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What to Consider When Buying a Machine Gun (part 1)
by John Keene, BATF Compliance/Inventory Manager & Class 3 Specialist

When it comes to the buying and selling of machine guns, James D. Julia is the leader in North America, and in fact since 2008 more machine guns have been sold at auction here in Fairfield, Maine than at all other auction houses in North America combined. However, we still find that many gun collectors and potential gun collectors do not even realize that it is possible to legally own machine guns under Federal law. While there are some states that do prohibit or restrict private ownership of machine guns, most allow the ownership of machine guns as long as federal requirements are met.

Highly sought after H&K Sear installed MG in an MP5 host (sold for $43,125) - Absolutely tremendous 1898 Brass Maxim machine gun (sold for $43,125)
Save the Date: October 31, November 1 & 2, 2017
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Outstanding, recently discovered Colt Single Action Army ($35,000-45,000) - Exceptional A.H. Fox Shotgun from the Tauber Estate Collection ($150,000-225,000)

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