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A selection of works by Waldo Peirce descending through the family coming up in our next sale.

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by Mark Ford, CEO
J. Keene James D. Julia, Inc. is excited to announce that Mr. Keene, who has been consulting with James D. Julia and sister company Poulin's since 1997 on special projects, has accepted a staff position with Julia's. This appointment further strengthens Julia's second-to-none firearms team, already well established as the finest in the industry. Keene is responsible for identifying, evaluating, appraising, and cataloging specialty military firearms for auction. He specializes in Class III machine guns from the first half of the 20th century. He also has expertise with machine guns from the 1950s onward, as well as last century military firearms. Complementing this encyclopedic knowledge is his understanding of the complex rules and regulations associated with different machine gun classes as defined by the Bureau of Alcohol,... read more...
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An outstanding example of Waldo's oil paintings created in 1942 showing the harvesting of apples in Pomona, NY. At the time of this sale, this was the best example of Peirce's work that we have had the opportunity to offer. It came to us from the Robert Frederick Woolworth Estate, Monmouth, Maine. (F.W. Woolworth Store) and sold for $15,525.

If you have a Waldo Peirce painting or other art, antiques, or Asian items & want to know "What's it worth?" please take a picture and email us at antiques@jamesdjulia.com. We are always looking for rare & valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

Just a Maine Boy Done Good

Waldo Peirce was born the son of a wealthy lumberman in Bangor, Maine in 1884. He is well known for his paintings of his children. In 1910 he decided he wanted to go to Europe; however, after boarding the ship in Boston he changed his mind, jumped into the water and swam back to shore. Soon after that he did leave for Europe where he lived a very adventurous & fun-filled lifestyle.

During WWI Waldo served as an ambulance driver and earned the Croix de Guerre for bravery. When the war was over he headed to Spain with writer Ernest Hemingway where they shared many experiences including shark fishing. Waldo both illustrated and shared their monologue in a 3-page triptych. After WWII Waldo returned to his home state of Maine with his wife. At this time Waldo

3-page triptych Hemingway Among the Sharks
3-page triptych "Hemingway Among the Sharks"

really started finding his painting style in which he was most comfortable with, the works of his family life. Upon his death in 1970 Waldo had completed hundreds of paintings depicting the various paths he traveled during his lifetime.

Julia's is pleased to offer a selection of works by this Maine artist who lived a very full and exciting life and managed to be able to share it through his paintings.

Peirce's children
Peirce's children

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