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Important Manhattan Rifles! poster (1861- 65). Civil War Recruitment Poster, featuring a Zouave, for New York Infantry Regiment, 12th (Lieut. Col. Geo. F. Watson, Comm'dg. Major Jno. M. Freeman).
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Historically important Civil War archive of Captain Luis F. Emilio, most noted as Captain of the Black 54th Mass Regt. Company E. The 54th was immortalized in the movie "Glory" starring Mathew Broderick, Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman. The entire grouping sold for $207,375.

New Website Launch
by Mark Ford, CEO
New Website I wanted you to be among the first to know that we have just welcomed 2014 with a new website designed to make your online visit to Julia's as efficient, fun, and informative as possible. The new site is handsomely designed, chock-full of world-class photos, simple to navigate, and makes it easier than ever to find the exact auction, item, or price information you need. It can be found as always at www.jamesdjulia.com You have come to know our website as an essential resource for all of your auction needs. We are certain that our new website will continue as that and more.

The new website features a clean, updated design that reflects our traditional look, values, and legacy. It features an enhanced "about us" section, named "Inside Julia's," which will give you an insider's perspective on the almost 60 year background of our company, as well as an overview of our founding priorities as stated by Jim Julia himself more than 40 years ago! Our company's specialty divisions-Rare Firearms, Fine Art, Asian & Antiques, Lamp & Glass, and Advertising, Toy, & Doll-are each brought to life with wonderful, full color... read more.

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Yorktown Map
Extraordinarily rare & historically important Battle of Yorktown map executed by Jean Baptiste Gouvion on or about October 29, 1781. The map sold for $1,150,000.

If have a rare fine art, Asian or antique item and want to know "What's it Worth", please take a picture and email it to us at antiques@jamesdjulia. com. We are always looking for consignments of rare and valuable items, as well as collections for our auctions.

Fight for the Winning Side
In the annals of 20th century gun collecting, the most iconic name was that of Norm Flayderman. Norm was a gentleman of the highest regard, a consummate professional, a distinguished scholar and author, and a business man extraordinaire. His reference books, sales catalogs, and highly renowned price guide were legendary, but of equal importance was his extraordinary intellect and "eye." Norm had excellent taste and a panoramic expanse of interests. He had the uncanny ability to distinguish the good from the bad and the extraordinary from the very good. He knew the importance of not selling things "before their time" and over the years made it a point to amass and quietly and confidentially hold certain items and collections until the ideal time. One of these collections which Norm had was of Civil War Recruitment posters.

As told by Brian Resnick in his 2011 article on such posters: "One hundred fifty years ago, the Civil War began and the fighting was brutal. Nearly 620,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their lives-more Americans than in both World Wars combined. The armies needed men to refill rapidly declining ranks and used recruitment advertisements such as these as a means to find them. Like the posters in later wars, the propaganda used patriotic effigies such as Lady Liberty to entice recruits.

But in contrast with the inspiring messages from the 20th century, the text of these posters is much more blunt. The sentiment "Don't wait to be drafted" fills a line on almost every flyer. Those who enlisted received a bounty for their troubles, sometimes totaling several hundred dollars. Those who did not faced possible conscription. This, of course, led to the occupation of bounty jumping, in which men would sign up, collect the cash, desert the army, and repeat the process. Congress later outlawed bounties in 1917 with the Selective Service Act." Unlike in the Confederacy, there was never a true manpower shortage for the North as it was a major hub for European immigration into the United States. The ports of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston all served as entry points for the first major wave of European immigration that began in the 1840s. During this period up through the end of the Civil War, the two largest groups of immigrants entering these ports were the Germans and the Irish. This can be seen in one of the examples in Flayderman's collection which makes a direct call to immigrants, specifically the Irish & German population informing them that they have a few regiments they can chose from.

This fine collection of 12 Civil War Recruitment posters will be sold in our August 2014 Fine Art, Asian & Antiques Auction.

Sprague Cavalry
Sprague Light Cavalry Recruitment Poster

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