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This wonderful Handel 6004 table lamp depicting the ruins of Elephantine Island at Aswan in Southern Egypt was estimated at $5,000-$7,000 and sold for $9,480.
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  November Success
November Success
The 2013 auction season finished with an amazing offering at the November sale and equally amazing results as strong prices were realized in many collecting areas. Diversity of items ruled the two-day event as fine example of art glass and antique lighting of various makers crossed the block in what is one of our broadest variety of offerings in recent years.

How About Shipping
by Mark Ford, CEO
Many of our out of state customers choose to have Julia's ship their purchases to them. One of the challenges of shipping antiques, firearms, rare lamps and glass, and antique advertising, toys and dolls is packaging them safely. In the days of Amazon and LL Bean, it's common to have a robot pick the box, drop it onto a conveyor belt and have a FedEx label applied by a packaging machine as it goes out the door.

This system doesn't fit the antique world very well. To start with, they are antiques. One of a kind. Each item is carefully picked, wrapped, placed in a box, and then placed in second box as added safety and security. Each package is insured for the purchase price of all the contents. It takes a bit more time to do it this way, but you have the peace of mind knowing that it was packed by experts who care about each and every item that we ship.

What's It Worth
Handel 7026 Blackbird table lamp This Handel 7026 Blackbird table lamp has reverse painted shade with colorful exotic birds with yellow, purple, orange and blue feathers against a black background. The shade is further decorated with colorful, yet subtle, flowers in bright green, yellow, pink and orange. The "Broggi" signed shade has a chipped ice exterior finish and rests on a large Handel base with stylized leaf design decorating the sides. This lamp sold for $11,850 against its $10,000-$12,000 estimate. If have a rare lamp or glass item and want to know "What's it Worth," please take a picture and email it to us at lg@jamesdjulia.com. We are always looking consignments of rare and valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

To contact Mike or Julie, call 207-453-7125 or email us at lg@jamesdjulia.com.

Mike Fredericks and Julie Killam The Rare Glass and Lamp Division is led by Department Head Mike Fredericks and Assistant Julie Killam.
History of Handel
Handel lamps have long been a desirable investment in the collecting community. The company was founded in 1885 in Meriden, CT by the partnership of Philip J. Handel and Adolph Eydam. The original partnership dissolved in 1892 when Eydam left to join competitor C.F. Monroe. By 1903, Handel was relocated in a larger manufacturing facility and was managed by a new partnership between Handel, Antone Teich and Albert Parlow. With the success of Edison's incandescent light-bulb in 1879, the company enjoyed continuous growth and became best known for their "Reck Decorated" painted shades, meaning hand-painted. Fine artists of the community
were recruited into the company from the local immigrant population, with names such as Bedgie, Runge, Parlow, Broggi and Palme found on prime examples of their best work.

Philip Handel died in 1914, passing the leadership of the company to his wife Fanny Hirschfeld Handel. Mrs. Handel remarried in 1918 and a year later gave up control of the company to her cousin ,William F. Handel, who had been Director of Sales prior to assuming the Presidency.

Recognizing the public's taste for fine workmanship, the company thrived through

William Handel's aggressive advertising in Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, the more popular periodicals of the time. As the economic strength of the middle class began to falter in the 1920s, so followed the livelihood of the Handel Company, finally ceasing production in 1936 and dissolving the corporation in 1941.

Still very desirable, these high-quality yet practical works of art can sell for thousands of dollars, with some of the more rare and choice examples reaching $10,000 to $20,000.

At James D. Julia, Inc. we are always seeking high quality antiques of all types for our year-round auctions. We offer the best seller commission rates in the industry, as low as 0% for high value items and collections. Please contact us directly at 207-453-7125 (Maine office) or 781-460-6800 (Boston area office) to learn more or if you are considering consigning one item, an entire collection or an estate to auction. All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.