What’s New for 2016 at James D. Julia?

by Mark Ford, CEO

2015 was a busy year behind the scenes at James D. Julia. Last April, we changed our computer system that we had been using for over ten years. We moved into a more robust system that had many new features that we believed would deliver a better experience for all our clients. You may have seen some of these changes already if you were a successful bidder at one of our auctions. You may have noticed changes to our billing system – both in the format of the invoices and that they are now being emailed typically within 24 hours of the completion of the auction.

Julia’s has always focused on being transparent, fair and honest. One of the features we offer is free absentee bidding. Absentee bidding is when a client contacts us, and wants us to bid on their behalf, or contact them by telephone when their lot is on the block. Absentee bidding is not “Internet Bidding”. Absentee bidders participate by calling Julia’s and leaving an absentee bid, or by sending a fax or email to us. All of these bids are entered into a bid management database that our team uses during the auction. Typically we have twenty-five staff members who are assigned to execute bids for our clients. We execute thousands of bids for each auction, in addition to the live bidders and the internet bidders. It is a busy place on auction day!

I’m pleased to announce that we are introducing a new feature in our bid management system – email bid confirmations! Starting with our upcoming February auctions, all bidders who provide us with their email address will automatically receive an email from us confirming the lot and lot description. Regardless of whether you are a telephone bidder with a “Cover Me” bid, or an Absentee bidder with a “Plus 3” bid, you will receive an electronic confirmation from us if we have your email address.

There will be many more changes coming in 2016 as we grow into our new computer system. One thing that will never change is our commitment to our values of fairness and honesty in our dealings with our consigners, our bidders and our buyers!

Happy New Year