indicated that the coverage of ivory was to give a similar look to the matchlock ivory covered firearms produced several centuries earlier. The bbl is 30″ long and is most interesting in that each surface between the ribs of the fluting is chased in a different pattern. The top of the bbl is beautifully inlaid in gold “C. Stiegele Jun in Munchen” surrounded by ornate inlays of different colors of gold and platinum. It is still chambered for its orig cartridge, probably 9.5x47R, or something similar. The buttstock and forearm are literally covered in carved ivory inlays engraved with such skill that the figures appear life-like. The forearm, on one side has ferocious looking dogs hunting. On the other side is a family of deer in the forest. The buttstock has a scene showing Diana the Huntress with her dogs and game which is more than spectacular. On the other side is a hunter, on his horse, holding his spear, while his dogs are attacking 2 lethal looking bears. All the inlays need close up inspection to truly appreciate their quality. On the top of the stock’s comb is an inscription mentioning the Honor Prize. This rifle also won several awards including an NRA Silver Medal display award. It was also presented in the “Roll of Honor” in the April 2016 issue of Man-at-Arms. PROVENANCE: Alte Scheibenwaffen Vol. 1 pages 180-183; Classic German Target Arms pages 188-195. The Allen Hallock Collection. Special Note: This item(s) contains plant or animal properties that may be covered by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We have taken care to ensure that this item(s) meets the standard for sale under the ESA. However, certain states and other countries have laws that are more restrictive than the ESA. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that it is lawful to purchase or transport this item(s) into their state, and to obtain the necessary import and export approvals. Delay or failure to obtain any such permit or approval does not relieve the buyer of paying for the item(s) and consummating the purchase. CONDITION: Overall in just wonderful condition. Almost all the bbl blue remains. No apparent chips or dents and shows very little handling abuse. One screw on the buttplate is a correct style replacement, but needs to be aged. The correct front and rear sights are present but the bbl sight is missing. 50900-1 (30,000-40,000) IVORY – Lot 2000

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Auction: Firearms - October 2016
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